75 Popular Prom Hairstyles To Get A New Look!


It is sure that nearly everybody wishes to be impressive and shining on special and also important prom. You will find a number of the prom hairstyle just for longer hair. As an example, you may create lengthy hair into any casual or formal updo braided “up-do”, or even a gently twisted updo hairdo. In addition, for making your hairstyle entice more people, you can include some special components such as ribbons or diamonded pins or feather.

To make sure the splendid hairdo can last full night you might apply a few hold hairspray for keeping it in the style. Additionally, you can include some bangs and not in accordance with your dress and face shapes. Listed below are a few fabulous and popular long hairdos for proms where from you can pick the most ideal one and also make others appreciating and even leave a memorable impact on others. Here’s a short video for you.


Four Pro-Tips For Having Prom Hairdo!

You are probably not living in Hollywood, yet “prom-night” is really your “red-carpet” moment. However, your hairdo, your make-up, your shoes, and your dress-everything should be perfect. This prom hairdo team from the Matrix offers the following tips for ideal prom ‘do!

  • Get Prepared:

Preparing your prom hairdo properly is just like eating good breakfast. Basically, it will provide your updo the energy for lasting a few hours.

Simply blow the dry section with rounded brush to enhance the roots and smooth its ends. Then set the hair with hot rollers or curling iron. Do not remove the particular clips or even brush hair away until it is completely cool. At this point, you are ready for almost everything!

  • Tell Yes To Dress:

Choose a hairdo for prom that is perfect for the outfit. Well, are you putting on any one-shoulder dress? Go for bun or side-pony (place it above your bare shoulder) Are you going out in the strapless? Then scoop your own hair if you’ve got big neck-otherwise make luscious waves then wear it. Think of “opposites”-when the dress is smooth, put some wavy texture or fun curly in the hair. If perhaps the cloth is textured, choose a sleek hairstyle.

  • Play Around Along With Pony:

Consider the reliable ponytail. You can find so many approaches to dress this long hairdo! Once the curls are firm and cool, scoop the locks up higher on head, then protect with elastic band as well as wind the strand of your hair round the elastic.

  • Do A Contemporary Twist:

Create your prom hairdo yourself by giving this an edge. To start with, it does not need to be ideal-do not worry if some tendrils float freely in some places from the prom updo! However, if you are creating curly prom hairdo, then mix up shape and size of curls. If you are going for the waves, then start these waves 3 inches from roots and then leave the finishes out. Utilize products which provide touchable hold. Do not try to overdo the components. The thought is to discover that prom hairdo which makes you feel and look great, without feeling or looking like someone else!


How Can I Style The Straight Hair Just For Prom?

  • You will find numerous approaches to style the straight hair. Wear the hair straight and sleek, or even pull it in the high ponytail which hangs along your backside or down to side. Style the prom hair simply in a low or high bun. Wave or curl the straight hair along with flat irons, foam rollers, hot rollers, and curling irons. Then sport it flowing and free, or adjust it into prom hairdo of your preference. For more guidance on the styling techniques, take a look at the section beneath on popular approaches to style the locks for prom.
  • For more volume, use fingers to softly rub the spritz or even two of the dry shampoo in your roots. It is an excellent way to raise hair through banishing oil which can make the strands heavy although the hair is nice and clean.
  • For a much fuller look, make use of a boar’s or coarse hair 1″ brush for teasing your roots gently. Do so till the hair is taking a stand. Then gently soft down with boar’s locks paddle brush.
  • Usually, girls who have finer textures of hair might blow dry the hair upside to create some volume. Also, they can spray the roots after teasing along with the mild finishing spray. Well, this process assists strengthen your hair prior to brushing this down.
  • For the thicker hair, just blow the dry hair into small portions in longer fluid movements for creating a sleek smooth look. However, finishing with flat iron likewise will attain an even straight, shinier style.
  • For the defined curls which will certainly stay, use 1″ curling iron. Right after every curl, simply coil it close to your pin and head. When you are all done, make use of hairspray and wait some minutes ahead of unpinning. For the stubborn hair, just spraying your hair after and before curling will assist adding strength to hair curl for keeping it as you want. We hope you will love this article too “55 Devastating Lion Tattoo Designs For Revealing A Powerful Look!

75 Most Beautiful Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair

  1. Flowers With Braided Wreath:

How will you make an everyday braid look far more amazing? You will possibly be shocked that basic floral pins may change a typical braid into hairdo masterpiece. If you’re not convinced still, consider this outstanding braided crown having white chrysanthemums as well as little red florets which are woven in a braid. The hairdo will create you appear like princess.

  1. Vintage Updo High Bun:

If you would like a stylish look, check out a simple smooth high bun. For creating volume use the sock bun “sponge” and a few texturizing spray for keeping the hold. This type of hairdo is never away from fashion and even looks beautiful and elegant.

  1. Tousled Braids Milkmaid:

This sweet milkmaid braid which goes all over your head is charming and simple. The slightly tousled look will be complemented by soft white flowers just on side. Together with this specific prom updo, you are able to dance through the night and do not need to worry concerning your hair’s poofy look.

  1. Laurel Wreath With Braided Crown:


Inspired by the Greek mythology actually the look of this goddess’ will suit any charming and confident girl who desires to highlight the beauty. Create French loose braided crown just all around your head and also finish it along with Laurel wreath golden decoration. This hairstyle is vintage and modern simultaneously.

  1. Orchid With Half Down, Half Up Prom Curls:

If you’re searching for tender and romantic look, these slight messy curls having orchid flower which pins your hair can work best for you. Separate the hair that continues to be curled on the thick iron in two portions. The “upper-part” pin with orchid and then the remaining hair leave just as they usually are. Tenderness of the look will attract every boy on the prom. It is guaranteed!

  1. Greek Goddess Hairdo:

These several twists of the curled hair set by hardly seen hairpins make an authentic Greek goddess appearance. It’s delicate and tender and fits natural cosmetics. Be cautious with dress; pick classic style and pastel colors to look cheerful!

  1. Ponytail Curled High:

The higher volume on crown is continuing by the curled high ponytail. The long side “bangs” finishes the picture and make your look more soft and romantic. This hairstyle will work nicely on any sort of hair and face shape.

  1. Blue Mermaid Braids Style:

If you’re a fortunate user of this gorgeous color of hair, think about slight messy braids which are generally swirled into one snail bun. Well, leave a few curled strands on the hairdo for creating romantic look and volume and here you are going to be the queen of prom!

  1. Dutch Crown Braid:

Braided updos and natural look are in the trend this season. You can choose Dutch braid which crowned your head and then leave a few messy “wispy strands” for creating romantic look. Usually, this hairstyle is high fashioned and girly.

  1. Twists With Side Braid:

Try out an ordinary 3 strands side-braid yet add some extra element like twisted “Dutch braid” accent on a single side. Choose this charming hairstyle and then you will not regret it!

11. Brown To The Blond-Ombre Side Braid Fishtail:

If you’re all about style and would like to be queen of prom, then try this hairstyle. Brown to the blonde ombre locks braided into the side fishtail can be beautiful looking and quite simple simultaneously. And you might be certain that the hair will not frizz out while you are going to be rocking on dance floor.

  1. Blue And Pink Fishtail Braids Style:

If you are young lady trying to find some luxurious prom hairstyle, then here it’s! Bright blue and pink long hair which is braided and curled into thicker fishtail braid just on crown may be your best prom hairdos. You will completely rock on special night along with this wonderful hairdo.


  1. Classic Roll And Dutch Braid:

Classic lower roll may be furnished with gorgeous thick “Dutch-braid” that covers the head. Simply by leaving “curled tendrils” on both edges, you will have a tender and delicate look.

  1. Lacy Strip With Traditional Full Bun:

What might be far better than the vintage hairdos which survived over the time? Correct, nothing! You can look phenomenal along with smooth full bun that is decorated with beautiful pins and lace strip. Such formal and polished style is merely the right one for prom night.

  1. Decoration With Twisted Loose Braid:

If you’re not the enthusiast of up hairstyles, consider this loosely twisted and tousled braid as the main option. It’s romantic and elegant-looking and also with a few gorgeous floral pins, here you will sparkle like the prom dance floor queen.

  1. Long Curled Hair:

If you’re blessed owner of the long thick locks, you do not have to get worried about your stunning prom look. However, your hair is going to look fantastic although you just make use of thick iron for curling long locks. Think about this option when you wish something simple yet never away from fashion.

  1. Rainbow Braided:

Sometimes it is quite hard to feel relaxed with longer thick hair. Therefore to avoid such discomfort just pin the hair in low braided bun with a few twisted “Dutch braid” which goes along from forehead. Well, if you would like an uncommon look of classy hairstyle, then add a few rainbow coloring for expressing your personality.

  1. Floral Twists Style:

Long hair comes up with the most beautiful and precious decoration but sometimes even simpler hairstyle looks wonderful because of the hair. Curl the long hair by using thick iron then upswept a single part of hair, then twist the locks and also use pins along with flowers for fixing the updo.

  1. Bow-Knot Hairdo:

If you wish to resemble cartoons princess of Disney at the prom ball, think about this captivating bow-knot hairstyle. The approach of making such beautiful hairdo is tricky and simple simultaneously. Start from ponytail, then divide this into 3 parts, then use pins for fixing the bun from 2 parts, finally, take a single part just to reel that bow-knot. Make use of the texturizing spray for creating hold.

  1. Blonde Twists Style:

Use this contemporary that take on the classic look for shining on the special night. Several twists which are woven within create a wonderful low updo that fit any dress style and also face shape.

  1. Vintage Classic Prom Hairstyle:

If you’re looking for some classic design, consider this lower bun with the twisted sides. This hairstyle looks elegant and polished. Leave a few wavy locks for creating a passionate look.


  1. Long Side Hair With Elegant Curls

To create anything so loose and soft you must visit the hairdresser since it is quite hard to accomplish this hairdo at house. All beauty simply hides in the loose curls which pinned on back of head. Leave a few separate freely falling lock for creating girly look and volume.

  1. Roses With Braid:

These captivating white roses which are woven in loose thick braid make an amazing prom look. This kind of breathtaking hairstyle will work as an excellent inclusion to your gown and also will be best accessories in all.

  1. Tousled Blonde Wave:

The waterfall hair that begins from 2 accent of braids making a single crown around your head. This look is rather hippie-like and casual but nevertheless is eye-catching and breathtaking.

  1. Beautiful Twists Style:

This type of prom hairstyle will work perfectly for them who own thick long hair. It appears classy and even elegant. Plus it flawlessly holds the shape all through the night thus you do not have to get worried about the frizzing out hair.

  1. Brunette Towards Purple Balayage Hairstyle:

If you’re not scared of testing with some uncommon prom hairdos, then this one may draw your attention. The violet soft curls which are falling freely on the shoulder are just complemented by feathered thick braids on crown. This one is really girly and nice prom hairdo.

  1. Crowned Curled Hair:

If you decide to put on the strapless dress, then you may be fascinated in this particular prom hairdo which contains freely falling curled thick locks that are crowned along with 2 braids. This hairdo is very simple but truly beautiful looking.

  1. Loose Bun Red:

The easiness of this specific prom hairstyle is most essential feature. Pull the hair up for making a loose thick bun on top and also do not forget that the hair must look loose and poofy for making the volume. Its decoration is created from soft pink chrysanthemums and white roses.

  1. Braided Crown With Long Curled Hair

When it involves a real hairstyle masterpiece then nothing works better than pure look of the hair. Use thick iron for making big thicker curls across the length as well as finish the “composition” with the crown created from 2 thin braids then get ready for the stylish look.

  1. Floral Tenderness Style:

This little messy hairdo having a braid which covers composition is furnished with small soft flowers. This hairdo will showcase softness of the look and your femininity.


Well, these are the well-liked prom hairstyle all over the year. These will help you to look charming and sexy. Get one of these and go wild. I hope you have liked our collection of the very best styles. If you then hit like button and don’t forget to share with your friends on social media.




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