54 Shattering Strawberry Blonde For Perplexing Hair!

Strawberry blonde is a light reddish color that is popular among all other colors. With the popularity of strawberry blonde, it has been leading all other blonde color combination and staying at the top of the leader board. Strawberry by its name is clear has a faint red color.

Strawberry blonde being the combination of red and blonde, is a dye that is rarely a natural color. It is prepared by DIY ideas of the hair color experts.Making it yourself will give you more vibrant ideas of getting the perfect strawberry blonde, which vary from different types of strawberry blonde available in the market.

Strawberry blonde being a beautiful color with reddish blonde nature gives you a shiny texture and an amazing finish. Being able to choose from plenty of types of strawberry blonde, women are getting a new one every time!

strawberry blonde

Specialty of Strawberry Blonde!

There are various specialty of a strawberry blonde that makes it unique from other hair dyes. The main specialty is the beautiful color itself. Having the best blonde combination with reddish touch, the final result is mind blowing.

Women specially from American origin and in the western countries are seen to get along with this hair on them. With this beautiful hair color, the white women look gorgeous. Jessica Chastain & Nicole Kidman are some of the celebrities who have been wearing the different styles of strawberry blonde very well.

Because being a celebrity icon hair color, it is gaining its popularity exponentially. As the celebrities are carrying it so well, the commons are copying the styles and sometimes modifying the color with their own touch.

Forming Strawberry Blonde!

Sometimes the natural hair also have a strawberry blonde color. But this is a rare case. Either you have a red hair or a blonde hair. Getting a natural mixture of these two is rare but possible. When one has a natural strawberry blonde hair, that is a boon to the person.

But as it is a rare case, one can also get it dyed with the artificial dye. For that you will need to find the proper color you wish to dye. As there are plenty of varieties of the strawberry blonde, you will need to fix the exact color you wish to get on your hair.

You can prepare your own strawberry blonde once you have chosen the perfect color for you. DIY are popular for strawberry blonde. There are several DIY Youtube tutorials as well as articles on forming the perfect strawberry blonde throughout the Internet. With these tutorials and instructions, you can prepare the perfect your choice blonde at home yourself!

Strawberry Blonde | Types of Hair Texture

As every women are not born with a same kind of hair texture, we can divide it into three major categories. Though not natural always, one can pick a different texture artificially. Three major types of hair texture are straight, wavy and curly. There are also other textures and types like the different kinds of curly within this category, but generally we keep the major three categories only. Lets elaborate in detail below:


Straight is the most common hair texture. The strawberry blonde are mostly practiced in straight hair. This is because the majority of people having it are having the straight hair, as per the survey report. Strawberry blonde looks splendorous and mind blowing in the straight hair texture. The shine that is provides is also fascinating.

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Wavy has to be the best hair texture as per the majority of women. Because a wavy hair is neither exactly straight nor totally curly, thus something in between. With the beautiful waves, this color flaunts magically resting in the amazing curves. If you have a wavy natural hair, do give it a strawberry blonde mix and feel different yet gorgeous instantly.


Curly is the hair texture with a tremendous amount of curls. Strawberry blonde looks marvelous with the curly hair texture. This will provide the amazing stay of the color and make one feel like carrying the most amazing look throughout the hair world. Curls go well when the hair color is strawberry blonde.

Strawberry Blonde | Length of Hair!

With different length of hair, the impact also varies. One can flaunt the beauty of strawberry blonde in any length of hair either be the short one, medium one or the long one. We have generally classified it into the major three length categories namely, long, medium and short. Here is the elaboration to each category.


Long hair requires a lot of care, grooming, patience, and time. With long hair this color blends so well that you are totally ready to slay! As the procedure to have it is difficult, the result is worth all the circumstances. With long hair, you will wear this color so well and feel pretty all the way!


Medium hair also requires a lot of grooming. Dyeing hair certainly damages the ends of the hair if no proper treatment is done in regular interval. With this hair color, medium hair will be looking flawless and shiny too. Don’t hesitate to wear it if you have a medium length hair because the result is mind blowing.


Short is the new trend of hair length. Girls are chopping off their hair into short ones and also dying their head with strawberry! With short hair and strawberry blonde, you will look cute bubbly, comfy, bold, and powerful! Try short hair with this color and slay your time, girl!

Strawberry Blonde | Dark & Light

If we compare the shades, it will range from the lightest to the darkest of the color. There are so many color ranges between these two shades as well. Basically, we can divide the shades into two general color. Though this will not give the most accurate basis because there are wide number of color between this two as well. Lets elaborate in terms of dark and light strawberry blonde.

Dark strawberry blonde

When we talk about just dark of something, we will go to the peak dark of it. Here, we can take a wide range and imagine something that is not too light and a little dark will also do. The darkest strawberry will end with red. Even sometimes the reddish blonde is put into this category.

The result is punky and emo look is received. This is one of the trendiest color people have been choosing for dyeing!

Light strawberry blonde hair

When we talk about the light strawberry blonde, we image the lightest of it. But in this case we can go from the lightest to the middle range where the colors co exist. This basically end up with the pink color too. The color obtained by dyeing this light strawberry will give you amazing look that you will not regret or have any chance for that!

Strawberry blonde highlights

Highlights mainly mean adding the patches of certain color and not the entire hair in the head. For highlighting, one has to make some sections parted and add it. Adding this color with a highlight is not a bad idea as the result is again outstanding!

With highlights of strawberry, the patches will be fine and funky look will be revealed. There is no such thing as a bad highlight when the color is of strawberry! Try highlighting it and feel the beautiful change and amazing compliments will be on your way!

Natural Strawberry Blonde Hair!

As Already mentioned, it is difficult to find a natural strawberry blonde hair. The ones who have it are the really fortunate people. Most of the people have blonde hair color and some have red hair color. Their combination is rare but possible.

Sometimes a perfect hair color adding can also give the look that is completely natural. This will keep people into curiosity of how fortunate you are to have that natural hair! While the case is different.

Strawberry Blonde | Ombre & Balagaye

We can have various techniques on coloring the hair with strawberry blonde. Out of all, Ombre and Balayage are most popular and easy to carry out. Lets learn more about them below!

Strawberry blonde ombre

Ombre is a French word that has a meaning ‘shaded’. This is a type of dying that is achieved by making the shades gradually go from light to dark. This style of dying is not just popular in hair but also in baking, nail painting, along with hair coloring. Sometimes called as Sombre, celebrities like Jessixa Alba has worn this hair color so well. With the tansition of light to dark, this creates amazing texture in hair.

Strawberry blonde balayage

Balayage is also a French word which means ‘Sweeping’. It is also a hair coloring technique that is done manually. The use of hands to part the hair sections and painting each section covering it to cellophane. Because it is done manually with freehand technique, there is no symmetrical results making it unique from other coloring techniques.

Strawberry Blonde | Styling Types!

You can style your fabulous strawberry blonde hair in various styles. Once you have achieved your favorite color, style them and slay your hairstyle with these ideas! Just check some of these styles and choose one for your hair!

Braids & Buns:

This one is a special style which has braids and parted buns on both sides of the head. A young girl will have a naughty look with this hair style. Just try it if you want to be funky with this hair! Any girl can try this hairstyle and have a flawless result.

Open & Free:

Sometimes you should not think much and let go your hair open and free. With this also you will be able to slay, because girl, you already have that strawberry blonde in your hair!


Bangs make anyone look pretty no matter what age. With that strawberry blonde, the bangs will look bold yet classic. With the magical bangs, get ready to receive all the compliments and attention for your hair! Enjoy this hairstyle this spring!


The simplest of all the styles one can pick with the strawberry blonde to shine is a ponytail. A ponytail will not just keep your hair tied up together but also provide you that amazing look you will not regret having. So, it is a two way win-win situation. Give your strawberry blonde a ponytail look!

Messed Bun:

Well, everyone’s favorite is still a messed up bun. Because a messed up bun requires no comb and not much of a time. It is a free hand randomly tied up hair style that will go amazing with the strawberry blonde. Why not make this style and avoid your sweat and sunny problems?

Some Random Images of Strawberry Blonde!

Here you will find the best images of the commoners and the celebrities who have been wearing this color with varieties and slaying their hair! Go through them and pick a perfect one for yourself today!

What else do you see along with the beautiful color dyeing? The flower tiara has made the look so glorious. You can also go creative and add varieties of accessories in the hair along the beautiful dye color. This will enhance the beauty of the hair and over all the beauty of you!

The women who keep really short hair because they find it cool also get this color dyeing. They are the ones who have brought the new definition about this color. Breaking the stereotype and hugging the new definition to strawberry and calling it the color of boldness and power and not just something ordinary and cute!

What do you call this kind of hair? It has some waves or curls in the bottom and yet so straight in the top. Sometimes this is natural while mostly prepared by the combination of straightening and curly making! The blonde color touch has made it amazing!

Sometimes the simple blonde color also falls under this category because they are actually the lightest strawberry. The result of such a color is also amazing. This is also one of the trendiest or most popular dyeing color for women specially the young ones.

When we talk about every thing strawberry and pretty, we forget how bold you can feel with this color dyeing. One can change the stereotype of having the cuteness and not powerful look with this color dyeing. You can feel bold and pretty, depends upon your personality and not the color to be honest!

She has some amazing natural hair where no dyeing has been required. With such a natural hair you will be the luckiest woman! But still you need to nourish and moisturize it properly and timely for better and constant result!

Doesn’t her hair look so synthetic? This is something similar to the hair of a Barbie doll! You can also achieve it with this color dyeing and a pinch of efforts that will give the same textural and shiny hair!

When the combination is of this dyeing color and slickness, along with a plenty of shines, the result is outstanding like this! Just adore something like this!

Here the hair has amazing slickness and also the shine! This also requires a lot of dedication and patience. This hair dyeing thing only works in the hair which is maintained well and has no damaged parts. Thus, avoid any kind of hair fall or damage before having it!

Okay, this one looks a bit of absurd because there is no complete smoothness in the hair. The rough yet beautiful result is because of the beautiful strawberry thing that we can see.

Do you also see the shine here? Look at the texture! Isn’t this a hair goal? You can also have it with some patience and dedication to your hair! And with this kind of hair, you will be the diva of the strawberry blonde!

This content had the most amazing 54 ideas on wearing the beautiful color with the tint of strawberry with reddish and yet blonde touch. The amazing color as is getting a lot of popularity has to be worn once by every women. There can be several modifications out of these styles already mentioned in the article.

The styles vary according to the hair texture, hair length, dying technique, popularity among celebs, etc. Find which category you belong to or want to belong in and choose a perfect hair style for you. From these outstanding ideas, we are sure that you will get a perfect one that matches your personality.

If you are still confused or haven’t found your color yet, go through the entire thing again and read with patience. As it has the best of the best images with plenty of ideas on it collected from throughout the Internet, you will surely get one.

If you feel like making your own dye color with certain modifications from the ideas in the content, feel free to share with us. This will inspire others to imitate your style or form their own modifications. Thanks for making it to the end of the page!

Happy dyeing!

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