111 Dazzling Star Tattoo Ideas With Mind-blowing Meanings And Secrets!

Star tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos in the western countries. It is a simple shape that resembles a real bright star that appears in the sky at night. Star usually can be of various shapes and sizes and can be tattooed anywhere in the body.

Not just commoners but celebrities, and people from all over the world tattoo it. It has to be one of the tattoos that people from every religion or culture or gender seem to be wearing. Because of having such a broad group of people getting this tattoo, people are trying to learn more about it.

As it has an incredible ancient belief, unusual origin, and the meaningful idea behind its definition, the tattoo is already a remarkable symbol to people. Thus, learn more about the meaning and symbolization of star tattoos, and a variety of ideas and tattoo it today!


Origin of Star Tattoo!

There is no such origin of getting the tattoo of stars. The stars have been into the lives of people for more than thousand of years as the star is also one of the heavenly bodies that have been impacting people for a long time. As actors appear only in the dark, it has its importance of adding value when it is required.

It can be seen from the ancient time that people have been getting the tattoo of stars. Men and women believed in stars and have been thinking ever since. Even the carvings in the stones of men and women have the stars’ tattoos, which proves how long they have been into existence. With the beginning of inking, star tattoos have been originated.

The ancient pirates, star navigators, explorers have been tattooing the stars more than any other people. People have been tracing the stars and have been studying their movements. Stars have made people more curious, and they have been tattooing the stars with the significant meaning behind.

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Ancient Meaning of Star Tattoo!

Stars have been the source of sparkly lights that appear in the night, making the sky beautiful! The presence of stars makes us realize that we are guided despite the complete darkness. The only thing that makes a night worthwhile is the presence of stars. Thus, stars represent the heavenly bodies that are supposed to guide us in the dark.

Also, they appear so beautifully that the complete darkness fades away. Thus, stars represent the beauty that is present in everything! Even in dark, and isolation.

Stars also represent hope. It reminds us that after this darkness comes, a beautiful sun that will bring a new day teaches us to gather confidence.Another meaning of the star tattoo is ambition. Stars are always sparkling, and are millions of miles away, guiding us towards our goal. Stars teach us to stick to our goals, no matter how hard it might be.

As stars are bright, they also somehow resemble success. If you have achieved some goal already, a star will resemble that success of yours. It can also represent something relating to your success at some point in life.

Sometimes, stars also represent the birth of a child. As children are called the gift from the gods, they also represent stars. A star can also represent the death of a person because people believe that the end of a person will add another star.

Star Tattoo Ideas!

There are plenty of ideas of getting a type of star tattoo on yourself. It depends on what kind of personality you have. The simple little stars or the stars with varieties of symbolization are the categories. We will find the types of ideas in the list and elaboration below:

Star forming a compass:

A compass is a device that points direction facing north. The star indicates the directions with its edges. Explorers or travelers use this type of star tattoo. Even the pirates in ancient history had this type of tattoos on them. These days people who like to travel to new places get this tattooed.

With such a directional tattoo, the appearance also looks impressive along with a pinch of meaning behind it. Even the pilots or astronauts seem to wear this tattoo.

Shooting Star:

The shooting star represents some beautiful memories associated with the life of a bearer. Just like a shooting star, it didn’t last long but will be impacting life forever. A shooting star also resembles the journey that began shortly and ended happily. They also are meaningful for the dreamers who have specific dreams that will be fulfilled with a shooting star and high hopes.

Multiple Stars:

Multiple stars represent the achievements made in life. Each star describes the moment of life that has some impact on your life. Thus, with numerous stars, there can be a representation of a series of well-achieved goals in life. Sometimes, they can also be used to represent the lives, the lives of those who you value the most. The series of multiple stars can mean anything literally. It depends on how you like to design and express the meaning of it.

Stars in increasing order:

When there are stars in increasing order, it shows the journey that was rising! For example, if a student has gradually improved grades from poor to excellent, the number of stars in increasing order can represent the success of growing categories progressively. Moreover, for a sportsman, it can be the same thing with the growing popularity and gaining fame from zero to maximum.

Star Tattoo on Different Body Parts!

The meaning of a star tattoo doesn’t vary by putting it in different body parts. It can only be because of the size, or the desire to get it specifically in some body part. Here we have some star tattoo ideas for various body parts.


When you wish to get a star tattoo in your shoulder, you can get a medium or large size of stars in it. Even the multiple small stars or massive one star will have the best appearance in the shoulders. Either the shoulder blades or somewhere around it, the star tattoo will look pretty cool.


The belly is a perfect place to get your star tattoo inked, whether you are a man or a woman. Especially for the people with ideal body shapes, doing yoga or hitting the gym, or some fitness experts will have the best of the star tattoos when inked in the belly.


The arm is the most common body part when it comes to inking anything. When you wish to ink star in your arm, make sure it is a medium-sized one or a small-sized one. Because, with huge tattoos in arms, it looks horrible sometimes. When you plan to ink a series of stars, you can choose the arms for that. Trust me, and it looks fab in arms! Moreover, the set of stars with increasing order will also look fantastic in arms.


Star tattoos go well even in the chest. When you wish to get a star tattoo in your chest, try to get a symmetric star on both sides of your chest. It will represent something similar to a winning badge in Scouts or Army. But the results are amazing. One can get it inked with colors or naturally colorless.


People rarely ink their palms. Palms have certain lines that are believed to be the guidelines for the future. When one gets the star tattoo inked in the palms, it will trace the paths and perfectly guide the future. Stars in palms have greater meaning and represent the beauty of astronomy through the lines in the palms with the help of stars.


When you get the tattoo of a star in the neck, you are representing your boldness. People who are strong enough, are daredevil will only get the star tattoo in their neck. Thus, this is a symbol of bravery, strength, boldness, and power. Because the neck is a sensitive body part, and it is painful to get the inks in the neck.


Because the size of the stars can be tiny too, the feet will also go well if you plan to tattoo stars there. With them in your feet, you will feel you have conquered plenty of things already. Getting a star tattooing in the feet means you have captured something huge, and that was a challenging task for you, but you made it!


Back has to be the whole body part if you are planning to get a lot of tattoos or a massive tattoo. Because again, being the hugest place can have plenty of tattoos in it. If you are planning to get the tattoo of stars in your back, there is no meaning if you get a tiny one. The situation can be different if you plan to have plenty of stars in your back with a small size instead.


Legs are also one of the famous spots in the body for getting the tattoo of stars. You can get the symmetric star tattoos in both your legs if you wish to. With the star tattoos in your legs, you represent the same symbols and meaning behind!

Sizes of Star Tattoo:

We can classify the star tattoos based on the sizes of their appearance. As they are flexible enough to be as tiny as possible to the hugest, one can get various sizes on depending where exactly they wish to have the tattoo printed. If you want to get the most massive stars in your ankle or fingers, that doesn’t sound possible. So one has to keep these things in mind.


Talking about the substantial star tattoos, there has to be the filling inside of the stars. With colossal size, the inside also has to be inked. The best spots for the substantial star tattoos are back, chest, belly, thighs, arms, and shoulders. One can mix star tattoo with other tattoos to make it even bigger or fuller. Try it!


A medium star tattoo looks impressive anywhere in the body. Medium is the perfect size of the tattoo. With this size, the star tattoo looks admirable. The body parts like arms, wrists, ankles, joints, neck, feet, etc. look fantastic, with medium-sized star tattoos.


Small star looks pretty anywhere in the body. With a small star tattoo, you will receive a lot of compliments and attention. It goes perfectly anywhere. The body parts like fingers, below the ear, in between fingers, wrist, etc. will be perfect for the small star tattoos. With a small star tattoo, you can also hide it and make people curious about your tattoo placement.

Types of Star Tattoo | Basis of Colors

The tattoos can be either colorful or black outlines. The colorful ones are different when the same tattoo is made with simple black lines. Find out more!

Colorful Star Tattoo:

When you add color to your star, it means you express the brightness and the beauty of the aliveness. Also, with adding glow in the star, you are expressing victory, joy, the way how you have moved on from some accident or precious loss. Similarly, a simple, colorful star represents beauty, and it enhances the appearance of the tattoo.

Colorless | Black outlined:

When you have a black outlined tattoo of a star, it means you do not need to express anything with colors. Even a tattoo looks terrific with simple black lines. It shows you have gained maturity and are not seeking any attention. It also represents how you have learned to make correct choices in life from something that had bothered you once.

Image Gallery | Different Star Tattoo Ideas!

Here you will find the random star tattoo images. These images vary from sizes, shapes, designs, color, emotions, gender, religion, and everything that one can category into. These tattoos are located at various body parts, expressing the beauty of getting it in any body part. Go through every image and select the best one for you.

This star tattoo with wings depicts the freedom one has received from something. So many people have tattooed it for a long time. With wings, it resembles freedom, or the desire to fly high. Adding a star in between the wings can mean every good thing or vibes relating to life.

Many stars can resemble multiple goals, goals to achieve, goals that you have achieved already, people you value in life, people you valued who no more are with you, or anything that you think are important in your life.

Stars have been used in compasses that give direction from ancient times. Either be a compass or a stopwatch, the beauty of star makes it more admirable. With star symbol inside, the meaning gets multiplied.


Sometimes you can add lines or swirls in your star tattoo to make it look cool and pretty. This will also be more amazing if you add some meaningful symbols or objects along with the star tattoos.

You can resemble the family members and the people you admire with the number of stars you ink. This is also one of the popular way to express your love towards the people you love and a way to tribute them.

You can add any kind of text in the tattoo of star. Either you can fill the star with texts or get a text near your star tattoo. This will elaborate the meaning of your star tattoo. Get some suitable or meaningful text that represent the star tattoo you have.

Meaningless Star Tattoo!

A simple star can be inked even if you think you do not have any significance on inking it. Because, the entire time, you are not supposed to ink something with meaning. But you are supposed to ink something that will also make you appear unusual.

It would be best if you did not always focus on inking something with a specific meaning. Though stars represent a lot of sense and you can still use it for something of your own, be sure that it should not be about purpose every time. Sometimes it can only be to make an excellent appearance to the body.

It is the entire content about the star tattoos that will guide you about its origin, ancient meaning, popularity, and provide you correct ideas on what will suit you the best with.

If you made it till here, you probably have found a perfect idea of a star tattoo that will make you look fabulous and as well as feel amazing too. With the article, you might have been guided well and learned about the best that will be for you as it has a lot of varieties of sizes, shapes, colors, types, etc. of stars that can be tattooed at various body parts like arms, legs, wrists, chest, back, shoulder blades, neck, and so on.

If you picked one for you, or modified something else with one from here, feel free to share it with us!
Happy star tattooing!

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