Stomach Tattoos – 45 Incredible Ideas You Need To Know!


A lot of women and men worldwide are currently considering getting the stomach tattoos. There’s none to blame since the tattoos can truly make you sexier. However, you ought to instill it in the mind that all these tattoos might be related to some issues.

As a result, one should consider it deeply as well as many times ahead of ultimately deciding to get a particular tattoo design imprinted on her or his stomach.

It will be challenging just for females to get tattoo on stomach since the moment they are pregnant, these tattoos can definitely lose their elegance due to the stretch marks normally brought up by pregnancy. Here’s a short video for you! Here’s another post for you! “30 Mind-Blowing Tree Braids Ideas That Will Make You Excited!

Advantages Of Getting Stomach Tattoos!

In contrast to other body tattoos, the tattoos on stomach might be very beneficial on your own part like their wearer. Actually, these advantages usually are the major causes why many people are choosing these tattoos.

  • A huge advantage of putting on tattoo on stomach is that you can express more sexy appeal. Well, if you’re wearing this kind of tattoos for attracting opposite sexes, after that you’ll surely be successful at this point. If your opposite sexes notice the tattoos on stomach, there’s no chance that they’ll not be curious to know about you more.
  • All these tattoos can additionally mean that you’re aware of the latest trend, particularly in fashion world. Of course, these tattoos might be wonderful additions on the gorgeous and unique fashion statement. The Tattoos on stomach also can be your weapons for telling the world exactly what kind of individual you’re.
  • It is the cause why you must pick a design which completely fits on the personality. Hiding the tattoos also would be simple for you. Also, you can wear any normal dress or shirt, and these kinds of tattoos can be seen nowhere.

Disadvantages Of Getting Stomach Tattoos!

If these kinds of tattoos have benefits, these can additionally have their shares of drawbacks for sure. Well, one big drawback of having tattooed on stomach is the extreme pain that you’re likely to feel.

  • It is really expected since the skin on stomach is quite smooth. However, if you desire to get beautiful stomach tattoos, after that you must be ready for pain that all these tattoos have. Tattoos on that part may additionally take a long time, so far as the curing process is related.
  • For this, you must be patient until it’s fully healed. Irritations and infections can furthermore be acquired at this point, so you need to be careful.

Famous Stomach Tattoo Designs For Girls And Men!

Tattoos on stomach look surprisingly sexy and sensuous, as its placement alone is so appealing, stretching around navel and also covering whole stomach area. Mostly, tattoos on the stomach are loved by women that are the cause why almost all designs of stomach tattoo are so delicate and feminine. Creative artists of tattoo have worked well on creating a few spectacular varieties. Listed here are a few well-known tattoo designs just for stomach which are gorgeous:

  • Flower Tattoo Designs:

The Flowers like cherry blossoms and tulips, daffodils, lotus and rose have constantly denoted femininity and beauty and can essentially be picked as tattoo design.

  • Angel Tattoo Designs:

Fairies and Angels make an excellent option for the stomach just as they appear really sexy, regardless of where they’re inked on the woman’s body. Also, they have an attractive meaning to them.

  • Henna Tattoo Designs:

The “Henna-tattoos” are ideal for such ladies who desire to embellish the tummies, yet they fear that their tattoo’s beauty would be damaged after pregnancy. Actually, henna tattoos offer them a lot of versatility as they’re transient in nature as well as a woman might get a different and new design.

  • Feather Tattoo Designs:

Feathers look delicate as well as stunning simultaneously when inked along the sides as well as cover your stomach by joining at navel point. The Feather tattoos might be highlighted in the traditional grey and black or a variety of amazing colors, based on the selection of tattoo bearer.

Perfect Placement Of The Stomach Tattoos!

Obviously, stomach tattoo goes on stomach area. However, the only area for debate at this point is just how you desire to spread the design or even the angle that you wish to incorporate on the piece.

Nevertheless, there’re a few tattoo designs which are not large enough for covering whole area. At this point, a problem arises about where, especially, you desire to put this tattoo on the stomach.

Will it be at the center? On the other hand, would this look excellent on just one side? Additionally, would this be amazing to get it on the both sides? Here, the answer to this question is based on the particular design you’ve chosen.

As an example, if you want to get the feather tattoos, after that it will look superb on both sides of stomach.

As feather tattoos usually are small in design, it will not look excellent if you simply stretch it for filling the whole stomach area. Well, if you accomplish that, then the tattoo can look less gorgeous.

Best 45 Stomach Tattoo Ideas!

  1. Queen Wolf Is Surviving Among Roses Tattoo:

Trying to clarify this tattoo can be more complicated than it is right now. The primary notion is to pick something that is smart for you; and something which you like devoid of thinking about the other people’s preferences or opinion. Treat the body like the blank canvas as well as paint it using that kind of ink which suits you most!

  1. The Image Jesus Christ Tattoo:

A woman or a man’s stomach area could be put to use for the religious tattoos also.

  1. An Amazing Landscape On The Stomach Tattoo:

You have to admit that it is thorough and skillful art that is, in fact, difficult to notice on skin.

  1. Flowers And Fierce Animals:

The following chick is certainly both feminine and fierce as she has picked motifs which fit in both categories.

  1. Candy Skull And Peacock Feathers:

A truly skilled tattoo artist will be able to ink the peacock feathers which look as gorgeous as they are in actual life.

  1. Cherry Blossoms And Large Koi Fish:

From the following picture, we realize that she loves Japanese culture as she has chosen Japanese symbols just as lower and side stomach tattoos.

  1. A Bird And Difficult To Read Text Tattoo:

When picking a font, you will have to consider others too. Will you like everybody to inquire you just what it claims, or even read any message without having problems?

  1. Prettifying Tattoo Boosts Great Abs:

The following tattoo is sketched in dotwork technique. It’s not merely prettifying but additionally enhances the curves.

  1. Halter, Dead And Bat:

Moreover, if you are a lover of dark color, then you might take these tattoos intended for man as a perfect example. Here he has put together various negative styles for the frontal piece.

  1. Message Reads: The Tyrants Tremble Tattoo:

Your chosen tattoo design might be all that’s against your own beliefs; it is something which made you experience something like resentfulness. The following tattoo is relating revolutionary war along with an attack on the tyrants.

11. Awesome Colorful Peacock Tattoo Design:

Peacock is just one among the most gorgeous birds which look fantastic whenever it spreads the feathers.

  1. Tiger Neo-Traditional Tattoo:

The particular shapes used to sketch this tiger’s figure are common to neo-classic tattooing design.

  1. Flowers And Large Owl Contour:

Mythological creature owl is the symbol for wisdom, feminine, mystery, magic and also ancient knowledge. The Owls are able to see in dark and also are awake during the night and they sleep during daytime.

  1. The Wise Three Skulls Tattoo:

The following chick has substituted the popular 3 Wise Monkeys along with 3 skulls which copy the actions.

  1. Mandala Which Surrounds Belly Button Tattoo:

The “belly-button” is like central part of stomachs, thus why not pick to make this part of the stomach tattoo?

  1. A Huge Crown Tattoo On Lower Stomach:

An incredibly typical symbol in tattooing world and in any other case, here crown represents glory, honor, triumph, victory, legitimacy, power as well as resurrection, righteousness, and immortality.

  1. Best Predator On The Stomach Of A Man:

Any man hopes to feel strong and empowered. This type of design can certainly contribute to the manly image.

  1. Side Tattoo Carried On Stomach Tattoo:

Among the designs of side stomach tat available, this one is in adorning category.

  1. Mandalas And Related Decorations Tattoo:

Eternity and perfection, balance and wholeness are within meanings of the mandala. A ritual and spiritual symbol in Buddhism and Hinduism, mandala talk about our universe in such a way that is far from exactly what science realizes about it.

  1. Sculpted Body Decorated With Plants Tattoo:

If you’ve sculpted body as well as you just desire to accentuate the features, after that, you can pick a tattoo like the one over.

  1. Ex- Goddess Of The War Tattoo:

Medusa is one among all monsters who also are in fact portrayed as part gorgeous. Part of Gorgons, she had been cursed just by Athena for having snakes rather than hair, and also, absolutely, to repel anybody who used to look at her. Well, not just repel, yet in fact turn to a stone.

  1. Jewelry And Flowers In A Single Place Tattoo:

Situated on thigh and side of a girl, this tattoo incredibly combines jewelry and flowers in one.

  1. Chain Of The Blooming Peonies Tattoo:

With large peony at the center, the following flowers chain goes from big to small just from middle to sides.

  1. Elephant On The Side Of A Woman:

As you possibly noticed, lower and side stomach tattoos might be fairly spiritual too. In this picture, there’s Shiva, third god who is most powerful in Hindu triumvirate.

  1. Leaf, Bird And Belly Button Tattoo:

A colorful design, this specific one shows leaf from that birds begin flying and also going towards belly button.

  1. Decorative Leaves And Flower Design For The Belly Tattoo:

However, not all the girls are interested in a specific variety of flower. Quite a few of you may want something abstract and nice inked on lower or side stomach. This particular design is exclusive and possibly drawn for fitting lower stomach.

  1. A Lower Stomach Mandala Tattoo:

Mandalas are increasingly popular designs now. You can customize your mandala or even choose one that in the meantime means something specific. The main point to the mandalas can be that no matter how beautiful they are, additionally they represent something. Well, they are not merely repetitive lines along with the delicate ornaments.

  1. White And Black Leaves And Peonies Tattoo:

Until now we have seen roses and narcissus, thus it was the time to change up it slightly with a few peonies.

  1. Hope And Love On Guns Tattoo:

However, this is an excellent example of exactly how you could blend symbols of the violence with the positive message of hope and love. Placed on lower abs of this man, the guns appear very detailed and real.

  1. Paddling Towards The Salvation Tattoo:

The Big Ben or Clock Tower is name of building through this particular tattoo design. Well, it would seem that somebody is paddling on the way to it, but its real meaning is unknown. What is in your mind? As for top quality of ink, that is why it is important to pick quality “over-price”.

  1. Nicely Colored Blossoms On The Lower Abs Tattoo:

Similar to this chick discovered the flower design that she loved, and you are able to do a similar with flowers you prefer and also combine them just for lower stomach.

  1. Man Stabbing Man’s Hand Tattoo:

Interpretations of the following tattoo are absolutely meaningful. Concerning inking technique, you are checking out a genuine hand drawing approach accomplished with help of the nicely placed shading.

  1. Three Soft Roses On The Lower Abs Tattoo:

Actually, lower abdominal area is usually less perfect compared to other areas, thus nothing goes better on this than the delicate design.

  1. Big Snake Rotating On The Body Of A Lady:

The following chick must be admirer of serpent. Well, the latter represents artistic life force or fertility.

  1. A Book And Two Dead:

There’s no apparent symbolism behind the tattoo besides knowledge and death. Nevertheless, it looks cool and manly on the lower stomach of this guy, does not it?

  1. Ophiophagy Depicted On Skin Tattoo:

However, Ophiophagy represents different animals just who hunt down as well as eat snakes. Here, there’s a tiny bird who views on its possible prey. The Mayans, the Mexicans, the Buddhists, and the Christians have myths and legends about birds which eat snakes.

  1. Death’s Head “Hawk-Moth” Tattoo:

Well, Death’s-Head “Hawk-Moth” isn’t necessarily the design intended for men solely. Although it had been considered bad omen due to its strange markings, it’s frequently picked as badass design. However, this, in fact, loves honey, thus it cannot be so bad.

  1. Abstract Lotus With Other Plants Tattoo:

A large yet simple tattoo, the following one is contour of Lotus flower as well as other plants which grow beside this. Simply decorative, this features curved shapes and harmonious lining.

  1. God Of Underworld Tattoo:

This unique design represents Anubis, God of Underworld. The Egyptians worshiped numerous gods and also the dead too. Therefore, Anubis was two times as significant to them.

  1. Spring On Lower Side Of Woman:

This fairly small flower tat represents the daffodil. Well, the latter is symbol for new beginnings and rebirth since it grows throughout spring. The design is very simple and also not colored.

  1. Traditional Rose Lettering And Tattoos:

Apart from looking quite red, these conventional rose tattoos bring about optical illusion which makes this lady’s waist look thinner. The flowers usually are associated with lower stomach tat that involves lettering. Also, the actual writing is embellished, cursive and large.

  1. The Auspicious And Potent Powers Of Dragon Tattoo:

In high comparison with the above designs, this one shows a powerful dragon. The following creature is just all about good luck, strength, and power. However, the mighty animal can only help all those who else are worthy.

  1. Select The Rose Design You Enjoy Most Tattoo:

From the most basic design to most genuine ones, usually, the rose might be drawn simply in multiple colored and techniques in numerous ways, based on your tastes.

  1. Symmetrical White And Black Roses Tattoo:

Two-side rose symmetrical tattoos draw the attention just on the middle part of tummy, in such cases, it’s embellished with navel piercing. Well, the femininity of the design is lasting forever.

  1. Girly Side Tattoo Including Roses Tattoo:

Get used to seeing flowers just as lower and side stomach tats on women. The following design is normally picked for its symbolism and beauty too. New beginnings and hope and also promise are amid this flower’s importance. However, the thorns are about thoughtlessness, defense, and loss.


Definitely, the stomach tattoos designs are tattoos which you should think about if you desire to look sexier and fashionable in the opposite sexes eyes. These tattoos might certainly improve the physical appearance.

Moreover, they just make an appealing choice for the women since they look surprisingly sexy and sensuous. But one should contemplate properly before getting them etched since these tattoos might lose the grace after going through pregnancy, as physical changes like stretch marks could change the shape and looks.

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