74 Magnificent Name Tattoo Ideas That Matches Your Personality!

What is a Name Tattoo?

Name tattoo is a simple tattoo that has a name in it. A name is mostly of the person who is getting it inked. It should not always be of your name though, people also ink the name of their lovers, children, father, mother, etc. It is a way of giving a tribute to the person who means a lot in your life.

Name tattoo holds a great meaning. Sometimes it differs from person to person, but for all it has something that is attached to their souls. Some people just do it because they like their name and feel like inking it. Some also take is as a trend and tattoo their names.

Name tattoo just doesn’t need to have a name. Sometimes it can be just an alphabet as well. You can also add other decorations along with the name. Sometimes you can use some meaningful symbol in it, to give more meaning to your tattoo.

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Popularity of Name Tattoo!

The name tattoos are popular among teens who are wondering what to tattoo. Teens, with the excitement of getting their first tattoo, ink their name, or name of their lover or mother, which has less of the meaning and more of drama.

While celebrities also ink name tattoos making it more sensational among the teens. Stars with tattoos are considered cool; that’s why to make the body with more tattoos they ink names, be it be theirs or somebody else’s.

Among teens or kids, it is a matter of bravery and shows off. Because with inking comes to a lot of pain, it is considered an act of courage. Therefore, most of the people have their first tattoo as name tattoos.

While in some parts of the world, tattooing is still considered taboo. The person who has tattoos is looked differently. The drug consumers as supposed by everyone tattoo themselves, which has put a bad impact on old people. Therefore, teens who are not allowed to tattoo themselves do it in the spot hidden from their parents.

Origin of Name Tattoo!

The origin of the name tattoo begins from the time when people started first inking themselves. Even before that, name tags were given to the prisoners, along with some symbol numbers, to identify them. Name tattoos helped them to give their identity. Though this practice sounds horrible, it was popular until slavery has vanished.

In some cultures, inking a name tattoo was a part of the ritual. Notably, women who were recently married got inked with the name of their husband. Not just women, in some cases, even men did that. It was a symbol for women to be their husband’s forever.

Later, women also started adding some flowers, hearts, meaningful symbols, dots, shapes, etc. along with their husbands. It brought a new chapter in name tattoos.

Afterward, name tattoos became one of the trends. No one has to be married to get one. They would ink their names and enjoy doing that. The method of inking was a bit rough. The old way of inking can scare the latest generation. The raw needles and some burnt stone could ink anything.

Some would also get infected because of the improper process. Still, name tattoos became the popular thing to do even a few centuries back. Today they were giving hope for the best methods with sterilized needles to ink on.

Why Name Tattoo?

One likes to have the self-name tattooed when one has a more profound love for their own name. If your name has a lot of meaning, or your name is inherited from your grand parent’s name, or if your title has some peculiar sense or reason, you like to ink it. It doesn’t mean that getting a self-name tattooed is silly, because, for the bearer, it can have vast meaning, while for the onlooker, it doesn’t matter whatever the prediction comes.

The typical tattoo specimens are the names of the fiance, spouse, sibling, mother, father, child, grandfather, grandmother, etc. It always doesn’t have to be the name of someone associated with your family. Most of the people also tattoo the name of their best friends, and in return, the same the best friend also does. Along with the title, one can add the year when the friendship started; this adds more meaning.

The most common name tattoo involves a lover. If you want to ink the name of your spouse, that is amazing. But if you want the ink name of your lover, who you haven’t married yet, it can get you into trouble. What if you two separate? Or, due to some reason, what if you do not continue the relationship? In such cases, the tattoo will be holding the bitter memories, and it will be unpleasant for the bearer.
In such cases, one can erase it or modify it. But if you want to tattoo something, you should always look at the future and then make decisions.

Beauty of Name Tattoo!

Once you get a name tattoo inked, get ready for several questions from everyone who sees it for the first time. If you do not like to share any secrets regarding the name of the tattoo, better get it done in the hidden body parts. But if it reminds you of the person who gives you pleasant feelings, you should enjoy it whenever anyone asks you about the name and the story behind.

It has to be a universal habit of a person. Even if you are meeting a person for the first time on a bus or plane, or maybe in a football stadium, they do not have to know you, but if they see your tattoo with a name, they will surely ask about it.

It is the beauty of a name tattoo. People will find ways to talk about it. It is a conversation starter. But if you do not like being asked about it, make sure you do not let it be visible openly.

Else you can cover it up with some other things and just not making the name clear enough to be readable. Moreover, you can use another language to write the name. The name tattoos in Sanskrit, Chinese, Japanese, etc. look cool and are non-readable by everyone as well.

A lot of people use this technique. It allows them to have the name of their favorite person without making anyone know what it is. Even you can write the name with reverse style or mirror style. It is also one of the popular methods of inking it without other people realizing the meaning, which will keep you away from all the fuss. 

Name Tattoo | Body Positioning

The name tattoos can be inked anywhere in the body. It depends on you. If you want to keep it hidden from everyone, make it in upper arms, or belly, or upper thighs. You can also make it small for people not to notice it. If you always want to view it, you can make it in the wrist or arms. You can also choose the spot which is more meaningful to you. If it is the name of the baby, you can ink it in the belly; if it is the spouse’s name, you can ink it in the chest.


The arm is the most popular place to ink the name because it is visible to everyone, and you cal also see it anytime. There are various spots even in the arm, like wrist, around the elbow, above the elbow, below shoulder, etc. The size of the name can also determine which spot would look better. If you want to have a larger scale, with big fonts, the wrist is not the right spot.



Chest is the spot which is best for inking name of your lover. You can add other decorations like little hearts to make it more beautiful and meaningful.


You can ink a name tattoo on your shoulder. This will have a huge place for the entire name and even for some decorations if you wish to have. With name tat in shoulder, it will look vibrant and exotic, and more masculine. Men with big biceps or triceps like to ink name tattoos in their shoulders. They look cool this way.


Adding name tattoos in the back will make it nicer. Because, back has a lot of space, and you do not need to compromise your tattoo for lack of space. When we talk about back, it can be anywhere. It can be right below your neck, near shoulders, below shoulder blades, spinal area, sides of belly, above waist, etc.


Somehow, wrist is a perfect spot for name tattoos. This is because wrist has small area to fit a tattoo. When you wish to see a tattoo all the time, ink it in your wrist and get its view always. Go creative and even add small decoratives around or near the name tattoo.

Below Ear

Small tattoos look amazing below ear. It is visible all the time, unless you have long hair. This spot is somehow the best spot. And, for small names, it will be amazing. The name can be inked vertically as shown in the image below. This will get the attention of a lot of people.


Fingers are perfect to get alphabets tattooed. You can just tattoo the first letter of the name of the person who you wish to tattoo. This is also one of the popular ideas. You can let everyone wonder who that alphabet belongs to. You can make people think a lot for that. One can also ink the first alphabet of their self name.


People seldom put name tattoos in their legs. It kind of feels dishonored or disrespectful. Because legs are not considered good spot to dedicate any tattoo to someone. But the theories vary form people to people. Therefore, even legs can have name tattoos. It is up to you. You can always break the stereotype and adapt new thing if it makes you happy!

Some Name Tattoos Gallery!

There are plenty of other ideas when it comes to name tattoos. Go through each of them and grab some ideas for the one you are about to have. Because, you don’t have to imitate but just find a proper modification.


Name Tattoo With Decorations!

You can be creative. Your name tattoo doesn’t have to have regular letters while you can add up a plenty of decorations. If it is your baby’s name you can make it something like this.

If you are inking the name of your fiance or spouse, you can ink it in the chest right at the heart. You can add either rose or hearts or anything that resembles or signifies love. This way you not just keep her in your memories forever, but in a sweetly decorated memory as well.


If you want to ink the name of your friend or a best friend’s name in your body, you can add some symbols alone, that will also signify friendship. For example you can add infinity symbol that will indicate never ending or forever lasting meaning. You can also add feather that will indicate the delicacy and sensitiveness of your friendship.

You can always add flower to your name tattoo! Seriously, flowers look good with anything. Specially when you are inking name of a girl, flower looks amazing. This also shows some feminine character and sensitiveness of the person. Flowers are delicate, beautiful, colorful, thus resembling the person whose name you are about to ink.

Amazing Fonts!

Fonts also put a huge impact when it comes to inking name tattoos. The gothic fonts resemble wildness, roughness, while italic would resemble cuteness, softness. Every font has its own story. Be wise while choosing a font and do not make it a boring one.

Some people go beyond the imaginations and create blunder tattoos. They might like it at that age, but in few years they are going to regret it and feel sorry about tattooing it in few years back. If you really wish to tattoo someone’s name in your body, you need to make a good choice with decorations.

Don’t use random meaningless decorations like a kid. Though it is your body, and tattoo modifications are solely your choice. But, think for a long time run, you need to act like an adult. You might regret some decisions later on, and on the top still will be your decision of getting some random thing tattooed.

Therefore, make a proper research on what you exactly want, go through all the pros and cons, find out the best inking store and make sure you get inked form the professional or experienced person. And, also ask the same question several times to yourself, do you really want to ink this thing and will you not regret later on? If you get a positive answer, then only ink it. This way you keep yourself away from all the regrets that you might face due to some rush decisions.

Originally inking names for identification, to symbolize strength later on, then to fight against the taboo, and finally to symbolizing it as love and affection, a true dedication, the meaning behind the name tattoos have been varying from the centuries. But, as it has been into existence from our ancestral time, we need to continue it.

The only disadvantage of getting tattoo is, it is a permanent thing. If there is heart broken, one has to erase the name. This can create a mess. If the tattoo is not inked properly with good needle and a professional tattoo master, there can be other skin infections. It can lead to diseases like cancer. Therefore, specially teens should be under proper supervision.

One should never take tattooing as a fun thing. Because, it surely is not a fun thing. When you feel like tattooing, make sure there are a plenty of reasons behind. And, when it is a name tattoo, you need to think twice. This can be a blunder in some years, so you can already assume some things and work accordingly.

In this way, everyone has to get a name tattoo once because of the pleasant remembrance of the meaning behind the name will last forever, letting us recall the memories of the loved person. Getting a name tattoo together with a spouse or a friend will make you be each other forever! To collect good memories, get names tattoos!

If you made it to the end of the page, you liked this sort of name tattoos. Are you planning to get one soon? You can share your tattoo and its source among us so that it will be useful for others. With all this information, you will have a good one! Get one today!

Thank you for reading the article. Have a nice time.

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