99 Artistic Prom Nail Ideas For Girls!

Are you going to a prom night and have no specific prom nail ideas? This is basically every girl’s problem. One has to have a slaying look while going to the prom, so one should not compromise with nails. As we know, nails make the girls look prettier if they are well decorated.

Therefore, to solve this problem of designing nails, we provide you the best collection of prom nail ideas. This will surely help you in some ways. If not you, your sister, daughter, or anyone you care about.

This article includes all kinds of nail ideas, like short, medium or long nails. It also has various types of designs either be sparkly, shimmery, shiny, matte, etc. Here you can also find a perfect guidance to the well selection of entire thing for your prom night!

Not just nails by one’s choice, but a design that will fit your outfit, hair, heels or shoes and every other accessories that you are about to begin with!

The main idea is to look flawless and yet without much of the effort and time. For this, it requires you to make it to the end of the page and grab one of these multiple or 99 ideas!


What is a Prom?

A prom is the event that comes at the end of the high school years where every students gather and celebrate along with their high school team. During a prom event, the students make themselves unique and compete with each other in terms of their looks and talents.

Several other events are organized along with prom. Competitions and talent rounds are also along the same night. The young boys and girls come with the best clothes they have, with best make up, accessories, and everything perfect!

Prom night has to be the most memorable night for anyone in the high school. In order to make it memorable, they are planning their big day from a very long time.  With the completion of prom night, the high school also ends, therefore, one has to make it the best night of the high school for sure!

Prom Night Specials!

The specialty of a prom night is that one can wear any sort of clothes. It is the day when the student is free to decorate himself or herself and stand out to be the most unique one. Sometimes there is  a color code. With a color code, one has to wear the clothes with same color.

Sometimes there is also a cloth code; where the boys are asked to wear same thing and same is with the girls. This keeps balance in the prom night and allows the students to break the uniqueness. Sometimes it is advantageous while sometimes not.

Prom Nail Requirements!

The basic requirements of prom nails are simple as the basic requirement of making nails look pretty. Most important thing is it should be matching everything else, then it is fine.

It doesn’t require much time. Even one hour will help you make your boring nails look gorgeous enough to take you to the prom. But it depends on how healthy are your habits regarding nails. Even if you do not have any healthy habits, you can get pretty nails by following the steps:

Trimming & Conditioning Nails:

For trimming and conditioning nails you will require thirty minutes of time. It will begin from cleaning to cleansing and making your nails fresh and healthy to begin decorations. For this, you will require some supplies. They are listed below:

  1. Nail trimmer
  2. Nail cutter
  3. Filer
  4. Nail paint remover
  5. Cottons
  6. Lotion

To begin with the treatment, you will have to trim the nails to your desired length. If you do not feel like making your nails shorter, you can simply trim the edges that have decayed or looks bad. This will not make your nails short.

For this you will require a trimmer. With a nail trimmer, it is always better than a nail cutter. If you wish to cut the nails, you can use a nail cutter instead. But be sure you do not make it too short. But for proper cleaning of the nails, short nails work.

After the trimming or cutting of nails, use filer to file your nails. This will remove the roughness or unequal length size. Also, file the nails to make it even and in shape.

After filing, you need to remove the already existing nail paint that you have in case. For removing the already existing nail paint, use nail polish remover. Please do not overlap the nail paint in the already existing nail polish. This will cause decaying of nails or even other infections. Even if you do not have the already exiting nail paint, you can add the polish remover to make your nails free from bacteria or simply dirt.

After this, dip your nails in fresh cotton balls. This will add extra freshness and make your nails ready for another step. Cotton balls will also rinse the excess of the nail paint remover and make it even.

You are ready to apply the lotion in the nails now. This lotion is specially prepared for keeping your nails healthy and fresh which has to be applied once the excess of polish remover is rinsed by the cotton balls.

This is how you condition or keep your nails healthy! Go through each of the steps and don’t miss any of these until next step!

Ready To Paint:

Prom Nail Selection Tips!

Now that you have trimmed and conditioned your nails, you are ready to decorate it as prom nail! For that you will require some of the supplies that are listed below:

  1. Base coat
  2. Nail paint
  3. Top coat
  4. Cotton swabs
  5. Shimmers or shines (some case)

To begin with, you will require a base coat. Base coat is something similar to hardener that will allow your nail paint to last longer. It is also similar to the nail paint, thus, will require sometime to dry before applying the nail paint. Because of its tacky nature, the polish will stick firmly and making it more stable.

After you have coated your nails with the base coat, you are ready to apply the nail paint. Okay, this has to be the toughest part. What are you wearing? Pink? White? Gold? Yes, you are not supposed to paint some random color. You need to recall the color of your clothes. It looks amazing if the color of your clothe matches the color of your nail paint.

But this is not true every time. If you have some plane color cloth, you can have colorful nail paint, this will make it unique. And if you have colorful clothes, you can add just black or some dark color nail paint. It is all about the uniqueness and looking confident.

Applying the nail paint is simple, make sure you do not make a mess. If you are not habitual to applying the paint by yourself, take a help from someone who can do it better than you.

After you have applied the paint, let it dry. Once it is dried, apply a top coat. Top coat is basically a transparent paint that will protect your nail polish. This will let the polish stay strongly and for a longer time. It won’t effect your nail paint, but fairly help to enhance its beauty with shine.

After you let the top coat dry, you are ready to go to the prom. But if you wish to be more unique or creative, you can add shimmers or shines in the top coat before it dries completely. In this case the top coat will act as glue. The shimmers or shines will stick once the top coat dries completely.

With this, the procedure of polishing the nails is over.

Types of Prom Nail For Prom Night!

The types of prom nail means the way you decorate the varieties of nails one can have. I might be depending upon the size of nails or type of paint you wish to coat them with. Here are some of the elaborations to what the topic is all about. Go through it!

On the basis of size of nails:

It is obvious that different girls have different nail size. It is also true that long nails look beautiful when decorated. But you cannot grow nails right now if you are going to prom tomorrow! If you really wan to have long nails during your prom, you can start growing it from a month ago, or at least to have medium length nails, you can start growing from a week ago.

But it doesn’t mean short nails don’t go well with decorations on prom night. Don’t worry, there are ideas to any length type here. You can style your nails no matter how long or short they are.

Here the nails are classified into three length group, namely, short, medium and long. Find the appropriate design as per your nail length.

Short Nail:

The most disadvantageous group is the group with short nails. Most of the girls who do not like grooming nails keep them short. But it doesn’t mean you cannot decorate your nails if they are short.

Because, leaving your short nails without painting them will make them more boring! So at least paint them.

You do not need to put extra efforts, just paint them well and you are ready to go to the prom.

Here are some images how the simple short boring looking nails look flawless with little effort of polishing and adding shimmers.

Medium Nail:

Sometimes a little grooming can give you medium length nails. Obviously the medium length nails are better than the short nails. Though it also requires a bit more effort when it comes to healthy grooming with cleaning and trimming. But with medium length you can add more artistic designs along with normal paint.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot add designs to the short nails, but with medium length nails, the ideas get broaden.

Just check these amazing medium nails with outstanding prom ready finishing. Just copy the ideas if you also fall in the category of medium length nails.

Long Nail:

Okay, long length is a goal. Not everyone can get long length of nails. It requires a lot of efforts, patience and time to groom the long length of nails. For this you need to be extra cautious and give more attention to them. But with longer nails, the designing ideas gradually increase and it will make you pretty eventually.

Here you will find some images of the long nails ready for prom night. Go through each and you might feel like growing your nails as long as these in the images. If you already have nails long enough, copy the prints and get all the attention on your prom night!

On the basis of Shine & Shimmer:

Shines and shimmers are added to a wet top coat. With these decorations in the wet top coat, they stick firmly once the top coat is dried. This will enhance the beauty of your nail paint.

When it comes to styling the nails for the prom event, the shines and shimmers are important. They are important because even the clothes for the prom night are mostly all shimmery and shiny. Therefore, adding the shines and shimmers will make the nails ready for the prom event.

We can classify the types of nails on the basis of shines and shimmers in the following way. Remember that, this is still an optional thing. Just to glorify and enhance the beauty.


Mostly the silver brings all the shines and shimmers to the nails. You can add silver glitters to the top coat while it is still wet to get the proper finishing to the nails.

This will go well if your dress also has a lot of silvers in it. Even if it has no silvers, you can give it a try!

Shine without shimmer:

Even a simple nail polish or paint can give you enough shine if it is not in a matte category. In order to get just shiny texture, you can apply a nail paint and add a top coat to it. Because, the other function of a top coat is also to add the shine at the end along with providing stickiness and protection.

Therefore, it is easier to get the shines with simple nail polish and top coat combination. Shines are essential when it is a prom event!

Image Gallery for More Prom Nail Designs!

Here you will find the plenty of images with unique designs that will soothe your prom event. You can pick any of these as per your requirement.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This one has some nail designs over the simple top coat. It is one of the trendiest looks. Adding design to the nails create amazing finish to the entire thing and you will get the total attention on your prom!

Wow, look at this one. The entire thing being coated with black and adding little shimmers or glitters to one of them can bring about a lot of impact to the entire nails.

This kind of mixing of designs give amazing finish. All the nails are having matte design while one is shimmery silver. With this style, it looks funky and elegant at once.

This one is also similar to above image. Classic yet bubbly.

With this the prom nail ideas are sure to be useful to anyone going to the prom. Relax and choose one of all the ideas mentioned above. If you are in hurry, and not having time to paint your nails, remember, it is a matter of minutes and there are always shortcuts to everything.

Prom nail ideas are essential as nails are there to be decorated and loved. Show some love to your nails and don’t leave them empty and boring! Even little things matter when it is a prom night! With the small effort like painting nails, you will have a huge impact on overall look.

Find few minutes and decorate your nails before you leave for prom. And, if you have enough time, follow the entire procedure of manicuring and make your nails healthy before you decorate them.

Don’t worry about the length or type of the nails you have, this is because, any nail can be made pretty with simple process! Just have this will to decorate, and you are already half way there.

Did you make it to the end of the page? If yes, you have probably found the perfect idea for your biggest event of your high school! If you still feel confused, read the entire thing again.

You are not supposed to copy the same thing, you can always modify and play with your nails if you can bring the better results. Just decorate them, and nothing excessively, make them pretty and perfect!

Have an amazing prom night with those amazing prom nails!

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