88 Mind Blowing Phoenix Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women!

Phoenix tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoo ideas, which also holds incredible history and meaning. The Phoenix is a lovely name of a beautiful bird that has lived for 1400 years. This bird has such a beautiful mythical story that people love to tattoo is worldwide. Are you also fascinated by the beauty of this bird but not sure of what meanings it holds? If yes, you have stopped on the right page. You will find out every detail here, along with tattoo ideas, meanings, average cost, maintenance idea, and mainly photo gallery. Read more!


Phoenix is a mythical bird. According to ancient writings, it lived for 1400 years as per mythological beliefs. But it, not the only fascinating thing, the bird is believed to regenerate into a new life after combusting in flames to death. If we also look into medieval literature, we can discover Phoenix being mentioned numerous times in the Arabian desert.

People believed that a phoenix obtains a new life after it dies and rises from the ashes. People also thought that the Phoenix dies in flames through combustion and again comes back to life through the same fires. The life span of Phoenix is more than 500 years before the rebirth.


There are various stories or myths about Phoenix. The stories or legends might vary from one mythology to another. In Greek mythology, the Phoenix has a crest of a feather on the head. It is also believed to be quite similar to a rooster. Ezekiel & Herodotus have mentioned Phoenix to have red legs and yellow eyes. But Lactantius believed Phoenix to have blue eyes. There is a lot of description of this beautiful bird, but nobody can tell you which one is the real definition.

Phoenix is not just an ordinary bird as it can recycle its life. Therefore, death is not a choice for Phoenix. Thus, it originates from thousands of years ago. You can find the traces in the mythological writings. It is more attached to Christians. But with different cultures, the origin, history, and meaning differ slightly. Even the appearance is different depending upon the culture.

Phoenix comes from Greek mythology. But again, there are various representations of it in different countries. The traditional one means rebirth, making it stand unique. People have been inking phoenix tattoos from ancient time. This is believed to bring good luck and long life span with the magical bird.

Some myths & stories..

In Chinese myth, it is considered Fenghuang. The bird may be the same, but they have different values towards it. They believe it to bring virtue, grace, prosperity, and luck. In Japanese myth, it is called Hou ou and represents a new era.

The origin of Phoenix is the part of Christianity, and people with at least little belief in Christianity believe Phoenix to be a symbol of all the happiness and luck they have been missing all their life.

Getting inked was not popular back then. People tattooed as a part of torture themselves. Men who were slaves were given absolute numbers or codes with the help of tattoos. Back then, while emblem was famous for certain activities, people even tattooed Phoenix. They believed it would bring back the lost happiness of their life and increase their life span too.

People did not tattoo Phoenix to show off, or to look attractive. It was all for a holy purpose and to feel better in terms of everything. Therefore, the origin o Phoenix tattoo is quite complex as it begins from the time of Christ.

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There are plenty of meanings behind a Phoenix tattoo. It is not just a random bird that exists today and can is visible in the park or jungle. It is a mythological bird that does not live today and have an incredible history.

Phoenix is one of the most fantastic birds being able to live for 500 years, and being able to regenerate from its flames after it dies is meaningful. The meanings vary from one culture to another, one country to another, but overall it has no negative symbol and used to rely on goodness.

It is mostly believed in Greek mythology to have unusual meanings. It symbolizes rebirth. Thus, people who have lost a loved one in their life would get this tattoo to have the revival of their loved one who they have lost. This bird dies and regenerates from its ash, meaning how it jumps into a new life. Here, modern life means living behind all the negativity from your past. People who wish to quit a bad habit like smoking or who like to adopt new changes in themselves also wear this bird as a tattoo.

Phoenix tattoo is popular among the people who are shifting to a new location or are trying to believe in having a new life. It is a perfect tattoo for you if you are changing careers or welcoming new things in life. Because it has several meanings, it is trendy even today. One can see the sculptures 1000 years ago with the prints of the Phoenix, making it more common among people today to follow the same myth.

Some more meanings..

It is also a symbol of growth. One who believes they want some new energy to achieve something but find something dragging them backward also wears this bird as a tattoo to get the power to move on. There are countless meanings of this tattoo, and every sense is positive.

Especially when one wants to symbolize the new beginning of life, getting a phoenix along with the date can be a perfect idea. Moreover, one can add an inspiring quote along with the bird to make it more vibrant. There can be various colors while inking this bird to symbolize the beauty and positiveness of colors in your life. One can make it huge and flaunt it in the entire back.

You might have seen it even in some movies if you cannot imagine it from the myth or a thousand years back. Do you remember Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets? They have presented the bird quite well in there. This bird being immortal can be meaningful and can vary from illustrations of one person to another. It is all about magic and happiness that the bird can provide.


Of course, getting a colorful bird as a tattoo is better than a simpler black one. Few tattoos look better with colors and weird without them. Phoenix is something that might seem strange in the outlines and no colors. But sometimes getting unusual colors or too many colors can also make it look different and people might mistake it for peacock or something different.

If you are getting a colored phoenix, you can add red, orange, yellow, and few other like blue. If you love colors, this tattoo is perfect for you. A phoenix can again look completely different without colors. But if you don’t want to add richness, grey and black are still beautiful, to some extent.


Phoenix tattoo looks perfect in colossal size. It does not mean one cannot compress or squeeze it to a small scale, but in no small extent, the tattoo looks more incredible. Moreover, it is one of the detailed birds you can imagine. It also is worn with a lot of color options. So basically, wearing a considerable bird tattoo with multiple colors can be costly.

However, the cost of the tattoo varies from place to place. It also depends on which city you are inking at and how famous is the studio. The tattoo artist, if is well experienced, then s/he can charge even more. The tattoo price also depends on what kind of ink comes in use and what type of needle comes in use.

Most artists charge you based on per hour. Even if the tattoo price can vary with size and colors used, the price will be comparatively higher.

You need not compromise on money at this point. If you look into the studios that offer lesser charges, you might also be a victim of poor performance. Remember, a tattoo is a lifetime decision and is going to stay there forever on your skin. So, it is better to save money and wait until you can afford the best quality one so that you have no regrets.

The general price can range from $80 to $150 in case the tattoo size is average, and with a little color combination. But again, the cost can fluctuate on a broad basis depending upon the factors mentioned above.



With different cultures, the meaning also varies, and people in different cultures have different values for phoenix. The origin and myth are also varying depending upon the customs. Find out more in the following descriptions:

1. Greek mythology:  

In Greek mythology, this mythical bird is from Ethiopia. It is described as a giant bird in the form of a beautiful beast along with an awe-inspiring plumage. The phoenix lives in the nest, which is of cypress stems and sticks. But the weird thing about the nest is, it was not for living or laying eggs, but for dying. The bird generates a lot of heat by itself, sets itself on fire through the self-heat, and then lets the cypress burn. After three days, the bird hall grows back from its ashes, starts to be alive, and then lives forever.

These things are under Herodotus, who might have gotten it from Hesiod, a Greek poet. The phoenix is one of the birds capable of outliving up to nine generations of a raven, making it equal to 90000 years in total.

2. Roman Mythology

In Roman mythology, the phoenix is a prominent figure. It is a symbol of immortality and positive continuation, rising from failure, jumping into better situations. It is also there in Roman coins. Though the empire did not last long, the phoenix has been there in the belief that they would rise again.

3. Egyptian Mythology

In Egyptian mythology, phoenix relates the Nile and as well as the sun. And for Egyptians, they also mean the most significant life-giving elements in life. They also had a belief that the bird hovered around the sun with its burning flames in the never-ending tail and bringing it to rest, causing sunset.

In Egyptian mythology, the meaning of phoenix is vast. People in Egypt prayed the bird for good fortune and happiness. They prayed the bird also for longer life. Phoenix brought good news to the people, and they had a strong belief in such myth.



The ideal placement for a phoenix in your body depends on what size you want and what design you are looking for. If you are planning to ink a considerable bird that comes under recommendation, then you need to find the massive spot in your body. An entire back can be the best spot for that. Getting a phoenix in your back lets you add a long tail and open feathers, making it as if it is about to fly.

For a great design, even thighs can be the best spot. Also, you can add the tattoo on your chest, which is the right spot for men. The medium size phoenix can easily fit in your arms and even in your belly near the waistline, which can look sexy in case of women. The medium size can be perfect even in the leg below the knee.

But if you want to get a tiny one, place it in your wrist or your ankle. Getting it below your ear or even your finger will also be cold. But remember, the beauty of a phoenix is hardly visible in a tiny tattoo.

If you want to mix it with other tattoos or the tattoo you already have, you need not think about the placement. But make sure, the beauty of phoenix is well noted even in the merged tattoo.


Defining a tattoo and writing a lot about it is incomplete if you are not able to imagine it. Therefore, we make your task easier by providing you a lot of pictures to visualize and pick from. There is a great option, along with this photo gallery. You need first to find the placement, or if you are merging it to something else or anything, be sure about it first. Then, you need to get the right design. If you are making it a colored one, there are plenty of ideas to pick from. But if you can modify it on your own, that is even better, but hope it will not fail.

With these ideas below, you can decorate the phoenix with multiple choices. Either make it a flying one, give it the most extended tail, or make it a simple yet elegant one, the option is all yours. So here, find some of the best images on phoenix tattoos in the entire Internet.


From this article, you could know the meanings behind this beautiful bird that has been in mythological stories only today. Phoenix is a fictitious character with a long tail, and colorful feathers with blue eyes have this fantastic story of being able to live for 500 years and again get into new life through its ashes after burning own its own nest. Overall, a phoenix lives nine lives of a raven, making it live for 90000 years. This bird is a symbol of immortality.

People, especially Christians, wore this tattoo with a religious belief of receiving happiness and luck from this magical bird. People worldwide wear this tattoo to have a longer life, just like the phoenix. While one tries to live behind its bad habit or wants to jump into a new career, they usually get the tattoo of a bird along with the date to be more specific.

There are varieties of meanings for this mythological bird depending upon different cultures and countries. Greek, Roman & Egyptian mythologies are mainly famous. Getting this tattoo makes you connected indirectly to these imaginary cultures as well.

The cost of getting one of these tattoos varies from place to place. You can usually get the tattoo from any tattoo studio. There are plenty of choices, even from this article. The symbol looks more refreshing or surprising if you get the bigger print of it, making the tail longer and adding a lot of colors to it. After all, a pretty tattoo is pleasant to the eyes and grabs a lot of attention.

I hope you found the perfect tat that you were looking for. If you are getting the phoenix soonest, make sure you are making it worth it!

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