55 Devastating Lion Tattoo Designs For Revealing A Powerful Look!


Lions are the majestic creatures that represent power, ferocity, confidence, and dominion. This representation gets lively appeal in a lion tattoo. The picture of lions additionally conveys wisdom, strength, protection, and bravery.

In ancient times, the lion tattoos represented authority of the leaders and valor of the fierce warriors.

From Egypt and Africa to China and also other parts of the continent of Asia, all over lion tattoos are used for many centuries as the symbols of royalty and supreme power.

If you have been planning on getting the tattoo which portrays your wild nature and strong character, then “lion-tattoo” is a superb choice.

Think about the pursuing collection of creative lion tattoos for getting amazing ideas about design. Whether you desire an attention-catching tattoo or even simplistic expression, there is surely something to pique the interest. Here’s a video for you!

Meaning Of Lion Tattoos!

Lion tattoo signifies power and authority. People who pick this particular noble animal as their tattoo might have various explanations of exactly what the tattoo means.

Usually, lion is an incredible creature that tends to make pretty nice tattoo designs. The nature of a lion supposes its own characteristic qualities. Since lion is extremely beautiful, he’s also dangerous. Throughout, traditional stories and fairy tales, all animals of jungle fear lion.

We found lion’s foot in numerous cultures whereby he was famous for his wisdom and intrepid side, courage and also for his strength. Wearing a lion tattoo will be an approach of appropriating a few of characteristics of the animal that is also symbol of specific royal families. However, the following characteristics represent a lion.

A Tattoo Which Symbolizes Personal Power!

Actually, lions have been considered as representatives of strength and power. Let’s remember that, since we have now said, we look at them as kings of forest, that’s the strongest authority inside their environment; which is why, within cultures like the Hindu or African, these felines are part of artistic expressions and iconography. They were regarded as greatest exponents in of nature as well as, were capable to protect buildings, cities etc.

This is likewise the cause why, since the ancient times, lion was additionally a symbol which was related to more privileged groups of society, as if they were strongest animals in their environment, and also these individuals were in their custody.

If you plan to get lion tattoo then you should learn that it may also reveal personal power, that’s you don’t have to be speaking about material power or economic, but your worth as the human being. It’s an approach of implying that you’re your own “king” and also you have strength, courage and necessary power for living life just as you truly want.

Historical Significance!

Similar to the many flower tattoos, the lion tats are additionally being related to many cultures in entire world. All these tats have great importance to ancient people throughout the Africa, India, China, Japan, and Middle East. In fact, the lions are usually starred on a few mythology and folklore tale from such places. Lion is regarded as “King of the Kings” and also “King of Jungle”, that is why it’s representing royal blood persons or people who belong to elite society.

For showing the absolute power throughout the world, the Egyptians previously were making the lions their slaves. However, lion has just turned a vital part of the people who all practiced Christianism. The Ancient Christians thought that lion represented “Jesus Christ”, and it had been protector of the weak animals similar to “God” who protected whole human race.

Moreover, lions occupied significant place in numerous cultures around world, including Middle East, Japan, China, India, and Africa where they had been included in folklore as well as mythology. They were adored as “King of the Kings” and symbolized the elite and royal class of society.

It’s believed that the lions were made slave by Egyptians to build their power and supremacy. Besides the ancient culture of Egypt, lions additionally form part of history of the Christianity as “Jesus Christ” was symbolized by lion; actually, lion is the powerful animal who supposed to give protection to the weak just as Jesus came to protect humanity against sins and evil.

Similar to lion, the lion art as well considered as emblems of strength and power, courage, leadership that made them perfect for royal class and warriors.

When we go over tattoo designs, you will find various lion artwork designs, a number of which convey meanings dissimilar to others. In a few tattoos, lion may appear peaceful, while in others it may look a dangerous and ferocious animal.


The lion tattoos have become favorites among women and men and even they may generally be seen “inscribed” on ankle, leg, shoulder, wrist, back, hip, neck, finger, chest, arm and thigh and even side of women and men.

55 Best Lion Tattoos To Discover!

  1. Downcast Lion Tattoo:

The lion’s gloomy eyes on this particular tattoo express melancholy and that touches our heart.

  1. An Angel And A Lion Tattoo:

This Latin term “Amor-Fati” suggests love of destiny, making the tattoo an emblematic representation of this person’s notion in accepting all that happens throughout his life.

  1. Watercolor Painting:

Like earlier watercolor painting tats shown above, here this vibrant tattoo is filled with interest and creativity.

  1. Flank Tattoo Design:

This “flank-tattoo” is undoubtedly hidden while you put on a shirt, however, it is perfect to show when you are out in beach or even having fun outside.

  1. Wisdom In Eyes Lion Tattoo:

Here the lion’s soulful eyes say quite a lot; this tattoo records the “brooding-look” of an intelligent lion perfectly.

  1. Seductive Thigh Design:

This specific thigh tattoo brings appeal and even makes the lady more appealing than ever.

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  1. Adorable Lion Tattoo:

While the lion commonly looks menacing, here this tattoo “tones down” its scary image as well as transforms this lion into wonderful creature.

  1. Robust Tribal Tattoo Design:

The tribal tattoo here expresses dominance, power, and authority.

  1. Sleeve Royal Lion Tattoo Design:

When you decide to cover the entire arm along with sleeve tattoo, then you can hardly ever make a mistake with an exceptional style like this royal lion tattoo.

  1. Basic Wrist Tattoo Design:

This subtle, small tattoo covers just a small part of wrist thereby does not look gaudy.

11. Two-Faced, Mysterious Lion:

Do you trust that all of us seem to have 2 faces, through one we freely show to world and other far more concealed? Here, this significant tattoo carries that message plus will certainly get you pondering.

  1. Simple Geometrical Design:

As easy as this looks, here this tattoo features an efficient design that is ideal for anybody who does not like tats that are very showy and bold.

  1. Fierce Shoulder Design:

The lion tattoo here shows your power and dominance.

  1. Symmetrical Tattoo Design:

Geometrical tats always look intriguing, with their unique composition plus sense of stability.

  1. Mysterious Puzzle Tattoo:

Like putting various pieces of puzzle together, the mysterious tattoo includes separate blocks which form face of the lion.

  1. Artistic Wordplay Tattoo:

Nothing affirms “living life with no worries” than this “creative tattoo”, in which words like Hakuna Matata simply form shape of the lion.

  1. Feathered Lion Tattoo:

Hints of blue, red, yellow hues include a jolt color to the gray and black tattoo.

  1. Exquisite Lines Convergence :

While this particular tattoo is without heavy shades, its proportional lines just create symmetrical design which looks attractive.

  1. Symbolic Representation Tattoo:

Conveying “religious” hints, the tattoo here is very meaningful and symbolic.

  1. Lion With The Wings Tattoo:

This lion tattoo with wings is an awesome expression of the freedom for free-spirited personal.

  1. Geometric Creativity Tattoo:

This eye-catching tattoo makes a geometric distinctive pattern which looks inked meticulously.

  1. Regal Lion Tattoo:

This tattoo appears majestic, with the curvy style and flowy outlines.

  1. Realistic, Heartwarming Tattoo Design:

The lion here walks alongside a dog, creating this tattoo incredibly lighthearted and charming.

  1. Bold Lines Tattoo:

Showcasing the beauty of the roaring lion, the tattoo here transforms the person’s arm just into a beautiful artwork.

  1. Over The Eye Glorious Lion:

This tattoo features a flawlessly geometrical style plus looks mysterious along with addition of the eye.

  1. Touch Of The Realism With Tribal:

In old times and also in present times the tribal leaders considered the picture of lions just as a hint of power and leadership.

  1. Floral Beauty Design:

This floral tattoo design adds feminism touch to its entire look.


  1. 3-D Artwork, Realistic Tattoo:

This “3D artwork” looks amazing and grabs anybody’s attention. Practically it seems as if the lion here is roaring from this man’s arm!

  1. The Jungle’s Crowned King:

Being king of jungle, lion is certainly reasonable to get a crown and this tattoo records authoritative existence of lion.

  1. Watercolor Splash Tattoo:

If you are looking for creativity, then this “watercolor-tattoo” embodies a creative motif that everybody around will surely appreciate.

  1. Back Tattoo Design:

This particular backside tattoo exudes the royal charm that is perfect for independent and strong women.

  1. Medusa Lion Tattoo:

Do you imagine this tattoo someway resembles mythological villain “Medusa”? Here, mane of the lion features intricate twists and curls, and its head rests simply on mysterious circle having dotted lines in and the arrow at the middle.

  1. Geometric Tattoo Design:

This upper “arm-tattoo” incorporates various geometric lines and shapes that wonderfully form sensible design.

  1. Forefinger Tattoo Design:

The world-renowned lovely actress and model Cara Delevingne showcases a single lion tattoo just on the forefinger.

  1. Lion Double-Tongued Tattoo:

Thigh tats seem to be an amazing option among the women; however, this tattoo showcases a fierce lion with apparently two tongues which connect to surrounding the exterior outline.

  1. Mystical Lion Tattoo:

This “mandala-tattoo” reflects radial balance at the same time displays a well domineering lion at the center.

  1. Gorgeous Floral Art Tattoo:

The floral tattoo here is ideal for any female who would like to express her feminine and wild side. The inclusion of leaves and flowers makes this tattoo more appealing.

  1. Charming Hip Tattoo Design:

Like thigh tattoo, the “hip-tattoo” is alluring equally. This simple model of lion speaks of a lady’s inner strength.

  1. Captivating Lion Tattoo:

A “front-facing” lion is highlighted by shades of the black and “open-ended” outlines with mane mainly left unfilled.

  1. Elegant Lion Tattoo:

This is one more thigh tattoo which shows off a stylish portrayal of lion. Here, green leaves encircle central tattoo as well as converge with simple red flower in the bottom.

  1. Seductress Tattoo:

There’s most likely nothing more appealing than an independent and strong woman who reveals that she is capable of getting brave and fierce like lion.

  1. Strength Fierce Symbol:

In the beginning, you will immediately get impression that the man here has endured difficult times and even has overcome challenges of life. The powerful expression “Stay-bold” carved over the unrelenting lion highlights the determination and will of the person.

  1. Stunning Gray And Black Tattoo Design:

Featuring clearly “defined-lines” mixed with the subtle pieces of the braids geometric shapes, this tattoo is an excellent depiction of powerful king of jungle.

  1. Chest Tattoo Design:

Having the tattoo on chest is quite popular among males, as it represents superiority and dominance.

  1. Watercolor Tattoo Design:

This tattooing design simulates color palette plus brushstroke elegance of the watercolor paintings. It’s an amazing lion tattoo intended for free-spirited and creative persons!

  1. Ankle Tattoo Design:

Getting any tattoo does not always mean that you must show this on most apparent parts of the body. This basic lion tattoo on side-ankle includes light strokes devoid of definitive lines plus might be kept invisible when you put on your shoes.

  1. Floral Thigh Design:

The tattoo on thigh almost often looks sexy and somehow boosts the appeal of a woman. This tattoo is encircled by the outlines of the flowers for a feminine touch.

  1. Tribal Tattoo Design:

If you wish a more sorrowful depiction of the favorite animal, then have a tattoo along with the thick lines which are completed with black. Well, look into this lion eyes, and you will see a respected, wise creature who is worthy of respect.

  1. Colorful Lion Tattoo:

This “growling-lion” tattoo boasts the warm colors which look attractive to eye. It’s an awesome combination of brown, green, blue, red and orange hues that make it simply stand out.

  1. Geometric Tattoo Design:

Do you need lion tattoo that is both simplistic and artistic? This tattoo can be an ideal choice since it uses the geometric shapes and lines besides shading for clean look.

  1. Roaring Lion Tattoo:

The forearm tattoo here depicts a vibrant design that produces the sense of creativity and superiority.

  1. Bright-Eyed Of Lion Tattoo:

Rather than traditional gray and black style, choose an intriguing orange color to fully convey beauty of an exceptional, powerful lion. The lion’s eyes on the arm tattoo just pull you inside, as though in any trance.

  1. Lion With Full-Body Walking Beneath The Quarter Moon:

A “mystifying-lion” gently strolling under stars and bright moon depicts some calmness and also adds mysterious charm to your own personality.

  1. Stomach And Arm Sleeve Tattoo Design:

A “sleeve-tattoo” usually covers entire arm, just from wrist to shoulder. Definitely, for the confident, bold individual, the sleeve tattoo here displays a fantastic combination of several elements of the Mother Nature, like flowers, a bird and a butterfly. An “open-mouthed” leopard flawlessly complements lion head just on this lady’s abdomen.

  1. Feathers With Lion Head:

This fascinating tattoo includes head of the lion associated with three feathers along upper arm. Well, if you are not frightened to reveal your adventurous, passionate nature, then try this noticeable arm tattoo.


It’s very essential that you have researched a handful of tattooing meanings, designs and styles before you pick the chosen pattern to get inked. You will find literally a large number of different designs, meanings, and style to pick. It’s very crucial to take time and also research.

A lot of people often rush into tattooing process, usually; they’ll end up getting a tattoo which they eventually regret. Consider this; the tattoo is going to be just with you throughout your life.

Furthermore, ensure to visit the tattoo artist whom you fully trust. Do not be scared to ask questions to them and even ask to notice their previous work. If perhaps you wish, then you might be capable of going online then look at the reviews of tattoo artist. I hope that you have liked this article.




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