60 Dapper Holographic Nail Ideas That’ll Entice You To Get One

Holographic means three dimensional. An accurate 3 dimensional image created by light beams. And nails definitely need no introduction. It is a keratin envelope that covers the tip of the fingers. Girls love their nails. And why not, personality is not the first thing people see. In this article, we will discuss about the stylish nails ideas. To be precise, the holographic nail ideas.

Before coming to the context, i want you all to know on how to take a proper care of your nails.

Why is it important to take proper care of your nails?

Whether you believe it or not, there is something very wonderful about doing the nails. You automatically feel beautiful and good. See, we use our hands for literally everything. So possibly hands are one of the most used body parts. If your hands are beautiful, there is a different kind of confidence level that you can feel. Not only nails do protect the tissue beneath, but, they also act as an indication to your body health. Manicure is not a woman thing (should not be). Nails should be cleaned by everyone.

Let me describe in points on why nail hygiene is important.

It strengthens your nails.

Taking care of your nails strengthens it. Trim your nails time and often, it helps you to regain proper fresh nails. Furthermore, it  helps you to get stronger nails. Stronger nails do not break easily and can be styled accordingly.

Bans the entry of germs.

When you clean your nails properly, it keeps your dirt free. This means that you are less prone to infections. You could use nail instruments to clean them and in case you want to it easily, you could even use an old tooth brush for cleaning. Add some soap to the brush and gently rub it around the nails and the skin around. This removes the dead cells around the nails.

To look good.

Nails do add to the personality. Neatly done nails automatically look good. Properly done nails shows the human’s need(habit) for cleanliness. Furthermore, however clean a person’s dress up might be, if he has dirty nails, its an off point. Since it is important to look good, it is important to properly do your nails.

Nail care regime:

Trim the nails regularly.

The best way to take care of the nails is to trim them regularly. The nails can become too rough sometimes which may cause irritation. Even the clothes might get tangled in case the nails are not cut or filed properly. Therefore, it is important to file the nails properly by using a nail filer.

Use hand moisturizer.

The cuticles get dry often so it is very important to use a proper hand moisturizer to moisturize your nails. Make sure that the nails are not dry. Also,make sure to keep your fingernails dry and clean. This prevents the bacteria form growing inside the fingernails.

Make sure that the nail tools you use are sterilized.

The manicure instruments you use should be clean and sterilized. Since the instruments are used to clean, cut and file the nails, they should be clean in the first place.

Visit a dermatologist if required.

Just like any other part of the body, the nails do need a doctor too. Not too often maybe. However, if you find any default or there is any persistent pain then make an appointment to the dermatologist.

Nail problems a dermatologist could test:

Dark streak:

A finger nail having a dark or changing dark streak, it is always good to a dermatologist for examination.

A fungal infection:

A white discoloration seen due to nail lifting up could cause fungal infection. You might need to visit a dermatologist to cure the case.

Swelling around the nails:  

A persistent swelling of nails could lead to an infection. Thus, it is recommended to treat the persistent swelling early. Because, early treatment can be done by antibiotics, however, if lagged, a more comprehensive treatment might be required.

Yellow nails:  

Yellow nails could be due to some very serious cases. Some of them maybe due to some severe lung disease which need immediate treatment. Thus a dermatologist visit is a must in the case.

Unusually thick nails:  

One reason for unusually thick nails could be due iron deficiency. Other reasons might be, high altitude, lack of proper nutrition or another case could be due to a health problem relating to their stomach or intestines.

Color changes:

Color changes in nails could be due to various reasons. Suppose, blue nails indicate lack of oxygen in the blood, similarly, pale nails could be an alarming sign for anemia. Furthermore, yellow nails refer to liver diseases. Since it is impossible for us to know all the reasons for the changes, it is important to visit a dermatologist.

Timely visit to a dermatologist could literally prevent you from a lot of further health complications. These points are stated to make you understand that nails are not that insignificant as we see them to be. They have much more to voice.

Coming back to the topic, let us discuss some lovely holographic nail ideas;


The shiny blue.


The ballerina shaped cut nails coated with shiny blue nail polish.

The lemonade pink.

The stiletto shaped nail with lemonade pink nail paint. The nail of the ring finger is painted holographic.

Holographic stone nail ideas.


The purple base nail paint with stone art. The stone holographic nail art.

Metallic Purple.

The short square cut nail with a metallic holographic purple shade.

The glittery rosewood.

The oval shaped cut nails with glittery rosewood nail paint.

The pearly holographic nails.

The ballerina shaped cut nails with pearl nail polish.

The metallic blue.

Mountain peak shaped nail cut with the stylish holographic metallic blue nail paint.

The shades of blue.

The coffin cut nails with different shades of blue. Plain, glittery and holographic.

The dramatic metallic silver holographic nail.

The beautifully made shiny silver nail art. The dramatic holographic craft.

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Magical purple.

The mountain peak shaped purple shade of holographic nail art looks amazingly stylish.

Blush pink.

The shiny blush pink holographic nail art with a mix of silver. Keep the nails long and cut it in coffin shape for better outlook.

The sparkling design.

These nails are in cut mountain peak shape. A touch of purple and a fine variation in stone art is seen. Extremely valiant and bold.

A surreal mix of facts and fantasies.

The nails look simple yet dramatic. Mild mix of colors and designs looks very sunny.

The party anthem.

I personally love this holographic nail design. Very clean and elegant. Plus a dreamy mix of colors!

The rainbow mix.

The rainbow holographic nail with the touch of silver. This nail art looks extremely idealistic. However, make sure to keep the nail length short and square shaped.

The touch of silver.

The silver holographic nail art. Bright, shiny and pensive.

The magic of white.

The brilliance of white holographic nail. Get a purplish hue to the white base and you are done! Keep the nails long and coffin shaped.

The shiny purple.

The glossy purple color holographic nail. Seems like a ray of light has refracted onto the nails.

Tanned purple.

A hue of purple on the dark side of the colors. Very royal.

The pearls.

The moderate length nails with the touch of pearl. The nail looks very dreamy.

The glossy blue.

The fanciful blue. Almond shaped nails with the bluish abstracted art.

Silvery golden holographic nail. 

A clean glittery nail paint for the short nails. Gentle and fanciful.

The purplish rainbow.

A vivid holographic art with the purple base and rainbow designs.

The peachy silver.

A pearly base with the touch of light colors. Long ballerina shaped nails give a very lovely vibe.

Metallic purple and sea green holographic nail art.

The purple and sea green color combination gives a very lovely bold vibe. Furthermore, the nail design on the ring finger breaks the monotony and give a different presentiment.

The light colored mirrors.

Medium nail length and light colored holographic nail art. The design looks soothing yet stylish.

The pearl white.

The gleaming pearly white nails. Nails length are kept small and oval shaped.

Sparkling mix of colors.

Long length stiletto shaped cut nails with a vibrant art of colors. A lustrous mixture.

Go green holographic nail art.

Pointed and gleaming see green nail designs. The shades of green make the design very attractive.

Infrared holographic nails.

Very clean and short nail design. The infrared design with a holographic touch.

The blush pink.

This nails look very pretty. The nail color blends very perfectly with the skin. Blush pink holographic nail art.

The lavender purple holographic nail art.

Glittery lavender purple nail design for the short nails. Make sure to keep the shape of the nails square.

Baby pink holographic nail art. 

The long length, stiletto square shaped nails with the touch of blush pink at the base and colorful glitters on the top. The rings adds to the beauty.

Short holographic nails.

The art of turquoise blue and white for the short nails. The nail shape is kept square.

Bisected holographic nail design.

Short oval shaped nails with water color base and fifty percent nail painted with orange color tiger shade.

Bisected maroon red art.

Similar type of nail art. However, in this kind, the nails are kept round shaped and the half nail is painted maroon red. Furthermore, you can add to the design by adding a small stone in the middle of the nail.

The glittery black holographic art.

Short round shaped nail with the black base. Sprinkle the colorful glitters onto the black and that’s all. This looks super classy.

Baby pink with stone designs.

The short round shaped nails with the baby pink base. Add stones to the base for the stylish look.

Alphabets holographic nail art.

The nude, black and the white combination with the designs of alphabets.

Harbor grey glittery nails.

Short length round shaped harbor grey glittery nails. Looks extremely clean and radiant.

Painted holographic nails.

This nail art looks like a canvas painting. The shades of blue,yellow and black.

The pints of colors.

A very simple nail art design. Nothing fancy, just a drop of different nail paint in every finger. Make sure to base the nail with a transparent base.

The shades of purple.  

Stiletto square shaped nails with the shades of purple. Stylish nail art. The design of stones act as the jewels to the crown.

Metallic golden olive nail paint.

The plain metallic golden olive nail paint for the long stiletto square shaped nails. The gold jewelries in the fingers add to the beauty.

Orchid holographic nail designs.

Oval shaped orchid colored nails with the design of light refraction forming another oval shape. The length of the nails are kept long.

Dark fantasy.

The mix of dark vibrant colors to the nails look extremely dapper. Nails are long and stiletto shaped. Random yet classy mix of colors.

Pearl and lavender nails.

A surreal mix of lavender and pearl. Trendy ballerina shaped nail design for the lady.

The neat glitters.

The neat glittery holographic nails for the short length. These are super trendy and look very stylish.

Black and silver holographic nail design.

The mix of black and silver. This holographic nail art penetrate into the bold colors forming a very polished chic statement.

Colorful ombre.

Nail art with the ombre touch is another holographic nails design. Use mild colors for the art. Keep the nails long and preferred shape is stiletto square.

Baby pink with a pint of rainbow.

This lovely looking nail art has the base of the baby pink color. Furthermore, the design looks like a tiny rainbow has been seen in the art.

Pink lemonade with a cut.

Small length nails with the color of pink lemonade. The cut breaks the monotony making the nails look dapper.

Pink blush holographic nail design.

The extremely stylish blush pink nail designs. The nails are long and kept in stiletto square shape. The holographic design makes the nail very polished and upscale.

Lilac shade of purple nail.

The dramatic shade of purple. Plus the holographic idea makes the design look ‘a la mode.’

Metallic green nails.

The clean metallic sea green nail art. Short, square shape nails.

Ballerina pink holographic nail idea.

Ballet slipper color for the nails. One nail has the holographic design and another one has glittery nail paint. Keep the nails long and cut it in stiletto square shape.

Cool silver holographic nail art.

Cool silver holographic nail art for the nails. The nails looks like they have been exposed to a very bright light.

Play of colors.

An artistic mix of colors with a black border, square shaped medium length nails.

Grey fossil colored nail design.

Long stiletto square shaped nails for the lady. The tip of the nails is bright rainbow colored. A very polished art.

Sparkling periwinkle nail design.

The mixture of ombre, stones and paint. This type of holographic nail art look extremely good in long nails.

Purplish blue nail paint.

The combination of blue and purple. All royal.

Jazzy nails.

The jazzy disco theme for the nails. Shades of white, pink, purple and blue combination.

Pink crepe nail designs.

Pink crepe nails with glitters. Stiletto square shaped nails look lovely in the design.

Urbane nail idea.

Neat sparkling nails. Again, a painted art kind of design. I personally love this holographic nail art.

It is very important to look good. However, it is more important to feel good. Thus, make sure to take proper care of your nails and decorate them. Love and do magic to your nails the way you desire. And like they say, “The happiest girls always have the prettiest nails.” Girls love to feel beautiful and why not, they have been blessed with everything required to be one, including the nails. Nails are definitely a girl’s best friend because they get into shape without exercise. I mean, do any other part of our body have that special characteristic? Thus, make sure to keep your jewels in perfection.

It is also very important to know what kind of nail design suits your character. The nail design, nail paint color, the art, the length of the nail, the shape of the nails, everything should be taken into consideration while selecting a nail design. The above mentioned pictures are given to let you decide on which type of nail art would match your personality. Moreover, the holographic nail art is the new trend. The best thing about the nails is that you can experiment with them to any extent.

So now, chill, get to a salon, relax yourself with a lovely manicure session, get your nails painted, and feel beautiful. You deserve a break and so do your nails, because, there is no better feeling than getting your nails done.

And always remember, as Tammy Taylor has quoted,” The best color is the one you wear on your nails.”

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