90 Friday Memes That Will Supplement Your Friday Feels

Friday is probably the second most favorite F word after food. In Arabic, Friday means congregation/gathering. Furthermore, in most Indian languages, Friday means Shukra, that is, the planet Venus. The sixth day of the week, Fridays are waited for, they are adored, and longed for to come back again and again. Likewise, Friday memes are also cherished by the Friday devotees. I do know that memes need no introduction to the today’s world. However, meme is an image or a video or a piece of text that is humorous in nature.

I have collected a few Friday memes that could make your Sunday a little less boring ;


The cute pup is so exhausted that it is still not Friday. If a puppy can get so jaded by this, just imagine how annoyed a working human might be. So, Friday, you better don’t take a lot of time to show of.

The Friday Feels.

Look at these humans. How can a whole bunch of people be so excited at the same time in the office? Well, only if it is a Friday!

Heading To The Weekend Like.

When you are damn stressed with the pressure of the week days, you’ll definitely know why the cat has acted this way. He is all screwed up with the load that he is walking with such heaviness towards the lively Friday.

I Smell The Weekend.

Look at the excitement on his face! i have never seen anyone so excited and thrilled for anything in life. However, if it is for the Friday feels, then it is definitely worth it.

Tomorrow Is Friday.

This cat is enthusiastic that tomorrow is Friday. He is more delighted to the fact that the weekend will finally begin from tomorrow.

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The Moment You Realize That Tomorrow Is Friday.

Look at this elderly human, the moment he realizes that tomorrow is Friday, he cannot not rock. He is whirling and he absolutely deserves the thrill.

Mate, Its Friday!

The two guys cannot believe that it is Friday already. You cannot see such excitement in anyone’s face unless its Friday.

Happy Friday Folks.

What a cute Friday meme this is. The adorable pug is all tired with the whole week’s work. And now, he has finally put the work to an end and is trying to calm down now that it is a Friday.


Neither it is a Monday, nor a Tuesday, nor a Wednesday, or a Thursday. It is a FRIDAY! How exciting is that! What a cheerful Friday meme this is.

It’s A Friday.

Look at these cats. How can they even act so sprightly? Only because it’s Friday.

Thank God Its Friday.

The lovely nun is finally breathing out peacefully. She is got a cigarette in her hand and the look in her face speaks volume on how relaxed she is that its Friday. She has even thanked the God for this day.

Thank God It’s Friday.

Well, the only day when you can drink your heart out and not worry about the next day’s work is the Friday.

My Goodness, It’s Friday.

Ah. She is so relieved that it’s Friday. God knows how stressed she was.

My Favorite Friday, The Black Friday. (SAD FRIDAY MEMES)

The Black Friday is the day after the thanksgiving, regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season. The retailers make special offers on this day. However, the bear seems to be really upset with this kinda events. Maybe because he has nothing to do with it. Such a sad Friday meme for this bear.

Supremely Excited To Leave The Work On Friday.

The deer just cannot calm down. It seems like he is running to save his life. You can just imagine what an exciting Friday he’ll be having.

Black Friday, Let The Insanity Begin.

Not just a regular Friday, this is a Black Friday. Obviously you can and you should be insane.

A Zephyr Entry To The Friday!!

The famous Gangnam Style singer, Yoo Gun-Hyung, is dancing all breezy and flurry that he is leaving for the weekend.

Friday Is Kind Of A big Deal.

This gentleman is very serious with the fact that Friday is undeniably a kind of a big deal.

It’s Friday So, Tomorrow we sleep in right?

This little doggy is all set for tomorrow to sleep properly. You can see how badly he had been waiting for the Friday for that goodnight sleep.

Oh Yeah Man! It’s Friday! (kids Friday memes)

The kid is super excited that it is Friday already. Look at the expression in his eyes.

Let’s Do This, It’s Friday. (dog’s Friday memes)

The doggy wants to do something he has been planning since a very long time now. Well, what better day than a Friday.

All Drinks Are On Me Ladies, It’s Friday!

Ladies can have a pretty good time now because this elderly gentleman is all set for the Friday feels. Look how pleased he is.

Its Friday fun. (Nazis Friday Memes)

Its Friday fun for the Nazis. Imagine the Nazis having a little fun on the Fridays.

It’s Friday Beaches.

Imagine this person going to the beach with this dress on. How funny that would be?

It’s Freaking Friday. Let’s do this shit right now.

Seems like this tiny human is highly disturbed with his professional life. Since its Friday, he is ready to do the things he wanted to do the whole week. He sounds frustrated as hell.

It is Friday.

Look the the excitement on this toddler’s face. He is all excited for the Friday. God knows what plans he has. Binge on the baby cereal maybe?

I’m So Excited Cuz It’s Friday.

The look on this doggy’s face says it all. See how calm and carefree he looks. Thank God it’s Friday, at least the doggy can hang loose now.

If Friday Was A Person.

Phew! If only Friday was a person, he would have been this handsome. So free and so easy. Oh yes! so majestic.

If Friday Had a Face.

How i wish Friday actually had a face! How handsome that face would be. Just like the one given in the meme. Such a dapper Friday this is.

I Thought It Was Thursday. It’s Friday. (kids Friday memes)

This kid is so glad that it is not Thursday. Yes! its a Friday. How exciting is that?

I Just Remembered It’s Friday.

This kid was calmly playing by himself in the beach. He suddenly remembered that it’s Friday. He got hyperactive with the realization.

We Made It! It’s Finally Friday.

Goodness gracious, we made it to the Friday. Now the kid can finally relax and chill throughout the weekend.

It’s Friday, We “Work”

Now that it is a Friday, we work. And by that face and that hand we definitely don’t. How can someone even expect anyone to work on the Fridays. Crazy!

It’s Friday!! I Am Very Excited.

He says, since it’s Friday, he is super excited. Well, we know that you are supremely delighted, we can see it in your face gentleman!

This Is My Friday Dance.(dog Friday memes)

Friday dance made by the doggy. How excited he must be that he is showing you his happy dance.

The Pug’s Friday Face.

I have never seen a pug so happy for the Friday feels. God knows how desperately he had been waiting for this day.

Leaving Work On Friday Like.

On the Friday evening when you leave the work, this happens. Yes, you don’t walk, you fly.

It’s Friday bitches! Get sexy!

To all the ladies, dress up, make up and be sexy. Its Friday. There’s no day like Friday when you can chill and be provocative at the same time. Cheers!

It’s Friday.

This little creature is so excited for the Friday. He is jumping with joy. No idea what will he do on the Fridays that he cannot do on the other week days.

Its Too Friday For This Shit.

Until and unless it is some other week day, except the Friday,  there’s no way that some boring stuff will be done.

Heck Yes Its Friday.

Oh damn! Its Friday. Its finally Friday! He cannot even react to the feels.

Happy Friday Everyone! (mouse Friday memes).

Ah! God has been good. Thank you almighty for the Friday. Let us celebrate the Friday delight. At least the mouse is contented.

“Hey Girl, Happy Friday.” – Ryan Gosling

I am sure the girl’s heart has just melted. “Thank you Ryan, happy Friday to you too. My Friday has never been this great”, says the girl.

It’s Friday, Friday.

It’s Friday, definitely gotta get down and party. Whatever task you perform during the weekdays, when its Friday, its Friday. You cannot calm down. You got to tango.

Friday Is My Third Favorite F Word.

The cow says that Friday is his third favorite F word. Well! no comments.

Friday! Is Finally Here!

The cutest lion cub is such an entertainer. Look how joyous he is because it’s Friday! He is super elated that Friday is finally here.

True Friday Memes Fact: Friday Increases Happiness All Around The World By 11%.

Friday is not celebrated just unreasonably. There is a fun fact that, Friday increases the happiness all around the world by 11%. However, i beg to differ. The increment percentage is not just 11%, it is much more than that. I guess we all do believe this fact.

This Is My Friday Face.

The content on the dog’s face shows the Friday’s ambiance. Need i say more?

Fresh Friday, Here I Am.

Dearest Friday, I know you have waited long, i am sorry. I am finally here.

What Rhymes With Friday?

The barbie has a clear idea that Fridays are for the alcohols. As simple as that sounds.

Finally It’s Friday (snow white Friday memes).

Snow white is dancing with so much joy and grace that it’s Friday. Furthermore, everyone around her look very elated.

It’s Friday.

This human is overwrought that it is Friday. He is exhausted and excited at the same time.

Chill Out. It’s Friday.

You have had enough in this week. Enough work, enough pressure. Now chill out, its Friday already. Look at that bright face. Nothing can bring that shine except the Friday!

Friday Got Me Like This.

Friday got the baby to boogie down. How convivial she looks.

10:00 AM On A Friday. All You Can Think About Is Beer.

It is just 10:00 AM on a Friday, you just cannot not think about beer. Well, it would have been great if it would have been 10:00 PM. However, there is no restrain to imagination.

That Moment You Realize It’s Friday.

The moment you realize its Friday, you say screw it and move towards depleting your bank balance. And, you deserve it all.

Oh Boy! Look What Finally Decided To Show Up! The Friday.

Hello Friday! Thank you for at least showing up the last minute. Better delayed than never.

Keep Calm. It’s Friday!

You survived through the days. You did it. Keep the spirit calm, its Friday already!

Walking Out Of Work On Friday Like Rihanna.

This is something everyone has lived with. The moment you leave your work on the Friday, you get the same vibe that Rihanna has shown in this meme. You want to scream to the world that you are leaving for the Friday glee.

Dude, It’s Friday. Cheer up!

See, even the baby knows that Friday is supposed to be chilled out. She is cheering up her doggy that he should be happy because its Friday.

It’s Been A Long Week.

Damn, how he missed this contentment. He have had a long week and now all he wants is his tranquility. No disturbance please.

Friday and Monday, Same Bear, Different Responsiveness.

Look at the two pictures of the bear. They are same but their mental state is different. In one picture the happy bear is dancing with joy whereas in the other picture, the bear can hardly get up. This is a difference between the Friday and other week days. So you see, Friday is good for the mental health too.

Yippee! I Don’t Have To Use The Alarm Clock Tomorrow, says the Minion.

When is the day that you don’t have to use the alarm? Of course, when its Friday. Friday night you sleep without putting on the alarm. Even the minion is excited with this fact.

It’s Friday. Let’s Do This.

Lets do the convivial, it’s Friday.

I Am Glad Its Friday.

The geeky doggy is very glad that it is Friday. He was stressed that his week had been ruff. Finally, he breathes in the calmness of the Friday air.

If Only Friday Had A Face.

If our liveliest Friday had a face, it would be the one given above. The happy Einstein face. What a cheerful Friday this is.

Friday, 4:59 PM

The last minute of the Friday work seems like a disaster has just come to an end and you want to run to save your life. It goes as, 1, 2,  3  and run!

Everything Can Wait Until Monday.

Oprah Winfrey says that everything can wait, literally everything can wait until Monday. You ain’t doing any shit on the Friday!

Leaving Work On The Friday.

The exhausted run towards the Friday from the work looks like this.

Walking Outta Work On Friday Be Like,

Walking out of the work on the Friday be like the little girl’s expression.

I Thought It Was Thursday. It’s Friday.

This determined child is so resolved that it is Friday. Look at the expression on his face.

The Black Friday Deals.(Black Friday memes)

Black Friday is the day after the thanksgiving. Friday that comes with a lot of shopping is always worth the wait.

Friday Gets You To The Grandmas House.

This kid is so sure of that Friday is for the grandmas house visit. He wants something else for the Friday maybe?

My Problems Can Wait Till Monday.

Everything including my problems can wait until Monday. But the fun cannot wait.

Its Friday Fool.

It is Friday. This human is so raged that the fool does not know that it is Friday.

Friday Is My Second Favorite F Word.

The minion says that Friday is its second favorite f word. Food is definitely the first. Well i guess that is the case for everyone.

It’s Friday. Make It Funky Y’All.

Friday is clearly supposed to be funky right? There are no two ways about it.

Thank God It’s Friday.

Nicki Minaj is so excited that she is grateful to the God that it is Friday. The expression on her face says it all.

Happy Friday!

This tiny pig is all set for the Friday. Looks like it is going to rock the day.

Thank God Its Friday? You’re Unemployed.

“To all the unemployed fellas, do you guys even know how bad we wait for the Fridays? Calm down kids”! says this pissed off gentleman.

here are a few more Friday memes;

Well they say, Fridays are the proof that God wants us to have fun at least once a week. All the living beings out there, live your Fridays, laugh out the stress of the week and enjoy your fullest.

And always remember, after every trauma comes a Friday.

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