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Smiley piercing is a Unicorn if all the other piercings are horses! If you want to be an outer goddess with inner demon, smiley piercing is for you. This is because a smiley piercing can be one of your tini-tiny secret unless you want people to view it.

Does not this sound way too cool? Well, though this is one of the coolest and trendiest piercing idea, but people are yet not fully aware about it. This article consists of entire FAQs that are in your mind. Let us reveal the answers for you! Keep reading to find out the curiosities.


Smiley piercing is a piercing with perforation of the frenulum. Frenulum is a thin tissue that is present between the gum and the lip. The piercing is generally done at the top gum below the upper lip. This piercing is inside your mouth. This is one of the painful piercing which requires maximum care and attention. But with one, you will receive all the attention as soon as you open your mouth.


A smiley piercing gets its name from the smiley itself. This is because the piercing is invisible as long as the mouth is shut. But once you pass a smile, the piercing is visible. It is also known as the lip frenulum piercing. Sometimes, it can be called as scrumper as well, or simply smiley. If you wish to pierce the bottom gum, below the lower lip, it will be referred as a frowny. Cool names isn’t it?


The origin of smiley piercing began few decades back only. But this has been rapidly in fashion afterwards. It has a contemporary origin. The first photograph of a smiley piercing dates back in mid 1990s which was in the image of the body of Steve Haworth which was published in the German Magazine at that time.  This is some unclear history or origin of the smiley piercing.


There are certain types of jewelries used with smiley piercing. Learn more about them below:

Captive Bead Ring: Used for a brand new piercing only; shape of a circle; beads in the end

Circular Barbell: Shape of a horseshoe; ends have beads to hold it firmly in place

Seamless Ring:  It either has adornment or not; connects without a bead; worn after the piercing is healed


The very first step for getting the smiley piercing is checking your thickness of frenulum. Instead of making a lot of plans with smiley piercing, you should rather visit the piercer. Because your piercer will decide if you are really capable of getting a smiley piercing or not. If the thickness of the frenulum is not enough for holding the jewelry, there is no point in getting one.

You need to always find the best piercer before getting any kind of piercings. Find one with the best experience, with a proper piercing studio, proper equipment, and having proper knowledge about smiley piercing. A random amateur piercer might agree to give you smiley piercing despite the thin frenulum which can give birth to enormous unnecessary infections and even diseases.

If your frenulum is thick enough, you will receive an antibacterial rinse in your mouth before the piercing. There will be a use of sterilized needle. Make sure you witness that. Then the piercing begins.

It is a matter of seconds. A sharp pain will last for seconds and you are done.

Once you have faced the piercing, there is a jewelry in your gum already.

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Defining the exact level of pain one shall feel is stupid. There is no such thing as level of pain for defining a smiley piercing. This solely depends upon to what extend you feel painless or to what level you call it painful. Thus, pain is relative.

If you have high tolerance capacity, this won’t be painful. But if you feel pain with simple earlobe piercing, then this one can be extreme. It is comparatively painful piercing. It also depends on the thickness of your frenulum.

If you are scared of needles, tattooing, piercing, then this can be a bit horror for you. Moreover, it depends upon the experience of the piercer and how lightly will the piercer get the piercing done.  Because the gums are the sensitive body parts for piercing, so well, a little pain is mandatory.


This is the kind of piercing which requires high level of precision along with a lot of experience. There are only few piercers who look at this kind of piercing. The average cost of getting one smiley piercing can cost between $30 to $90 in a reputed piercing studio.

But this is the cost at your nearest streets. The cost can vastly fluctuate and be super high if you go abroad or a tourist’s destination. This also varies depending upon what kind of needle is being used, how well experienced the piercer is, and how popular the piercer is.

But it again depends upon your range. If you have good money and do not feel hesitated to spend ample amount of money for the life time piercing experience, go to the best piercing studio.

The piercing is can be expensive depending upon what kind of jewelry you wish to have. You can have the 18 carat gold ring as well which is the most expensive element of jewelry for your smiley piercing. So, it is up to you!


Usually piercing earlobe or nose is really common In Asian countries as well as African countries piercing is considered as a ritual for women. But when you pierce your eyebrows or your dimples, then you are considered to be really modernized.

Similarly, smiley piercing is also not considered really accepted in the societies looking at the current scenario. The best part about it is that it is not really visible to all. If you just cross some stranger in the street, you will not receive a second look because your piercing will not be seen!

You will have to prepare yourself from being asked several questions on smiley piercing. You might also be given several lectures by the adults who would not prefer piercings. It might be difficult in the job interviews or workplace where piercing is not allowed. Going to school or college with the smiley piercing jewelry might be awkward or restricted.

You need to make sure you will be able to handle all these before getting a smiley piercing. Moreover, do proper research, study your frenulum, find out the precautions, pre-treatment, if you are allergic to it or not, and so on.


There are a lot of things that you should look after once you get your smiley piercing. It is like getting a new pet, a constant watch is important. If you stop taking care of the piercing then there can be infections which can lead to several other problems too.

The first and foremost thing is cleanliness. You are supposed to stimulate the healing procedure along with keeping the region clean. Rinse your mouth at least two times in a day with sea salt mixture. This doesn’t require any suggestion from your chemist. Just mix it and perform it twice a day. You should not use iodized table salt.

The mixture should have one fourth of teaspoon of salt and stirred up well in a cup of warm water. With this mixture, you are asked to rinse your mouth specially in the region of piercing. Holding water for few minutes will do. Spit out once you feel the region has been rinsed well with the mixture.

There are several specialized sprays with same ingredients made specially for such piercings. You can use those if you wish to. This ready made product is more fruitful than your self made one.

You are restricted to play that region with your tongue. And touching it with fingers is a big NO. This is how infections begin. Do not contaminate the region with bacteria. There is this habit of touching the pierced area constantly with fingers without being conscious. This is how the germs reach there and infections take place. If you want to feel the soreness or want to touch it for any other purpose, which might not be important, wash your hands well before doing that.

It is obvious to get that urge to feel the soreness with finger or tongue, but you have to fight that urge and act like an adult. This will help you to heal the region sooner. Else, there are problems that will last for a long time which might end up you to get the jewelry out of the piercing.

You can skip mouth wash once the healing has begun because there are severe burning sensations. But if there is lesser burning, you can continue with the mouth wash.

You can avoid brushing teeth for first few days, but once the healing has started, you can continue brushing twice a day. If the minty flavor makes burning sensation, a mild one will be the bets solution to avoid the burning sensation from toothpaste. The children’s toothpaste would be the best one to choose.

Talking about the eating habits, you need to be really aware of what food you pick. You should cut entirely the hot and spicy food for the first few weeks. The spices in the food can cause burning sensation in your mouth just like due to minty toothpaste. Try to eat food that are pale and have least spices. Fruits, cold coffee, and other general foods are preferred for consumption.

Foods that have acid are again asked to avoid. Specially tomatoes, citric fruits like oranges and lemons, etc. might create stingy feeling in the piercing region. This is because of the pain it creates in mouth but it has nothing to do with creating any kind of infections in mouth.

These were some basic things that you need to take care of yourself. There are some other wildly unpopular yet important advice too.

The frenulum that has been pierced will be sore for a time until healing is complete. You need to avoid some activities that can create inflame of the area. The most common activity that can jostle around jewelry is kissing. That is a big NO. Your lips will require some solo time. Don’t kiss and make the soreness more violent. This special task is to be avoided only for the first few weeks, then you can kiss as much as you like with that new jewelry on!

Kissing not just provides physical pain to the region but also gives birth to new infections. The bacteria from another mouth will jump into yours and will provide a  lot of trouble.

Moreover, avoid smoking. Smoking will cause some serious problems when the region has not been healed yet. It can burn the region because the region is obviously too weak at this time. If you have some serious habits, you need to find out ways to avoid smoking, but do that.

Even consumption of alcohol or simply beer is also prohibited. With alcohol there can be some unwanted problems. Just avoid it if you wish to have the healing sooner.

You can isolate yourself for sometime giving more time to heal and avoiding all the above mentioned habits and following a good food practice too.


The healing is normally within few weeks. It depends upon what kind of skin you have. Some skin require a lot of time to while other heals within few days. If you have had other piercings before, you can guess what time will be required for your skin to heal.

But as this smiley piercing is a bit more sensitive as compared to other piercings, it might take some extra time. If you follow all the precautions as well as avoid smoking, kissing, alcohol, there a re good chances of healing sooner.

Moreover, avoiding spicy and hot food will also help a lot in healing soon. But normally even healing can go for few months. This is also totally normal. The range is wide.

If you have already worn the new jewelry after the piercing, the healing might take longer time. Therefore, it depends upon your habits, how cautious you are, what activities you are following and so on.


  • Swelling of the frenulum
  • Redness in the region of piercing
  • Discharge seen in the piercing region
  • Pain and tenderness
  • Soreness in the upper lip
  • Thinning of the frenulum
  • Rejection of jewelry by the frenulum


  • Risk of infection in gums
  • Substantial risk of being rejected to get the smiley piercing by your gums
  • The jewelry coming out of the gums eventually after piercing for a long time naturally
  • Gum recession
  • Tooth damage
  • Loss of tooth enamel



  1. Looks cool
  2. Gives you a bold look
  3. Goes well with other piercings and tattoos
  4. Pairs up with dreadlocks
  5. Makes you want to smile more
  6. People make you feel like celebrity
  7. You can hide the piercing if you do not want to show it


  1. Not everyone’s cup of tea
  2. You need to have thick frenulum to get one
  3. Comparatively painful piercing
  4. Comparatively expensive piercing
  5. Society shall judge you
  6. Infections in gum are seen in most cases


Though you might have received answers to all your curiosities but yet it is incomplete without going though a lot of examples of people with smiley piercings. Therefore, in this section, you will find only the images of the smiley piercings that will make you able to choose a perfect spot or jewelry to begin with.

Go through each and every picture and make it to the bottom!

smiley-piercing smiley-piercing


Did you go through the entire page? Was it helpful? Were your questions answered? If not do write to us. This page basically had all the questions that were frequently asked. The image gallery had a lot of pictures with varieties of jewelry options for your smiley piercing.

If you had any queries regarding smiley piercing, they might have been answered already. You can directly jump to the sections that you are looking for instead of looking into every sections. With this article, yo surely have selected the type of jewelry along with smiley piercing that you are about to have!

Good luck with your smiley piercing! Live your one and only life with the best of the style, doing everything you wish to without thinking how people are going to judge you! Smiley piercings make you smile more and more, so get one today!

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