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A music tattoo fits quite well on a music lover. If you are one of the music lovers, you might be also looking for some amazing music tattoo ideas that will go well with your personality. You know, music tattoos are one of the most popular ones when it comes to tattooing. Music brings a lot of inspiration to a lot of lives! If it is the part of a career, some people devote their entire life to music. It not even have to be a career, a music lover always finds out time for music no matter how busy the life is.

Tattoo is something that reminds you how valuable something is for you. Or may be simply because you want to express your love for something. Therefore, most of the music lovers specially, singers, artists, musicians, band members, etc. wear music tattoos. As music is universal, there is no hatred or negativity about it anywhere in the world like with other symbolic tattoos.

There are certain things in common with all the music tattoo holders. It is either the passion about music, or the connection with music that is unusual. The tattoos of music are either the music notes, symbols, lyrics, sometimes also the picture of the singers or artists. The tattoo represents tribute in some case. People also tattoo simply a musical instrument like piano or flute or guitar to express their love toward it. Well, getting a music tattoo can never be a wrong idea! music tattoos

It not just represent a symbol or picture, there are certain meanings behind each of them, which we usually do not know or consider. But with finding their meanings, it becomes more precious.

Meaning behind a Music Tattoo:

If we categorize the music tattoos, we have notes. The musical notes are often part of huge tattoos, somewhere in between. Either be a musical piece or in form of symbols, they are easy to be aligned along with any tattoos. These notes are the source of inspiration on music. It reflects a journey of a musician. Some people tattoo the first note they learn, as a beautiful remembrance. Moreover, the notes are well known by everyone and speaks a common language even for the non-musicians, thus, it is for every ordinary person out there.

The flexibility of musical symbol or note fits well with any tattoos like flowers, hearts, or stars, making it more common among the people. There is a touch of music in everything. Music makes everything interesting let alone life. Thus, music means start of a fresh day, reflects poetry in everything, and can become the source of motivation or good vibes for many people.

However, there are tons of meanings behind the music tattoos and there are plenty of ideas as well to music tattoo. But the meaning can vary from one person to another. It solely depends on what purpose you are inking it. The value varies obviously depending on how passionate you are towards music.

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Some people ink it just to look cool or flaunt it in front of other people. Well, this is not bad either. You have right to do anything you want to your body. But some people ink with for the greatest values they believe in. The meaning of a music tattoo thus, can be modified depending on what person is wearing it.

Generally, the meaning can be like healing power, positiveness, positive vibes, positive energy, goodness, calmness, sensitivity, flow, and everything that one believe can be received with music!

Types of Music Tattoo:

As mentioned already, there are plenty of choices one can have when one decides to ink something relating music. Well, it is like picking a random fish from the ocean. You will be fascinated to find out how infinite numbers of choices there can be. They are basically categorized into three types in this article. The type does not end here though. Find out more below:

Music Notes Tattoo

Music notes shall define your love for certain kind of music either be classical or hiphop or even country. The best thing is, it can be of any size and fits perfectly with any other tattoo. It is also one of the most common thing that comes in mind when generally someone talk about music tattoo. You need not limit it with a single note, you can instead add entire line in it. As the possibilities or choices are infinite, you can be creative or simply add the existing A G-clef, an F-clef, a full note, double note, or a half-note, etc.

Musical Instrument Tattoo

Musical instruments are the best choices when it comes to pick from the longest list of music tattoo. Musicians are mostly the ones getting them usually. If you are guitar player or a bass player or a violin player you get the respective instrument tattoo inked. They are sometimes inked as a dream instrument for some people who want to learn it but have no time to learn or some people who have it in their wish-list to learn it in future. There are again tremendous choices like even violin or bagpipes or flute! Wearing a musical instrument tattoo is sometimes an identity of a person. It shall reflect how someone is involved in playing that instrument. Somehow, it becomes part of the personality.

Lyrical Music Tattoo

You know what connects you the most with the music beats? It is the lyrics. Lyrics are not just collection of some rhyming words but are so deep sometimes that stays forever in your mind. Some songs are so connected to us or our lives, it is because you can feel the lyrics or know you are part of it somehow. In such cases, inking few lines or something in the form of quotes, or adding the name of title of song or simply the singer or musician who involves in the music creation can be a good way to express your love.

Preparation Tips or Procedure for Getting a Music Tattoo!

Well, it is almost same with any kind of tattoo that you are planning to get. It not only has to be a music tattoo. If you are sneaking in with zero intentions of getting a music tattoo, then still this section might be useful for any other kind of tat you wishing to get on.

Find yourself the best parlor okay? You forget about the price for instant! Because tattoos are once in a life thing (unless you have strong obsession for it). So, basically do not compromise on price. It is obvious to not wasting any extra penny if they are charging you unnecessary, but do not go down below the line.

You are supposed to avoid alcohol a day before in the evening specially. The reason is alcohol can thin the blood that will add double the pain while the needles are over you skin! It is not like you randomly walk and get a tattoo inked, it is a whole of procedure, following certain precaution and rules.

Make sure you have enough sleep a day before the grand day. If you are tired or exhausted, that will again make the pain double. Energized body will be able to handle the pain quite well. That’s the formula.

The aftermaths can be tricky and complex. Getting a tattoo is fun and games, but taking care of a fresh wound, saving it from all kinds of infections, and avoiding unnecessary visits can be troublesome. But it has to start with ease, therefore, prepare yourself with. You are not going to theater, but to a tattoo studio, where you skin will be hurt, of course there will be infinite needle battle over your skin, prepare your mind and body. Well, there is no going halfway, so be prepared.

Ideal Placement of a Music Tat:

This might not be completely true, but getting a nice choice of tattoo is not where the search ends, one has to also find out the ideal placement for the selected choice of tattoo. Well, music tattoo is something that defines your personality. It should not be a hidden tattoo. You can flaunt it in the arms or legs or shoulders or neck, anywhere it is visible.

If the tattoo is simply  a symbol or note, it won’t require much space, thus, wrist or ankle can be the perfect spots. If it really is petite you can add behind the ear too. Sometimes, the place in your body can also determine different meaning to the same tattoo. Sometimes a flawless tattoo can be useful when placed in the wrong spot in bod. Thus, you will have to think really hard about the place in your body that will fit well to the choice of your tattoo.

Average Service Cost | Standard Prices | Music Tattoo

This again is a general topic of discussion. Getting a tattoo inked will require cost depending upon the type of ink, instrument or needle, experience of the tattoo artist, popularity of the tattoo studio and mainly the size of the tattoo you want to ink. Some studios charge on the basis of time required to ink the tattoo. Moreover, if you tattoo outside your hometown, the price will obviously fluctuate. Thus, there are various factors that will determine the cost of the tattoo.

The price can fluctuate in a range of $100 to $500, which does not have to be true where you live or some different part of the world.

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Because, words are not enough. Find out the perfect ones yourself! Happy tattooing.

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