75 Beautiful Havana Twist Hairstyles To Get A New Look!


One among the most fashionable and best natural protective hairdos, the Havana twist hairstyles are highly stylish approach to try protecting and styling your natural hair. It’s a lower maintenance design having vast range of styling choices, Havana twist hairstyles are an ideal choice for the hair in the transition, natural hair, or permed women since they look fantastic with any hair texture and length.

What is more, having proper maintenance, the style can continue for weeks and months. It’s the highly sought style for females on go, well, properly accomplished Havana twist hairstyle will save your money and time while trying to keep you looking wonderful with minimum effort.

However, not 2 Havana twist hairstyles are made equal.

If you like longer dread-like hair or twisty, curly, short bobs, then there is Havana twist hairstyle just ideal for personal choices. Following is the overview of versatility of the Havana twist hairstyles, hopefully incorporating one or even more that you will love ample to try! Here is a video for you!

What Hair For Wearing?

The simplest way to make Havana twist hairstyle is by starting with dry, clean head of locks. The extension might be then twisted in natural hair for creating the impression of longer twists just flowing from the scalp. After that, depending on stylists or the individual sporting the twists’ choice, you will find some hair options.

A highly, soft textured extension choice; this man-created tresses fiber is equally reusable and long-lasting. Depending on desired thickness and length, it takes around 5 to 7 packs hair to attain whatever Havana twist styles you want. Either way, the Havana hairstyle is best option since it offers fluffy, natural, full looking simple look that endures and also wears properly.

On flip side, the Marley twist hairstyle is cheaper, acceptable option for them who are seeking to preserve cash or even simply more lustrous locks texture.

Thinner and shinier, to achieve the Havana twist style utilizing this sort of hair, here the stylist need to use a lot more hair for twists to look fuller. What is more, the Marley twist locks are more readily accessible in stores compared to the Havana twist tresses.

Lastly, a simpler way to attain this specific style is simply by crocheting your twists in. Making use of pre-twisted big Havana hair, here you easily cornrow the locks and also secure braids by using customized crochet needle.

The style is simple as it eliminates guess work regarding how much lock to use for each twist, and even the demand to twist your hair. Nevertheless, it additionally limits stylists’ capability to switch up and then create an exceptional style.

Hair Types For Using To Havana Twists!

The Havana twists hairdos can be utilized for various hair types, and they may be installed along with extensions like the Havana Hair, that can be purchased through many locks extension websites.

Normally, the perfect hair utilized for the twists consist of curly kinky hair because of the flexibility. Its length doesn’t matter because of the extensions. Basically, the looser your twists, then thicker your look. The hairstyle will be done equally in a salon and at home.

They generally cost more for installing than the Marley twist. The Havana twist braids extensions normally cost near $12.99 each pack, whereas Marley locks extensions cost close to $5.99 for each pack. Usual wavy hair kind requires 3 packs of the Havana hair. Benefits of the Havana twists as opposed to Marley twists involve thickness and duration of twists.

Exactly How Long Havana Twists To Keep?

Havana twists hairdos, as funky and cute as it appears, shouldn’t be left for very long. All the hairstylists can arrive at the agreement that these shouldn’t be kept in longer compared to six weeks.

When the twists tend to stay on long, they can harm entire health of hair, and also can result in scalp infection because of lack of the scalp cleansing. Ensure when getting your twists styled, hairstylist doesn’t put a lot of pressure onto short hair or baby hairs. It’s also suggested to undo then redo your twists every 2 weeks to look frizz-free and fresh, and also avoids breakage of hair strand.

How To Accomplish The Havana Twists?

A few videos on YouTube teach us twisting technique in some easy steps. In case you’re a beginner, then the process might take around 3 to 5 hours. This process may take a while to learn although it seems easy.

Before braiding the Havana twists, clean your hair with cleansing solution like a replenishing conditioner and shampoo. Apply oil soon after washing for making the hair smoother and softer.

This styling process comprises sectioning your hair into 4, twisting little sections, and even crossing your twisted sections just in counterclockwise direction. Soon after the hair gets twisted to desired thickness then dip tip of hair into a bit hot water. This hairstyle is very unique.

Nevertheless, careful tracking is essential for preventing hair breakage. Still, you can wash the hair, but take caution not to ruin your twist braids.

You can find different kinds of the Havana braids twist that one will use and also they are assured of an ideal look.

The Havana twist Freedom is extended and may be used repeatedly. The braids could be handled and cleaned in a similar way as the natural locks twist. Style Havana Twists, in between 5 to 7 packs tend to be needed based on fullness of the hair, and even the preferred thickness and density of look you desire to achieve.

For the Havana Twist here, you require just 3 to 4 packs.

The braids have turned out to be the choice of quite a few due to the ease of convenience, versatility, and installation. You can get many Havana twists braids pattern photos on Google which will provide perfect basis for all style. Listed below are various hairdos that you can accomplish with the Havana twist

75 Best Havana Twist Hairstyles!

  1. Ponytail And High Knot Bun Havana Twist:

This stunning updo hairstyle is both classy and elegant. You can dress up your twists in many ways. Just part the hair front in top tight knot whereas backside is basically collected in raised ponytail.

The high “knot-bun” is the stylish hairstyle made out of winding the hair in the bun. Start making the particular look through pulling the hair into high ponytail as well as securing it along with snag-free locks band. Continue, try it!

  1. Basic Twist Braids:

The twist braids tend to be simple to create, and thus you must not accept everything shorter particularly while having them from expert stylist. Right after making the knot on topmost of head the hair then twists it till the end. Here you can stylize with floral hair band.

  1. Crochet Chunky Twists:

Havana chunky crochets give its wearer the capability to choose different appearances easily. Also, you could wrap and pull them on tiara or leave them flowing with easiness to backside or side.

Because of large size, it’s easy to maintain and weave. They are additionally convenient for them who prefer simple and stylish.

  1. The Wonderful Purple Combination:

This style is eye catcher which combine braids and that just pour to side and also lovely updo. Purple shade of hair also helps to reveal two distinct styles in headdress.

In order to duplicate the style, you need to wrap about twist on topmost of head to create the updo yet don’t make stretched to ensure that you can have some of locks flowing from this.

  1. Havana Twists Hanging:

Havana twist hairdo requires pulling strands together in the center as well as then covering up them in a bun.

The opposite locks are now being left hanging downward in the back. Exactly what will make them important is that here they make neck seem long and also the bun elongates woman’s face.

  1. Havana Highlighted Twist Braids:

The Twist braids Havana aren’t hard to make especially if you’re getting them through expert stylist. Besides consistency in size and length of all entity braids, still, they have a few blonde cool highlights to jazz them up.

  1. Smooth And Dramatic Twists:

The braids here tend to be what any female would desire for the locks. The length, color and simple style all are an excellent deal.

The greatest benefit is that the making of them is very easy. The shade is also typical and also having them is not going to be an issue.

  1. Unique Faux Hair:

You can get exclusive look along with the artistic faux locks. Usually, they look like the dreadlocks.

Here the hair additionally has an appealing brown shade and Havana twist edges are finished together with several gorgeous curls and are usually accessorized with the metallic rings.

  1. Crochets Havana Twisty:

If you desired a complex Havana twist crochet updo just like this, then you can accomplish it. Here the twists, in fact, work in favor for keeping them in right place better than the regular hair.

As opposed to other hairstyles which take full day to create, crochet braids designs are faster for attaching with minimal stress on the hair.

This hairstyle also needs little maintenance still can go around 8 weeks. Here the braids tend to be left very thick and long. Their styling provides them the edge and that is their fashion.

  1. Dreadlocks Havana Twists:

If you’re a real fan but scared of ruining the hair with this kind of experiments, then Havana twists can become your ideal friends. Ask the hairstylist to make dreadlocks on the hair extensions.

11. Havana Twist With Wild Colors:

This design will be extremely versatile. Simply altering its course of free-flowing hair could create a special look.

At this point, the braids include flexible part in the front just from where you should push them towards the backside in 2 portions.

It is for forming the covered design, as well as you must tie upper coating in a ponytail now.

When it concerns hair extensions, then you must experiment with the wild colors. Check out something that appears great while combined with the red hair Havana twist.

  1. Large Havana Twists:

The Havana big braids twists are not tough to make. Well, they will only take some minutes. The large twists will be held in center of head in the tight and neat bun or even you can simply leave them just falling on the shoulders.


  1. Havana Twist With Cornrows:

Havana twists might be arranged in cornrows. Here you must make cornrow along with the hair then attached Havana twist locks extensions. The complete results can be very magnificent.

  1. Let It Along Havana Twist:

The Havana twist hairdo requires not being complex. You can easily wear the hair down with no continuous worrying concerning the sticking out, fizziness and additional hair styling problems.

  1. Havana Twist Medium-Length Tresses:

Lengths of the Havana twists differ. If you’re not fan of the long hair, then you can have medium length locks extensions and make many different short styles Havana twist with their support for example, the higher voluminous bun.

  1. Havana Twist Bow Bun:

Havana twists make your dream concerning the manageable bun become a reality. You can make a bun just on the top and also then divide this into 2 parts with one more strand to create a look of bow. Check greatest chignon bun hairdos.

  1. Side-Swept Havana Twist Bangs:

Havana twist hairdos are quite manageable and also you will do anything you desire with it. Versatility of twists will make them favorite to many. Simply cut the long hair behind to attain the look of side-swept bangs.

  1. Regal Buns Twist Hairdo:

If you get worn the beautiful Havana twists for years, then now it’s time for new experience. Creating 2 symmetrical regal buns on the top will attain look of 16th-century female. It’s a simple and unique look to get.

  1. Havana High Bun Twist:

First thing which Havana twists do with the locks is to include the volume. When your natural locks will stick out just from such large bun, here Havana twist appears attractive and neat.

This look is stylish and pleasant and that you can wear for special occasion. Well, the first thing you are going to execute is to make side parts of hair which you wish to use just as the bangs. Then, create the high ponytail.


These Havana twists hairstyles are created to help you get inspired. In fact, whatever you come up with will look good on these hair extensions. So if you are ready to attach them, get ready for the fun ride!




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