75 Meaningful Wave Tattoos With Unique Ideas For You!

Tattoos are one of the trendiest things among youths and even adults nowadays. It started as an old thing done for several purposes, like identity, cultural satisfaction, and slavery; today, it has become one of the fashion industry elements. Out of all these purposes, people still wear today because it has some meaning in their life. Out of all the meaningful tattoos, wave tattoos are one of them. Wearing a tattoo that looks amazing and as well as has some meaning is a win-win.

Waves are one of the most satisfying things to look at. These are beautiful but can be terrifying too. Waves bring excitement, inspiration, magical feeling, and peace. Watching waves relaxes one’s soul. The sound it brings pleases one’s ears. People who are attached to the sea or ocean has fallen in love with waves. And those who have never seen a wave for real, still believe it to be the best thing the sea can provide.

If you are looking for a wave tattoo idea, you need to check out this article. This page will guide you with the best wave tattoos along with their real and hidden meanings. You will also find out the ideal placement of the wave tattoos in this article. Learn about its history and check out some popular ideas. If you have a connection to the ocean, you need to know these things about wave tattoos. Read more.

What are some popular Wave Tattoos:

There are various ways to enjoy the waves. One can do sightseeing while enjoying sunbathing on the beach, one can surf and get the thrill out of waves, and one can swim to enjoy the beauty of waves. And out of all, listening to its sound and connect to the vibes is a different kind of satisfaction. There are so many people out there who are fond of waves. Wave tattoos are popular because it has meaning. They are, of course, beautiful to look at but more beautiful because of the implications it holds.

The waves have been famous from those times when pirates and sailors wore wave tattoos on them. It was a symbol of courage and attachment to the sea. It originated from pacific islander cultures. There were different types of even single line designs. Today there are simplified as well as full versions of the wave tattoos which still hold ancient meaning and beauty but modern form.

Well, some waves design might look simple or are simply one lined, but hold deep meanings. They can be in their crudest form yet are very powerful. They contain symbols of natural forces that one cannot deny or might not have an idea. It can also be a reminder of how you can still fight and risk everything and yet stand tall. All you need to do is trust in yourself and be determined.

Who should wear Wave Tattoos?

Especially sailors, swimmers, surfers, pirates, wanderers, sea lovers, fishers, and those whose profession brings them to sea are fond of getting wave tattoos. They wear it to show their attachment to the sea and the blessing they have received from the sea. It shows how nature’s forces can accept a human being and how waves connect you to the ocean.

Generally, waves are small and black and white when worn as tattoos. But this does not mean one cannot design it big or use abstract or even general color on it. Well, the best thing about a wave tattoo is that it can be as tiny as a nail and can fit your finger, or even earlobe. It makes it flexible enough to be merged with other tattoos. Or, you can create abstract waves on your back, cover the entire chest, or even thighs. There is no boundary.

A wave is simply a form that water takes. Though water is elastic with no proper shape, when it forms a wave, it comes with all the forces and looks solid object that can defeat anything. It holds a lot of meaning. Despite having all the power to be defensive as a wave, it still chooses to be flexible and harmless. Human beings should relate this to their life. It is one of the hidden meaning a wave holds. Water being the purest thing in the world, already has a lot of meaning, but when it takes the form of waves, there is specificity in the meanings.

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What are the meanings and history of Wave Tattoos?

Water waves form from gravity and surface tension. It can sometimes be terrific. Well, it can kill people. But when you have conquered waves and learned how to deal with them, they are no more challenging. One should be thankful for this creation of nature and enjoy whatever an ocean has to provide us.

There is a brief history of the origin of wave tattoos. As it originated from the cultures of pacific islanders, it initially belonged to Maori and Samoan tribes. Those tattoos of those tribes had a unique appearance. They were mostly single lined and small. In a few years, the designs were changed into different ones yet were minimal. It is something that has its place still today. But today, there are various designs and patterns. Some new form of wave tattoos includes animation style, 3D style, abstract, painting style, etc. But still wearing a single lined wave in a tiny way is cool!

What are the Most Popular Wave Tattoo Designs Available?

There are so many wave tattoos available today. Our ancestors did not have much choice back then. And, a wave tattoo was always a single or few multiple lines in triangular curves. But today, there are tremendous options. One can wear different styles for the same design. Adding color, or not adding color will make it unique again. The size also adds the difference to the tattoo. Even using different colors to the same design can create a difference.

You can add turtles, whales, starfish, fish, dolphins, and other sea creatures along with the wave to make it vaguer. You can swirl these creatures artistically and represent them being part of water. Or, you can even merge it with other non-ocean animals like snakes or eagles, which have unique meanings too. Adding vibrant colors to the waves will mean you are taking your life deeply and living your life to the fullest.

Well, it depends on what kind of wave tattoos you are looking for. Sometimes it also depends on what you want to project. Well, if you have a profession that links you to sea, like fishers, lifeguard, navy, sailor, etc. then you can ink something that shows how fortunate you are for waves to exist. You can keep it tiny and add single or double lines, and yet it means so much. And, you can still have plenty of ideas inside it.


If you are passionate about the waves because it connects you in the form of refreshments like surfing, swimming, etc. then you can make it something like 3D, animated, abstract, and colorful. It will show how you have felt alive because of the waves. It shows how bright your life has become because of the waves. And, there are infinite options to pick from if you belong to this category.

The wave tattoos are simply the best ones because you can express your passion, hobbies, profession, and interest using a single wave. There can be different narrations to the same wave design if worn by different people depending upon how they view waves and what changes it has brought in their lives.

Talking about the availability of different designs for waves, you can think out of the box too. You can use origami images of wave or even some geometrical modification. There are different options, like tribal and cultural waves if you want to make it more ancient and meaningful. And, for some zodiac freaks, you can include it along with your sign to feel more connected. And, graphic tribal tattoos can be another way to wear waves as well.

One can add waves along with some sea objects that are popular tattoo design themselves, for example, skull, anchor, ship, mermaid, dolphin, pearl, etc. You can be creative and add a lot of designs and merge with waves. Try as many as you can before finalizing the tattoo.

What is the ideal placement for wave tattoos?

People like to wear tattoos in different regions on their bodies. The choice of a region depends on various factors. Some areas are ideal for certain tattoos. If the tattoo has specific religious or cultural significance, then it cannot be worn on your feet or thighs or below the waist. For example, if you are planning to get across, Jesus would not like you to wear it on your feet. But in case of waves, there is no boundary. But if you are planning to wear waves, there are some factors that can affect the placement. Though there is no boundary, it surely depends on some factors which are below.

Size of the tattoo:

Well, if you want a big tattoo, you cannot wear it on your wrist or finger. This will be stupid even to try. You will wear tattoo in the place where it fits. That means you need to find the right region depending on the size of the tattoo. Sure, you can wear a tiny tattoo on your back or chest because it fits well, but will it look good there? Just imagine a small tattoo getting lost in your back. If you are planning it to merge it with your previous or upcoming tattoos, then the case is elegant, but if not, it is again a stupid decision.

Getting a tattoo in the right place makes it the ideal place itself. So, the factor which determines the ideal placement of the wave tattoos is the size. One cannot predetermine the region where one wants the tattoo to fit before fixing what size and design of the tattoo one wants. This factor will determine where you should place the tattoo of the waves.

Level of Pain:

Another factor that again determines the placement for your tattoo is the level of pain. If you already have the tattoos before this one, then you might already be aware of it. But if it is your first tattoo, then you need to think about this factor before any other factors. The pain is a severe thing while getting a tattoo. If you are not scared of needles or are not sensitive enough to feel the pain to an extreme level, you can get it on any region of your body.

But if this is your first tattoo, and you consider pain and are a little scared of the needles, you need to rethink about the placement. Well, look at the level of pains that can come in different regions of your body. You need to check which region is the least sensitive and which one is most vulnerable. Moreover, you can even talk with your tattoo artist and counsel about choosing the right region depending upon the pain level.

If you have chosen the region which falls on extremely painful areas on your body, then you might have to rethink it. Especially when it is your first tattoo, try getting something small and on the least painful region of your body. It will motivate you to get another and some more on the days to come. But if you get a big and on the region where it is painful to another level, then you might not even be able to finish this tattoo and also feel demotivated to get another in the days to come. So, this is how the level of pain is one of the factors that determine the ideal placement of the wave tattoos.

Visibility of the tattoo:

Another critical factor that determines the ideal placement of the wave tattoos is also visibility. How visible do you want the tattoo to be? If you want your tattoo to be visible, the place where you can see it and show it to everyone, you can wear it on your neck, wrist, arm, forehead, etc. But if you do not want your tattoo to be visible, you can wear it on your back, shoulder, chest, belly, thighs, etc.

If you are a school goer or belong to some official organization where tattoo is not acceptable or considered immoral, you can make it less visible by not wearing it on the visible regions of your body. If you have a wave tattoo on your belly or chest, you can still go to school or office like there is no tattoo on your body. It is how it works. You can think about how visibility is considered in your daily life and then pick some regions. It will save you from many awkward and punishable situations in life.

 Most Meaningful Wave Tattoos | Image Gallery

This section consists of the images of the most popular and meaningful wave tattoos in ancient times and today. Check out these images and pick your favorite. After all, words cannot define everything, and you can visualize well with pictures. So, do not miss any image shown below. You can also modify by adding your design or by mixing it with one from the gallery below. Be creative. Check them all out!


Conclusion | Wave Tattoos

This article is all about wave tattoos. One can find different kinds of wave ideas for tattooing in this article. People love getting tattoos, and some are so confused with the design, they end up wearing some random non-meaningful tattoos and regret about it later. Yes, it has been proven that half of the people regret getting the tattoo, or their first tattoo at least. So, it is always amazing to get a cool tattoo print, and it is cooler if the tattoo print has awesome meaning.

People get the tattoo of things that they are attached with. So, if you are a surfer, swimmer, sailor, fisherman, or someone who feels connected with the sea, then wave tattoo is perfect for you. There are different wave tattoo ideas you can pick from. But make sure you should be aware of the meaning it holds.

If you are looking for some cool ideas, along with the meaning of the wave tattoos, you need to check out this article. You will be fascinated to find out these hidden meanings, history of wave tattoos, ideal placement for wave tattoos, and so on. So, if you are planning to get it, also make sure you have researched it so that you do not end up regretting it later. The best way to research is not just checking papers online. You can also counsel with the tattoo artist.

If you liked the content, feel free to share it, your feedback is highly appreciated. Do not keep procrastinating and get the tat now! Have a nice time!

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