75 Fascinating Hairstyles That Will Blow The Mind Of The Women Over 50!


There are a lot of great short, medium and long hairstyles for women over 50. Just as we grow old, our styling sense matures somewhat. However, it doesn’t mean it must be outdated and boring. A lady might be stylish in any age. This concerns her hairdos, as well. It’s quite normal for a female to test out the hairdo as she grows old. It’s true that, as we age, we often prefer simpler hairdos.

Typically, older women follow unwritten rules for the short, medium and long hairstyles as soon as they tend to be older over 50. If perhaps you like a look which is sophisticated and elegant, you are able to brush the locks back which mean you might open your own face. Shaggy hairstyles look sloppy and awkward on the older women.

The bangs tend to be acceptable, particularly if they create the face look more youthful. However, you must keep them all trimmed and also style them towards one side for not covering the forehead. If perhaps you dye the hair, you must opt for the lighter hues that can also assist you seem few years younger.

Many females can pull silver hair when it’s styled properly. Nevertheless, if you’re not one among these lucky females, you should choose blonde soft highlights.

These haircuts work good for the fine fair, particularly when these are cut in the layers. Always thicker hair appears nice in the elongated haircut. The medium cuts are really stylish on the older women as well as a great option for those having thicker hair. Whatever the age is, here you should stay with a hairstyle which adjusts your facial texture and structure of the hair. Here’s a short video for you. Hope you will enjoy this post as well “24 Stunning Mid-Length Haircuts That Will Earn You More Appreciation!

Ideas For Styling The Hair For Females Over 50:

  • Just as you age, it’s best to choose cuts that tend to be simpler for styling. So, avoid the haircuts that are very shaggy or even layered as they will turn out looking unkempt and messy. Instead, choose straighter “cut styles”.
  • The highlights are an excellent way to include some movement and brightness to the hair. Just ensure you maintain them only a few shades lighter compared to the base to produce classier vibe.
  • If you are somebody who has worn bangs all through life, then you do not need to quit them now even if you are older. Simply choose mature styles such as side swept or wispy bangs for keeping things understated, yet fresh.
  • Well, since you know just what are the key points for keeping in your mind while picking the style then let us now check out all styles which you can test!

75 Medium, Long And Short Hairstyle For The Women Over 50!


  1. Side Bangs To Get Fine Curly Locks:

For the women over 50, the curly hair will be quite trendy at the same time complementary with their age too. Short hair is kept till that level of ears. The hair’s fine texture is created to look voluminous along with slight curls.

The “hair-strands” are created wavy and casually left around the head. Natural makeup and minimum jewelry will enhance the look. The hairstyle here is ideal to be adopted with semi-casual or formal dress.

  1. Perfect Lob Style:

The whole hairdo is kept simple and neat from the root to tips. This perfect lob will be the suitable style for women of any age. The “front-strands” are cut in smooth layers. The “hair-strands” are kept extremely straight and smooth from roots till tips.

The hair length is simply medium long. Usually, this hairstyle is ideal for formal and casual outfit. The no jewelry and neat makeup look would completely enhance the look.

  1. Side-Swept Deep Fringe Style:

Side-swept bangs appear elegant in every face shape women of almost any age. This hair size is short. Side bangs tend to be long and also kept open in both sides of face. One side parting is done in hair.

The optimum volume of the hair is swept to a single side of head. Minimal jewelry is needed to finish the look. The look here will go well with elegant dress and the bold makeup. For social gathering or party look, this particular look is ideal.

  1. Wonderful Choppy Layering With Cropped-Close Hair:

Women who else are more than 50 often carry the hair shorter. Shorter hair appears classy and smart in any age. This haircut, nevertheless, should be well-defined. However, in close-cropped locks, layers are done in hair.

These layers are made visible by careful styling and gelling of hair. This particular look is ideal for semi-formal or casual look.

  1. Long Layers And Fringe Curved In The Large Wave:

The curls and fringes in the hair make all hairstyle look graceful and elegant. The length of the hair is short that makes this hairstyle more visible. Women who else are above 50 can beautifully carry this hairdo.

It is one among the classic hairdos which will be worn by older women. Long fringes and thick layers are carefully arranged and gelled all over head. This whole hairstyle is just kept such a way that there seems a volume offered in hair. This hairstyle is suitable for any formal outfit.

  1. Modern And Slick Mid Length Hairdo:

This mid length hairdo looks equally great in younger and also older ladies. The way the slick “blonde-hair” is styled actually matters for older women.

This haircut is simple and neat. The “front strands” of hair tend to be chopped slightly in the ends. Here, the hair will be roughly parted at the middle. This hairstyle is very neat and even the strands will be sleek and smooth.

  1. Bangs With Sophisticated Short Hairdo:

The shorter hairdo is always safer choice for older age women. The bangs help to make the hair appear thicker and voluminous. The hair at this point is gently parted on a single side of head. Well, the front strands are kept simple and casual.

Remaining hair is just kept as it’s to enhance the whole getup. However, the outfit and the makeup are kept easy to fit with this hairstyle.

  1. Side Parted Boho Pale Wave:

Boho waves tend to be very unique for both the women of older and younger ages. The length of hair is short. Hair is gently parted on a single side of head. Its front sections are just cut in few layers.

The hair’s pale color is properly complementary to front strands hair and is made into the Boho waves. The look here is very complementary with graceful and elegant look.



  1. Curled Bangs With Curls:

Most curled hairdos leave top half by itself, however, not when considering this lovely style! The curls are included not just to the “second half” of hair, yet the bangs as well! Added style and volume makes for amazing finish that could be worn directly to the Runway, the mall, the nightclub, and the office!

  1. Loose Curls With Side Swept:

Julianne Moore in no way ceases to impress us with utterly elegant look and that is why we must steal her glamorous hairstyles. We love the side-swept style since it’s refined and regal, leaving “top-half” stick shiny and straight as the diamond while “lower-half” is merely amped up along with some basic romantic curls.

She looks very beautiful, and even you can duplicate this similar style using the straighter and curler hair. It is really a simple look to accomplish!

11. End Curls With Shorter Hair:

It’s straight at top with some small loose curl in the bottom. Really it does not get anymore gorgeous than this, really does it? She maintains things simple without extra waves or curls; just some loose one in the bottom as well as no bangs. Adoring it!

  1. Straight Bangs:

The straight along bangs do not need to be thicker. If you like the look yet don’t wish to exaggerate with thickness, then keep things informal with just some bangs of various lengths. How youthful and cute is this hairstyle?!

  1. Side Sleek Part:

The bangs do not work for everybody, whether they are straight across or swept to side, or even left wispy. Well, if that is the case after that take one page from the book of Geena Davis and then ditch the bangs completely!

Subsequently, after the hair is wonderfully bang-less and styled, straighten it along and also leave it going stick straight. Its end result is a very sophisticated and fabulous style that can simply get dressed up and dressed down.

  1. Tight Waves Style:

Take the waves one step more with the tight waves similar to this one. They offer a lot of volumes then give your whole appearance the perky finish that is feminine and fun. Loving everything concerning these extremely tight waves!

  1. Wild Curls Style:

Let it stay to Madonna for giving us a hairdo with bit edginess, right? Usually, we love the wild curls since it gives the hair lots of the quirky volume that is popular and hip. Quite simply, all you require to undertake is give the hair some “semi-tight” curls- which include your bangs- after that whisk them backside to create a few crazy volume that is stunning!

  1. Loose Curls And Half Updo:

We do not notice enough of half-updos; it is a critical catastrophe! Thank goodness that we found this glorious hairstyle through Chelsea Field! The “Half updos” are ideal for the special occasions, particularly when you include a few loose curls towards end of the mane as you notice here.

Certainly, it is one of most elegant and romantic hairstyles you can ever achieve. We love the addition of some loose bangs, as well! It’s the killer combination overall.

  1. Volume With Side Swept:

It includes Lots of volume at the same time a classy side sweep. Significantly, you cannot go wrong. Exactly what an ideal everyday look which would seriously appear spectacular on all woman, regardless of age!

  1. Wispy Bangs And Extremely Loose Waves:

I must begin by saying that I love this particular sandy blonde color of the hair. It is not very bright and also brightens up the face. Secondly, this style is wonderful!

With some waves/loose curls down the bottom, the wispy bangs to get a bit flirty attitude, as well as just a bit volume, this hairdo has almost everything that we appreciate. If you require a hairdo for rocking all the day every day, then check out this fresh style.

  1. Straighter, Shorter Dark Red:

A number of women might be pulled down by very longer manes, however, if that is the case after that consider a bit shorter locks similar to Marcia Cross.

If you are really in a mood for exciting hairdo that is classy but alluring, then think of dark red hair. Keep it easy with some brushes with the straightener for strong, straight, and long styles that kill.



  1. Brown Pixie Style:

The deep-brown shade here along with bold short pixie is rather refreshing. Just chop off a few years with the hair!

  1. Tapered Sleek Hairdo:

This particular sleek style along with the long side bangs can give the round cheeks “slimmer-look” without including extra volume.

The shorter layers include more texture simply to the fine hair. Well, we recommend the look for them having fine hair and who desire a stylish look with a bit daring edge.

  1. Classic Cut Bangs With Shoulder-Length:

Women of every age can adopt this traditional look. It’s extremely simple to manage as well as works perfect for every hair texture. Also, you are able to curl the hair or even sport it higher based on your mood.

  1. Side Swept Bangs With Cropped Cut:

This trendy hairdo with layers all over the crown brings lots of volume. The bangs that are Side swept add a fun and playful look for the sassy and short style.

  1. Blonde Soft Chin-Length Hairdo:

This fun and adorable cut with the nonchalant bangs and layers add a sophisticated and sweet edge and also will showcase your beautiful facial features.

  1. Wispy, Short Hairdo For The Finer Hair:


The Finer hair constantly appears thicker while it’s cut short. The classic look here with the dark blonde color as well as some basic back-combing can add some volume to shorter locks. The elegant look here is timeless at the same time has least carelessness.

  1. Messy, Bright And Short Hairstyle:

Joan Jett’s messy, dazzling layered-look is timeless. Along with its nicely styled sides and messy crown, it can highlight your eyes then bring out more daring sides. Add a few highlights for the bolder edge.

  1. Tapered Short Classic Hairdo:

This particular sleek style having its pointed bangs works properly with tapered sides and back. Style the bangs on slant, enhance your hair glow with product, and even you can completely rock this lovable short hairstyle.

  1. Short, Fluffy Curls:

All these sensitive “ash-blonde” curls will make your own face look beautiful with a romantic, soft flair. If perhaps you sweep the curls back, then you can entirely rock this basic short hairstyle.

  1. Sassy, Wet Look:

We know Jodie famous Foster for shorter bobs. The natural look here with the messy waves which help accomplish the wet look might soften the face and also enhance natural features.

  1. Featured Silver Pixie Haircut:

“Jamie Lee Curtis” is the excellent example of just how short pixie seems great on the older ladies. The pepper-and-salt color with the feathered texture will be sophisticated with a bit of daring edge.

  1. Vintage Bob Haircut:

This style “harkens back” to Roaring Twenties along with the timeless look and bold fringe. It has got a lot more edge compared to usual bob also will never ever go away from style.

  1. Longer Pixie Haircut:

While many “pixie-cuts” are shorter, the wonderful pixie cut here keeps a similar basic look yet adds volume and length with the long bangs which frame the face for best effect.

  1. Beautiful Blonde Hair:


With this sophisticated style, you are able to rock the natural white color of hair. You do not need to worry about “bleach” if you just add romantic and soft pastels like lavender. This funky and fun cut adds volume with shorter feathered layers and wispy fringe.

  1. “A-Line” Shag Style:

‘Diane Keaton” has constantly looked elegant and barely aging. With this basic A-line shag, well, you can appear years younger since this particular look is chic and even contemporary.

It is perfect with the ruffled imperfections. Actually, you might rock this hairstyle in any length when you alternate silhouette and texture for a playful and fun look.


The above-mentioned hairstyles are the most preferred and gorgeous. If you are a woman over 50 then you can try any of these styles for much better outcomes. I hope you have liked this post if so then share this post with your friends and let them discover the trendy styles.




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