144 Splendid Prom Hairstyle Ideas for Girls!

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Prom hairstyle is something that has to be on point, match your dress, the color of the dress, color theme of prom event, match your partner’s look, and many other. If you are having a prom night this week, or month, prepare yourself now! Because prom hairstyle has to be the best hairstyle you have had till date. Because prom night is the biggest of all!

There are various prom hairstyles in this page. Not just for a long hair, but also for the short hair. We have the best hairstyle ideas that are latest and most popular in every corner of the world.Prom Hairstyles

What’s a Prom Night?

A prom is an event that the high school organizes at the end of the academic year for the final year students. It is mostly a school or high school thing. In this event, all the students show up wearing the best dress they have. A theme color or dress code is also there sometimes.

In prom night, the students also participate in prom dance where they dance forming a couple of a boy and a girl. From the same dance or some other creative programs, the king and queen of the prom night is also found out. There might be changes according to the school’s rules and choices.

But mostly, all the annual events’ prizes are also distributed on the very day and over all it is the most exciting events for the students. They prepare for the dress and hairstyle from a month ago for the big day.

Prom Night For Girls

When it comes to girls, they are more excited about the clothes and hair than boys. They need to wear something and make their hair in such a way that it is beautiful, unique, best of all the other girls, and strictly nothing similar to another girl’s style. It is a tough plan.

You need to be aware of the latest fashion, something that will suit you the best. Specially for women, when there is no decision, you can always ask someone else to pick it up for you. If there’s nobody, you can go through this entire page and find out what will be the best prom dress for you!

Prom Hairstyle Materials!

What do you need to make your hair look on point? There are several materials you need to get your hair right. Because styling with some bobby pins and comb do not give the proper result all the time, so you need to add up a lot of other things to the list.

We can list the essential products if you wish to make your hair at home and not in the hair parlor.

Electric products

Electric products to style your hair are essential because they make your work easier. It helps you to get the perfect finishing and also help you get the hair dresser kind of fineness by yourself. These are the basic equipment that is essential to get a good hairstyle for the prom night event.

  1. Hair Dryer: To make your hair dry quickly so that you don’t have to begin your hairstyle on a wet hair. This will reduce your time loss and help you be ready on time.
  2. Straighter: This one is important when you want to get straight hair for yourself. All you require is hair cream and then you can begin to straighten your hair. You can also get the temporary hair straighten just for the prom night.
  3. Curler: This one is important if you want to get your hair curled up. Just like straightening, one can curl with curlers. You can also curl with regular manual style, but that is time consuming and requires a lot of effort, while this is faster and effortless.
  4. Electric comb: Electric comb is just like a regular comb but lets the hair untangle easily. This also allows to have a long lasting slick hair and makes the combing easier.
  5. Trimmer: Trimmer is required to trim your split ends. You can also use the manual scissors but this way it is more accurate.


Pins like bobby pins or other pins are required to hold the hair firmly. Either be letting the hair stay at a position. This can also be used for styling hair by allowing some sections to go different way and sticking it by a pin. It can also be used to hold the entire hair without the use of rubber bands. Pins are the most important hair tool to get the hair stay in position.

Rubber bands

Rubber bands are used to tie the bundle of hair at the end to let it stick firmly in place. These are of varieties which let the hair look beautiful. Rubber bands can sometime be the beauty hair accessory as well. Therefore, for dual purpose we can use rubber bands.

Hair products

There are various hair products that are essential for getting slickness, firmness, glow, dandruff free hair, and beautiful natural hair. Some of these are our everyday using hair products. Find more about them.

    • Shampoo: This has to be the most common hair product. Make sure you use the best shampoo that suit your hair and make it beautiful. Sometimes the hair fall is the reason of the shampoo that doesn’t suit your hair type. So, you should avoid harmful chemicals and get the proper shampoo that suits your hair.
    • Conditioner: Conditioner is a post shampoo thing. It helps to bring that slickness in hair and let your hair be fresh for a long time. This is also a product that is very familiar and every day use product for most of all.
    • Treatment cream: Treatment cream is preferred occasionally to bring back the natural hair. It helps to end split ends and hair damage. It also increase the strength of your hair and make it look beautiful and feel soft. This helps you avoid hair damage.
    • Hair lotion: This is used after blow drying your hair. You use it to help you untangle your hair. It is somehow similar to oil but far better than oils. Use it before starting to make your hairstyle.
    • Hair gel: Hair gel is used to let your hair stay firmly to the shape you provide to it.
    • Hair spray: It is used after you have prepared your hair style because you would not like to lose the hair style and end up messing everything easily. Therefore, hair spray is the ultimate backbone of the hairstyle.

Hair Accessories

There are varieties of hair accessories in the market that will make your hair look more classic. The most easily available and most popularly used from a long time is flower. Flowers are the most popular hair accessories that will spellbound the ones who will look at your hair. Though it might not be able to beat the expensive and amazing glittery hair products but it surely will melt heart of people with amazing fragrance.

Even artificial flowers are also available in the market which are so much like the natural flowers. They are cheaply available and nothing can beat their beauty once put in head.

Similarly, other hair accessories that have glitters, stones, colors, etc are also available in the market that last for a very long time. These also bring a lot of attention to your hair. With one of these, you will have a priceless hair and people will compliment you for that.

Moreover some accessories are used for two purposes. One for the beauty thing and other for holding hair firmly on place. This is how you make your hair look amazing.

Here is the list of the hair accessories that are available in the shops. Make sure you buy the one that you find suitable for your hairstyle.

  1. Natural Flowers
  2. Artificial flowers
  3. Metal design clips
  4. Hair holder
  5. Bobby pins
  6. Bands

Prom Hairstyle Ideas | Girls

There are various hairstyles that will look soothing on you. First of all, you need to pick your dress and shoes. After your dress is ready, you should try to find out the best hairstyle that will go perfectly with your outfit. One should also look for the hair texture, hair size, hair color, etc. before choosing the hairstyle.

For this, the hairstyles can have following sub headings:

Long Prom Hairstyle Ideas:

When it comes to long hair, you have plenty of choices. It can be simply leaving your long hair open and flaunting its beauty, or it can be some other styles. Find out the best ways to flaunt your long hair!

Curl & Fall!

If you have natural curly hair, you can let it open and fall it along your back. This is simply the best style for gowns. You can also curl your hair if you do not have natural curly hair. It can be a temporary one. With curly hair you do not have to think of much to do. It can be either entire hair or just the end portion. Else, it can also be the front hairs only.

With curly hair, you can part it from the middle of the head or side ways. You can also add various accessories like hair clips, ribbons or make it natural with simple flowers. Prom Hairstyles



Braids are the most common hairstyles that goes strangely well with any outfit. For long hair, braids look soothing. There are also types of braids even for long hair. It can be normal three section braid, which is preferable. Twist braid is also a braid type. But, we seldom prefer it.



Pony tail looks good when entire hair is not bound together. Instead, some hair might be falling from the front, some might be holding a flower, some can be at the back. Thus, a messed up pony hairstyle looks marvelous. It goes well with more funky or rock star looks. The pony tail with long hair can be also converted into curls at the end of it if you wish to.

Messed up bottom bun:

The definition of a messed up bottom bun can be a hairstyle that holds every hair into a bun at the bottom of head, without a regular instruction, but rather messed up style. This might look really bad if it is done with total messing up of hair strands. It should only look like a little mess, but should be done with proper styling.

Accessories into it:

When you add an accessory, you will add the beauty to your hair at instant and you do not have to much think of the style. For your long hair, you can just let it open and add a bit of accessories and BOOM you are pretty with that hairstyle.

Medium Length Prom Hairstyle Ideas:

Medium hair length doesn’t bother you from making the long hairstyles like mentioned above. You can prepare the same hairstyles even from your medium length, but only thing that will be missing is flaunting long hair.

Besides that, some other buns or styles might be difficult with medium hair, but you still can give it a try. You can also let the medium hair fall open without any other efforts. Just parting hair into two, or making one or two braids of a tiny strands or hair sections will also help.

There are also some of the hairstyles that are possible and looks amazingly good with medium hair length. Just go through all of these as shown below.

Short Prom Hairstyle Ideas!

If you have a short hair, you can make various hairstyles out of it. It shouldn’t be a compromised style when you can have some styles that are specifically for the short hairs! There are plenty of hairstyle ideas foe short hairs that look amazing as well.

Sometimes you can style yourself, but mostly you need a hair dresser. With a normal curler, blow dryer, straighter, and some hair products, you can style it many amazing ways yourself also.

Even the short hair can be transformed into something magical with a help of hair dresser. All it needs is a bit of trained hands for getting things right.

Highlight your hair!

When it comes to hair styling on prom, the highlighting idea might be too exotic or wild, But, when you wish to have a punky look, you go girl, get all the pink in your hair, don’t mind what people have to tell you.

Because, coloring hair is the latest fashion. And, specially on your prom night, you deserve to style anything with your wish.

With colorful hair, you can add braids, curls, accessories, ribbons, etc. and shine a bit more.

Prom Hairstyle for Gowns!

When we talk about prom night, the first thing that comes in our head is gowns. Girls like to wear gowns and feel like princesses on their prom night. Sometimes theme is also something like it. As boys wear suits mostly, so girls also wear gowns.

Wearing a gown brings a lot of other challenges along. The bag and shoes should be somehow resembling the wedding dress as the prom dress also looks a bit like a wedding dress. There comes heavy duty because the dress won’t be light enough. Sometimes the length also is long and thus creating a balance required.

Messed up bun, braids, combination of bun and braids, curling of hair, using hair accessories, letting go of parted hair, etc. are some of the hairstyles that look good with gowns or dresses similar to it. Some of them are here!

Prom Hairstyles Prom Hairstyles

Prom Hairstyles

Some hair require a lot of time to prepare. You cannot prepare it yourself and might require a lot of experienced hand for that. If you have a plenty of time to do it, you can go to the hair parlor where you will just have to show them the sort of hairstyle you would wish to have. In case, if you do not know or haven’t figured out anything yet, you can ask them to make any suitable hair for you.

Because those who have been working on the same thing for long time will surely not keep you in dilemma and give you the best possible hair for your prom night.

But its always good to play safe and get your hair done with your own choice.

In this way, you can have amazing hairstyles on your prom night and surprise everyone. You should not always imitate the boring regular prom styles while you can try any of these in the page. Such choose one and wear it amazingly.

Did you make it to the end of the page? Did you enjoy of all these stuffs? Why not try one of these or just share it with someone who is having her prom night this week? Else, you can help your daughter to make her hairstyle for prom night by finding the best one from here. It shouldn’t always be you!

Have an amazing prom night with that hairstyle. If you come up with some modified idea from this page, feel free to share it with us.

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