155 Attractive Sun Tattoos That Will Light Up Your Path!


Nowadays the sun tattoo is getting popular. Well, sun is considered to be most important element of solar system. Actually, it is basis of life on earth, since it gives both light and heat, which are vital for supporting life on planet. Ever since ancient times, sun continues to be revered across the universe, just as giver of energy and life.

Possibly, this is why this potent celestial force takes in important place all through in tradition, culture, and religion and even in the tattoo art, so sun-tattoos have become the most wanted tattoo designs.

If perhaps you desire to be gone out of ordinary tattoos such as the animal tattoos and flower tattoos, then the sun tattoos are certainly best for you. The sun is among those celestial bodies which are utilized as gorgeous subjects for the tattooing.

In reality, number of the individuals who are getting these sun tattoos inked on the body is quickly increasing on a daily basis.

Besides the truth that these sun tattoos can easily make the physical appearance highly gorgeous, these tattoos can additionally make you the intriguing type of individual since these tats are set with lots of meanings. Sun is an exceptionally important thing for human beings lives on earth. It is one cause why lots of individuals are acknowledging the existence via tattooing it just on the body. Here’s a video for you!

Significance Of The Ideas Of Sun Tattoo:

You will find several interesting and mysterious religious facts associated to symbol of sun came from ancient culture. Previously, sun was regarded as holy and also had been worshiped as God by various tribes. In many spiritual and mythological matters, significance of the sun is firmly highlighted.

More Ideas Of Tattoos:

If you would like to flaunt stylish sun tattoos with some heavenly elements, then check out the unique collection of the ideas of sun tattoo. From basic to extraordinary, all these unique ideas about sun tattoo are pretty stylish. Pick out from many patterns and designs to fit your personality and style.

Meanings Of The Sun Tattoos!

Sun is acknowledged as “supreme-power” in nature, and on which existence of whole universe is dependent. Mystical sun tattoo design features a great emblematic value and also is popular amid women and men alike. Although every individual interprets the design of tattoo in his unique way and even wants this to represent his attitude or belief, you will find some unique attachment of symbolic meanings.

  • Courage, Wisdom, And Bravery:

You will find some other normal beliefs related to the sun that is common in different cultures of world. Sun stands for wisdom, bravery, and courage. It brings hope and good luck and also transmits new vitality in human beings daily. One more myth about “sun” is that while our earth will probably come to end, and then there would be one last sunset on last day.

Like this, sun is related to a wide variety of meanings as well as the simple sun design will be incorporated with numerous design elements for giving an altogether different and new meaning to sun design. As a result, the “sun-art” is seen in different light based on the elements used in it and the basic design.

  • Life Protector :

Native American tradition professes sun’s role as protector of the life on earth. It’s revered as guardian of daylight and also so long as sun exists, nothing can damage life on earth.

  • Symbol Of The Truth:

Sun is additionally regarded as symbol of endurance and truth, which holds its place then does the work with an untiring commitment and patience. Usually, sun gives the faith that this will always give light to our earth and even fulfill the requirements of human race existing here.

  • Vitality And Fertility:

An additional “symbolic-meaning” of sun correlates it to vitality and fertility because it’s the sun that helps in the creation of rebirth and new lives.

  • Human Savior:

Since beginning of time, sun is referred to as supporter of life just on earth as this gives energy through light and heat to human race. Actually, this generates energy and life strength in all existing things on planet and absolutely nothing will remain alive on earth without sun.

  • Sun And Civilizations:

Different civilizations all over the world got different beliefs and views about sun, and which they utilized abundantly as the design element through their artwork. Sumerians worshipped “Utu” as “sun-god” through 3000 BC when Sun had been revered as “Shamash” in Akkadian culture as well as “Ra” in ancient culture of Egypt.

The Greeks worshipped Apollo as Sun God. Several pieces of evidence around our “sun” point its significance place, both in religious and scientific sense since ancient times. The “Southern-Egypt” is the residence to oldest “sun-dial” in the earth that dates back 6000 years before.

Some Well-Liked Tattoo Designs Just For The Sun Art!

There are lots of factors for our sun being most crucial celestial body in solar system, it’s but clear that it is one among the most adored tattoo designs also. Simultaneously, this sun tattoo design always is easy and simple to make plus looks great as well, which additionally accounts for the popularity. Listed below are a few common designs:

  • Floral Design:

Well, flowers like sunflower rose and lotus can be included in sun tattoo designs for giving them a feminine and beautiful look. It will create a completely brilliant impact for tattoo.

Phoenix, lion, dragon, elephant, wolf, fish and celestial objects like moon, stars, birds and also other elements like dreamcatchers, anchors, compass, musical symbols, wings, angels, trees, infinity,heart, geometric, arrows, feathers can likewise be used for enhancing the sun artwork tattoo designs.

  • Solar Wheel Tattoo Design:

Some designs show sun like solar wheel that looks pretty different from typical ones. Some others might show this sun as simple dot along with the circle drawn all around it when others can exhibit a cross with simple sun design.

These kinds of designs have an enormous fan following all through Middle Eastern nations.

  • Tribal Tattoos Design:

Tribal tats designs are eternally favourite among designers and tattoo lovers all over the world, due to their powerful impact and “sheer” eye-catching looks. A lot of tribal designs include the sun along with a male’s face plainly visible inside.

The Mayans created sun arts for showing their power and strength while Navajo tribe utilized it as symbol of the creation.

In “Aztec-tribal” designs, tattoo can be found in various patterns, right from basic ones to more detailed patterns and styles. Taino sun signifies sun as fiery ball that is encircled by fierce and hot rays. The moon and sun are compared to Yang and Yin, which are emotional and two opposite sides of all human being.

Placements Guide

A Few Of The Popular Body Placements Are Given Below

  • Tattoos On The Thigh:

However, if you would like to get the art not so much apparent to a few people, then you can pick to spot them on the thighs without getting worried.

  • Tattoos On The Stomach:

An additional ideal placement for the sun tattoo is our stomach. It is a popular option concerning female tattoo lovers around the world just who consider getting sun tats.

  • Tattoos On The Legs:

Usually, legs are even perfect locations. The legs are typically longer, thus particular impression that you would like to show along with the tattoo can certainly be attained.

  • Tattoos On Backside:

If you wish the tattoo not to be that noticeable to eyes of other people after that putting this on the back will be great undoubtedly.

  • Tattoos On The Rib:

You can find lots of people just who like placing this on the rib. Quite a few say that this helps them much to look stunning to opposite sexes while they place tattoo on the rib indeed.

  • Tattoos On The Arms

Also, arms will be perfect placements for this tattoo. Individuals will surely see it when it’s put there. Only ensure you engrave this on right part of the arms for better result.

  • Tattoos On The Wrists:

It depends on you if you want the sun tattoo being put on the right or left wrist. Only think of main objective of sporting such tattoo.

155 Eye-Catching Sun Tattoos!

  1. “Oh Captain My Captain” Sun Tattoo:

The sun here loses its own grip when needed as its crew settles in just for evening near the shore. Well, I wonder that if anybody would find its way to land only for a single night of the pirate design debauchery.

  1. Sun In Iron Mask Tattoo:


While the person’s mask may have already been velvet, the iron mask appears truly metallic.

  1. Mountain Eclipse Tattoo:


Is there something worse compared to hiking through mountains while sun gets covered-up by moon and also all goes dark? Just hold on tight to “hand-rails” folks.

  1. Island Sun Tattoo:

This tattoo certainly screams the Island warrior. Probabilities are this man is throwing the flaming batons exterior the Hawaiian Hyatt about 10:00 tonight.

  1. Sun Warrior Tattoo:

The “samurai” is on the way somewhere for doing his own work beneath cover of the night. At the moment, he will soak up adoring looks just from geisha of the neighborhood.

  1. Sun Shines Tattoo:

While peeling back the particular layer gets on top, and we understand why we adore so much the sunny day!

  1. Tree’s Life Tattoo:

I wonder just how heavy tree’s life is.

  1. Whimsy Sun Tattoo:

Many different “line” styles get used in the sun tattoo, concluding in sun’s core getting completed with color.

  1. Simple Sun Tattoo:

This tattoo is very simple, but benefits from the placement.

  1. Yang & Yin Tattoo:

The yang and the yin is included in the sun, repeatedly blending 2 traditional tattoo styles.

11. Plant Food Sun Tattoo:

Rays of the tattoo here appear to be getting down to comfort and feed the flowers beneath.

  1. Calf Sun Tattoo:

This tattoo seems like it has belonged to calf of the Samoan warrior.

  1. Bring It Altogether Tattoo:

As soon as the kiss will come together then this tattoo will get complete. At this point, it remains the lowly moon.

  1. Peacock Sun Tattoo:

It looks like that this sun includes peacock tail just as this peeks out right behind waves.

  1. Silver Sun Tattoo:


This tattoo includes both toes and feet.

  1. Giddy Up Tattoo:

The “sun-shines” down on the pony rising just on his “hind-legs”.

  1. Sad Face Of Moon:

The sun appears to recognize that world is not that bad. Well, the moon obviously has a distinct outlook.

  1. Zia People Tattoo:

Symbol of Zia people bears deep meaning since they hold sun on sacred pedestal. The tattoo here highlights desert landscape plus Zia symbol had been made so famous by flag of the New Mexico.

  1. As Crow Flies Sun Tattoo:

This crow tends to make his way towards his perch just as the sun shows his wingspan.

  1. Role Reversal Sun Tattoo:

We often notice the sun is given male attributes however this particular sun tattoo changes the roles.

  1. As The Night Falls Tattoo:

The sun surely makes the difference in landscape, does not it? Things often look much scarier as the darkness falls.

  1. Who Spilled Color?

Do not cry over the spilled tattoo paint.

  1. What Is My Name?

When a special person of your life become center of the universe, then why not get the name on the sun tattoo?

  1. Blow Me Far Away Tattoo:

One speedy breeze might blow the sun tattoo off the master’s shoulder.

  1. Pop’s Color Tattoo:

The sun here looks a bit like the Pokemon character, does not it?

  1. Outline And Black Fill Tattoo:

This is a fascinating sun piece similar to a fan.

  1. Textures Sun Tattoo:

You will find many different designs involved in the tattoo with sun as central figure.

  1. Throwing Star Tattoo:

The sun normally takes the center stage within the tribal artwork, as this usually does.

  1. Sun Lion Tattoo:

The sun tattoo here has angry face at the middle. Well, if I had been that hot always, I would probably be angry too.

  1. The Tropics Sun Tattoo:

The “setting-sun” highlighting just one palm is the classic look of sun tattoo.


Sun tattoos tend to be really meaningful to get on the body. There’s no way that they can’t look very attractive on you. Quite simply, besides being meaningful, all these tats are very lovely in look. You just need to pick best design which fits the appearance and personality as properly.

Sun is most potent force of universe on what life on planet is dependent as it supplies light and heat. It is all powerful in nature, its aesthetic elegance makes the sun tattoos one among most preferred designs in the artwork tattoo. There is usually tribal and other design which incorporate element like phoenix and stars, moon, dragon and also flowers.

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