99 Outstanding Helix Piercing Ideas | 15 FAQs Answered

Do you know about helix piercing? Are you about to get one soon? Or simply are you making any kind of research in this topic? Are you trying to help someone out who is getting the helix piercing? May be you are a passionate person towards piercing, and want to find out more about it, right? If you are seeking for any kind of ideas or pictures relating helix piercing, then you have ended up in the right page!

Here you shall find the answers of 15 frequently asked questions relating helix piercing. There are 99 ideas on how well you can flaunt this kind of piercing. Find out everything from its definition, origin, types, cost, level of pain, type of jewelry suitable, and every picture that reflects the idea regarding this kind of piercing. Read more:



A helix piercing is a kind of piercing which has a perforation in the helix or simply the cartilage in upper ear. The perforation is for attaching or wearing a piece of a jewelry. The perforation is made with the help of a gauge hollow piercing needle. There are varieties of jewelries that stick well and are built for this purpose only. A typiicaljewelry with a small diameter or a stud goes well here.

There are also the kind of helix piercings which come in a pair and are held together with the same jewelry. Barbell which is a industrial piercing is what it is all about.

There are certain rumors about helix piercing that they do not contain nerve ending and hurts lesser which is completely false! The pain is similar to any other cartilage piercing. The pain can be extreme if it is a healing time and you accidentally tug or bump it.

Helix piercing is either a single or multiple perforations that can be done depending upon your interest in the upper ear cartilage. It is located on the curve of the outer ear and is basically known as top-ear piercing. It can be presented in varieties of variations.

There are ideas with triple helix, double helix, simply single helix. With perforations one above the other or lined up together, there are a lot of choices. Moreover, there is this forward helix piercing, where the frontal cartilage is pierced which is located near to the face.


If we simply look at the meaning of a helix, it means an incurved rim of the external ear. If we keep helix along with piercing, it means the perforation that is done mainly in the incurved rim of the external ear. The perforations can be single, or double, or triple, or multiple. Though by its name or definition it is clear that it is a perforation at the  upper ear cartilage, but there are different styles which might not just include the upper ear cartilage. Therefore, the type of helix piercing is broad.

The standard helix piercing is preferred on upper cartilage on the outside. It varies from a double helix piercing. . The definition of double helix piercing is clear by its name, if there are two perforations instead of one, it is double helix but should be on one spot. Just like that the three piercings in a row or together in upper cartilage means triple helix piercing, clear by its name. There are also other kinds like forward helix piercing. You will find about them below.

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Basically everything has pros and cons. To every coin there are two sides, just like that to a helix piercing, there are pros as well as cons. Find out the pros and cons below.

A. Pros

  1. There is only slight pain during the process of piercing. This is because the outer ear curve has lesser never endings. It does not mean there are zero nerve endings and the pain is zero, there is a slight pain. But again, the pain varies from the experience of piercing artist, kind of needle applied, and your capacity to bear pain.
  2. You can combine this piercing with other piercings. It can be easily done along with industrial piercing. There are plenty of ideas regarding body modification when you choose helix piercings.
  3. This is a unique piercing idea. It is less common as compared to earlobe piercing or nose piercing. Therefore, gives you a unique look.
  4. There are plenty of jewelry ideas to decorate the piercing. The options of stud, hoop, rings, combined jewelry for two or three or multiple piercings, and so on. With more options, you get to present yourself uniquely every time.

B. Cons

  1. Helix piercing might take a bit longer time to heal as compared to other piercings in ears. As there is a poor blood circulation in the area near cartilage or upper ear, this makes it hard to heal faster.
  2. Your body might not support the jewelry in that region. This is because the orientation of ear specially the upper cartilage vary sometimes and might reject the jewelry ending up with serious body damage. Thus, you need to make proper study of your cartilage before getting the piercing.
  3. There can be infections in after care if you do not take proper care of the region. For this, you need to choose the jewelry properly by finding out which element suits your skin.


There are certain procedures or steps to getting this piercing done. The step-wise procedures are explained below:

  • Make a proper research about the helix piercing by going through magazines, articles like this, asking people who already have one, etc.
  • Do you have other piercings? If not you need to mainly focus on the level of pain. And, if you are able to handle pain to this level, then only think about getting one. If you already have piercings in ear lobe or nose or eye brows, etc. then there is not much problem.
  • Find out whether your body supports helix piercing and jewelry or not. Study your cartilage and then only decide.
  • You need to find out the best piercing studio in town. Do not compromise with money or anything. You need to always look after quality. It is better if you avoid the newbie studios. Always to the experience hands. Also find out if the customers who have been pierced by the studios are happy or have any kind of complains.
  • Next thing is, you need to study the kind of object or needle they are using for piercing. You need to make sure it has been sterilized to avoid any kind of infections later.
  • You need to mentally prepare yourself about the pain that you might face.
  • Do not starve yourself before the piercing and you should be hydrated well. Else, there might be double the pain.
  • Look at the marking made by the artist in your upper ear. If you are happy with the spot, then only ask the person to perforate. Else, one can always redraw.
  • The artist shall mostly apply a 14 gauge hollow needle after disinfecting the spot, you need to be patience with it.
  • There will be an immediate jewelry insertion after the piercing. Therefore, make sure you have got a perfect jewelry along with you with the opinion of the artist.


Pain is entirely a name given by the one who is getting the piercing. It depends on how discomfort you feel with what level of pain. If you tend to be more receptive to the pain then you shall obviously feel some discomfort until there is complete healing. To be honest, as the opinion of several people, helix piercing is not very painful.

In the level of 1 to 10 most people ranged it between 4 to 6. As helix is not that painful area of your body, you will bear lesser pain as compared to other piercings.

But when it comes to forward helix piercing, the pain is similar to a bullet wound. But still people are getting it and not dying, LOL.

The good point is, there are fewest nerve endings in the cartilage which make you feel lesser pain in that region. If you compare single helix piercing with double or triple, the pain will be as less as 3 to 4.

But you need to keep something in mind. It is not the perforation that causes entire pain. It is the after care. If you get infections, there will be double or triple the pain for a longer time! Therefore, you need to be cautious until the region is not healed completely.


The healing time of this kind of piercing is longer as compared to other piercings. This is because a cartilage is involved! The time can range from couple of days to even weeks. If you take proper care, you can avoid a lot minor to major infections which can end up with organ damage. There can be soreness and the region can swollen too.

But if you are really attentive, and taking all the precautions to avoid infections, healing is quicker. And, for complete healing, there can be even six to seven months of time required. But maximum attention is on the first week of piercing, later on you will be used to it.


There are plenty of things you need to consider after getting the piercing. You can avoid the chances of getting infections by following some aftercare rules as listed below:

  1. Do not touch the fresh hole. Specially with your bare dirty hands or with anything.
  2. You are not supposed to play with the jewelry. Some people have habit of unconsciously playing with the jewelry. But this can cause terrible pain and infections.
  3. Do not try to rub it because of itching. It shall itch, but rubbing it shall make the itch more dreadful.
  4. You need not change or remove the jewelry unless there is complete healing. It can cause more pain or infections.
  5. Clean the region twice a day.


Cleaning of the pierced region require a lot of attention. You need to prepare a cleaning mixture for that. Add a quarter of a tea spoon of sea salt into a warm water glass. Use a cotton ball to soak in the mixture and apply gently over the region.

There are certain sprays as well which work well for cleaning the region. You can find them in the piercing shop or jewelry shop or even online.


You might have this thought that there are so little choices with helix piercing jewelries. But you need to think out side the box as there are actually plenty of options available. There are several types of earrings suitable for helix piercings which are extremely cute as well as traditional ones. If you have not so strong cartilage, try adding a tiny stud which will still look elegant.

As some metals are not suitable for all skin type, you need to find out which metal you can wear. Else, there can be serious damages in the cartilage later on. The jewelries made of gold or silver can suit any skin type, but they are comparatively expensive.

Even aluminium or surgical steel can work well and are not very expensive either.


  • The cost of helix pierced in the US is around $20 – $55.
  • In the UK, the price of getting it pierced can range between £18 – £55.
  • The cost of helix pierced in Europe can cost around €20 – €50.


There can be several aftercare that you can follow to get away from any kind of infections. But sometimes infections are possible despite a lot of attention and care.

  • If you get the forward helix piercing, you might suffer from redness, swelling, extreme pain during the first few days of the piercing in the pierced region.
  • You need to be attentive while you sleep. The pierced region might be badly rubbed if you are sleeping upon it. The healing can be slower if there is such posture while sleeping.
  • Clean both the sides of the ear after taking a shower. Not just dirt but chemicals from soap or face wash or shampoo can also lead to infections if not cleaned well.
  • There can be nausea, yellow pus, fever, vomiting, allergies, etc. if the pierced region is not cared well leading to several infections.


It is not proper to change jewelry when the perforated spot is still in the healing process. You have to wait for it to heal wholly before you can do that. Changing the jewelry when the pierced spot hasn’t yet recovered can cause more injury. The right time to put another is when you don’t feel pain or sore any longer in that spot.


If you are really seeking for a good piercing studio, you need to keep few things in mind. You need to see the experience of the artist. If the artist is responding your questions with confidence, and has answers to your every queries, he is the one. Because  if you do not find the well experienced hands, you might have your health in jeopardy.

Ask questions like what object or needle the artist uses, if it is sterilized or not, if you will have the region disinfected before the piercing or not, and so on. You can interview the people who were pierced from the same studio. From their opinions also you can find out if the place is the right one or not.

Moreover, you need to see how hygienic the place is. If the studio is clean and well managed, there are high chances your piercing will be done well too.

Moreover, you need to find out a perfect jewelry. If the artist is a well experienced one, the artist can guide you with the suggestions on jewelry depending upon the kind of cartilage you have. You need not compromise on price, as it is once in a life-time moment. Therefore, if you lack money, save it unless you are capable to pay for it and do not hurry up!

Adding a gold or a silver jewelry will bring the least chances of infections in the cartilage. But, as the price can be high, you can also stick with surgical steel or even aluminium.


It is not the perforation that is all about helix piercing, but it is all about the jewelry that you apply in that perforation. So basically, you need to be smart enough to find the perfect one for your piercing. Moreover, cleanliness is another main point. There can be chances of bumps which might make the region look nasty.

The primary thing you need to keep in mind is, you need to take care of the body modification forever once you get one just like your child. This will help you be away from infections and feel pretty!


Some people find it really cool, while some do not like any kind of body modifications. But you need to worry about what people say or think about it! It is your life and you are free to do things that make you happy. So, happy helix piercing!

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