45 Napkin Folding Ideas: The How-to and Everything you need to know

Whether you are planning to host guests at a function or a restaurant owner looking for the perfect table setting, proper napkin folding can make all the difference. Take for instance you walk into a restaurant with all napkins adequately folded. What crosses your mind at that instance? Hopefully, there will be no doubt the place is hygienic, right? That is how it is. You can also bring the same thing into your indoor or outdoor dining table settings to project a beautiful picture about you. But before talking about how to fold a napkin, let’s find out the importance of this action and other things one needs to know about napkin folding.Napkin Folding ideas

Must-Know Napkin Folding Principles 

These napkin folding principles apply to every situation or settings. The first step is to get a napkin (square shaped) either paper or linen material, and any size or type would do. Once you have it, fold in half and then again until you can come up with another square. With just these two movements, you have succeeded in folding your napkin. But have in mind that most, not all napkin folding begin this way. The great thing is that paper napkins come with these two stages of folding completed. So if you are using the paper napkin, you may not have to worry about these stages.

You can also create napkin fold that is entirely your idea. These folds can be simple or elaborate, depending on what you intend building. Napkin folding isn’t that difficult. The only challenge is coming up with something that is more creative and appealing. A design or folding you can boldly name your own.

Ask yourself what the reason for creating or coming up with an eye-catching napkin fold is? The primary reason for this is to enhance the presentation of your dining table, whether you are running a restaurant or inviting some guests over. You can use the napkin to create a more harmonious and inviting atmosphere that would inspire and lighten up your guests’ mood. Serve your dining room with the appropriate size and style of folded napkins.napkin foldingvia

You also need to choose the right color that blends with the painting and décor of the room. As little as they are, napkin colors can have a massive impact on your dining room regarding design and appeal. You can also choose your napkin design based on the ceiling height or based on the external view. Talking about the external environment, it would be ideal if guests can see the outside of your home or restaurant while on the dining table.

About ceiling height and external views, here is what you need to know.

In rooms with relatively high ceilings, a high standing napkin will be an ideal option. And if the view of the external environment while seated in the dining room is one to behold with evergreen trees and other natural endowments, a napkin that conflicts with these views would not be appropriate. You might not observe this in an event with thousands of guests in attendance. But this is very important in a typical restaurant setting where uniformity in all tables is a wise step to help beautify the restaurant.

Individuals whose dining table and room setting is the avant-garde kind of style can opt for a plain napkin. The plain napkin will complement the room’s modern look, thus making it more appealing. But in a retro style of dining room setting, a more elaborate fold will make sense.


Consider the accessories on the table before folding the napkins. The dining table top would also play a huge role in determining napkin style to choose. If the top of the table comprises glass or polished veneer table surface, choose your design carefully. If there is a beautiful table cover on the table top, choose a napkin color that blends well with it. It does not necessarily have to be of the same color.

Placing a napkin in a glass is also a unique idea with incredible visual effect. It enhances dining area any time of the day. You will find such napkin folding styles in wedding reception venues, and high profile events in which emphasis on creating a beautiful setting is high. But have in mind that these styles and configurations do not have anything to do with the ceiling. So ignore the ceiling height. They are ideal in venues where the guests are meant to seat in a roundtable. But have in mind that the table must have enough space for refreshments and other items before considering placing your napkins. You can opt for bigger dining tables when planning the event to make room for your napkins. Small tables might not be ideal for such design ideas.

Most individuals opt for a napkin in a narrow and long table. A round dining table might be ideal if you intend to place your napkins in glasses. There would be more space for other items as guests can also help themselves to move the glasses to the middle when the need arises.

There is also a minor challenge with folded napkins in glasses. It is not proper to have taller napkins in glasses on most occasions, as this will obstruct people from seeing other decorative items placed in the middle of the table like candles, flowers, and cards. But the choice of the event planner and host matters a lot. Other factors that can influence this decision are the venue location, the event in question, glass shape and the preferred style the individual wants.

Napkin Uses And Reasons They Are So Important

Dinner napkin is an essential tool you should never toil with for obvious reasons. Although we sometimes do without one, they are crucial because you can accidentally mess yourself up while eating. That said if you think opting for a dinner napkin is not needed, then this post will cause you to have a change of heart.

  1. Send a signal that you are ready to start eating

It is absurd, but most guests cannot figure out when to start eating without notification. Most of them feel beginning before their host make them desperate, so it would be wise to send a signal that you are ready to fist on the meal by merely placing your napkin on your lap. Once your guest sees you doing this, he or she will do the same thing even without you giving the nod.

  1. For prevent crumbs from causing stains

Stains can be very irritating especially when you are already dressed up to go out after a meal. You may not have seen the importance of having a napkin placed on your laps until you accidentally drop or spill something towards that direction. It would prevent stains that can cause you to spend more time to either wash or changing your outfit.

  1. For mouth wiping during and after eating

Crumbs, most times, are left on the side of our mouth after eating. But you could gently wipe them off if you have a napkin on the dining table. You need to wipe gently to avoid causing the crumbs to jump onto the dining table or what you are wearing. Use the inside of the napkin’s top layer to clean gently and not the middle.

  1. Signifies end of a meal

Whether at a restaurant or home, placing a loose napkin on the left side of the dining table shows that you are done eating and ready to leave. It is a calm way to alert the waiting staff without making any noise that would distract other guests. You can also use the same process at home to inform your guests that you are done eating. They will also do the same thing without you asking them.

  1. Help with sneezes and coughs

The loud noise people produce while coughing or sneezing can be very embarrassing. That is one of the reasons having a napkin on the dining table is a wise step. When sneezing, use the napkin to cover your mouth to prevent germs from spreading. It is a good thing to do whether you are in a public place or dining with your family at home.

Napkin Folds

How To Fold Napkins: The Easy Folds Any Novice Can Do

Maybe you wish to impress few guests that are coming over to spend the weekend in your house. Or you want your event to be unforgettable by providing the most elegant design on each table with napkins. You can achieve all with the perfect napkin folding.

Most of us are used to the square or rectangular pattern of napkin folding. This year, do something different to make people adore your creativity. Below are simple napkin folding styles you can do even if you are a novice. They are also simple to master.

But before you begin, try to iron or even starch the fabric lightly to make the napkin more rigid. Another thing is to consider the material of the napkin. Have in mind that cotton and linen are one of the simplest.Napkin Folds

  1. The Cone Napkin Folding Style

The cone shape napkin fold is simple. The first thing to do once you have your napkin ironed out is to place it flat on a platform and ensure the front is facing downward. Fold in half and gently turn the open end of the napkin away from your body. Now fold into quarters and turn in a way that the open end faces the other direction. That is away from your body. You now need to fold the upper layer forward and press it down gently, ensuring that it is as flat as possible.

At this point, turn it over and fold the napkin’s left-hand side to about 2/3 of the way. Once you have the left side folded to this point, do the same thing to the right side, so it becomes equal. Now tuck each of the corners into the flap you see on the left-hand side of the napkin. Flip it over to get the cone shape formed entirely. You can enhance the beauty of this napkin folding style with a flower or anything you wish.

  1. The Flatware Pocket Napkin Folding

The idea behind this design is to create a form of pocket to place flatware. These dinner table settings always turn out to be classic when done correctly.

The process for this flatware pocket is almost the same as the cone. Here you need to place your napkin in a flat position and ensure the front side faces down. Fold it in half and gently turn the open end of the napkin towards your direction. Fold again into quarters and then turn, so that you can have the open corner face the other direction and to the left. Now fold the upper layer carefully into half in diagonal and press down.

Once you have completed the steps above, flip over to have the open corner facing the right side. You then need to fold the right side to about one third and press down gently. Then work on the left side as well. Fold it to about one third and press down. Once done, flip it over and get your flatware into position.

Reason To Have Cloth Napkins On Your Dining Table

Besides the beauty that cloth napkins add to a dining table, there are other reasons you should have them.

  1. For lining baskets for utensils, bread, and trays. Also, napkins help to protect the dining table especially when you place hot dishes brought straight from the oven on it. They can also help protect your hands when touching or lifting hot objects.
  1. Restaurants use cloth napkins to enhance the mood of their customers that come to dine. Seeing beautiful and colorful napkins placed on the table alone can uplift one’s spirit and feelings.
  1. Napkins help to prevent crumbs or food particles from causing stains. It is difficult to dine with your outing clothes on without a napkin.
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