54 Popular Japanese Tattoos In The World!


Are you trying to find an innovative tattoo idea, the one that features some cultural importance? Then Japanese tattoos ideas are for you. You will not want to move any further rather than this post because the Japanese tattoos tend to be truly badass. The Japanese tattoos don’t only look excellent yet they are additionally inspiring too. Japanese tattoos will be sported by both women and men. They make wonderful sleeve tattoos since there are lots of elements which you can include to create impressive tattoo.

If perhaps you like tradition and culture, then you’re sure to love Japanese symbolism. Traditions behind the Japanese tattoo are around for a few years. The tattoos always contain meaning and purpose and are usually viewed as sign of the societal status.

The Japanese tattoos tend to be interesting tats for reason.

That is because they own an abundant history. If you’re interested in history and culture you will not find the tattoo idea which has a lot of cultural importance. There exists lots of cultures right behind the picture. The Japanese had been doing tats long before tats machines of this era arrived.

The Japanese tattoos usually symbolize devotion and protection. They are charming approach to showcase the protective nature. It is also one form of individual protection also. The Japanese tattoo also is supposed to protect its owner from any harm or attacks that will come her or his way. It is the versatile tattoo which can cover huge areas on body. Well, they are inspiring and beautiful tattoos that you’ll love for a long time to come.

You will find many different pictures that might be used for creating your Japanese tattoo style. You might create your tattoo which showcases your aspirations, character traits, personal beliefs for the world to notice. The designs intended for the Japanese tattoos tend to be often quite beautiful. Here is a video for you!

Japanese Tattoos History!

The Japanese tattoos history goes back in 10,000 BCE. Basically, the lady of Ainu people utilized tattoos for making themselves look just like their own goddess, to ensure that the demons (just who caused illnesses) would blunder them for goddess and also get scared. The tribal tattoos began at early age along with small tattoo just on upper lip. As growing old this tiny tattoo had been expanded.

Through 300 BC-300 AD tats were intended for social and spiritual purposes. Similar to other tattoo civilizations, they were a sign of anyone’s social status.

From 300 AD on, tattoos were utilized in Japan just to mark the criminals. This particular practice is named bokkei or bokukei. Japan was last country for stopping marking criminals having tattoos (just in 1870). Individuals started covering the marks of disgrace with more ornamental tattoos and that is how this art began.

Tattooing in the culture of Japan reached the zenith in 1800s, throughout Edo period, the time when influence and power of common people had been very much rising.

One way where people opted to use the “new-found” riches was to simply celebrate their culture and art with tattoos. Beauty of images created had been considered reward for long lasting what was, then, a painful and long procedure.

Around 1870, Japanese government banned tattoos to make an effective impression on Western world. Because of this, Japanese tattoos gone underground and also became associated with Yakuza “Japanese mafia”.

Tattooing inside Japan had been legalized in 1945 for the second time by occupying forces, however never lost its relationship with crime. Right now people with tats are still prohibited from businesses including fitness centers, so as to restrict yakuza from getting into their place.

Japanese Art Symbols!

  • japanese dragon tattoo:

In the Japanese culture, dragon represents power, strength, and wisdom and it’s viewed in positive context, rather than Western world. Usually, they are considered to be benevolent creatures that work for good of humanity.

That is why, along with the aesthetic value, the Japanese dragon tats have found immense popularity from early times. A few tattoos might also feature the dragons with phoenix that is regarded as its enemy throughout Japanese legend and tradition.

This mythological bird gets used to symbolize feminine force and justice.

  • japanese koi tattoo:

Another significant design inside Japanese art is Koi fish. The fish symbolizes desire, courage, and determination for success.

This fish that is a kind of carp can be considered to possess masculine attributes based on Japanese folklore. This has the capability to swim just against swift current and also is the epitome of determination and patience.

  • japanese tiger tattoo:

Tiger is considered to be the sacred animal throughout Japanese culture, that imparts good luck, courage, and strength. Accordingly, the tiger tats occupy a crucial place in Japanese art.

  • japanese lion tattoo:

Lions are courageous, strong and bold animals and even these tattoos that feature this animal within them indicate heroism and bravery.

  • japanese skull tattoo:

Skull is one more design element, that is as famous in the Japanese tradition as it’s in the Western culture. Well, it can represent death and represent cycle of death and life in a more positive light.

  • japanese yakuza tattoo:

Yakuza represents Japanese mafia plus most members of this community get tattooed. Also, they bear the tattoos for depicting masculinity and devotion to gang.

  • japanese kanji tattoo:

One more popular choice is Kanji design that is lettering utilized as part of the language. All these tattoos get a wonderful aesthetic value since they incorporate complex designs with petals and flowers.

  • japanese wave tattoo:

Japan is typically home to destructive tidal waves or tsunamis and this country has constantly demonstrated great determination, returning after every destructive event. Likewise, wave tattoo represents survival, strength, and courage in most unpleasant situation. Furthermore, water represents fluidity, life, strength that is symbolized by the wave designs.

54 Stunning Japanese Tattoos!

  1. Japanese Peony Tattoo:

The peony symbol in this Japanese tattoo above is the sign of bonds and stocks, prosperity and sophistication. Rose flower with no thorns is recognized as king of the flowers and generally a hint of powerful character.

  1. Wave Tattoo Design:

Japanese folks are affiliated with great tidal waves. The tides are mainly related to genuine power and also destruction.

Sporting the wave tattoo exhibits strength of the nature and also will act as frame for anyone’s willpower and strength to stay breathing, uprooted, make the comeback and also grow enormously.

  1. Kanji Tats Design:

Kanjis are the lettering utilized to write just in Japanese. It is an extremely transparent explanation regarding word Kanji. The Kanji is the mixture of both mystique and aesthetic.

Entwined with petals and flowers leaves it can result in incredibly nice tattoo design, particularly when done manually with profound shading that is portion of Japanese method of tattooing.

  1. Girl Beauty Tattoo Design:

This Japanese tattoo above beholds as spectacular as its wearer. However, the colors and characteristics utilized got brewed very well and might be observed as epitome of beauty or protection as girl symbol just on this tattoo design tend to be out of the world when it comes to defining beauty.

  1. Fish Love Tattoo:

This fish in this tattoo is up plus swimming over the shoulder.

  1. Face Tattoos Design:

I will not even recommend the face tattoo, it is just something that you cannot ever cover up as well as it might become something that you regret. Nevertheless, if you would like a tattoo just on the face, then you cannot go wrong if you choose the Samurai sword.

  1. Sleeve Warriors Tattoo:

This tattoo design is a fantastic tattoo that you’re sure to like.

  1. Red Mask Tattoo:

The geisha girl here is an unusual artwork. This mask is remarkable because it is a bit scary and bold. The geisha looks terrified.

  1. Cartoon Tattoo:

These sleeve tattoos designs are enjoyable. I love its colors and also the images tend to be awesome and exaggerated.

  1. Images On Half Body:

This tattoo with half body is a truly cool Japanese art depiction. I love darkness on the tattoo and its details are really amazing.

11. Bold Bandana Design:

I love this wonderful depiction of Japanese woman. This hairstyle on the woman and also red bandana all around the eyes help to make her intriguing. Details involved in the tattoo here are extraordinary.

  1. Bold Colors Design:

This is an attractive sleeve tattoo that has a terrific looking dragon just on arm. Well, I love the details included in this design.

  1. A Drawing Tattoo:

This one is the tattoo design which looks like “real-life” drawing. The colors here are perfect for this tattoo.

  1. Japanese Dragons Tattoo:

The dark dragons here have a few beautiful colors and great details.

  1. Japanese Symbols Design:

You do not get more traditional compared to the Japanese symbol. Here, the shades in the tattoo are beautiful.

  1. Bright Koi Tattoo:

I love bright red color of this particular Koi fish. It is mesmerizing and gorgeous.

  1. Stunning Designs Tattoo:

You will not find more spectacular Japanese tattoo compared to this one. Here the details and colors are extraordinary.

  1. Spotted Dragon Tattoo:

It’s a wonderful design that’s all about Japanese dragon.

  1. Koi Love Tattoo:

It’s a good design that includes a Koi fish just swimming up to leg. It is a superb design that you’re sure to appreciate.


  1. Cherry Blossoms Design:

Cherry blossoms tend to be Japanese art’ traditional part and also they have symbolism which means new life and new beginning.

  1. Chest Tattoos Design:

It’s a superb chest tattoo along with lots of bright shades. If you prefer dragons, after that you’re sure to adore this mystical creature.

  1. Cartoon Images Tattoo:

Maybe you do not want an enormous detailed Japanese tattoo. A few of the cartoon images will be fun to use. These bright colors really jump off your skin.

  1. Mysterious And Dark Design:

This warrior shield is truly an excellent image while it concerns Japanese designs. This tattoo is quite dark, thus you need to ensure that you like it. These types of tattoo will be difficult to correct or cover up.

  1. Stunning Colors Tattoo:

Cherry blossoms tend to be popular floral option when it involves Japanese tattoos. Usually, there’s no outline required for these stunning designs; they can knock the socks off with color alone.

  1. Japanese Folklore Tattoo:

This particular design is very gorgeous and detailed and that it appears to be exquisite painting. It is absolutely stunning design that features stunning details and colors to it. This Geisha girl is the traditional elements associated with Japanese art.

  1. Midnight Sky Tattoo:

It’s a superb design that includes a few Japanese elements and that go properly with ship picture. These bright colors can result in a beautiful painting.

  1. Leg Designs Tattoo:

Both legs tend to be completely tattooed with the bright colors. All these Japanese components are traditional and mesmerizing.

  1. The Serpent Design:

This entire body tattoo includes many different elements into it that results in an incredible tattoo. These colors are remarkable and bright.

  1. Incredible Dragons Tattoo:

The fierce dragon here is made astounding because of great features in its face. It is a unique representation of dragon that you’re sure to like.


  1. Bold Fish Tattoos:

These red and orange colors are seriously beautiful and also if you prefer Koi fish as well as symbolism associated with it, then you are going to love this one.

  1. Leg Tattoos Design:

It’s an amazing tattoo that includes some great aspects to it. All these tats cover your entire leg, thus you end up being okay with the commitment.

  1. Shocking Colors Tattoo:

This entire body tattoo includes some remarkable and bright colors into it. Again, it covers just half body and the sleeve, at the same time this design is actually Japanese creativity. There are many traditional elements that can result in an incredible tattoo design.

  1. Inspiring Designs Tattoo:

It’s a wonderful design that you’re sure to appreciate. It’s that design filled with shade. The feathers linked with this specific design are enchanting.

  1. Dark Dragon Tattoo:

It’s the sleeve design which has dark dragon and that goes right up to chest. It is detailed dragon also it has a few amazing contrasts along with reds and black. The fierce dragon here is truly impressive.

  1. Bright Colors Tattoo:

It’s a terrific dragon with a few amazing colors mounted on it. Brights reds and blues are stunning together.

  1. Warrior Gear Tattoo:

These tattoos tend to be remarkable since you can include many distinct elements to make a full Japanese sleeve.

  1. Dragon Love Tattoo:

It’s a superb tattoo design that’s truly remarkable. Here dragon face appearing out of woods is incredible. Its details are outstanding, and that it makes the tattoo great.

  1. Dragon Face Tattoo:

It’s a good sleeve design which has creative components to it. Here I love big dragon face along with the entire idea. It is gorgeous.

  1. Warrior Faces Tattoo:

It’s an awesome sleeve design which has a lot more symbolism due to all fierce battles.

  1. Japanese Warriors Tattoo:

Samurais are cool warriors particularly when they draw out the swords. Well, if you like these designs, after that you’re sure to adore this mysterious and detailed design.

  1. Dark Tattoos:

This dark design is absolutely remarkable. Here I love its contrast that is produced by all shading.

  1. Detailed Portraits Tattoo:

It’s a great design and that has so many details to this. You cannot go wrong if you choose this beautiful art piece.

  1. Crazy Colors Design:

We love the bold colors which come with the Japanese colors. These sleeves are identical, but colors tend to be different.

  1. Koi Fish Tattoo:

An extremely in-depth sleeve design Koi fish which is easily swimming in open waters.

  1. Crazy Warrior Tattoo:

This brutal warrior is really spectacular. Here gold crown truly goes with green color of face.

  1. Portraits Tattoo:

It’s for the Japanese woman who covers entire sleeve of arm. She is the beautiful representation of Japanese art.

  1. Bold Colors Tattoo:

This wonderful dragon has a few pretty colors and also we love green and gold together.

  1. Spider Love Tattoo:

This one has lots of great aspects like a spider and a warrior. It is a big tattoo, thus there is much commitment to this.

  1. Dragon Designs Tattoo:

The dragon here is mysterious and fierce. It occupies whole sleeve since it moves alongside the body. Well, I love red and black colors together, here contrast is just amazing.

  1. Multiple Sleeves Design:

If you wish complementing sleeve designs then you cannot go wrong if you choose this amazing tattoo. There exist lots of superb elements to here in this tattoo which you are certain to love.

  1. Skull Tattoo:

If you’ve always desired sleeve design, after that this specific one is really badass. You will find skulls and additional Japanese elements which really make a strange design.

  1. Japanese Florals Tattoo:

Bright greens and pinks are an excellent way to just brighten up the tattoo. These shades are amazing.

  1. White And Black Tattoo:

These Japanese components are a bit mysterious and alluring. These tats are great since they do not need any shade to be just badass.

  1. Floral Elements Tattoo:

The sleeve tattoo having many bright shades and also some flowers which are often part of the Japanese tattoos.


We have provided here the best and well liked tattoo designs of Japanese tattoos. These tattoos are frequently inked by many people. The fans of this tattoo really love it. If you want to get one then undoubtedly you can. I think you have liked this collection. If so then let us know your opinion in the comment box below.




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