You Will Love These 70 Star Tattoos When You See Them!

Star tattoos could be unique and nice delegate of the inner conviction and personality. Star tattoo styles look awesome and they’re an excellent preference for the initial ink piece due to the fact that star is usually small in its design and also does not have to be awfully complex. These designs appear attractive and typically they represent a complete change in your life.

Usually, star is amongst the oldest traditional cryptograms and also it’s been a crucial image in several religions and cultures. When human being knew nothing concerning them, nevertheless they were quite lovable by the human. In ancient times, human being stared at sky and tried to explain the superlative view through religion and myths.

They’re universal cryptograms, and they are not attached with an exact culture or religion, and really can mean lots of the unique things just to lots of unique individuals.

Females and Male have individual star tattoos styles prearranged for all of them. The Females love shooting stars as they look quite feminine, while guys love nautical stars as they appear manly. The Star tattoos might be drawn just as solitary star, single star, or even as assemblage of the small stars, nautical, celestial designs. Here’s a short video for you! Here’s an amazing post for you “125 Cute Haircuts For Thin Hair That Can Make You Look Awesome!

Different Choices Of The Star Tattoos!

While working on the sketch do not overlook putting some unique and ideas and interesting details into it. Well, you can get a variety of them listed below:

  • Solo Star Tattoo:

Minimalism is rather popular now. Get the solo star just on wrist without including anything: this looks actually sophisticated.

  • Star Along With Something Into It Tattoo:.

Different components putting into shape of the star could look very gorgeous and unusual.

  • Star As Detail Tattoo:

Add a few stars to the sleeve and also you’ll notice how awesome this looks.

  • Cosmic Stars Tattoo:

This tattoo might be decorated with the cosmic sky as well as elements of galaxy. The perfect style of the tattoo here’s realism.

Take a look at some pictures from Internet of star tattoos merely on human body to find your inspiration. Keep in mind that there’s nothing cooler compared to your own notion!

  • Multiple Stars Tattoo:

Get 3 to 5 or more stars rather than only one. Put together different colors and sizes making your way of the star tattoo.

Placement Guide On Star Tattoos!

Of course, it’s all your choice where to put your tats on the body. However, it’s not the circumstance always. Sometimes, it’s best to consider tattoo placement prior to starting the process of tattooing. Similar to star “art” tattoo, it’s quite important that here you know best placements to get such tattoo. Regarding this, here are a few of common placements:

  • Star Artwork On Back Tattoo:

If you don’t want the tattoo to be extremely obvious, after that you can ponder over it being put on the back. Whenever you desire it to appear by other people all around you, then you can only cover it along with the shirt.

  • Star Artwork On Hips Tattoo:

One more good location which you can think about is your hips. It is the most popular tattoo placement range of many females tattoo lovers worldwide. Guess, what’s the primary reason for it? Well, it’s definitely because this kind of placement can highlight beauty of the hips, creating it to become one of the body assets.

  • Star Artwork On Chest Tattoo:

Many tattoo lovers additionally consider placing tattoo on the chest. It’s because they want to show just how much these people love the tattoo, that’s why they place this near to the hearts. Nevertheless, this location cannot be more obvious like their arms. Well, the tattoo can only be obvious when you’re topless.

  • Star Artwork On Arms Tattoo:

The arms are considered to be perfect spots for this particular art.

You will find some other parts of body where the star arts appears very good like foot and hand, neck, rib, forearm, breast and thighs.

70 Mind-Blowing Star Tattoos For You!

  1. Names And Skulls With Nautical Stars:

The “nautical-star” tattoo is placed on chest with names and skulls.

  1. Outline Star With Colored Background Tattoo:

The “outlined-star” tattoo along with watercolor background tattoo.

  1. Thread With 3D Star Red Tattoo:

A “3D-star” tattoo which looks like this is stitched on skin.

  1. Lightning With Star Tattoo:

An exclusive star tattoo which looks like struck by the lightning.

  1. Blue And Red Nautical Stars Tattoo:

Blue and Red “3D-nautical” star tattoos just on the backside of arms. Blue and Red are totally eye-catching.

  1. Tiny Colorful Stars On The Ring Finger:

An additional tiny star tattoo, however, this time it’s combined with the colored smaller star tattoos.

  1. Nautical Blue Star:

A black and blue “nautical-star” tattoo along with the stardust which looks like it is shimmering and shining.

  1. Star On Arms Tattoo:

It is the “masculine-star” tattoo intended for men that come with combination of star and chain.

  1. Star Tattoo With Wings On Shoulder:

A vibrant colored star just on shoulder with the theme of ancient Egypt. Bright colors usually are soothing for checking out.

  1. Pentagram Star On Arms Tattoo:

A huge pentagram star along with more pointy and curved edge.

11. Tiny Star On Ankle Tattoo:

A big and small star tattoo just on foot. The small tattoos also are unique since they aren’t that obvious to our eye. All these are popular among women who desire a simple yet unique tattoo.

  1. Little Stars On The Ring Finger:

The small stars tinted with black drawn merely on ring finger.

  1. Stars And Moon With Pentagram Star On Shoulder Tattoo:

It’s a unique tattoo intended for women. Pentagram star had been enclosed with tribal symbol.

  1. North Star:

A “north-star” tattoo was the symbolic sign with respect to the Christians. This was applied as the sign of place pointing to birthplace of Christ.

  1. Nautical Star On Arms Tattoo:

A black and red “nautical-star” tattoo. The colorful tattoos always are attractive. Ensure that tattoo ink that’s used has top quality so the shade will not fade fast.

  1. Shooting Star On Neck Tattoo:

Shapes and Sizes also rely on the preferred design. However, neck of all women is the most usual placement of the star tattoos.

  1. Nautical Star On Rope Tattoo:

A “nautical-star” dangling on rope that gives a lot meaning to the sailors.

  1. Geometric Star:

A superbly drawn “geometric-star” tattoo on back.

  1. 3D Star On Arms Tattoo:

“3D-star” tattoos on man’s arms along with various words like friendship, insanity, love, and life.

  1. Musical Symbols With Star Tattoo:

Commonly, stars tattoos appear exclusive if you unite it with the musical symbols. All these tattoos are for the music lovers.

  1. Solid Star On Wrist Tattoo:

Solid stars tattoo on wrist look awesome.

  1. Butterflies And Flowers With Star Tattoo:

One more unique style of the star tattoos and it’s the combination of butterflies and flowers.

  1. Several Shaded Star Tattoo Designs:

An exceptional star tattoo. Here a single star is tinted like leopard, and another one is like a zebra, yet another one as Milky Way as well as others are the nautical stars.

  1. Colorful Star Tattoo Designs:

Attractive combination of several colored stars just on stomach.

  1. Prints With Star Tattoo:

You also can add prints or quotes to the star tattoo.

  1. Red Tinted Star And Solid Stars Tattoos:

Shaded stars tattoos usually are popular tattoos intended for women.

  1. Confetti Outlined Star Tats At Side:

The “Outlined-star” tattoos also are an excellent idea. It’s simple but captivating.

  1. Falling Star Tats For Ladies:

Moreover, “Falling-star” tattoos are frequently inked on side of the body of females. Side tattoos also are common for females. It is either the combination of small and big stars or simply big stars.

  1. Triple Star Tats For Males:

“Triple-star” tattoos are common designs for men. The following star tat is shaded in dark red.

  1. Solid Star Tattoo Designs:

The “solid-star” tattoo intended for men. Here a galaxy had been drawn inside star.

  1. Hearts With Star Tattoos:

Stars tattoos coupled with the heart tattoos usually are excellent ideas too.

  1. Symbolized Star Tats:

The star tattoo along with some other symbols.

  1. Sayings With Triple Star Tats:

Star tattoos also are unique if anyone combines it with quotes.

  1. Shooting Star On The Stomach Tattoo:

Curves put together with stars which show flowing characteristic.

  1. Rope And Anchor With Star Tattoos:

An HD “nautical-star” tattoo with rope and anchor. Nautical stars had been used by the sailors to get directions that are why this has a link to maritime functionality.

  1. Shooting Star On Shoulder Tattoos:

Star tattoos really are attractive to eye.

  1. Name Surrounded By Stars Tattoo:

You also can customize the star tattoos simply by putting names and also choose your most wanted font.

  1. Names With Large Nautical Star:

An additional star blended with names. “Nautical-stars” are common tattoo intended for women and men. “Nautical-stars” are put to use by the sailors only for direction.

  1. Names With Pentagram Star:

A “pentagram-star” is frequently considered to be the symbol of balance and protection. In such a tattoo, its bearer added details.

  1. Shaded Star:

Stars furthermore represent a complete change in a person’s life whether it’s a short time relationship or special event.

  1. Gun Design Star Tats:

The Stars tattoos likewise present a shining and bright point in a person’s life.

  1. Tribal Star Tattoo Designs:

Stars as well signify achievements of higher objectives in life.

  1. Wrist Star Tattoo Designs:

Star tattoos moreover represent fun and joy. It adds more beauty to the body.

  1. Star On Face Tattoos:

Tattoos usually are placed everywhere in our body. In this picture, here the woman went beyond exactly what is common as a well as tattooed star just on the face and also it looks cute.

  1. Colored Rainbow Star On Neck Tattoos:

Star tattoos can be a version or models of real stars that we observe every night.

  1. Arms Star Tats Design For Males:

Men commonly prefer black colored big stars for making it look a lot manlier.

  1. Colored Rainbow Stars Tats:

Ladies are definitely fun-spirited. There is no surprise that here her tattoos include different colors which mean fun!

  1. Nautical Star On Ankle Tattoos:

The “Nautical-stars” are actually symbolic stars related to sea services.

  1. Nautical Stars On Chest Tattoos:

Star tattoos intended for men usually are large, with the solid colors which normally include sharp edges.

  1. Stars On Back Tattoos:

“Falling-stars” are typical for women as well as its size are quite small.

  1. Stars On Palm Tattoos:

A palm tattoo is unique due to the fact that everyone doesn’t get tattoos on palm.

  1. Star Confetti On Stomach Tattoo:

A creative star tattoo intended for women. This tattoo is very relaxed and free-flowing because of the curves.

  1. Mandala Star:

Star tattoos intended for men appear more solid though simple but it looks neat and clean.

  1. Names With Nautical Star:

An easy preference and location of the star tattoos intended for men are simply on the arms. Well, the name that’s found on the tattoo is Ethan.

  1. Blue Stars On Back Tattoo:

The symbol of star additionally gives us insight of divine aspects and spiritual beliefs.

  1. Star On Wrist Tattoo:

You can often select your own star tattoo style and also put further styles for making it attractive.

  1. Blue Bright Stars Tattoo:

Star tattoos at the same time mean manifesting of wishes, success, and sign of a good luck.

  1. Red Star Tattoo:

Feet are popular placement of the tattoo intended for women.

  1. Purple Star Tattoo Design:

You can have star tattoo basically on different styles, variations, and designs.

  1. A Large Star On Middle Extended With Little Stars Tattoo:

Star tattoos are done in many different colors according to your personality and your preference.

  1. Pink Star On Foot Tattoo:

You can have star tattoos in all part of body. Similar to this one, that is on the feet.

  1. Heartshaped Star Tattoo Designs:

Stars also are an indication of childbirth. Here in the following tattoo, half of heart is sketched and also followed shape of the stars. For the Christians, star is likewise an indication of love recollecting the shining and bright star which shone upon Christ, son of Almighty God who actually sacrificed for saving the people just from all sins.

  1. Pink And Blue Little Stars Tattoo Design:

Stars also are used as the home decorations particularly during Christmas Season, recalling the birthday of Jesus. Here in the photo above, multi-colored stars are just tattooed on the woman’s foot.

  1. Stardust And Colorful Stars:

Star tattoos equally represent protection, goals, and hope.

  1. Pink And Purple Stars Tattoo:

Star tattoos are available in different shapes and sizes from large, medium to small and are “unisex-form” of tattoo.

  1. Green And Red Star Tattoo Design:

We have recognized stars for guiding travelers at nighttime. An example was while the 3 kings followed quite a bright star for knowing location of Messiah.

  1. Dragons With Large Star Tattoo:

Star as the luminous component, as shiny as it’s, and is considered to be protection for fighting against darkness. The Stars, as well as the moon, assists illuminate the whole world each night.

  1. Combination Of White And Black Star Tattoo Design:

Stars are the images which imply deep meaning also in ancient times and still today. It’s believed as symbol of protection and guidance.

  1. Stars Tinted In Black At Back Of Ears Tattoo:

As we check out shape of star then we find or even it has 5 edges, all of them represent 4 elements which consist of air, earth, fire, and water. The final point is that this union of the components signifying balance of the nature.

  1. Big And Small Stars Combination Tattoo:

5-pointed star or the Pentagram is constantly one among well-known options for the star tattoos. In the period of Celts, the people who all occupied British Galatia and Isles about 400 BC, they actually have a strong in this image as symbolized by their storytellers and magicians.


We are accomplished with 70 exceptional star tattoos ideas and designs. We hope that this article has enabled you to acquire enough ideas simply on star tattoo. Also, we hope that you are inspired by all these stars just as these represent a lot of different things. Most of us look at the sky during the night; basically, we look at stars and also wonder just what life is onward for us. We also hope that whatever journey you undertake, always make sure to search for and keep in mind that the stars are always there for lighting your path.



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