120 Ideas of Friendship Tattoos That Hold Greatest Meaning!

Tattoos to Celebrate Friendship!

Friendship is something that has no bounds or limits of years, age, or gender. While people sometimes end up alone for not being able to cherish the friends they had once, some celebrate their ten or more years of friendship also.

As we are human beings, we need some people as friends. It is why we choose our favorite people. Mostly our friends are of our age and sometimes either colleagues or classmates. We also make friends online, and it doesn’t mean if we are unable to meet them, we at least have someone to talk to or to tell our stories to.

It always doesn’t have to be humans again. If we have pets that we treat more like a family and even best friends, we can cherish the friendship with them. So, having a friend so personally attached, emotionally related, and full of memories, we need to love it for a lifetime.

It is when tattoos come in a frame. We ink ourselves so that the tattoo will remind us of the memories that it secures forever. Just like that, we can cherish the friendship with our friends, and as a tribute, we can ink friendship tattoos.

Inking doesn’t always have to be your friend’s face or something related to your friend. It can be any object or any sign that will remind you of that particular friend forever. Like tattoos will be there till your last breath, your friend’s memories will also exist till the end.

friendship tattoos

Friendship Tattoos!

There are plenty of friendship tattoos that we can see people inking every day. Sometimes it doesn’t just have to be a commitment by a friend to another. Instead, it can be the entire group. There can be some of the prints that will match the most amazing days of your life. Some memories were bitter, but you could face them because of your group of friends. Therefore, friendship tattoos are nothing specific, it is solely up to you, what you feel correct to ink that will remind you of your friends forever.

Friendship Tattoos Ideas:

There are plenty of ideas of inking yourself to have a long-lasting memory of your friends. We have some of the most fantastic friendship ideas that will be useful for you. If you have a tremendous friend or friends, and if you want to cherish your memories with tattoos, you have ended up at the right corner. Just find your category and get it done.

Friendship Tattoos For Men:

Men are a bit of a wild or ruthless creature on earth. They are always rougher, and when it comes to sharing emotions, they are somehow unable to do that. The inking trend among men has been lasting for a long time. Men who are emotionally attached to their best friends show their gratitude for each other through the inks.

But most of the kind of ink the tattoos that have a bit of humor in it. We have the best tattoos for men that will reflect your love and care for each other.

Same Tattoos:

There are plenty of options when it comes to inking the same tattoos. It can be anything either your favorite band member or something you both have common. It will remind you how your taste matched for a long time. You can also add the year of meeting each other for the first time or the entire date. It will reflect your memories with the proper partners.


It can be your favorite comic star, superhero, or cartoon character. You can ink anything that is somehow catching some beautiful memories. When people ask you what that tattoo is for, you will be able to get the entire flashbacks of your friendship and can proudly say my friend has the same thing in the same place.

It can be the musician to whose performance you went for watching together for the first time. It can also be any sticker that will remind you of the craziest moment you had with your buddy. Similarly, it can be a funny thing to be too ridiculous to share with other people, and instead, every time you see it, it will make you laugh.

Friendship Tattoos That Carry Promises!

There are plenty of ideas about inking, that reflect the promises you made among each other. With friendship comes a lot of secrets, ups and downs, troubles, memories, and also promises. By promises, it means the ones that have to last forever. To recall or remind you of it, you can ink yourself.

There are just simple symbols that will also remind you of your promises. You can either have a tattoo of holding hands. It will be the part of your commitment to not letting go of each other no matter how tough the situation is. It can be the perfect promise tattoo if you want to share your forever being together promise with friends.

Tattoos for Three:

When it comes to friendship, it is mostly about two people. There are a lot of friendships that have three people in it. The three people’s friendships are always amazing, and this has no end. Therefore, here we find the best tattoos for three people.

It can be simple words that have some divine meaning. It doesn’t even have to be meaningful, and it can instead be a savage text. Try it.

Friendship Tattoos Ideas For All!

It always doesn’t have to be two or three friends, and you can have more than it. The entire team can get the same tattoos with more meaning behind it. It can be friendship symbols that have more significant meaning. It can be a shape or an object as well. You can also get some text inked. The choice is yours.

Check out the best tattoos ideas for more than three friends.

Friendship Tattoos To Reflect Your Common Nature!

You can ink something that reflects something you people have in common. It can be a sport, a taste in music, books, a favorite personality, etc. It will make you remember what exactly makes you fall in more commitment with your BFF.

It can be a place where you both met for the first time, or it can be the place where you both meet after some years. Though it also sounds more promising, this gives a good concept.

It can be an animal that you both love a lot. Or, it can be a common interest like reading books that you both do a lot. Or, it can be more than just one thing.

It doesn’t always have to be pretty things. It can be crazy things as well. Something that will remind you of the memories it carries.

Continue Quotes!

If you have the best friends who are part of your everything, you can make the continued quotes inked at the same spots. It means the text is somehow meaningless or holds a different or incomplete meaning in the absence of others. It can be a text that expresses your stupidity, joy, blessed memories, etc.

Double-Trouble is a fantastic text that is popular among BFFs (Best Friends Forever) tattoos. It simply means, when you and your best friend are around, the trouble is twice. One can get these tattoos inked.

Or some rough drawings? There doesn’t always have to be the perfect pictures for inking while you can make little drawings yourself with your effort and ask the same thing to be inked. It will be the best one, just like in this tattoo, where you and your friend seem to hold a telephone connected by a thread. It is incomplete in the absence of one. It has to be a fantastic tattoo idea.

It doesn’t always have to be a continued text or quote, while it can be a continuous image, just like in the image below. It shows a continued wings that is incomplete without your BFF.

Friendship Symbols with Meaning!

Certain symbols denote friendship solely. Either be a stone or a gem. It can also be the moon or a star, anything that reflects purity, harmony, or time. It can be the choice for you if you wish to ink something with meaning rather than just a meaningless one.

Friendship Flower Tattoos!

In the tattoo world, flowers are the most common thing that people ink on themselves. It might sound ordinary, but with fantastic flower prints, you can slay your friendship. There are plenty of flower ideas that seem unusual, especially when it comes to women’s friendship celebration; flowers are preferred somehow. Here you can find plenty of flower ideas to cherish your friendship.

It doesn’t always have to be the best flowers. You can add cactus and its flower. It also holds a more significant meaning. Keep it unique and entirely make it your decision to get one. Even this looks attractive if it reminds you of maybe your hard times, and how you overcame it with the effort of your BFF.

Quotes or Texts!

It is also a trend to ink the quotes on yourself and your best friend. The quotes or texts that remind you of your friendship and has a greater meaning that will tell you of your BFF even while you are away. The quote can be in your mother tongue or even symbols. You can also add some other objects as tattoos along with the quotes.

Most Common Yet Amazing Friendship Tattoos!

Simple Hearts!

Hearts are the simplest tattoos of all the tattoos. They reflect not only friendship but also a lot more than that. You can get heart tattoos along with your friend in the same spot and cherish the love for each other. It has been into existence for a long time, and people love getting heart tattoos and friends.

It can be of any size; either be a small heart or a big one, it looks good. Similarly, it can be a colorful one or just a black outline. It can be somewhere visible to everyone, or it can be hidden, and only your friend will know about that.

Crazy Tattoos Ideas!

There are plenty of crazy ideas. Sometimes you need to be something different than something regular. Why always be sweet and cute while you can reflect the real you, the crazy you?

Your tattoos do not always have to carry the most profound meaning when it can be a meaningless yet remind you of the best naughty time you two had.

Puzzle that Fits Well on Your Friend’s Tattoo

These are under incomplete tattoos combination. When you ink a puzzle shape or a lego tattoo, you can make the other half that perfectly fits your friend’s tattoo. It will be meaningful. When you have incomplete puzzles in both of you, it will remind how your life is also deficient in the absence of the other soul.

Girls Friendship Tattoos Ideas!

When it comes to girls or women, there are many ideas one can try to cherish friendship through tattoos. It can be entirely a girl thing, like flowers, hearts, feathers, etc. At the same time, it can be more specific, resembling the memories reflecting tattoos.

When it comes to women, again, there doesn’t always have to be the sweetest or the cutest things to tattoo. You and your girl can also reflect something mean or hideous. It can be something secret hidden from all. Why not go crazy and tattoo something that is entirely for your best friend and nobody else.

Girls also get this GRL PWR tattoos on them. It reflects how they were able to do something with their power. And, this also motivates others to be healthy and challenge others. It also gives strength to other women to stand for themselves and be able to raise the voice.


Mickey & Minie Mouse!

Among cartoons, Mickey & Minie Mouse are famous among friendship tattoos. Sometimes Tom & Jerry is also remarkable, but mostly they are a lead. These cartoon characters depict friendship among a boy and a girl, just like the cartoon characters have.

Sometimes it can be other cartoon characters too. It depends upon who you and your BFF love the most. You can step out of the standard box and think beyond the common grounds. After all, you are doing it for yourself and your BFF and not anybody else in the world.

Direction, Time or Date!

You can ink direction, time, or date to reflect when you both had your first meeting, or when you built the best memories. You can also add longitude and latitude to indicate the place where you met. There are so many possibilities. Make is a significant ink with these ideas.

Flower Cloves:

Flower cloves resemble luck. Getting it tattooed shows how luck has favored you ever since you met your friend. With this flower clove tattoos, present your friend as the source of all the luck that they have got on your way.

Birds – The Symbol of  Friendship!

For a long time, birds are reflecting friendship. It also denotes freedom of choice to pick someone as your friend. Flying birds will be a good symbol of friendship. Get it inked along with your BFF.


The anchor is a part of the ship. It is also part of the ocean and the pirates. It resembles a lot of meaning. Also, it is the friendship symbol. While there are so many common friendship tattoos ideas, this one is most popular after hearts and flowers.


It is also one of the most popular friendship tattoo ideas. Arrows also resemble a lot of deep meanings of friendship. It expresses direction, truth, and a lot of proper definition. It is a trending tattoo among friends that has been existing for a long time.

Funny Friendship Tattoos Ideas!

When it comes to friendship, there are a lot of good and funny memories along with it. You are sole ‘YOU’ in front of your friend. Therefore, your tattoos can be as entertaining as hell. Why not just ink the most curious yet amazing tattoo that reminds you of the time while you had the best laughs along with your best friend?

Waves, Mountains, Sun or Moon!

There are some other plenty of symbols that denote friendship. The existence of Sun or Moon that forever indicates your association that will also last forever. Mountains indicate the height of your friendship, highest of all. Waves indicate the harmony beyond every obstacle, just like how waves continue to form despite anything. Nothing can stop these objects from continuing its work, and just like that, your friendship is beyond any criteria.

Tattoos for Happiness!

With friendship comes happiness; sometimes, tattoos reflect the joy and nothing else. You do not have to think so much to get a tattoo. It will be just something that comes in your mind when you think of your best friend. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be pretty or hold the most significant meaning. Make sure, and it reminds you of your partner in crime, every time you see it.

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