35 Unique Twist Braids For Getting The Most Appealing Look!


Search the internet, you will find numerous alternatives for styling the braids. You might get confused and lost instantly about which hair do to pick. If you feel awkward to decide one particular to try, here I suggest you consider twist braids.

Usually, twist braid hairdo is one of many styles having endless variance in it. You will never run outside of the twist braids, no doubt. The splendor of twist braiding hair is irresistible. Equally, it features uniqueness as well as creativity.

Your lookup for “awe-inspiring” twist braid is now over. Without any doubt, you’re in the correct place. At this point you can find out 35 best approaches to style the braids in various twists. It might seem overwhelming at first; however, once you acquire these, you’ll tell me just how easy that was!

So, you would like to learn exactly how to twist the braids? Here is how:

  1. First of all, ensure the hair is thoroughly clean. Wash and condition, then dry if required.
  2. Secondly, determine the braids number you’re going to create and divide the hair into required section.
  3. At this point, divide every section into 2 parts, then hold and stretch one of the sub-sections when rotating another one.
  4. Finally, you have to dip these in oil, notably “Jamaican-Castor” oil, to moisture them.

Look, I mentioned that it would be so easy. Since you have learned how to twist the braids let us watch and then learn a few of numerous variations of twist braids that you can check out this winter season or any time. Here’s a short video for you! If you have a little bit time, then please check out this post “42 Tremendous Pixie Bob Hairstyles That You Will Need!”

35 Wonderful Twist Braids For You!

  1. Winter Protection Twist Braids Hairdo:

Get prepared and then prepare your hair for the approaching blistering winter with the twist wavy braids. Well, this hairdo beautifully couples your wavy hair just with the twist braids covering round your head, by protecting your ears as well as locks from the severe cold.

  1. Flowing Hair Twist Braids:

Nature likes to keep all things flowing and rolling. And, everybody loves natural things. Currently, you can allow your own hair an all natural look devoid of selling your spirit using hairdo listed above.

Similar to nature, this hairdo usually is built to continue. Flowing hairstyles will help you to run for months with no need to maintain them. Additionally, your hair gets the advantages to be nourished and even equally being gorgeous too!

  1. Compact Twist Braids Hairdo Design:

In terms of being brief, really I do not think you will find any twist braids far better than small twists mentioned here. Well, the braids directly drawdown and then free at bottom portion. It’s clear that the hairdo mentioned above that it is created explicitly with the shorter locks in consideration. If perhaps you were pondering which particular style you ought to try for short locks, then this is one which you should certainly try once.

  1. Red Tints Twist Braids:

Yellow and red are amazing color companion mainly in regards the hair. The twist braids haircut is enough by themselves, I tell you. However, if you have ever wanted this to be a lot more contrasting, then the color combination as mentioned above will be useful for you. To get this hairdo, prepare the thick braids.

Afterward, let 4 braids, 2 in every side, fall openly from the backside of head. Consequently, create “Mohawk-like” pattern from the twists of front section when doing updo for the braids at the end. Eventually, complete the look with amazing yellow “hand-woven” ear-ring.

  1. Top Buns Twist Braids:

‘Unique’ and ‘Bold’ are the exact two words which I can consider once I had glimpse of beautiful hairdo. And, I guess you thought similar words as soon as you saw the elegant design. Well, to tell the truth, the buns reasonably are simple to make yet you must catch the strategy first.

To start with, all you require are the twist braids. Once you complete braiding the hair, then you are able to stylize them in many ways: curled ends, hair dying ornaments, voluminous or other items you can consider. Finally, grab the braids from top part of head and then roll them all as per your wish. It’s easy, is not it?

  1. Side Swept Twist Braids Design:

I would opt for twist side-swept braids designs than others. Exactly what is the reason? Firstly, this plan is amazing. Secondly, you get much less messy hair; a single side is literally free and open. You can merely slap on a few exciting hair rings, scalp designs or other things you want. And, finally, weight of the hair pressing will feel like the relaxing massage.

  1. Thick Twist Braids Hairdo:

Giving thickness to your hair is just what they guarantee in each hair product ads. I do not know whether they work or not, but one fact that I can assure you is these “thick-braids” hairdo will certainly give any volume to your hair as per your wish. Short or long locks, this is the hairdo for every single girl. It seems like this crazy hairstyle is switching me in my “inner-poets” I constantly wished to become.

  1. Frozen Twist Braids Hairdo:

Remember those unforgettable moments when we had a lot more fun through playing along with snows. At this point, remind yourself those moments with the twist braids outlined in “snow-white” tint. These types of braids are generally built to go on, so you do not have to get worried for weeks as soon as you accomplish them afterward.

  1. Crown Updo Twist Braids:

Throughout our life, all of us dreamt to be a princess. All the fairytale stories and movies we have researched to make ourselves very envious of their romantic and adventurous experience. If that’s so, here is the most gorgeous crown hairstyle to console you. It provides you with a princess like feel.

To make this crown braid, first of all, make longer braids ample to wrap round the head. After that do an “updo” and ultimately envelop a single twist round your head. Now, you’re ready to go. Well, I cannot wait to test this lavish hairdo. You can say thanks to me later as soon as you start to get easily ushered with the compliments!

  1. Frilly Smile Twist Braids Hairdo:

Smile freely or frilly smile, pun intended, here both the options are likewise apt to win anybody’s heart. Well, I meant this. Looking at this lady in twists frilly smile made me get sported the smile twist Braid. It’s really awesome.

11. Red Shades Twist Braids Hairdo:

A bit romance is needed for crazy life. What better approach to “flare up” the romantic life along with one we adore, fiancée or boyfriend, and then with the shade of love drench hair in their awesomeness. Outings, picnic, prom, and date any occasion you name; this hairdo can be there to make all those experiences easily memorable.

  1. Short Styles Twist Braids:

Do I need to say just how pretty any girl looks with short hairs? That’s so apparent, look at the image of above girl. Short hairs tend to be like God gifted to any girl. First of all, they are simple to pamper. Subsequently, you do not have to care for them every minute or even so.

Thirdly, look at those variations that you will have with the short hairs. Here, you are able to color them in romantic maroon or electric blue, polish them and give them brushed finish. The choices depend upon you! Today we’re explicitly looking at a few “short-styled” twist braids just in their glory.

  1. Rope Or Hair Twist Braids:

Undoubtedly, the braids provide strength to the hair. The approach in which the twists are formed in this design makes them noticeably look similar to some rope. This hairstyle is unobtrusive and classy, so you do not have to get worried about being so flashy if this is exactly what you desire. The braids are equally solid as rope and also beautiful.

  1. Adventurous Twist Braids Hairstyle:

Get ready for every adventure with this particular bold hairstyle. The braids defend your hair just from natural components like dryness, heat while safely “tucked-hair” gives means for performing all problematic tasks. Today, with this hairdo, you are able to play every athletic activity through hiking to running with fashion.


  1. Twisted Ends Hairstyle:

This hairstyle having the uneven endings looks awesome. This hairdo above includes braids that are messily arranged. Moreover, messy braids include somewhat of incomplete touch to this and that making it lovely and unique. These braids are equally twisted and loose at ends. This style is table mainly for girls having short hair.

  1. Sharp Ends Twist Braids:

Mind where you’re walking, if you sport these twist pointy braids you’ll surely penetrate somebody’s heart with the sumptuous look. This hairdo includes a walnutty color without any accessories.

Usually, being garish isn’t an issue if you choose subtler look. Merely sporting a smile can be enough to attract any gentleman whom you ever wanted. Your beauty increases even more together with an extremely basic ring either on fingers or ear.

  1. What Are You All Trying To Find?

When you wear a hairdo such as this, you’re bound to get some significant appeal whenever and wherever you uncover your presence. Furthermore, adding the “bow-tie” ribbon upfront can definitely make you the queen of that night.

  1. Patterned In The Coils Hairdo:

Twist braids designed in the coils are entirely an off-chart hairdo. If you wish your locks simply treated in a different way from daily coiffures, then why not try this hairstyle? The causes why you should try this design, first of all, it is creative. Secondly, this is beautiful twist braids having a special touch.

  1. Top High Buns Twisted Braids:

With the top high buns, now you can turn your head anywhere you go efficiently and effortlessly. Although it looks fancy, this is simple to grab. After you complete making braids, then all you must do is accumulate front braids then ultimately roll them all in any means you want.

Furthermore, you can decorate them or dye them or leave them. This leads to a bold hairdo that expresses your personality undoubtedly.

  1. Smile And Dreads Twist Braids:

Smile and dreads are two unique things which go together well. As a result, next time when you attend any events ensure to check out this wonderful hairdo.

  1. Short Voluminous Twisted Braids:

Be a special guest anywhere you go along with the bulky tiny twist braids. All these “puffed-braids” are ideal for women having small faces because they increase the facial volume. However, any lady with any face feature can try this hairdo without any concern from loose polished curls to the braids finishing in the puffed curls. You will find, undoubtedly, a limitless variety of this hairdo styles to try.

  1. Serpent’s Twists Braids:

The way in which these above braids twist give us striking similarities to serpent’s coil. Well, you can opt for this design. First of all, you can create serpent’s coil completely out of the braids and dye them using gorgeous brown color.

Secondly, you can create one braid through all the twist and include a single floral design just for diminished look. Here, both the models will appear absolutely spectacular once you test them.

  1. Children Twist Braids Hairstyle:

Everyone wishes their child being pretty. If that’s so, here’s another hairstyle for your lovely baby girl for trying. Make your kid the prettiest with the braided pigtails embellished in equally attractive purple ribbons.

  1. Polished Twists Braids:

These twist and simple braids freely flowing in each direction of head give anybody who sports it a more polished look. Without doubt, this hairdo is for individuals who seek cool look.

  1. Red Short Twists:

Red color is additionally known as color of “love”. Here short twists braids provide you an attractive look while highlights provide you the romantic flair. Be ready for proms and dates with this fantastic hairdo.

  1. Extension With Twist Braids:

When you do not want to get worried about caring your longer hair, then hair extensions can be your ideal choice. These are simple to modify and manage. Furthermore, you additionally do not have to get worried about natural locks getting damaged unexpectedly as well.

Therefore, give the twist braids having extension a go for a carefree and mesmerizing look.

  1. Twisted And Tapered Hairstyle:

If perhaps you have one lovely baby girl for looking after and also you are pondering with which hairstyle to go, then this one tapered towards the end can be your best option. It protects your kid’s hair at the same time it is perfect for returning to school. Furthermore, this hairstyle looks pretty as well!

  1. Twist Short Braids Hairdo:

Cute and short hairdos are 2 words which go alongside. Are you confused? Merely look at this beautiful lady having little twist braids and say to me if I’m wrong.

  1. Front Updos Twist Braids:

Updos have offered us many gorgeous designs for hairs. Front updos usually are one among those stylish variations. Here, I strongly suggest you consider this hairdo if you like a more simple look.

  1. Blonde And Black Twist Braids:

Blonde is popular color that a lot of people like to dye hair. Why not so? Simply look at this picture. The lady looks stunning with the blonde highlights just on twist braids.

  1. Twist Hairstyle:

If a scary persona is actually what you wish, then this hairdo will fulfill your need. Usually, Jumbo twists “rooting” from different part of scalp makes bold design which will dazzle anybody viewing you.

  1. Curls With The Smile Hairdo:

What is more attractive compared to seductive smile? It is a plentiful spiral complimented simply by smile!

  1. Dream Twist Braids:

It is simply awesome! This fluffy looking voluminous hairdo reminds me the beautiful flowers blossoming in spring. Apart from her gorgeous hair drenched just in the walnut brown, here her mild facial expression can certainly tame even the wildest of most beasts.

  1. Twist Updo Hairstyle:

A thinner volume of hair strands can be twisted creating an attractive pattern on scalp. Additionally, twisted “hair-strands” flow backward plus eventually gets interwoven superbly into the updo.

  1. Twist Classy Braids:

Casual and classy, the braids compiled together at a single side leaves a few of strands back. Well, this style in no way goes out of the fashion.


This is the fun learning concerning some of outstanding twist braids hairdos with you. Since you’ve learned about the superb hairstyles, it’s time to use them. The twist braids hairstyles are the protective hairstyle, which means they take care of the hair and even protect them out of natural elements.

Thus what’s there for losing? The things you’ll lose with the twist braids cut are the hair problems. However, you will likewise gain more benefits. Exactly what are you awaiting? Try these hairstyles and comment what you feel about them.





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