99 Marvelous Snake Bites Piercing Ideas That Stuns Your Look!

Do you want to end up with a regular piercing like piercing the earlobe or nose? Or you want to stand out with some different yet unique piercing idea? Snake bites piercing is for the second type of people. It gives you something except a boring look.

But there are very little people in this world who have snake bites piercing on them. Don’t worry, the number is gradually increasing everyday as the interest of people in this kind of piercing is increasing and within a decade it might be the most popular piercing idea.

There are certain Frequently Asked Questions about this snake bites piercing. Even if not asked, there might be certain curiosity regarding snake bites piercing in your head. So, to clear the confusion and answer your curiosity, we present the following FAQs allowing with answers. Go through all of them and feel satisfied!


Snake bites piercing is a kind of piercing that involves a pair of piercing or a double puncture at the two ends of the lower lips. It resembles the fang of a snake or resembles a snake bite, thus, the name.

This piercing is achieved by fitting two CBRs that encircle the lower lip. Even the labret studs can be worn instead of this. It depends on how you want to make the piercings look. There are plenty of jewelries to choose from. The snake bites piercing looks better with the labret studs. This gives the pure snake bites look.

snake bite piercing


There are so many piercing ideas  but snake bites piercing stands solo. It is one of the most demanded piercing among teenagers and youths. This is something every teenager boy or girl wishes to have. It not just enhances the look but gives an amazing appearance.

The thing that makes it different from other random piercing is that it comes in pair & makes you the feel of a snake. Sometimes even the piercing resembles two side piercing that takes place in tongue, eyebrows, dimples, etc. but when talking about snake bites in precision, its only the lower lip that gets piercing.

Moreover, it is something that cannot be hidden like smiley piercing or the inner ear-piercing. It becomes the center of attraction of your ace when you have it. You can flaunt it along with the tattoos if you have any and also make the other piercings look good with this special snake bites piercing.


As everything has its pros and cons, this special snake bites piercing too has some pros and cons. Before getting snake bite piercing, you would probably want to find out about their pros and cons, therefore go through them:


  • Makes you look unique
  • Provides unusual yet hot looks
  • Goes well with either boy or girl, with any age
  • No certain requirement of healthy lower lip to have them
  • Popular and trending piercing idea in the fashion industry
  • Provides mysterious look
  • Gives facial symmetry to lower lips along with enhancing the natural beauty
  • Makes your lips the center of attraction
  • Looks cooler with tattoos and other piercings
  • Reveals your hidden personality


  • Unable to hide the piercing
  • Even without the jewelry, the marks are still visible, giving permanent scars to the face
  • Longest time required for piercing in comparison to other piercings
  • Getting both piercings at once can lead to double infections, double treatment, double care


Before getting a snake bites piercing, you need to have a proper research about it. Find out everything about the snake bites piercing. Then, find out the nearest studio that does the snake bites piercing. Find out the perfect studio and not the one with amateur artist.

If you find the best studio with the well experienced hands then your problem is solved. You will not just receive the best ideas on the snake bites piercing, but you will also receive the idea on the kind of jewelry that will go well for your personality and skin.


Listen to all the advice from your piercing artist, listen to the suggestions, but at the end the choice should be yours. You might be allergic to something that you should be aware of and let the piercer know about it. If you are allergic to metals used for piercing, piercing might not be a good idea for you. But if you already have some piercings, this can work.

Visit the piercing studio and analyze. It should be clean. You can ask the clients who have been pierced before already. This will boost confidence on you and also let you analyze the work of your piercer.

The needle should be sterilized and a new one that will pierce your lower lip.

Once you have checked all of these, you are ready to actually  puncture the lower lip. You need to pick the jewelry to begin with. The studs you pick should not be too long and should not be very tight. This can create complications.

The piercings should be between certain interval for the best healing results. If you can look after two piercings at once or can bear the pain, you can get both piercings at once as well. The piercing will be of seconds. It will feel like a bite by an ant. There will be a slight burning sensation but it will not last for long. This is how you get the snake bites piercing.

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From a survey with people who recently got their snake bites piercing, it has been found that out of total 10 points the snake bites piercing hurts 5 points on average. In comparison to other piercings, it is actually lesser. But since the piercing is in pair, the hurting can be extreme if both piercings are done in a row.

The procedure is quite simple. The piercing is of seconds. If things go wrong, there can be more pain. The piercing is not the problem, but the entire package can be. Because the pain depends upon health issues, allergies, and so on.

The immediate reactions after the piercing is soreness, swollen bottom lips, and certain discomfort. If you are really prepared mentally to get the piercing instead of doing it without the mood or forcefully, believe me, the pain is very little.

Instead, you feel glad after getting the piercings. You will be happy that it has been achieved and you do not feel any kind of discomfort.

Therefore, it is your positiveness that determines the pain afterward. The worst five seconds pain is similar to all. But it depends again on how experienced hands are piercing you! If the amateur one is doing it, you might feel pain for longer time.

Moreover, getting a clamp after a piercing can be worse sometimes. There is certain pressure and discomfort in the region where clap holds the lip.

Pain is temporary, the result is forever. Therefore, set your mind to do it easily. Everything shall turn well!


Getting a snake bites piercing can cost you fortune. These are not the cheapest piercings. As they come in pair, the price is double. And the piercing jewelries will be two, so double is the cost again. But it exactly is not double, it is comparatively cheaper because it is piercing twice.

You can expect price ranging between $80 to $120 anywhere even in the nearest studio. It includes the cost of piercing twice and cost of two jewelries along.

If you want to save some bucks and go to the newest studio for cheaper rates, you might have to pay a good bucks for the infections or other problems that can encounter later on.

The price fluctuates depending upon the type of jewelry you want to have afterward. If you wish to have an 18 carat gold, then this is how you spend the maximum amount in the piercings.

So what determines the cost of piercings are the popularity of the studio, city where you are piercing, country where you are piercing, experience of the piercing artist, and the kind of jewelry you want to have.

Following are the rates depending upon the countries. They might again fluctuate depending upon the above mentioned reasons.

  • United States: The price can range from $50 to $80 that will include the cost of both the piercings as well as both jewelries
  • United Kingdom: The price can range from £35 to £80 that will include the cost of both the piercings as well as both jewelries
  • Europe: Snake bites piercing will cost around €30 to €80 depending upon the major countries which will again include the fees of both piercings and the cost of both jewelries


Before getting the piercings, you will need to do plenty of research on it. Have you done some piercings before? If yes, you should not worry much, because you already have some ideas on the pain level, type of jewelry, precautions, avoiding infections, and so on. But if this is your first piercing, you need to do a lot of research!

Researches include going through articles like this one. You need to visit the studio nearest to your home and consult with the piercing artist. This will help you to gain confidence. They will help you to enhance your ideas and will make you figure out if you are really ready for this or not.

You can consult with the friends or relatives who already have the snake bites piercing, so that they will guide you in the best way. There are certain complications that can arise after getting the piercings, but if you are all set and prepared for any kind of problems, then you are in a safer zone.

Look after the hygiene and experience of the piercer. Else you first piercing can be the horrific one. You need to cool your mind and have patience. If you do not find the best studio, or have not completed the research, and yet have any kinds of doubts, then wait. You need not do things in hurry. First complete the doubts then only make the steps.

On your appointment day, you need to let go of the fear, and calmly seat on that chair. You need to think about the happiness that you shall receive once you have gotten the piercings. Take it in that way! You can do it! Encourage yourself. Motivate yourself!



The healing time can vary from six months to twelve months in maximum. You need to forget that you have pierced your lower lip, which actually helps to make the healing faster. If you are cool with it, and take it lightly, the healing can be as soon as in two to four months time.

You should not change the jewelry to avoid the infections and reduce the healing time. Do not constantly touch the region of piercing with your fingers or wiggle the inside with your tongue. This will make your wounds fresh and will add more time for healing.

The patience is the key to quick healing. With enough patience and following the right instructions the healing becomes quicker.


The initial pain is of five seconds that will be sharp and give you certain discomfort. The pain feels like ant bite, or injection. After that there is burning sensation for few more minutes until you are back with constant pain for another some hours.

The healing time can be up to one year. In some cases it can heal within six months as well. There are certain things that you need to care once you get the piercings. You can follow following instructions to be safe from infections.

  1. Maintain the oral hygiene. Because the piercings are inside mouth, you need to be really cautious about the oral hygiene.
  2. Do not use heavy tooth-brush that can make the jewelry cut your inner skin. It is better to use a child’s tooth-brush.
  3. Rinse your mouth every time you eat or drink something so that nothing is stuck in that jewelry. Else you can have infections.
  4. Have vitamins and have proper rest to improve your immune system that will help to reduce the healing time.
  5. Apply ice-cube inside mouth and keep it in the area of piercing. This will avoid swelling, and in case if there is swelling already, it shall reduce it.
  6. If you wish to have a pill, have Ibuprofen that will reduce the pain and will also reduce the healing time.
  7. Maintain cleanliness and avoid contamination to avoid all kind of infections.


There are varieties of jewelry that go well with the snake bites piercing. But it is always advised for you to get the jewelry verified from your piercer. The right size of jewelry is also essential. The huge one or tiny one can cause gum recession as well as tooth damage.

You can wear hoops as well as studs. You can also try on the ball closure rings. The rings shall provide more of the look of fangs. If you want to hide the piercing for specific events, you can apply the smallest studs.

If you wish to have expensive jewelry you can get the diamond incorporated in the studs. Even the 18 carats gold ring will be costly. For the reduced amount, you can apply something silver. You can get a lot of varieties in the earrings store. But make sure your piercer verifies it.


Snake bites piercing might not be a painful one as compared to the other piercings. But the aftermath can be terrific. It is because the piercings are inside the mouth, which is a sensitive region. Every outer piercing like ear lobe or nose is less to care about than the inner piercings like dimples or smiley.

There are certain things you need to care about. If these things go wrong, you end up with certain infections. Things can go wrong sometimes. In some cases, you might even visit the doctor and have a severe treatment.

The most significant risk that you can encounter is the damage of the lower teeth as well as gum problems in some cases. There are gum recession problems that can arise due to the rubbing of the jewelry. Even the jewels are the reason behind the damage of the tooth. Therefore, the right size of jewelry is a better choice. It should neither be too small nor be too big!


Following are the images with varieties of snake bites piercing ideas. There are images with different kinds of jewelry that will give you options to choose from. With these images, you will feel relaxed and get more ideas about the snake bites piercing.

Go through each of them and select one for yourself. Happy piercing!

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