135 Prettiest Ocean Tattoo Ideas | Meaning, History, Type, Average Cost

Ocean tattoo is one of the tattoo ideas that provide you with infinite choices to choose from! There are plenty of things that come under the ocean. Ocean itself is a different world, just like land. The earth has 71% water, while the ocean covers the majority. The sea is different from the ground. Land and ocean are parallel, but sea occupies more space, thus more complex.

As there are infinite lives inside the ocean with countless species, aquatic plants, landscapes, and different systems, there are infinite meanings as well. The fact that sea is still a mystery to us is because, despite all the science and technology, we are unable to explore every nooks and corner of the oceans. One can claim that humans know more about the moon than about the sea. People in ancient times also believed the ocean to be endless and a forever mystery.

Because human beings, despite being curious, are not made feasible to live underwater or adapt to the ocean, but yet are trying with all the modern ideas and equipment to discover the underworld.



Ocean tattoo has several definitions. If we take it abstractly, it is something where humans find happiness. Oceans are rarely visited, and whenever someone visits a beach, s/he receives all the peace and comfort. But the sea has never been a super important factor in the lives of human beings. Its beauty and mystery somehow attract human beings.

But there are plenty of water babies around us; you might be one of them too. For the water babies, the ocean is the second home. No matter how far the shore is from you, you shall find a way to be there. If it has been long that you have not been in the ocean, you feel nasty and lonely. It is not just the water that attracts you. If it was just the water to swim, one could always go to the nearest swimming pool. But oceans hold a lot more than just the water to swim. It has its own life and beauty that nothing can replace.

Sounds familiar to you?

A person who has no idea about the ocean, or who lives in a landlocked country, or who is scared of water or has hydrophobia, might not be able to relate with the article. But the people whose second home is the ocean, or who spend a lot of time in it like sailor, surfer, diver, or merely a swimmer, you shall be relating a lot here.

Ocean tattoo defines the blue color that has made the earth blue. The symbol is more about blue color, then waves and weird landscapes. It represents aquatic plants, aquatic animals, then there are mysterious hidden things about the ocean. It defines mermaids and all the beautiful tales relating sea.


Ocean tattoo, as already mentioned, can be of infinite types. The colors inside an ocean are so vibrant and can attract anyone. There are several options and also sizes to wear ocean tattoos with more elegance and beauty. But are they just a source of lust? Are these ocean tattoos worn solely for their beauty? The answer is no. As infinite choices, there are infinite meanings to the ocean tattoos.


An ocean tattoo is a symbol of mystery because of the least information about the ocean. There might be more than thousands of animals and plants that are mysterious. Moreover, an ocean tattoo can also symbolize infinitely. As the ocean itself is infinite, any tattoo about it can resemble it. It can also mean everlasting love for a special one. Because a sea is infinitely deep, meaning your infinite love for the special one.

These days people or social activists wear ocean tattoo to symbolize their love for the ocean itself. As the sea is getting impure or polluted every day, it has become the dumping site for every household or industrial waste. Thus, the tattoo reflects awareness. Many species inside the ocean are extinct already, and the number is increasing every year! Thus, for recognition as well, the ocean tattoos are inked.

A beautiful tattoo of a wave indicates your support to the ocean. Ocean tattoos also mean mystery and freedom. Sea beaches or sea animals and even mermaids are popular tattoo ideas when talking about ocean tattoos. They are popular because they look pretty on someone. Wave indicates continuity. No matter what, the waves do not stop, just like human life. It inspires one to adapt to any terror and not stop doing things to keep your life moving. Streams are the unstoppable force of nature that continues despite any obstacles it faces.

Beach tattoos..

..remind you of fresh salty air. People wear it as a souvenir of the sea. People, who are fond of spending time sunbathing on the beach, love to tattoo beach. Beaches remind you all about fresh air and sand over your skin, tanning, salty skin, and sandy feet. The multi-color hues are famous as they have this amazing ability to fill your life with their bright colors.

Most of the people who get sea animals inked also add a little rainbow or heart and even stars along with the tattoo to match the beauty of the sea creatures. You do not get to see the sea creatures often, but getting them tattooed makes you closer to the ocean in an instant.

Ocean tattoo represents deep love, ambition, success, joy, happiness, summer, tan, positiveness, calmness, that specific sound, patience, and everything good. It reminds you of only happy times.

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The depth of an ocean is similar to our extent of the imagination. How deep is it? You never know. A sea is a human mind, it has no boundaries, and no one judges it, but give their opinions. People are thankful to the ocean for all the peace and happiness it provides. Therefore, people mainly get a tattoo of a beach as a tribute or love towards it.

There are beautiful corals that come in hundreds of different shades that are all unique and can dance along the contours of the upper arm’s strong muscles. There are plenty of chances to encounter a new species every time you go to the ocean. The swimming fish, the jellyfish, tortoise, dolphins, whales, sharks, and every little creature inside the sea have their importance and value. Every part of the ocean fascinates one.

Any confusion?

You might be wondering which sea creature to make a tattoo of, as many ocean creatures might fascinate you. Sometimes you can resemble your personality to the sea creature. Sometimes you randomly get a sea creature tattoo depending upon what might look prettiest on you. If you have an aggressive nature, or you are healthy, or you have overcome some significant failure in your life, a shark can be the best. If you are friendly, you like the company of everyone, and you are happy mostly, a dolphin tattoo can be the best idea. Similarly, if you want to represent simply an ocean, you can get a blue whale tattooed as it is the king of the sea.

You can also ask the tattoo artist to find you the perfect one depending upon what you want to tattoo. So, this is how you get out of the confusion. But the most significant meaning of any ocean tattoo merely is getting the feeling of being near it despite being far in reality.


Every beach is different from another. People also get specific beach tattoos with something unique about it. You can also add the location through coordinate points to remind you of your favorite vacation moments. Even a tide can be of different types, either a still one, a stormy one, or one that has been modified or merged with other stuff.

Sometimes beaches also connect the beauty of the astrological signs like those with water element zodiac as Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. Some famous Hawaiian and Maorian heritages are also some popular beach tattoos that globally recognized.

There are also several emotions connected with ocean tattoos. It can be a symbol of success, standing up from failure, achieved something great in life, dreams that are yet to make, and so on.


There are several choices when it comes to getting or picking up among ocean tattoos. But most people seem to wear the same kind of symbols. There are some specific reasons why they pick it or why it has become so common. Find out about them below:


Wave is one of the most common ocean tattoos. It is every commoner’s choice when it comes to picking an ocean tattoo. You need not have to be a surfer or a cool guy who hangs out in the ocean every time or lives with the waves to get a wave tattoo. It is one of the breathtaking symbol that deserves to shine on every man’s skin. They are easier to draw, simple yet elegant, cheaper to get, and still are classy. Despite all these advantages, they are also holding immense power of the ocean. You can add a blue hue to make it more realistic. But a simple curvy line will also give you that wavy feeling! With this note, the wave is the most common yet powerful ocean tattoo.

Ocean Plant Life:

There are numerous plants inside the ocean. They are of more than thousands of species. And still, more are yet to be discovered. There is a vast difference between a land plant and an ocean plant. They are so bright and colorful, with different patterns and types that you will be fascinated with the choices. Most of them also resemble some unique structures. They have unusual shapes and can amaze anyone outside the ocean. Thus, people also wear aquatic plants as their ocean tattoo.

Ocean Animals:

There are countless species of animals inside the ocean with infinite features. Most of them are still not discovered, while the discovered ones are already fascinating. They are the most famous totems for people of all age groups. People ink sea creatures tattoos as a symbol of love towards the ocean. Sharks, dolphins, whale, turtle, jellyfish, crab, etc. are the most common ocean animals when it comes to tattooing. Adding them with different sizes, colors, 3D design, postures, etc. add life to the tattoos. One can get confused about picking the perfect sea creature for a symbol. In that case, you can always try to reflect your personality through it. The one that matches the most can be the perfect one for you.

Ocean Landscape:

There are unbelievable landscapes in the oceans. These landscapes can blow your mind. They are completely different in comparison to the ones we see outside the sea. It is because the water continuously brings changes in the landscape and forms unique designs in them. These five oceans in the world hold deepest secrets, but some have come out as the strangest landscapes. They also have the most beautiful view and therefore chosen widely as one of the tattoo ideas. You can add some water, aquatic animals, and plants along with the landscape and draw a mini ocean in your skin.


Mermaids are characters in the fairy tales. They are inside the storybooks of the kids. Mermaids are mythical creatures that might not exist or are not yet discovered but are fascinated by everyone. Even the youths and adults become a little person when they hear about mermaids. Mermaids remind anyone of their childhood. They represent how a human has connections with the ocean despite parallel lives. People are going crazy about mermaids when it comes to tattooing ocean. Most people can relate themselves with mermaids who are fond of spending time in the seas. Therefore, get a mermaid tattoo. Even men can get the merman tattoo if they do not want to get a mermaid in the form of a tattoo. But mermaids or mermen bring a little child inside of you, and they are common ocean tattoo ideas.

Average Cost of Ocean Tattoo:

There are no such fixed values for the average cost of the ocean tattoo. It is because of the following reasons:

  1. Firstly there are infinite types of ocean tattoos, so you need to be more specific about the symbol to know its average cost.
  2. The size matters a lot. Even if you are getting the pure wave, but the size is enormous, the cost will be a lot as well.
  3. Moreover, it depends on the variations that you add. What kind of tattoo are you looking for? Combining different colors can increase the price too. Making it a 3D can cost double the regular price.
  4. It also depends on which city you are getting the tattoo done. If the place is trendy or if there are lots of excellent feedback in that place, there can be specific extra cost without any reasons.
  5. Some artists charge you on an hourly basis. If the time is more, the cost will be more and vice versa.
  6. It also depends on what kind of needle comes into use. Even the ink determines the price.
  7. The last one is experience. The newbies or fresher artists will take the less cost for even the bigger tattoos because they lack customers, and this is their strategy. But if the artist is well experienced, people shall pay any money to get the tattoo inked.

If the tattoo is not that big, then it won’t exceed $50 to $80 average cost. But again, there are a lot of criteria mentioned above to discuss the price.

Photo Gallery | Ocean Tattoos

This section consists of an ample amount of pictures with enormous types of ocean tattoos. You might already know about their meanings and examples, but anyways nothing speaks better than movies, right? So go through all of these and choose a perfect one for yourself!

Do not forget that you are the one who defines what tattoo you are wearing. It does not necessarily have to have the same meaning for every person. It depends on what incidents or memories you have, what kind of tribute you want to present, who you would like to remember through the tattoo, or what kind of closeness you have with the ocean.

Go through the pictures and find the best one along with the best spot, either just a hidden one for yourself or to flaunt it to everyone!

Made it to the end of the page? Hope you found the perfect tattoo that you were looking for. Are you satisfied with the article? If yes, recommend it to your friends and loved ones. Enjoy the beauty of ocean tattoos and add one to your list. Life is too short to think a lot for something small like an ocean tattoo. You should make an effort now! Just get it!

Thank you for your precious time. Leave your feedback.

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