87 Captivating Haircuts for Your Yorkie!

Yorkshire is one of the cutest breeds under Terrier. The name comes as the breed was developed for the first time in a beautiful city of England namely Yorkshire; in around the nineteenth century. It is a small dog perfect for human companionship. I has been used to be the man’s best friend from the nineteenth century!

It is small and handy, can be carried even in a hand bag along to your office or shopping mall! Being extremely cute it has dark, brown, tan, black or grey coat. This little breed has a cute nick name, Yorkie. Yorkie being popular entirely because of its calm nature and extremely cute fur, has a lo of trouble while giving haircuts.

A Yorkie can be made cuter by making a cuter haircut rather than a simple one!


Complete Yorkie Haircut Guidance!

Okay before we start with the ideas for the glamorous haircut for your Yorkie, lets check out a video here. This will give you a complete guidance. Or at least a touch of hint before we can start all the way. It will teach you the best way to do a perfect haircut in your home. You’ll not need much of a helping hand and can do it entirely at your own. Follow the instructions properly!

Why Yorkie Haircut Fuss?

A Yorkie being a breed with beautiful fur requires frequent grooming. Because the fur grows quickly and if not cared well, that might bring a lot of problems with the vision to poor Yorkie. Also, it might grow tangles, knots and mats if not properly cared.

This little pup having the best hair with silky texture and amazing coating grows quick enough that the face area might also require everyday of trimming. If you wish to have your Yorkie with longer hair, let the body fur trimming begin after 6 to 8 weeks. But, the face will require a gentle trim after every two days.

If not trimmed properly, the results might make the Yorkie look ugly. So, if you are wishing to pet a Yorkie, make sure you have plenty of time to groom its hair and give it a pretty haircut every now and then.

But there is not much of a fuss, because you can get it done at your own. There is not much of a procedure or instructions. Once being used to the scissors, and if the Yorkie is comfortable along, you will be done within minutes of concentration and patience.

Yorkie Haircuts Ideas:

There are various ideas of making haircuts to a Yorkie. One should remember the age of the Yorkie, consider the type of fur it has, also make all the necessary research on your specific breed before thinking of getting a hair cut. As the hair fall problems, thin hair problems can be different depending on the Yorkie type.

Here are some of the haircut ideas depending upon everything. Choose the best one for your Yorkie today!

Little Yorkie Puppy Cut:

There is a change in the fur growing system depending upon the age of a Yorkie. A little Yorkie pup has some different pattern of growing its fur, which varies completely from a grown-up Yorkie. A little Yorkie has its fur growing slower than that of a grown-up. The first hair cut to a Yorkie will begin not before the puppy is four months old. But sometimes the hair around the face that covers the eyes, ears, and nose might require a hair cut sooner than that.

For making the first every haircut, you will still require to ask the suggestions from the breeder or a groomer who had been taking care of your puppy before you. It will not let any circumstances to arrive after you make your first haircut to the puppy. Once you have made some little cutting to Yorkie’s hair, you will be able to do it with ease from the next time.

But keep one thing in mind that if you do not give your puppy some haircut while it is small, you might not be able to cut when the pup is older. Because, while short, the Yorkie will learn gradually that haircuts are standard and will be used to it and will let you make all possible changes easily.

Trimmed Ears, Clean Ears:

The most critical part that requires frequent haircuts or trimming is the ears of a Yorkshire. Because it is a sensitive part where Ticks and Mites hover and live. So to keep your pup’s skin visible and clean, you need to give frequent hair trimming in the ears.

For doing the trimming of ears, short and straight edge scissors can be handy, which have a round edge. Even the inside of the ears also needs checking. So, no long hair remains inside the ears, which can cause itchiness and other cleanliness problems. After cutting the fur, you are supposed to use a cotton ball in the ears. It is to clean the remains of little hair that might have been stuck in the wax.

Trimming Body Hair:

As already stated about the puppy of this breed does not require any hair trims until the pup is four months old. Only general face hair needs trimming until that. So, you will begin to get the haircut in the body area only once the pup is above the four months of age. Once you start your first haircut in the puppy’s body, you will continue it every four to six months.

Sometimes you can go slower and do it from six to eight months. The breed does not have a considerable body. Thus, the time to get the perfect haircut will be a maximum of half-hour time. Even the hair under the tail region will also need short trims. It is to avoid the poop stuck in the anus region. It is also one of the significant points to remember while giving a haircut to it.

One should brush off the excess of tiny hair bits that remains in the body of the pup. It will not let your puppy have any itchiness. The short trimmed hairs can also be removed by giving your pup a gentle body wash. It would be best if you bathed your dog once a month. That will be amazing if you manage to provide a bathe after trimming body hair.

Trimming Facial Hair:

The most critical region for having the perfect trimming is near eyes and snout when we talk about the face. It will not be possible because Yorkie should be able to have a complete vision while with longer hair. Also, the snout area needs cleanliness because that’s where all the food goes. Thus, short hair is essential. You can keep comparatively long hair at the snout region above the snout to give a sassy mustache line. But, it would best to generally keep the hair around nose and eyes shorter.

The most important thing about making trims around the face is that the pup needs to have proper guidance. When the puppy goes scared or does not cooperate with you while you attempt to make the fur short, there might be unwanted complications. Thus, pat the head, touch the face as if you are trying to calm the pup, and let it be comfortable with what you are doing.

Proper Yorkie Grooming Tips:

There are plenty of tips that might be handy when you are raising a Yorkie. Because it is different from a lot of other breeds and has a very sensitive fur, proper grooming is essential. You will need to keep a few things in mind. Follow the instructions thoroughly, and you are ready to raise a Yorkie!

Following are some of the tips that will be required to follow while raising a Yorkie:

  • Do not make any attempt at hair cutting unless the pup is four months old.
  • You need to bathe your pup, not before thirty days of interval.
  • Use a proper shampoo that will suit the fur of Yorkie.
  • Use sterilized scissors to make the trims.
  • Cut the hair by dividing into two sections, head, and body
  • Facial hair needs frequent cutting, making be once in two days.
  • Body hair needs a haircut in a four to six weeks interval.
  • Make the hairs around the eyes and snout short
  • Keep the hair inside of ears also shorter to avoid Mites and Ticks.
  • It would be best if you untangled the knots more often.
  • Brushing off of excess hair after trimming gives proper finishing.
  • Bathing a dog after each body hair trimming will go even better.
  • The use of comb can be handy to remove knots and tangles.
  • The hair around the anus regions needs to be short, to avoid the sticking of the hair particles in the poop.
  • Gentle water spray can be beneficial before making the trims; this will allow the hair to stick together.

Some Images of Yorkie With Amazing Haircuts And Ideas!

Here we have the best collection of the images of Yorkie with mind-blowing haircut ideas! It will also provide you with one unique design for your Yorkie!

You can see that it is not always easy when your Yorkie is not a good boy. All you need to do is make a lot of attempts and make Yorkie used to the haircuts. With a pup who readily agrees on letting the hairstyles possible, are some amazing heroes.

But if a haircut ends with such a pretty face, why not? Just look at the bright eyes! You can see the glowing eyes only if the hair cut is appropriately made around the eyes. It is what a happy Yorkie after a pleasant haircut looks like!

A proper haircut is something that ends with happy looks. Only a face with full bright eyes, floppy big visible ears, clean snout, and short hair in the front will determine how well a hair cut has been made! You can see a proper example of a properly trimmed hair in the face in the picture below!

Even the pup feels happy after it gets a proper haircut! With a long and improper hairstyle, it can cause a lot of itchiness, ending with a lot of hair problems. Especially in summer, when the pup loves getting into a mud pool, it will be problematic if the hairs are too big!

After getting some proper finishing of the hair, you can add some random ribbons or bands to tie up the excess of the long hair in the forehead of the Yorkie. It not just adds beauty to the pup but also solves the problem of long hair.

Sometimes one can go creative with Yorkie hairs! Just look how well it looks! The floppy hair makes such a great shape. The hair has perfectly covered the floppy ears and it seems like a little girl’s ponytails. Also, hope the inside of the ears are having shorter hair and cleaner too!

Aww, look at the baby! Such a lovely tongue and teeth. Yorkie can put that thing out because the hair length is perfect. This is how you determine if the grooming is perfect or not. Hairs should be short enough to avoid facial problems like vision, feeding, hearing, etc.

This dude right here looks so cool. With that hair band in its head, it looks like the pup knows all the slaying ideas. This is how some Yorkie hairstyle can impact the entire look for you pup!

When your pup is a good boy, you should not worry about making cute hair cuts. All the pups are not well behaved when it comes to cutting their hair. You can teach the pup from a very little age, just after four months, to give haircuts and be familiar with that. If the pup becomes familiar with the hair cuts, you will have a happy time grooming the baby. This will avoid a lot of fuss and problems.

As mentioned, the accessories to a pup will make it look more beautiful! You can tie up the excess long hair with a hair band and make the pup look amazing. This will seek a lot of attention and a lot of compliments too.

How about adding a hair clip to your Yorkie instead of trimming the entire hair in the head? This will avoid making the smallest hair in the head. There are plenty of hair clips available in pet stores. They will make the pups look outstanding. They are not harmful at all. This will provide all the ease to your pup!

The haircuts also determine what kind of pup you wish to have! You can trim the hairs the shortest  to make it more playful. While tying long hair of Yorkie will make it look pretty and cute.

Once the haircut is done, the pup will look amazing! The result is right below!

Is your dog scared of the haircuts? If you avoid giving minor haircuts when the pup is too young, you might not be able to cut the hair when the puppy is quite old. It would be best if you made your pup habitual to the scissors so that it doesn’t panic. It will also allow you to cut with patience and not in hurry!

You need to make sure you do not trim a lot of hair off the body. It will make your Yorkie look rather thin, and the head will seem extra huge; make sure there is evenness in the haircut throughout the body and face.

Too much trimming is not essential in the face. A little bit of mustache look will not bother the pup. Instead, it will look more amazing with such a hairline around the snout!

Just look at the ears! Can you see them correctly? If yes, the trimming has been done perfectly! It will avoid all the Mites and itchiness to little pupper!

Little Yorkie Deserves All The Grooming!

Yes, your Yorkie deserves all the grooming. Give all the essential time and do not compromise at anything!

It is how you can groom your Yorkie at home without much hesitation. If you made it to the end of the page, hopefully, you are happy now. It is not as complicated as it seems to groom a Yorkie’s hair. All it requires is a perfect time interval to do that.

With the proper instructions and guidance, one can easily trim the hair and make a perfect haircut of the little Yorkie. One should keep it in mind that the haircut procedure varies according to the age of the dog.

Even if after going through all of it, you face any problems regarding the cutting of the hair to perfectness, you can switch to some more tutorials and more of the instructions. There should not be compromising at all! Little Yorkie deserves all the care and grooming!

Have a happy time with little Yorkie! Thank you for going through the article. We would love it if you leave us your precious feedback.

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