135 Best Sun And Moon Tattoos You Need To Check Out!


We are familiar with sun and moon tattoos. They seemingly depicts opposite attitude and nature. While sun symbolizes masculine energy, moon means feminine mystery. The sun and the moon tattoo interpretations depend upon harmonic union of 2 opposite forces from nature. The tattoo designers have created really wonderful designs of tattoo with these 2 elements.

A few people choose to display sun and moon in the same motif yet on different body areas like left and right feet, on shoulder blades, and on the fingers etc. When sun and moon are portrayed separately, such moon and sun tattoo designs typically have common technique or motif. Some popular illustrations include geometric, watercolor, and mandala tattoos etc. Here’s a video for you!

Where Do You Want Your Sun And Moon Tattoo?

Once you’re sure about sun and the moon tattoo, then you may wish on the body, you need to determine where you prefer the tattoo to get. The Sun and the moon upper backside tattoos are quite popular.

For these magnificent “forces-of-nature”, the lower or upper back presents an excellent canvas. Shoulder or collar bone tattoo of sun and the moon is also the fine idea if perhaps you do not mind having inked on the bony places. Artistic sun and the moon tats on ankle, feet, wrists, and fingers look wonderful as well.

Sun And The Moon Tats Meaning!

For individuals who desire meaning in the sun and the moon tattoos, you will find plenty accessible with the designs. The Sun and the moon tattoos tend to be generally regarding size of the flattened orange as well as in that “circular” shape. Circular shape by itself is the symbol of endless circle of our life. Placing the half moon plus half sun within the circle presents more meaning.

Sun is usually recognized as symbol of power, strength, and rebirth. On the other hand, moon is related to female in several cultures as a goddess. The Sun and the moon tattoos will really present properly in color. The color choices, obviously, will rely on a style that you choose. Recommendation though will be to get the moon tattoo in “light blue” and sun in the dark orange or lighter red.

You can notice how feminine and masculine in this particular tattoo complement one another. It is almost the modern western model of Yin Yang.

When it comes to Yin Yang, then many sun as well as moon tattoos, tend to be seen in Yin Yang design; it simply begs for this. Many people imagine that the Yin Yang signifies the male and female aspects of human, yet it really symbolizes that a single side is mainly masculine with a few feminine features and that “female side” is largely feminine with lots of masculine qualities. It relates beautifully to sun and the moon tats because they have the same meanings and qualities.

As an example, the moon doesn’t strictly represent the female goddesses. Well, blue moon, in particular, can symbolize the contrariness in any male. Thus if these sorts of moon and sun tattoos attract you and thereby you wish meaning, then color is going to be important.

Research and decide just what colors tend to be important and then the meaning that you want. It’s completely ideal to design sun and moon in “tear-drop” style of the Yin Yang tats. Just use various designs and colors to ensure the different “halves” are noticeable as moon and sun tattoos.

Get The Most Gorgeous Moon And Sun Tattoo Ideas:

Having inked is really a process. First of all, you select the favorite design. You can talk to the tattoo artist for some common ideas, then get favorite moon and sun tattoo from our image archives, or better get inspired then create your unique “body art” design.

The ideal tattoos are the ones that deeply speak to you.

Find the type of moon and sun tattoo you want to have on the body and have inked with pleasure!

135 Unique Designs Of Sun And The Moon Tattoo For Women & Men!

  1. Cute Moon And Sun Becoming One:

It is really simple, but expressive tattoo that brings both the celestial bodies along in an easy depiction placed just on ankle.

  1. A Variety Of Forearm Planets:

Sun is certainly the heart of this design giving its importance and size in solar system. Well, this one offers the more “scientific” approach to the planets.

  1. Landscape That Highlights Moon:

Basically, the moon will guide you through night in nature, so trying to get its wisdom and help isn’t wrong in anyway.

  1. Moon And Sun Watching-Over Nature:

Every single design may be modified to ensure it contains the traits that determine its wearer. Such as, this tattoo involves something which looks like the Lotus flower and which symbolizes purity.

  1. A Far More Scientific Way:

Minimalist tats are very trendy right now. As you can’t draw anything scientific in realistic style, after that you must reduce this to some lines.

  1. Ornamental Feet Moon And Sun Tattoo:

Very similar along with idea presented over, this person designed it by transforming tattooed area that is the feet. Earlier than you choose inking something just on feet, please consider that due to “shoe wear” these tattoos disappear quicker.

  1. Half Moon And Half Sun Tattoo Design:

It is the tandem of the half moon half sun just on sleeve tattoo. Since sun is typically related to masculine and moon with the feminine, here they can suggest you and also your beloved ones.

Actually, moon is shaded in blue; this coincides with qualities of the silver that are a clarifying and purifying energy. Sun is, certainly, yellow and then it symbolizes action and warmness.

  1. Sun And Moon Lotus Tattoo:

It’s an amazing lotus with moon and sun signs. Oh, stunning! A lotus in mandala designed is encircled with sun and moon.

Here the thigh area opens the elegance of all 3 patterns completely, especially lotus petal simply in form of lace. Wonderful accessory to feminine thigh having meaning of the spiritual enlightenment!

  1. Stars And Sun Moon Tattoo:

It’s an attractive triplet of stars, moon, and sun on thigh tattoo. It’s a cute choice for the loving couple rather than the matching designs.

The “ink master” paid lots of effort to the colors and details, and this paid off. It’s highly stylized concept in name of “love”, is not it? Anyway, stars will be a sign of children.

  1. Simple Moon And Sun Tattoo Design:

It’s a basic combination of moon and sun on side tattoo. The Sun and the moon tats are quite well-liked since sun signifies masculine energy plus moon signifies feminine mystery.

It’s a great sign of union of the two opposites! Well, it will be sported by both, women and men and symbolizes deeper association between them.

11. Thigh Tattoo Design:

A few individuals have visited “tattoo parlors” and get confused on tattoo to sketch. Do you love this tattoo? Okay, if you love then you must be capable of getting it done in tattoo parlor.

  1. Adorable Moon And Sun Tattoo Design:

The fact of matter here is that the circumstances are quite different. People from all different backgrounds ink tattoos these days and with shoulder moon and sun tattoo such as this, you found the world just under the feet.

  1. Lovely Moon And Sun Tattoo Design:

Ladies are currently considering how they will look chic through tattoos. Lovely sun moon tats are some of tattoos which you can find when you’re going for a superb inking that will matter.

  1. Amazing Moon And Sun Tattoo Design:

It does not matter if perhaps your own workplace does not need people along with inking, well, if you’re ready for an amazing and a cool sun and the moon tattoo, then it’s best for you to start making the plans to get one.

  1. Great Moon And Sun Tattoo Design:

Having said that, a tattoo just like this one has become exactly what anybody can have. However, you must not get worried about the price due to the approach that it’s drawn on your body.

The days are gone when individuals are considering how or even where they might get the sun and the moon tattoo. Together with online tattooists, here you can have this drawing in a very short time.

  1. Cool Moon And Sun Tattoo Design:

Before you get the cool moon and sun tattoo on the body, you will find things you have to think about. The first thing one is placement of tattoo and another is tattooist who will do the “drawing” for you. While you get a great artist for drawing for you, then the work gets completed.

  1. Beautiful Moon And Sun Tattoo Design:

When you’re considering whether to have moon and sun tattoo or even not, you must choose just where to have it on the body. Beautiful moon and sun tattoo may be placed just on any body part.

  1. Super Sun Moon Tattoo Design:

Before you consider getting an excellent sun and the moon tattoo, here you have to check out some of designs online. All these tats online can assist you to make the choice.

  1. Special Sun Moon Tattoo Design:


It means you are going to get the sun moon tattoo as well as you will not realize what it’s before it’s on the skin. This really means that craftsman would take your thoughts and prerequisites and truly handcraft the sun and the moon tattoo.

  1. Wonderful Sun Moon Tattoo Design:

You will find times when anyone will enter the tattoo shop plus they could have no idea what they require. A wonderful “sun moon” tattoo can just be a choice to you while you’re all set to make the difference with a way you wish to look outdoors.

  1. Mesmerizing Sun Moon Tattoo Design:

You will find individuals who see themselves as the gatherers of the sun and also moon tats and even they are excellent tattooists who will help you along with amazing drawings of the tats at a cost-effective rate.

  1. Cute Sun Moon Tattoo Design:

Having tattoo isn’t as forbidden and the moon and sun tattoo isn’t something that’s strange due to the significance which it plays just on individuals who wear this.

  1. Simple Sun Moon Tattoo Design:

Some people have memories of sun as well as moon tats when they lost someone who had particular value in their existence. Other individuals might inspire sun moon tats to remember a “specific time” in their lifetime.

  1. Chic Sun Moon Tattoo Design:

Individuals often put lots of work into the sun and the moon tattoos as they realize how relevant these signs tend to be.

  1. Perfect Looking Sun Moon Tattoo Design:

For some people, they worry a lot on just how they might get the tattoo that’s exceptional. Moon and Sun tattoo is the most awesome while drawing is accomplished by “tattooist” who is proficient at what she or he does.

  1. Sweet Looking Tattoo Design:

The days are gone when people tend to be frightened of what the others might say while they are found with tattoos similar to this.

  1. Thumbs Up Impact

Indeed, this tattoo design is specially meant for the thumbs. When you get sun sported on the one thumb, then moon finds its place on another thumb. Collectively, they form an excellent pair. It is certainly for the girls who wish their sun moon tattoo looking unique.

  1. Let Them “Lock Lips”:

This tattoo design is extremely popular in sun moon category. It is a “Jamsai” design where sun and moon are personified and also displayed to lock the lips. It looks very attractive and also is ideal for the daring and bold present-day female!

  1. For Some “Navel Show” Design:

This tattoo design is specifically intended for being designed around belly button. Well, if you’re somebody who is keen on showing the navel area, then choosing this gorgeous design will be a good thing to undertake.

  1. The Combo Impact Design:

Many chicks love the combined design like this. The interesting point of this particular “design idea” is that moon and sun in this look clearly separate, keeping the merged look as well.

  1. Zurigo Intricate Design:

Zurigo moon and sun designs will be intricately done as well as can be the source for your vanity. In fact, they look enviably amazing. Here, the implement of dots for creating shapes makes the design more desirable.

  1. When Style “Shake Hands” With Uniqueness:

Why not get the sun and the moon sported on the wrists separately? It sounds awesome right! It is rather a trend nowadays and is ideal for the college goers, just who do not mind going slightly overboard.

  1. For That Genuine Tribal Taste:

Tribal tattoos similar to this are a full turn on. Usually, they look very authentic yet contemporary.

If perhaps you’re the girl who loves tribal trends incorporating tribal artifacts and jewelry then choosing this tattoo is going to be best opportunity for you.

  1. Mesmerizing Polynesian Moon And Sun Tattoo:

The sun and the moon designs for females who have Polynesian origin tend to be fully straightforward in nature. However, charm of the tats lies in the minimalism. Having simple lines and shapes, beautiful patterns tend to be carved on skin. It’s ideal for individuals who have dislike for the complicated designs.

  1. Go Japanese Way:

The Japanese tattoos tend to be not only cool but extremely creative. Also, if you would like the tattoo to reveal creativity, then ensure you choose this multi-colored Japanese sun moon tattoo.


These are the well-liked and perfect sun moon tattoos for anybody who wants to get inked on any body parts. With meanings, these tattoos really alter views and make you stand out among the crowd. I hope you have liked our list if so then ensure to hit the like button and use the comment box for your opinion.




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