140 Splendid Hummingbird Tattoos That Will Leave You Stunned!

Are you familiar with Hummingbird Tattoos?

There are plenty of tattoo ideas everywhere. If we keep things under the category, bird tattoos are quite popular. Among all of the bird tattoos, Hummingbird tattoos are at the top of the leader board. If you didn’t know about Hummingbird Tattoos’ popularity, and if you wish to know the reasons behind or get amazing ideas for it, you have ended up the right place.

Hummingbird has a lot of unique features that make it different than all of the remaining birds. When we think of getting something inked on us, we first create a detailed research on that because the tattoo is something permanent and something close to our heart. Therefore, here you will find detailed information on the Hummingbird that and also the ideas that will go good with your personality.

Moreover, you will be able to pick one from all the 140 ideas on the page. So, make it to the end of the page and learn something about Hummingbird tattoos.


Why Hummingbird?

Hummingbird is one of the unique birds that exist on the planet. It has so many amazing features that no one in this world has. First of all, it is the tiniest bird as well. It can fly not just in front direction but in back as well. The way it hovers up and down is fascinating.

Hummingbirds can beat its wings 80 times per second, therefore creating the humming sound. It is somehow like a bee, but a giant bee while being the tiniest bird. With these fantastic features, it has become eye-catching. People don’t find it beautiful and attractive, but also meaningful. That’s why the trend of inking hummingbird tattoos has been into existence for centuries.

These days there are some modifications, either be in color or texture, but the trend is still firm. You can find varieties of choices, even in the same category. Though hummingbird are tiniest, you do not have to ink only the original size, instead make it large too.

Ancient Beliefs & Hummingbird Symbolization!

Hummingbird is a symbol of love and peace. Though it is not stated anywhere in the Bible, Hummingbird is one of the messengers of God from ancient times. It carries only the good news from gods.

Hummingbirds are not spotted all the time. But we place them uncertainly, without getting any clues. Whenever one finds it on their view, they pleasantly become happy. There are this luck and charm that the bird carries along and passes to the people it meets.

Hummingbird holds a long folklore history. It is a symbol of native cultures. They were seen as messengers between the Aztecs and their Ancestral Gods. They carry love for you, and in Central America, Hummingbirds pass their love to them, and whoever sees them will find a lover.

From ancient times, they have been the symbol of eternity, infinity, continuity, love, success, and peace. Therefore, the old beliefs are still in practice with the Hummingbird tattoos gaining its popularity.

Happiness With Hummingbird!

A Hummingbird is beating its wings the fastest. Whenever you see one, you automatically smile. Hummingbird teaches you to be happy no matter what the situations are. You know a Hummingbird is searching for nectar, and the entire time it is comfortable. From a Hummingbird, one can learn self patience and the urge to be happy all the time.

Therefore, with Hummingbird comes happiness. They are so energetic that you don’t find the bird everywhere. They might be the busiest birds. Thus their one appearance can surely add a lot of happiness in your day. Moreover, the energetic bird also passes its high energy to you.

Varieties of Hummingbird Tattoos!

One might think about the variations that can have in a simple Hummingbird tattoo. To break all the stereotype predictions, let it be clear to you, there are around 300 species of this one bird. That always leaves you with 300 choices. Every species has some differences. When it comes to tattooing it, the best ones are still the Hummingbird flapping its wings. Even the one surrounded by flowers and trying to get the nectar out is also one of the fantastic ideas of Hummingbird tattoos.

Here you will find the varieties of tattoo options with Hummingbird. Explore them all!

Hummingbird Flapping the Wings!

There is some beauty in a hummingbird trying to flap its wings. As we already know, it flaps its wings 80 times in a second, creating the unique humming sound, it is the beauty that can be seen through tattoos with Hummingbird flapping its wings.

Though it might be in the inertia of motion with continue flapping when it comes to stopping, this bird does that instantly. Getting a hummingbird with flapping wings, you will be able to define some most exceptional meanings through the tattoo.

Here find the best flapping wings tattoos of Hummingbird.


Hummingbird Getting the Nectar Out!

The most beautiful Hummingbirds are the ones who are getting the nectar out of the flowers. The scenario is gorgeous, and it is something to capture forever. Thus, getting it tattooed makes you more attractive. A busy hummingbird is always in search of fresh nectar. While you wish to tattoo the scene, you will also have to add some of the flowers or plants around it, which makes the tattoo more beautiful.

Simple Black Outlined Hummingbird Tattoos!

Hummingbird is colorful, and the colors solely define its beauty. But sometimes you need to explain something by what it has on the inside. What if the colors of the bird have vanished? Will it still be loved and adored? It is beyond the true definition of beauty.

The meaning behind a simple colorless hummingbird is vast. It does not serve the purpose of any attention but rather to feel the internal beauty. When you ink a colorless hummingbird, you ink it for yourself: the tattoo values more than beauty but rather hard work and happiness.

It has existed for a long time. The bird has beautiful colors, no doubt that what is beyond the colors is something to be thankful for. Hence, add no colors and let the tiny hummingbird flap its wing despite any colors, still flaunting its confidence, which you too require in your life.

Instead of the colors, you can add the details. You can still make the little bird more beautiful with the details. It doesn’t have to be the colorful one, while even the colorless can have a significant impact on one’s life.

Hummingbird Tattoos on Different Body Parts!

The bird can be tattooed literally anywhere on your body. You need to first find the suitable spot that you think will find the best place for little birdie. The place on your body can also be determined by the size of the tattoo you wish to ink. Following are the categories under the body parts where the tattoo can fit amazingly:

On the Back:

On your back you have largest of the plain space where you can ink the birdie. If you choose your back for the tattoo, you will be able to add a lot of things along with hummingbird. Either be a small or a large one, you will be able to get it done if it is your back. Moreover, you will be able to add a lot of other textures. Later on, you can also add other things along with that.

The tattoo will look amazing specially when it is inked on the sides of the back. The revealing of it while you are casually dressed is the best part. If they extend up to neck or the arms, even better it will look.

Hummingbird Tattoos on the leg:

The popularity of getting the ink of hummingbird in leg is also high. This is somehow a popular spot. The flying hummingbird or the hummingbird in flight will look appropriate int the legs. When talking about legs, it can be anywhere starting from the thighs to all the way bottom. The spot can be also chosen as per the size of the hummingbird you wish to ink.

Hummingbird Tattoos on Arm:

Talking about in general, the most common spot for tattooing hummingbird is on arm. This might be because of the perfect size of the bird. They look amazing specially on the bicep area. This gives a good impact on people as its revealing most of the time. With hummingbird tattoo on your arm, you will be able to view it all the time too.

It is always a plus point to get hummingbird tattoo on an arm, rather than at back or some spot which even you cannot see all the time. First of all, you ink the tattoo for yourself, to get the continue motivation from it. And, if you are unable to see it a lot, then what’s the point?


Usually people believe it as a source of lucky charm. But as a busy hummingbird is often not seen in the daily basis, people get it inked on themselves. After getting it inked on self, it is believed the luck is always with them and they shouldn’t be out in its search!

Right Above the Chest!

Though this is not an ordinary spot, but people also ink hummingbird sometimes just above the chest and below the collarbone. This might not be the best spot to get a birdie, but sometimes has an amazing impact. There are plenty of hummingbird tattoos inked right above the chest which end up with good result. It can extend from above the chest to arms and sometimes neck and also the chest itself.

Below the neck & between the shoulder blades!

This spot can be one of the amazing ones, as the spot is perfect for a medium size tattoo. It can be a flapping hummingbird or more than one as well. This looks amazing when the birdie is in flight.

Below The Ear:

If you wish to ink the tiniest of the size of the hummingbird, below your ear is the perfect spot. Most of the tiniest tattoos are inked in this spot. You can moreover face its beak towards the ear which will be seemed like the birdie is trying to give the good news to you.

Specially this is popular among women who tie their hair up and let the tiny birdie flaunt its beauty from below the ear. This looks spectacular this way.

Origami Designs Hummingbird Tattoos:

Origami is a art of paper where you fold paper in different styles to form objects out of it. Through this paper folding art, one can also make a hummingbird. The difference between a regular hummingbird tattoo and an origami hummingbird tattoo is the edge of each line. The origami is missing the curves.

This is a brilliant way to express your love towards origami as well have a hummingbird tattoo on yourself. It can be plane black as well as colorful, depends upon the choice of the one who is about to get inked.

Different textures can also be added to the origami hummingbird. Mostly the origami hummingbird is itself unique, but with varying textures it looks even better.

Two is better than one!

Mostly a pair of bird is a symbol of love and peace. Though hummingbird along has the same symbolization, but with couple hummingbird, the symbolization is even more precise. Most of the people like to get more than one and mostly two of the hummingbirds inked together. Sometimes the birds are mirroring each other and sometimes they are of varying size.

The two symmetric hummingbirds are also the trending style of tattooing. They are representing the love and peace that is desirable by you.

Hummingbird Trio!

Sometimes multiple hummingbirds provide the stronger impact. It also makes the tattoo looks amazing. It is always better to have three tats of hummingbird. This is more popular as Hummingbird Trio. Tattoo artists also report being inking trio of hummingbirds to their customers. People find this combination fascinating.

Hummingbird Tattoos for Men:

Men are socially accepted as vulnerable and wild creatures while women are considered peaceful. Though this is not the best way to define a gender, and it should rather be in terms of individual, but this is a socially accepted truth. As hummingbird represents peace and love, women seem to ink it more than men. But that doesn’t make it a global thing.

Hummingbird Tattoo

Even men are also inking the beautiful hummingbirds. They are modifying it, making it more manly, and inking it on them. With hummingbirds, they are also trying to express a lot of meaning.

They express the values held by the hummingbirds. Even the colorful ones look good. But most of them prefer the black outlined ones. It can be anywhere in the body, just has to be a good one.

Hummingbird Tattoos With Meaningful Texts:

Sometimes your meaning is not clear just by inking a hummingbird. Therefore, make it more clear by adding a text to it. There are various meanings behind a hummingbird, but it cannot exactly define your meaning. With words, it is more clear what you actually wish to define.

It doesn’t always have to be huge texts. Even few words or a quote will do. Hummingbird is already a small tattoo, so with a text along with that will be a good area occupying tattoo.

Hummingbird Tattoos for Women!

Women are the representation of peace, love and strength; just like a hummingbird. Therefore, women with hummingbird tattoos look really beautiful. This tattoo is really popular among women as they are symbolizing the hummingbird themselves. There are varieties of options you can have if you wish to tattoo one on yourself.

It can be a cute and a tiny one. A petite hummingbird just to give you all the luck. There can also be a colors in it, that expresses all the happiness and charm. Else, can be more than one, because more than one looks double amazing.

It doesn’t always have to be cute, and you can express the boldness and strength through a hummingbird tattoo. There can be great ideas for you!


Step out of your comfort zone and pick something that you feel perfect for yourself. The hummingbird tattoo also doesn’t have to be alone, and you can mix things up. Give a lot of details to it, add up patterns, or other symbols along with that. You can also think of different tattoos and add them near the hummingbird or attached to it. It is how you create a unique piece. Go creative.

Hummingbird Tattoo

Some collection of Hummingbird Tattoos!

Here are the images of the hummingbird tattoos that you can select from. There are plenty of pictures. You do not have to imitate one, slightly mix things up. The ones with your touch will be even more amazing. Therefore, view every image but stick to your choice rather than inking a suggested one.

We hope you enjoyed the content and found it informative. Thank you for your precious time. Have a nice time!

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