150 Spontaneous Shoes Storage Ideas

We all love our shoes don’t we? It is obvious that, with every love comes a responsibility. Likewise, this love for the shoes definitely comes with a huge responsibility of keeping them safe and clean. Be it a man or a woman, shoes is normally everyone’s favorite. Every one has their own idea of keeping their shoes safe. However, here are some really handy shoes storage ideas that might be helpful.

But, before coming to the topic i want you all to know the reasons on why shoes storage is so important.

Often we tend to ignore the importance of wearing a proper shoes. Normally, people forget that shoes are equally important as the other clothing we put on. Sounds strange but, the first thing people notice about you is your shoes.  This means that, your personality depends on what choices you make in terms of your shoes, its cleanliness and its utility.

Reasons on why shoes storage is very important. 
For a hygienic abode.

Shoes are the most contaminated clothing. If not kept properly they might appeal to a lot of germs in the house. So, to maintain a proper hygiene in the home, it is very important to keep them in a separate place, safe and clean.

You cannot trip over the heels every time you walk in the house.

Until and unless you have a specific place designed for the shoes, you will keep them everywhere. Thus, it is very important to keep your shoes in a definite place. This makes the house look presentable and clean and furthermore, your shoes remain safe and proper.

Shoes come in weird shapes.

Since, shoes come in different shapes, it is important that a categorical storage place is important for the shoes depot. Furthermore, until and unless you make a proper place for the shoes, they will spread anywhere.

To keep the shoes durable.

When kept properly and safely, shoes last a longer period of time. Furthermore, good conditioned shoes make you look presentable for the world to see.

So, coming back to the topic, lets get into the details of basic shoe storage ideas;

Shoe storage comes with various designs, under bed racks, cabinets, hanging racks, mobile racks with varieties of category. If you are unsure of these aspects, or not sure on what kind of storage idea to adopt, this article is for you. Go through it all and get the most appropriate one based on the convenience of your home environment and yourself.

The shoe bag

shoe storage ideas

The shoe bag having the departments. The one to keep the men and the ladies shoes together. Moreover, this bag is very handy while travelling. Just put your shoes in the sections and chain it up and you are good to go. This kind of bag also compresses the space in the luggage.

Shoe casket.

The neat casket made for the shoes. The plus point is that you can place this casket anywhere. Like, you can see in the picture that the casket is kept in the living room and it looks perfectly good. It looks like a table form above. Keep the shoes carefully and lock it. Done!

The show case.

The show case for the shoes. Perfect for the girly girls. Neatly place the shoes in there (just like in the picture) and choose which one to wear. Furthermore, the rooms looks very classy with such kind of showcase.

The massive wardrobe.

The massive wardrobe that gets in everything including the clothes, bags, the cushions, and all the essentials. This wardrobe is perfect for anyone. Furthermore, in terms of looks, this wardrobe looks very stylish. And when you got it, you flaunt it.

The classy wardrobe.

The vanilla wardrobe for the men. This looks extremely classy with those in fitted lights that add a bright touch to the clothing as well as the shoes. An ideal storage for your lovely shoes.

A flat box.

A flat box for the shoes. The box goes very easily in any corner or even below the bed. So this means, less space occupied and very handy. The box has a cover so you don’t have to worry about the look the box would portray in your room.

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A small package.

A small package for a pair of shoes or two. Very less space consuming and can be placed anywhere. However, this idea does not seem very proper in terms of looks. Imagine having some books shoes and a plant together in a table!  Not a very appropriate match to have in the room. Nevertheless, if you have shortage of space, this is doable.

Shoes tray.

The tray for the shoes. It does not have a cover or any kind of lid to cover the shoes, however, this tray can be placed inside any bed or couch. I personally would prefer it with a cover.

Shoe staircase.

Another basic idea of shoe storage. If you have shortage of space, then you can clearly use this idea. Neatly place your shoes in one side of your staircase and that’s it. However, make sure that you clean the shoes before placing them.

The common rack.

Since we are talking about utilizing the small space into a most productive way, the rack can be used multi-purposely. Like you can  see, the books and the shoes are kept in the same rack. Not a very appropriate thing to do, but you gotta utilize the space so its practicable.

The shoe hanger.

The very easy shoe hanger. Can be hung anywhere and even behind the door. However, since the hanger is made up of plastic, and it is non environmental friendly, thus, i personally don’t prefer this kind of shoe storage.

Square rack.

Same sized area for the shoes and the other stuffs. So basically, this rack is not just meant for the shoes. The colorful technique makes the storage idea very lovely.

The shoe wall.

So,the idea is to get a lot of racks in the wall and store the shoes in there. Though the design does not look very proper in the picture, but, when maintained well, this idea is a nice concept.

Classy shoe drawer.

Shoe drawer especially designed for the shoe storage is a very classy way to keep your shoes safe. Furthermore, the rack (when closed ) looks stylish in any room when the drawer color and the wall color is matched. Or even a different color fusion can be used for the wall and the drawer.

Shoes showroom.

This type of showcase is especially designed for the stores to show the varieties of shoes to the customers. However, as per the need and the desire, can be used in the home as well. And who doesn’t like to show their lovely shoes?

The shoes staircase.

So, if you have a family with kids, and things just get mess around the house, this is the finest concept of shoes storage. Basically the idea is to throw the shoes into the drawers and close it. Furthermore, having a drawer in the staircase utilizes the space very appropriately. This is one of the most easy and concealed storage idea.

Shoe showcase.

The transparent shoe showcase for your shoes. The art of placing your shoes in the wall. A very innovative way of doing the storage thing. Could be made in the stores as well as in the house.

The wooden tray.

A long wooden tray for your shoes does wonder. Place the shoes in it and insert the wooden thing below the bed. It would be great if you place some wheels in the tray for its easy movement.

Shoe hooks.

Shoe hooks attached to the walls or in a cardboard, comes as very handy in terms of space. This is because, it literally takes no space at all. An idle space is just used appropriately here. However, imagine shoes hanging on the wall in the home!

Shoe suitcase.

The lovely suitcase for the shoes. The suitcase has small sections for individual shoes, thus, it keeps the shoes safe and clean. Furthermore, it looks very stylish to be kept in any corner in the house.

Shoes hooks.

Another idea of shoe hook. This idea is commonly used in the stores. The shoe storage design has a hook, maybe a nail like structure which is inserted in the wall. The shoes are then kept in the hook for the show.

The shoe wardrobe.

The wardrobe here is a common wardrobe. However, segments are divided and shoes are kept in its respective segment. This type of wardrobe adds to the beauty of the room.

Shoes rack.

Shoe rack for your lovely shoes. You can either fit a shoe compartment in the wardrobe or even get a separate shoe rack. Anything that matches your choice is good.

Shoes structure.

The shoe like structure made for the shoes is another idea of shoe storage. This kind of idea helps to maintain the firmness of the shoes, thus keeping them proper for a longer period of time. Furthermore, it is very easy to use and takes a very less space for shoe storage.

The shoe store.

The store for the shoes. I guess this is the most safest place of shoes storage. Moreover, the varieties of shoes in the place is immense. A high quality lighting is used in the place to make the shoes look more gorgeous.

Wooden shoes rack.

This shoes storage is suitable and appropriate for the home. Shoe rack occupies small space and gets in a good number of shoes in it. Furthermore, this type of shoes storage is very easy to move from one spot to another. It is one of the most used shoe storage.

Wooden shoes compartments.

Equal sizes compartments for the shoes. Especially designed for homes. This type of storage is made up of wood. Simple in terms of looks and is good to keep the shoes separately.

Metal shoe rack.

Metal shoe rack looks stylish in terms of looks. Like the wooden one, this kind of shoes storage can be kept separately or inside the wardrobe.

 Metal shoe wardrobe.

The metal shoe wardrobe. This kind of storage can also be made by adding a door to it. The wardrobe can be used in the home as well the stores for shoes show.

Wooden closet.

The wooden made closet for the shoes. Especially designed for homes. Can be made into two segments. The advantage of the separate wardrobe for the shoes is that, it is hygienic in the first place, because the shoes does not come in contact to the clothes and the another basic point is that it looks stylish for the room as well.

Shoe case.

The home idea storage for the shoes. The case is made of wood and can be made in any color depending upon the color of your room. If i were to suggest, i would prefer a dark color, maybe a black. Or you could even use a clean color such as a plain white. Nevertheless, it clearly depends on your choice.

The shoes table.

Table for the shoes. Actually a table like the one in the picture can be used for anything, however, in the case, it is used for the shoes storage.

The multipurpose seat.

The seat on the top and the shoes storage on the base. So, basically a multipurpose seat for the homes and even the shoe stores. However, the shoes seen below the seat is not a very proper thing for a home. But it is entirely the choice of the homemaker.

The shoe storage with a seat.

This design is slightly different from the above one. This one looks more proper and classy as well because of the use of door in the shoe storage area. I personally prefer this one to the above one because, this makes the particular area look clean and well managed.

Shoe stand.

The shoe stand. It consists of plenty of hooks for the shoes. This idea is good in terms of space. However, make sure to place the stand in the corner if you are having this in your home.

Metal shoe storage idea in the door.

Another basic idea for the space utilization. Insert the metal thing in the back side of the door and keep your shoes in there. But, i would suggest to cover the shoes with shoes cover if you are using the storage idea. This is because, the dirt from the shoes might fall in the place.

The jute shoes bags.

The reusable jute bags for the shoes storage is one of the most inexpensive ideas. Furthermore, it is very easy to carry from one place to another. This is also known as brown paper bags for storage. Another very valid reason to use these kind of bags is that, it is hundred percent biodegradable. Thus, it is recyclable and environment friendly.

Jute hangers.

The long hanger with square departments. This type of storage can be placed anywhere and it is easy to transfer from one place to another as well. The plus point to this storage idea is that, it can be hung anywhere and even inside a wardrobe.

Jute/plastic compartments.

This type of shoe storage can either be made up of plastic or jute. This has a got a very light weight and has a cover so the shoes is not seen from outside. It is advisable to use the jute product since it is hundred percent bio-degradable thus, it is environment friendly.

You never really realize how many pairs of shoes you actually have until you try to arrange them. Therefore, the most proper way to manage the shoes is to have an appropriate and convenient storage for them. Do make sure that you have a proper shoe storage in your place and take good care of your lovely shoes because, good shoes take you good places.

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