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Slick back hair is one of the most classic hairstyles in entire globe. It has this amazing, simple yet smart look that gives one, a way to look stylish and maintain that classic nature as well. It can either be a traditional pompadour or a modern fade cut, anyone can wear it with ease with any hair type.

Slick back hair is one of the oldest hairstyles as well which has been modified with time and modernization. There are plenty of options to pick from traditional styling of slick back hair, just like the creatures in the ocean. One of the famous one is still the glossy undercut hair which has that classic and formal style that you can flaunt every time.

Slick back hair is something that you create by pushing the entire hair backward with the pinch of wetness with hand or comb. It resembles classic pompadour but is quite different as compared to the family of pompadour.

But slicking the hair back is not as easy as it sounds. There are certain procedures to get one. You can prepare one yourself with some instructions, products, equipment, and practice. If trying to do it yourself without any help or instructions, you might end up looking like Ross from FRIENDS with hair dipped into oil drum. So, it is always better to follow some instructions. For that, we are loaded with plenty of ideas along with instructions to get the perfect slick back hair for any hair type or any hair length.



There is no such thing as actual date of origin of the slick back hair. This is something that has been followed up since civilization. When people realized that the hair looks good if organized, people invented slick back hair. Men of any age group or hair length are seen with this hairstyle ever since.

It is believed that with Edwardian era hairstyles, slick back hair came into existence. The undercut hairstyle was developed by the unskilled barbers but yet made the sides blended well by leaving the top with slick back hair.

This undercut style became popular in the early  20th Century when the gangs of criminals like Peaky Blinders began making the coiffed hair up top. This was because the gangsters loved long hairs but long hair was really dangerous during fights. Therefore, flipping the hair back became trend.

This undercut hairstyle with slick back top lasted till 1960s when some popular bands started growing their hairs long. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, etc made this an iconic hairstyle of all times. The Pompadour came along in 1950s when the popular men or rock stars like Elvis Presley worn it. The style was a slight modification of slick back hair or its type only.

Well, this is how the modern slick back hair come into form. The result of combination of undercut and pompadour gives you the modern type of slick back hair. This was bought by Channing Tatum and as well as Brad Pitt. Even it was worn with the full beard style afterwards which made it more of a trendy hairstyle back then.

Shortly after that in the 20th century, the slick back hair made its lead to the hair-styling. The classic slick back looks cooler, hence, men carried it along with them till today. Though started out with criminals, gangsters, & rock stars, this hairstyle has been worn by the businessmen, officers, lawyers, students, and every other profession. It makes you look classy yet trendy. Thus, this was how this hair trend started.


Are you lazy enough to think of a hairstyle? Then, this can be the best hairstyle for you. Classic slick back hairs is one of the easiest hairstyle idea for men. If you have to get up and go early in the mornings, you will find it perfect for you. Because every man has no time to shower, mirror blow dry, gel the hair, and style it. Some are going to offices straight out of the gyms. Thus, this is a savior of such men.

Those who have least curls in their hair can get this hairstyle done than those with a bit of curls. Because, with curly hair comes problem of creating the slickness in the top head. But it is not the problem always with the men with curly hair. Sometimes with the finest straight hair, there can be the transparency in head due to the use of products like gel to keep the hair firm in the head towards the back.

Moreover, it also depends upon your playing habits with hair. If you like to touch it all the time, or without your conscience, then slick back hair might not be really a good choice for you. Because, once you get the slick back hair, you have that firm hair in your head, and it will be not a good idea to mess it up. So, if you are a person who doesn’t run your fingers over your hair all the time, get this styling done as your everyday savior.

This hairstyle is too versatile that it suits almost every face shape. But it might be not really very good looking with the round face perhaps.

Talking about who should actually get this hairstyle, there is no problem with it. Anyone with hair can have this style. Moreover, it is about personal choice. If you wish to have this hairstyle done, you should not think about it twice, just get it. Life is too short to impress everyone!


It has been already mentioned that the slick back hair is one of the easiest hairstyles to prepare for men. But still there are a lot of variations to this hairstyle, which are complex as well. Do not  worry about it, you can learn it easily here in this topic.

If you are not willing to do it on your own, you will require a right barber or hairdresser for you. Though it sounds very obvious thing to do, but this one is important. Because, if you end up at a hairdresser that has no idea about this style, you might be in serious trouble. So research more, see reviews, and find out details before getting started.

If you have ended up in the right barber’s hair studio, you need not worry about selecting the perfect slick back hair idea for you. This is because the barber will help you to decide out of the enormous styles. You should listen to the barber’s suggestions but select your own choice.

After this, you are ready to begin the hair-styling. Follow the following steps for the best results. Do not miss any step!


Basically any hairstyle begins with a hair wash. You need to clean your hair, condition it well, nourish it with a nourishing shampoo. This is how you clean your hair and remove all the excess oil and dirt. Apply treatment cream if your hair needs further nourishing.


Once you have done cleaning of the hair, apply certain amount of serum or other protective product to your hair. If you are about to get the straightener make your hair straight before the slicking back hair styling, make sure you apply enough protective product. Even blowing your hair with a blow dryer can be harmful to some extent, thus, apply serum at least.


Blow drying important but not completely necessary! For blow drying, a rounded brush will be perfect. You need to brush the hair from the base up then backward. This will add up height as well as style.


In order to style it, you will require product to apply over your hair. Work thoroughly, with patience, with best result.

If you wish to have a parted hairstyle, you need to ensure that the parting line is clear and well defined. You can always use your fingers to style or part the hair. This is more comfortable. Using a comb will provide casual and relaxed look and you can have a better finish too. There is a constant control over your hair if you are using a comb rather than hands. But its always about your choice and ease.


There are plenty of types of the slick back hair! We have some pictures below sorted on the basis of colors and length of hair. Feel free to go through all of these!





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There are certain ideas that can be applied with slick back hair. For that you can try following ideas. These are some pairs that go well with this hairdo. Choose the best for your existing hair. Wait, why not all?


Mustache has been one of the masculine hairline in the body of men. With the sign of mustache or slight hairline over your lips, along with the slick back hair, you look more than amazing! Men who love to keep mustache rather than shaving it off are seen with this hairstyle too. They two go quite well together!


Man bun is another styling idea if you wish to have a slick back hair. This is because you already have excess hair in the bottom once all the hair is lying in the back. You can always have a bun out of the lying hair in the bottom. This might sound a bit of feminine but looks amazing once prepared in the hair!

Men with hair bun look really cool. Mostly young men are seen wearing it. If you wish to grow a really long hair, you can always end up with this style! This might also give you a playboy look. Even the adult men look younger and cool with this style. It is easy.

The other bun is messed up while this particular one can never be  messed up one because of the slick back hair at top of the head. Give it a try if you have a bit longer hair.


Slick back hair with the parted hair on one side is one of the enormous ideas among slick back hair ideas. This is a modern form of this style. With this, you look a bit punky and bit funky too! Teenagers and youths are seen with this hairstyle more often than the adult men! But, bet this hairstyle goes well with anyone!


As discussed already, the cons of slick back hair is, it is difficult to get it with the curly hair. But it does not mean it is impossible. You might have to straighten the top end to get the slickness. This can be sorted with the gel or oil or any other product that makes your hair firm. But with curly hair, the pros is, you will have the best curly end in the slick back hair look. You can even look at the picture and realize it already! So, curly hair people, do not worry at all!


You can always apply glasses on on any hairstyle. But sometimes, glasses can make you look a bit more absurd with some other hairstyles. But be sure, with your slick back hair, you will have no problem with the glasses on. Because slick back hair gives you a professional look, a really vintage or classic look, therefore, glasses will never look absurd on you! Thus, go for it, add glasses to your look and enjoy the slick back hair!


Well, the slick back hair might sound a trendy modern hair, but bet this has the most vintage looking results. The slick back hair gives you a look that will match your any uniform, dress, or even your costume. There are plenty of choices with this hairstyle. This gives you the most amazing vintage look with anything that you wear.

As this one is really easy to make even by yourself, if you do not apply way too much of oil or gel, you can look amazing within minutes. This might be a struggle for the curly hairs to get that vintage look within minutes because the hair springs back up, but this is certainly not impossible.

But in order to get a perfect vintage look, just wear a slick back hair and you are ready. Sometimes a little struggle can fix a lot of chaos. So do not hurry in getting the look. If you have time, do it with patience. You can also follow Youtube tutorials if you wish to. Moreover, from the image gallery in this very page, you can pick a perfect vintage look slick back hair from here!

You might have trouble picking up the perfect hair product to get the firmness in your hair, but you can take advice from the hairdresser.


If we talk about celebrities, it is really popular among them. The criminals or gangsters might be the first one to discover this hairstyle, but it was because of the celebrities that the hairstyle became popular and long lasting.

We can never forget Eric Trump and David Beckham when we talk about this hairstyle in general. This is because they flaunted this hairstyle to their best. Some might also tell these men are the ones who can never look bad m=no matter what hair they make. This is also not a wrong thought, but these men worn slick back hair better than any other hairstyles.

Well, a celebrity does not look good with just a slight back comb only. There are several hands behind making that hair look flawless. But that does not mean that you cannot wear it in that way.


There are plenty of actors who have been seen wearing a slick back hairstyle. It has been seen in many movies where the actors are flaunting the slick back hair. But as we know actors are acting, or pretending in all their movies or even entire life. So, one actor can never stick to same hairstyle for long. Sometimes hairstyles reflect the professional life too, and mostly the personality. Thus, when an actor is meant to meet certain personality or style, he is made with the slick back hair.

Our very own Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the actors who have been seen with the slick back hair most of his life time. But there are plenty of other actors as well who are flaunting the slick back hair!


There are some sportsmen like the very famous Christiano Ronaldo, the football player, who has been applying this hairstyle most of the time. For the sportsmen who like to grow their hair long, can wear this hairstyle. Because with long hair there can be plenty of problems with grooming it as well as playing. The hair can distract you from doing everything. Thus, sportsmen with long hair wishes are seen with this hairstyle. This is really popular among the sportsmen!


Talking a lot about slick back hair throughout the article is meaningless if your imagination capacity is weak. Therefore, please your eyes with this hairstyle ideas with pictures.

Here you will find a lot of pictures which is of mostly models, then celebrities, as well the commoners, with maximum styling within the slick back hair. Thus, go through the pictures and pick one that you find best for yourself!

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