154 Outstanding Sun And Moon Tattoos With Meaning!

Sun and moon tattoos have been into existence for a very long time, from some centuries ago. These tattoos are popular because of their size, shape, meaning, and beauty. You might have tattooed it or one of your colleagues or friends might have tattooed it. This is because of the popularity.

In every religion or culture, sun and moon are some kind of spiritual bodies, who have their own impact upon lives. Thus, people from all over the world, from every religion or culture, like to tattoo these.

Besides all the religious fuss or meaning, these are beautiful to look at, you feel attractive with these, and most importantly, you can look at it and feel happy about having it. Therefore, one should get a sun and moon tats.

sun and moon tattoo

Why Moon?

Moon is a beautiful natural satellite of Earth that is popular for its beauty and varieties of shapes. In most of the cultures and countries, moon represents feminine mystery. With feminine mystery comes innocence, peace, silence, grace, and class. That’s why moon is tattooed.

Specially women tattoo the moon if they want to get it tattooed solo, because they want to represent the same grace of the moon. A woman is a moon and all the secrets she hold. Moon that lightens the earth with its glow resembles the sacrifices one makes to make someone else happy.

Moon is a symbol of all the good vibes and positivism.

Why Sun?

Sun is the most powerful universal body of solar system. Without Sun, nothing call life exists. Sun represents the masculine mystery. The power, strength, warmth, heat, glow, and everything that defines power is associated with sun. Though powerful, but utilizing it for the good of everything.

Sun holds a lot of meaning. It has a lot of power, but it utilizes it for the good of everyone. A day without sun, and everything that matters us will collapse. That’s why people pray sun as their god.

Origin of Sun And Moon Tattoos!

Sun and moon tattoos have been into existence from a long time ago. The tattoos were also inked to our ancestors from centuries ago when our ancestors lived in caves. Few centuries back, the only gods that people believed on were sun and moon. Because, not wishing for anything else besides the warmth of sun in day and glow of moon in the night was enough for people.

With the existence of sun exists all the living creatures, tides and waves, spring and blossoms, existence and meaning. With the existence of moon exists the night life. The value of light is realized with the dimness of moon. The value of full moon occurs when there is no moon light in the sky.

Sun has the powerful glow that can destroy the coldness, but moon only holds the light, no warmth or heat, simple graceful glow. Because of these boons from sun and moon, people have been inking them from a long time to admire its power, and shower the blessings received.

The ancestors also inked sun and moon with a hope to receive all the happiness with their grace and good luck. Thus, these art forms in tattoos have been existing from  the time when people started to ink stuffs.

Along with the origin of tattoos, sun and moon were among the first designs to be inked. Still today, the popularity hasn’t decreased a bit.

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Ancient Meaning Behind Sun And Moon Tattoos!

When we talk about the ancient meaning about sun and moon, it solely has the spiritual meaning. In human life, sun and moon are no lesser than god and goddess. Even in holy books like Bible or Geeta, they are directly called the greatest of the gods.

They are also worshiped for good future and forever blessings of the good life. There is a hope that the same blessings from sun and moon will be received forever, thus for that they are worshiped.

Our ancestors also assumed that the combination of these two was more than ordinary. Presence of one in the absence of other showed the unified strength. One would fill the gap of the other. Our ancestors also predicted the origin of everything with the origin of the great sun and moon.

Thus, the ancestral meaning is vast letting us all come to a common understanding that they are the forms of god and goddess that have been existing before the origin of our habitat and life.

Why a Combination of Sun And Moon?

Sun represents masculine mystery while moon represent feminine mystery. While combination of these two represent unity and strength. In order to have a balance or stability, both of these play a crucial role.

Though both of these bodies have opposite existence, and both of them do not appear at once, but that indicates the value of each. The value of absence is felt. Thus, a combination of sun and moon tattoos are most popular rather than the single ones.

Similarly, two is better than one, thus a combo also looks more beautiful and holds greater meaning.

Suitable Body Parts for Sun And Moon Tattoos!

Sun and moon can be inked anywhere in the body depending on the size and the meaning. When you are wishing to get them tattooed together, you can tattoo then in same body part. But if you want to tattoo them in different body parts, make sure they are situated in individual arms or legs; specially in wrists or ankles.

Here we can find various body parts that are most suitable for the sun and moon tattoos. You can choose your spot by getting your category of choice from all the possible ideas listed below:


Back includes a huge area. When we generally call back, it is upper than waist, and lower than neck. This spot is amazing for the large tattoo sizes. So, if you are wishing to get a huge tattoo of sun or moon or the combination, ink in this spot.

It doesn’t mean small sizes do not look appropriate, it is solely the matter of self decision and choice.

Dorsal (of hand)

Dorsal is rarely tattooed. When it comes about tattooing the sun and the moon, then dorsal becomes an ordinary spot. Because of the shape, dorsal are perfect.

Front Shoulder Blade

In front of shoulder blade, a tattoo becomes more unique. The sun and moon on the front of shoulder blade will just be the ice in the soda. This spot is popular among men for tattooing sun and moon. The size of the tats can be medium for tattooing in this spot.

Spinal Cord

Spinal cord not just includes the thin line that starts from neck bottom and goes till the waist, but also occupies the space on the sides of it. This spot is best when a huge tattoo is desired. The sun and moon with huge size look perfect here.

This is chosen mostly by yoga experts, gymnasts, swimmers, etc.

Back Shoulder Blades

Tattooing sun and moon in back shoulder blades make it more visible from the back. Though you cannot see the tattoo by yourself, which can be a minus point here, but the people even behind your back will be able to view it. This spot is a sexy spot as it is said by the tattoo masters.

Most people who want to feel attractive or sexy ink these in this spot.


Arm has to be the most popular place to tattoo anything actually. When it comes to moon and sun, it can be tattooed anywhere in the arm. Even the arm itself has a lot of sections. May be above the wrist, above the elbow, below the shoulders, or anywhere in between, there are various options to tattoo it in arms.

Top Central Back

Top central back is the most elegant body part that can have sun or moon or their combination tattoo. This spot is visible when a loose backless t-shirt or top is worn. Specially this spot is popular among women again.

When a symmetric tattoo like that of sun and moon is inked here, it looks beautiful and classic.


Wrist can have the small size of sun or moon or their combination of tattoo. We know the popularity of getting tattoos in wrists. People like this spot. Specially when it is sun and moon, tiny of it can be in the wrists.


For thigh, the huge size of sun or moon or their combination will look good. With adding some extra varieties, the tattoo can be made even more fabulous.

Specially for women, thigh can be amazing spot for sun and moon.

Different Sizes of Sun And Moon Tattoos!

Mostly the sizes of sun and moon tattoos can be classified into small, medium and huge. Under this classification falls every tattoo that are inked on body. We can see more elaboration below:


Small size indicates the cutest size of all. When we tattoo the small size of sun and moon or one of them, the tattoo looks pretty. But still the value it holds is big enough.

The small tattoos can go anywhere in the body. You can hide the tattoo if you wish to get it inked for just yourself. But for that it needs to be of small size again.


Medium size of sun and moon tattoos are actually the perfect size of all. They go well literally anywhere in the body. This size might be the problem for the body parts like below the ear, finger, wrists, etc. where only a small size can get along.

The medium size of sun and moon look perfect in the sense that their size will fit anywhere and letting the proper view of the entire thing at once. The most popular part to get them inked is the arms of course. With them in arms, the bearer can see it anytime!


Sun and moon looks best when the size is the hugest of all. Back or thighs and even the belly will look amazing with huge sun and moon tattoos.

Because of their regular shape, it is easier to get the tattoos inked with style. When the size is big, it is more visible and looks vibrant. Specially when men with huge bodies get the huge sun and moon or sun or moon tattoos inked, they look like a beast and that’s what they also want!

The bigger is the size, the better is the visibility. For inking them in the huge size, the huge area should be allocated. The designs can be modified to fill the vacant space in the sun and moon itself.

Colorful Sun And Moon Tattoos!

With color comes more exotic, vibrant and beautiful tattoos results. When the sun and the moon are colored, the beauty multiplies and the simple or ordinary looking tattoo will seek a lot of attention of the people.

Mostly colorless sun and moon are inked, but these days people are also adding colors to them to make their tattoo more amazing.

Colorless Sun And Moon Tattoos!

When there is color in something, it doesn’t have to have more details. But to express a colorless tattoo, it requires a lot of further details. When a sun and moon tattoo is colorless, there’s a lot of space for the specification. Either be a face or the patterns, it can be used to fill the colorless space.

But it doesn’t always have to have the designs in it, if the simple one can be general yet holding a lot of values to you. Moreover, the colorless one can be more meaningful with hidden meanings and your self meanings.

Sun And Moon Tattoos With Face!

The most popular sun and moon tattoos are having the face in them. Generally sun and moon are compared with gods, that’s why a face is added to them. With a face in it, the tattoo looks more realistic and alive. The face also represents the purity of existence of the deity on it.

When there is a face, the tattoo becomes more amazing to look at. That also adds a lot of meaning into it. The sun can be drawn as a man and the moon can be drawn as a woman. The combination will be the full tattoo indeed.

The face can either be a cartoonist one, or a surreal one. With the face like that of human beings, it looks more alive and meaningful rather than the cartoonist face.

Decorations in Sun And Moon Tattoos!

Decorations can include patterns, swirls, some drawings, meaningful symbols or self modified art. These art forms make the tattoo more beautiful and meaningful. It can either be colorful or simple black out lines, the decorations make it attractive.

Sometimes decorations can simply also mean the colors. The abstract colors can very well used for decoration purpose as well.

Decorate your ordinary sun and moon with some extra ordinary designs.

Faceless Sun And Moon Tattoos!

When we talk about the faceless sun and moon tattoos, it might sound a bit boring or pale, but looks more matured and significant. When there is no face in the tattoo, one can add other patterns or designs to fill it or just simply colors. One can also leave it vacant. Because, faceless sun and moon means you want a simple yet elegant artistic tat on you.

When no face in the tattoo, this can be interpreted in many possible ideas. This also looks more general and logistic.

Some Images of Different Sun And Moon Tattoos!

This section includes random images of the people who are having the sun and moon tattoos on their body. It includes all sizes of tattoos. There are various body parts as well where these tattoos are stunning.

The meaningful ones, attractive ones, ordinary ones, most popular ones, colorful ones and colorless ones are all available here with more than hundred of options to choose from.

Here we can see the use of both to show some symmetric art work. This shows how both the bodies are balanced and are representing the halves of each other.

It is a complete black outlined and portions filled tattoo that represent the darkness along with the light. The shiny texture of this tattoo makes it more classic and standard.

This has plenty of choices on Sun and Moon tattoos. One can not get out of this page without choosing a perfect one for themselves. The meaningful, popular, small or large, attractive, common, and unique, every tattoo of sun and moon is available in this page along with different body parts.

If you made it to the end of the page, that means you have found a perfect tat for yourself. And, if not, please go through the page again until you don’t make up your mind to choose one. If you used any of the design just as your idea for modification in tattoo, that is a good news.

You can always leave or share you tattoo designs with us and help our friends to choose from more options.

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