99 Spine Tattoo Ideas That Match Your Personality!

Are you looking for some Spine Tattoo Ideas?

Spine tattoos are one of the latest trend in the world of inking. Spine has to be the perfect spot in your body for long tattoos. It cannot be any ordinary tattoo if you are targeting spine. If you are looking for the best spine tattoos ideas in the Internet, you have ended up at the right page. We have the best ones filtered out and collected here. Stay tuned.


History of Spine Tattoos!

Spine tattoos are larger, more attractive, seeks a lot of attention, and creates a greater impact. When it come to finding out when it actually started inking on the back and specially on the spine, we will discover a lot of greagt things that will spellbound us. For example, the reason behind the first ink, why spine is considered best spot for inking, who actually started it, who came up with the idea, and so on.

With the origin of tattoos, spine was targeted as one of the most desirable tattoo spots. Going back to the ancient times, or turning back the pages of history, we will get the first tattoo remains in spine. It is believed even before 5000 years, men inked tattoos. On finding a frozen corpse of Otzi -who was a 30 to 40 years old man- tattoos were found. As the body survived decaying because of ice, all the tattoo lines are visible.

There were so many lines and cross signs in the spine along with some other part of the body, which is believed to be the first tattoos or the earliest tattoos discovered. Therefore, spine tattoos were famous from the ancient times. There are some religious and cultural beliefs too. Some were for Chinese acupuncture reasons while others were to decorate the body.

Cultural & Religious Beliefs behind Spine Tattoos!

The Ancient Greeks are believed to have been tattooing from the fifth century. Most of the tattoos were targeted in the spinal areas. This was because the clothes would hide it the entire time. The tattoos indicated pain and torture. It was done to please the gods and also ask forgiveness from them for the bad deeds.

Though the meaning varies from religion to religion, but the tattoos were initially all associated with the cultures. It later on only was used for decoration and self satisfaction.

The other purpose was also to name the criminals and title them with tags. This was mostly popular among countries like Japan. But besides everything, the spine tattoos are mostly inked for the religious purposes, to indicate membership of certain group, some kind of source of power, symbol of a status, expression of an art, for purpose of permanent cosmetics, and sometimes to hide some scars or surgery.

Why Spine?

Spine joins your lower neck and waist. So, it covers the longest straight area in your body. Therefore, you can have the long tattoos in your spine. By spine, it doesn’t mean the internal center of your back. It simply means the central area between the lower neck and your waist line.

People who tattoo the large images or texts in their bodies prefer spinal area. Specially when it comes to text or quotes, or some large numbers, roman numbers, etc. nothing is best besides spinal area. That’s why spine is chosen for it.

How to be creative with spine tattoos?

You do not need to be specific with the body part first of all. Once you select a proper tattoo that you wish to have in your body, then go for the spot. In case you want any tattoo just in spine, in that case it is advised  to choose the longer images or texts.

You can be creative with your own ideas. If you do not get one, just try to modify the already existing tattoos of the people who have inked their spine. Sometimes you try to give your special touch to whatever the tattoo you have just found perfect for you, and if not possible, just imitate the entire thing.

There are specific ideas as well that only goes amazing if the tattoo spot is your external spine. Here you will find so many images that have different tattoo ideas in spine area, that you will like or already searching for.

Types of Spine Tattoos!

There are so many types of tattoos when it comes to spine. It can vary somehow with interest of people but most of them would prefer the common and the ones that have been existing for long time.

Different Languages Texts!

Texts or quotes always hold and express a lot of meaning. Specially when you try to step out of your language. Something that you have been speaking or learning all your life would be so basic. Why not try some different language that will create a greater impact. You will be able to learn about it first, also make researches if possible.

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. fonts are attractive. Even Sanskrit looks fascinating, let alone other language with unique fonts. So, get any of these on your spine to look amazing.

Uncovering Muscles!

The most trending of all the spine tattoos is uncovering muscles. By uncovering muscles, it means drawing a tattoo of your internal bones or exactly spines on your back depicting what it would be without the muscles. This is a long tattoo as it covers the entire spinal area.

People also add the sides of the spines internal in the back. This is the completion of the entire back showing the absence of the muscles.

The meaning behind it is quite vast. It can be considered giving tribute to the spine that holds entire body together as the master of the bones. This can also mean depicting the strength of the spinal cord. There are also other complex meanings to this kind of tattoo. It depends on how the one likes to view it.

Mostly bodybuilders, gymnasts and the ones who spend a lot of time in gym, adding strength to their bodies seem to ink such tattoos. They are solely doing it with a purpose to tribute the spinal cord which has been holding all strength of the bones of your body.


It can be colorful as well. Adding color to match the internal of the back makes it more realistic. It can be horrifying too at some cases. Sometimes adding color to the tattoos also make it more beautiful. Also you can make it in a cartoon style. Everything goes well with uncovering the muscle and inking the internal.

Meaningful Designs Patterns & Drawings!

As we know our back has the largest area, so we can have any of the largest inks tattooed on the back. Specially when it comes to spinal tattoo designs, one can get the best decorative ideas along the spinal line to look really attractive.

Sometimes it can be various meaningful designs collected over the back. It doesn’t just have to be patterns, it can be swirls, pictures, small meaningful symbols, etc.

Sometimes it can also be the combination of drawings that hold specific meaning with your life. It doesn’t have to depict meaning on viewing, while deep inside you will know it for yourself. You can either prepare one yourself or if not, you can collect that from the spine tattoo sources and ink yourselves.

Solar System & Universe!

The Solar System consists of the planets, sun, satellites, meteorites, asteroids, etc. which are all again the part of the Universe. For spinal area tattooing, one can always tattoo the solar system. Many people have been found tattooing the planets, sun, moon, stars, etc. along their spinal length.

It also has some religious and cultural background. People have some beliefs regarding the planets and the suns. Those who believe in stars, faith, heavens, etc. are also seen tattooing these along their spinal length.

There can be certain modifications and some others can be mixed along the solar system or Universe tattoo. You can always mix things up and prepare something of your own. Why not modify the general tattoo with your finger touch?

Because Your Spine is Machine!

People also seem to tattoo some sort of bolts, nuts and slabs to cover their spinal area. This indicates how their spinal cord acts as machines in some sort. As we already know backbone carries the entire load of the body. While spinal cord is the core of the backbone, it is some sort of a machine.

This is an imaginary and fantasy way to depict the strength of the spinal cord by comparing it to the engines and finally machines. It also gives an amazing result at the end. This has to be the modern and attractive tattoo ideas for spine.

Roman Number Codes!

Among all the numbers, roman numbers are the most fascinating ones. the number becomes quite long to write in roman characters. Therefore, spine seems accurate for that. It can be your date of birth, date of birth of you child, anniversary of your marriage, etc. With roman characters, this looks simply beautiful and holds more meaning.

Some Abstract Spine Tattoo Ideas!

Sometimes you need to go abstract. You need to pick the tattoo ideas that only you have the idea about. These kinds of tattoos might have various meanings and also vary from person to person.

You can choose anything that was once the part of you. It can be the complex hills or contour to show your ups and downs. Be it anything, people will not be able to guess the meaning behind that, because it is solely you who created the meaning behind it.

Here you can find plenty of abstract spine tattoo ideas which you can also ink on yourself, but the meaning can be something different, something of your desire.

Meaningful Texts & Quotes!

The best part about spine tattoos is, it can be long. As talking about length, texts go well in the spine area. Let it begin from the lower neck or sometimes even from the upper end of the neck and let it end on the waist line.

If you wearing some sort of clothes that hides the maximum portion of your back but still allows the upper portion to be visible, it creates curiosity to people. It also creates questions, allows people to predict or self assume how the texts might end.

It doesn’t have to be just texts, it can be combination of texts along with some symbols or drawings of objects. The longer the better it will be. Therefore, add texts to your spine which holds a meaning in your life.


Arrows have been always used to depict a meaning into lives of people. It can have several meaning. If one is about to tattoo arrow in the spinal area, it should be long enough to somehow cover the area. This can originate either from the neck and end at waist or originate from the waist and end at neck.

In between, some sort of texts, numbers, symbols, etc. can be added as well. Because, mixing up of things look amazing than just a simple arrow.

There can be numerous meaning behind a simple arrow. It can be a path guider, track finder, trying to focus at some thing, bridge between two ends, etc. Choose a wise and a perfect meaning for the arrow you wish to ink on your spine.

Spine Tattoo Gallery with Amazing Prints!

Spine Tattoo with Flower Prints!

There are plenty of tattoo ideas that you can get inked on your spine, but top of all, is still the flower prints. This tattoo style never gets old. Despite being really ordinary, it goes well with everyone. There are so many ideas you can prepare with flower prints. It can be colorful or simply black.

Even the simple black outlined flowers can look intense when inked on the right area of spine. It can be giant that covers entire back, or just run along the spinal cord.


Colorful flower tattoos on spine look even better. Specially, a huge rose! Try something like this. It also acts as permanent cosmetic. You will look beautiful with this!

Spine Tattoos that are popular all over the world!

It is obvious that the tattoos vary from place to place, religion to religion, people to people. When it is seen all over the world, some are common as well. It is because of the meaning it hold or because of its popularity. Sometimes even great celebrities seem to take the trend along and thus, entire world will have the similar tattoo.

People are highly influenced by what is out there in the market. They will sometimes imitate the tats that are not meaningful to them. Though this case might be rare, but yes there are some people who do this. The news of good tattoos are quickly spread everywhere. Also, tattoo artist show their clients the most popular tattoos when they are asked for suggestions.

Therefore, even the influence made by tattoo artists decide what will be their choice. So, overall, tattooing is sometimes just for simple interest. Specially, back tattoo or spine tattoo sometimes is solely for the purpose  of cosmetic. Or, adapting with the tattoo environment lets say!



Source of Strength!

Some people believe tattoos reflect the ability to hold pain and torture. When it comes to tattooing in spine, which will be the largest one, it will reflect you have the capacity to get over any kind of torture. As inking is painful, and a lot of needling is required, spine tattoos also reflect some sort of power.

Therefore, if you want to feel powerful, get a spine tattoo today.

Uniqueness & Creativity!

Spine indicates the strength of the bones. It can be depicted in some different ways depending upon how you wish you clarify your strength. If your strength is books, why not create a pile of books along the spinal cord external?

This spine tattoo idea has to be the best till now. You can replace books with anything that you feel your strength is. Sometimes it can be bricks as well, to show your self body construction. It also can be a pile of some stuff that you configure best. Therefore be creative, and ink something that holds a great value in your life.

If you made it till the end of page, you probably liked the content. Moreover, you also could have found what you  were looking for. The article has every kind of tattoo that fits perfectly in the spine. The meaning behind them also might have been useful.

In case of not being able to decide what looks amazing or what would be something meaningful to ink on your spine, you can again go through the page and look for something that you would wish to ink from all your heart. It doesn’t always have to be from the Internet, you can have your own things inked on your spine. The first and foremost is self choice and satisfaction.

Try inking a spine tattoo today!

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