33 Exclusive Spine Tattoos To Expose Your Back!


Having tattoos nowadays has become the new trend for both women and men. Well, spine tattoos are liked much today. In reality, tattoos have grown to be the part of contemporary fashion statement now along with conveying secret messages. Both women and men have truly become very precise in terms of choosing the ideal part body to have the tattoo.

In contrast to the past, today society is widely open to individuals who get the tattoos and never consider them something out of this world. Additionally, this is maybe one among reasons why individuals with tattoos aren’t afraid to display it anymore. However, the best body part for getting tattoos for both men and women are on forearms, neck, shoulder blades, and wrist or nowadays the spine.

Well, spine is the most beautiful and fragile parts of human body as well as what is better than getting a classy but subtle spine tattoo at the middle part of your back. Today people especially females prefer to flaunt the sexy back plus elegant curves just by putting on backless dresses compared to the front- “the cleavage”. While some like to get the spine tattoos for covering up imperfections of ugly scars and spinal column.

Getting larger tattoo beginning from backside neck to waist is ideal place to have tattoos whether it is plain black or white or even colorful. Here’s a short video for you.

Do The Spine Tats Hurt?

The cause why some individuals who are unwilling in getting spine tattoo is due to fear of severe pain. There exists a better chance that the spine tattoos hurt since it’s being bony area. A few people consider getting the epidural process while having spine tattoo. Women and men who are sporting spine tattoos tend to be considered bold and brave.

If you will tolerate its pain after that you should have inked spine tattoo. It is an exceptional tattoo and also looks very attractive too.

Here the pains that you have suffered will surely be worthy. Getting a particular tattoo on your spine could be painful as it has much less fat.

The Spine tats are usually drawn on the spine. Girls can sport stylish flowers designs which are quite feminine.

Sanskrit tattoos are also the best designs which are also ideal on your spine. Some other designs consist of butterflies, quotes tattoos, tribal tattoo, Chinese or Japanese letterings and also others. Have you chosen a special tattoo design only for your spine?

Why Are The Spine Tattoos So Popular?

A sported spine can showcase magnificent muscles with totem or tribal art, an arrow, and Celtic design. Also, this placement is good for lettering, particularly Asian or Arabic languages. However, Biomechanical patterns work well, some with medieval skull or fanciful steampunk imagery.

Phases of moon are the celestial image which can work good as the spine tats for men. Usually, they symbolize “cyclical-nature” of time at the same time remind us constancy and regeneration of life.

Age-old Chinese symbols which can be applied include dragons (symbol of absolute power), yin yang symbols (shows the necessity for balance in almost all things), also the stylish symbol for long life with five good-fortunes (virtue, love, longevity, health, wealth).

Spine is additionally a key place for the messages comprising meaningful phrases or roman numerals which morph into symbolism. If soundscapes and music are essential to the tattoo bearer, he might ink a fanciful image of headphone with cord just spelling out words of any song or even a manifestation of love. If you have a little time, then take a look at this post “36 Outstanding Auburn Hair Colors To Get Tested!

Exactly What Do The Spine Tattoos Symbolize?

Nature elements and symbols (water, fire, wind, and earth) can make spine tattoo alive. Fire symbolizes purifying and transformation powers. Water is linked to cleansing power whereas air is connected with thinking, intelligence, and learning. Earth represents sustenance and prosperity. Combined, these four elements create a strong statement of crucial energy forces which sustain life.

Throughout Native American tradition, dreamcatcher is considered as a famous symbol of “protection” from all that bad spirits which appear in the dreams, and it was initially used on kids of the particular tribes. In the Native American tradition tattoo designs often included reptiles and birds that were integrated with tribal race name. Nowadays, Native American feathers, eagles, and faces are well-liked spine tattoos intended for men which evoke spiritual aspects of different tribes.

Religious symbols are full of sported spinal art. Moreover, Christian cross frequently with the Celtic design arouse strong imagery and also signifies a person’s faith. A few people insert scripture to the cross tattoo when others add picture of Christ. However, fish is one more Christian tattoo icon that can unite ICHTUS, the Greek term for fish with fish symbol; even it is seen along with an associated “bible-verse” about Christ just making his all followers the fishers of males.

Obviously, besides knowing what type of picture the bearer wants, it’s important to realize where this spine tattoo must begin and then end. Often getting started at base of neck, the larger tattoos go thoroughly along your spine to tailbone and even offer a huge canvas for tattoo artist. At times spine tattoo concentrates more on upper spine then spreads over shoulder area also. Whatever a person’s desire for a picture on the spine, it’s an excellent place to think about for the ink art!


Spine tattoos, as its name suggests it is placed basically on or down the spine. Most of the tattoos along the spine are sported from nape and then stretched all down along spine; though the origin point may differ based on its design you can pick your preferred size. Others start whether from middle back or upper back area.

Once again, it depends on the preferred tattoo size and design. Depending on size and design the amount of time and money is required. Plus, it can be lots of pain as well. Considering this, having the spine tattooed by you will really require great sum of thinking and courage.

The best thing about spine tattoos is the placement. As its name suggests, it takes up a visible place on spine, although the starting point may differ according to design selected by its bearer and also his personal choice concerning the particular size. While a few designs may start at nape of neck, extend down the backbone.

33 Best Spine Tattoos!

  1. Pointing Down Arrow Spine Tattoo:

This pointing down arrow is the symbol of peace. Women usually are pacifistic, so there is no mystery at this point!

  1. Surrealism To Point Of No-Return Spine Tattoo:

This Spine tattoo is “living proof” of the amount of tattooing evolves just like art. I am speechless!

  1. Identity Sported In The Skin:

The Native American emblems are ideal for inking since they are rather straightforward. Here this woman did not only get black ink on her skin but additionally identity.

  1. All The Way Spirituality Spine Tattoo:

Not only the marks of body, yet also the marks of soul, these spine tattoos are food for the soul not just candy for eye.

  1. Chinese Sublime Message:

You will see lots of spine tats with the Chinese emblems if you are looking at the tattoo tips from more than 10 years back. They are not as popular now, but if perhaps you like these, then you can try!

  1. Colored Compass Spine Tattoo:

Spine tattoos typically convey spiritual ideas. Though this is a picture of object, it could be interpreted just as one’s wish to find her or his way of life or even the correct path for walking on.

  1. Mighty Dragonfly Spine Tattoo:

The Spine tats are generally located on spine, not merely on one’s back; however, this spine tattoo is not much cool to notice it! That’s a dragonfly sported with enchanting colors and possibly over 20 times the size. I really like its details on the tattoo here!

  1. Jainism Or Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism Tattoo:

The language applied in the tattoo here is Sanskrit that is spoken simply in Jainism and Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism.

  1. Native American Icon:

Since I mentioned something about the cultural identity previously, here is an instance of “Native-American” symbol which works fine as “spinal-cord” tattoo.

  1. Hip Bone And Vertebrae Tattoo:

Following the similar principle, yet adding part of hip bone too, this girl got herself one spine tattoo which will have effect on anybody who sees this!

11. Worldly Inspiration And Sparrows Tattoo:

Sparrows are usually connected with hope, thus the message here placed along the lady’s “spinal-cord” is definitely motivational and maybe inspirational as well!

  1. Pick Your Language Tattoo:

If you’re fascinated by any specific language or even you have origins in some other cultures, then you may convey your fascination or identity by utilizing it. The girl here did and even got a wonderful ink job!

  1. From Small To Big 9 Hearts Spine Tattoo:

These 9 hearts black create an extremely interesting visual impact. These are thinning this girl’s body in such a way which exclusively art can do. You might trick your eye with this kind of size variations. Well, I think it is an awesome idea!

  1. 7 Varieties Of Butterflies Spine Tattoo:

Talking about animal spine tats, at this point are 7 unique types of tattooed butterflies one on top the other on this woman’s spinal cord.

  1. In Progress Tribal Design:

As you can notice, the position that you must have while getting sported on the backside is rather comfortable. The tattoo here is just in progress, yet I guess it can turn out okay!

  1. The Splendid Giraffe Tattoo:

It goes with no saying that the man here is surely animal lover. Well, he had an excellent idea to have the giraffe tattooed just on his backside because it suits flawlessly on spinal cord. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of spine tattoos which depict animals.

  1. Blue Dots Different Sized Tattoo:

The tattoos that this man opted are too incognito to determine them. Considering their shades, they may be relevant to the arm tattoo.

  1. Dream Catcher Tattoo:

Dream catchers tend to be very well-known tattoos. They will be sported almost anywhere on body. Here, the woman considered her back.

  1. A Symbol And Lotus Flower:

Located at starting of her “spinal-cord”, the tattoo here is about Lotus flower as well as the yang, yin symbol. She ought to be conscious of duality of life and one’s capability to lift from mud.

  1. Quite Black Flowers Tattoo:

White and black tattoos are much less painful compared to colored tattoos. It is since the shaded ink is a lot denser. Thus, maybe that is why the girl here decided to have black flowers sported on spine rather than colored ones.

  1. Moon Phases Black Outlined Tattoo:

As opposed the spine tats seen before were sported in white at the same time represented moon phases, the tattoo here is clearly manly. Still, the circle’s size is larger to show masculinity.

  1. Mountains In Distance Tattoo:

It is not really amid spine tattoos since it’s not positioned on spine, yet very near to it, the tattoo here shows mountains in distance. Well, they are sketched in a sketchy, simple manner.

  1. The Continuous Line Tattoo:

The continuous line does not need to be vertical. It will form 3 fairly infinity signs which appear sensuous on middle of spinal cord. It is the tattoo that is very simple to have inked.

  1. Multiple Vertebrae Outline Tattoo:

People have continually been attracted by what’s under their own skin and also what keeps the bodies functioning every day. For this reason, many of us like tattooing as an approach to uncover what is beneath. Well, you must admit it that she looks awesome!

  1. A Flower And Pretty Seahorse Tattoo:

The Spine tattoos tend to be sometimes basic, similar to this one, as well as complex like that previous one. Well, we have an attractive seahorse composed of some air bubbles and a flower and geometrical shapes sported on this female, which indicates naivety.

  1. Unrealistic “Spinal Cord” Tattoo:

Human spine does not look like this one that you see sported on the girl’s back. Nevertheless, this model is interesting as well. It has a lot of vertebrae at the same time it includes red endings which suggest bleeding.

  1. Spiritual Icons As The Spine Tats:

The spine tattoos need money and time to get, yet if you do not want that tattoo which starts from the top and then ends in the bottom, after that you can choose various symbols which are linked to each other, however, they are not part of similar tattoo.

  1. Wisdom In Between Shoulder Blades Tattoo:

The spine tattoos are not always simple to read. Well, the above example is very small for anybody to comprehend from a long distance, yet it provides this woman the inexplicable degree of secret. Small tattoos positioned on spine cannot provoke much pain.

  1. Graphical Maze Braided Tattoo:

Playing with dimensions, shapes, and lines is a pleasure for eye. The spine tattoos which look repetitive is not appreciated, but the design here is something different! It’s not only attractive; it tends to make you speculate where it goes and even how much this spreads. It includes a bit unfinished look.

  1. The Moon Phases Tattoo:

I always imagined that the blonde women appear excellent in white as well as I assume that can be applied to the spine tattoos also! The blonde beauty here chose white ink tats representing the moon phases. I appreciate her courage, particularly since the white sport tattoos are not very simple to look after.

  1. Tribal From Neck Down Tattoo:

The spine tattoos usually begin from nape of neck and then finish somewhere on lower back. The tribal design here spreads across her spine still some inches on sides too.

  1. Black Peacock Spine Tattoo:

Considering how beautifully colored this peacock is, I cannot figure out exactly why this individual chose to get it inked both in white and black. The final result isn’t bad at all, thus this may be an individual preference. I love how this widens her backside and also thins the waist.

  1. Graphic Tattoo Down The Spine Tattoo:

The graphic design comprising a pointing down arrow, this one here basically divides the woman’s back. This variety of symbols may be generally relevant, but the positioning and the sizing are customized. However, both gray and black inks were put together to attain such polished effect.


You will find a lot of designs of spine tattoos. However, we have provided the best and ever preferred spine tattoos for you. You can consider one among these tattoos for best outcomes. If you like this article, then make sure to share with your friends on social media.




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