155 Flower Bed Ideas That Are Supremely Stunning For Your Yard

Flowers need no introduction. These are the basics of everything. Any occasion, any idea, just put the flowers in front and you are safe. That’s how they work. A guaranteed satisfaction. Flowers are also considered as one of the most loved and admired things ever on the planet. Thus, humans have been adopting the idea of getting different flowers to bring beauty to their environment. These ideas have been lasting through decades and it is valid that these will remain throughout the human journey. Flower bed ( as the name says) is a garden plot in the flowers are grown. In this article we discuss about the flower bed ideas.

Flower Bed

It is the heart of any yard. However, flower beds can be tough task to plan and build. You might have something in your head about how your house should be, or how your garden should be. Portraying the exact idea inside the head to the field can be baffling. Ideas can wander and take any form. The right design of the flower bed, the appropriate type of flowers used, the equitable area of the flower bed can make your backyard look resourceful. Thus, it is very important to choose the correct type of flower bed arrangement.

Flower Bed Edging Examples 

There are plenty of flower bed ideas that you can adopt in your yard according to your preference and the area of your house. Here are few of the examples that could be useful to you.

  • No Edging

Flowers do stand out automatically. Which means that, the flowers create their own natural edges. You need not add any physical boundary between the flowers and the outer field. Flowers do locate their territory by themselves.

You can look at the no edging flower beds given below. These do not have any physical boundary, however it does not seem so. The flowers have located themselves distinctly. This kind of flower bed ideas look very stunning.

This flower bed idea look very appealing at the center of the garden.

This kind of flower bed idea is made at the border of the garden area creating an outline of flowers.

  • Edging with border fence

The most typical flower bed edging technique. Fencing the bed can be either with wood or any other material. However, curvy borders are difficult to achieve while using fences. If i were to suggest, i would recommend the wooden fence. It is classic and very stylish.

The blue colored fence and the use of bricks as the flower pots look very homely kind of flower bed idea.

The fence made of wood and designed by the natural malleable plant look comic.

  • Stone edging

A classic option to edge your garden. Stone edging is very prototypical and standard in terms of looks. Furthermore, in terms of the plants, the stones retain the sun’s heat and keep the perennial environment warm.

The white stones used as the edge make the flower bed look so sleek and trendy.

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The stylish stone edge art made and the colorful flowers inside make the garden look very polished and upscale.

  • Green edging

It is not necessary that the flowers should be edged with hard materials only. We can use small plant and shrubs. Another convenience of having the green edging is that, you can apply any design for the flower bed. This means that, you can go for wavy flower beds or curvy flower beds.

The floret place. The combination of green small plants and colorful flowers give a gratifying glimpse.

The vibrant colored flowers with the green edges make an exquisite peek of the garden.

  • Flower edging

Flower edging the beds with one specific kind of flower is really enticing. Go for the vibrant color flowers for the edge and your garden will tempt just anyone.

Edging the flower bed with purple flowers on one side and green on the other. Very fascinating.

The cream colored flowers for the edge and the bright pink colored flowers in the inside. So clean and fresh.

Flower Bed Ideas

Flower bed can change the whole look of your yard and definitely your entire house in a bigger picture. The convenient thing about flowers is that it can be planted anywhere. Below is given some lovely flower bed ideas for your garden.

Oval flower bed

When placed in the middle of the field, the oval flower bed look immensely captivating. This is one of the reasons why circular flower bed ideas are very popular. The edge of the flower bed could either be flower edge or stone edge or even green edge. Similarly, the flowers inside could be of similar colored or multicolored. These are individual choices. However, these elections hardly affect the look of the flower bed.

Geometrical flower bed

Flower bed need not be in any specific shape or patterns. It can be of any constellation you desire. You could have a circular and rectangular mix flower bed, or even have a zigzag flower bed. These random patterns are very visually effective. However, make sure to have a clear idea on your head on what kind of flower bed idea you want.

Green lawns flower bed 

In these type of flower bed ideas, the green lawn takes over the huge part of the yard. For those, who want more of the colorful flowers and less of the greens, this type of idea can be a dull choice to make. However, for people who would like to separate the huge portion of yard for sitting and relaxing, then this idea can be a correct choice to adopt. Depends on individual preferences.

Wavy flower beds


Wavy flower bed can be of any design. The asymmetrical beds with independent patterns. You can let your mind do the thing. Flowers are automatically beautiful so don’t second guess your desire and go with the flow. Let the vibrant colors and enchanting designs let you and your home get an enjoyable abode.

Complex flower bed 

No specific flowers and no specific pattern. This flower bed idea lets everything mix up and create an exquisite blend. Mix in the variety of colors and get a random arrangement.

Natural flower bed

Natural flower bed is the idea of creating the pattern by indulging with the natural ecosystem. This idea let the plants grow in their natural cycle. There is no specific choice of plants in this kind of pattern.

Against the wall

Flower bed touching the walls give a lively look to the wall of the house. It looks like the colorful flowers are growing in the walls. It is required to make a well planned choices of flowers.

Flower bed around the tree

This is a very benefiting technique for both the flower and the tree. Furthermore, the combination looks extremely beautiful.

Raised beds

.Raised flower beds means that, this type of plant bed does not touch the ground soil. Example of raised flower bed.


Here are few more examples of the type of raised flower beds;
Classic Wooden Raised Bed

This is the basic low level wooden bed raised slightly above the ground. Made of plain wooden boards, these are few of the most used flower beds. However, make sure to manage the wooden boards in such a way that they do not rot briefly.

Stone Raised Bed

This type of flower bed adds to the beauty of the garden. The stones separates the natural greens to the flowers. These are the classic idea of flower beds. Use a lovely looking stone, preferably marble and you have just made your garden a lovely setting.

Stone terraces

The stone terrace setting makes the flower bed look very natural .You can choose your plants accordingly. Make sure to learn about the heating process of the stones while choosing the plants.

Trolley flower bed

A very attractive flower bed idea. This idea just boosts up the charm of your yard. In some cases when the delicate flowers need a little more insurance, this type of flower bed idea is planned. This is also an economic approach if you do have some old trolleys or a cart maybe.

Wood flower bed

This flower bed is made on the trunk of the tree. In cases where a tree should be cut for some valid reasons, then this flower bed idea is taken into consideration. This is a very attractive design to go for. Looks very graceful and natural.

Old Tire raised bed

Almost every house has some old tires.These tires end up being in the corner of the store of your house. Well, you could recycle them beautifully. Just add a bright color to the tire and manage them dramatically. Add a fertile soil and let your desired flowers grow.

ON A SIDE NOTE: Do not grow edible plants on the tires. The plants might extract some harmful chemicals form these tires which could be detrimental to devour.


I have collected a few more lovely examples on how you could design your yard with these exciting flower 
bed ideas.

A flower bed made in the trunk of the tree. Better than the naked trunk is a trunk full of vibrant flowers.

The very basic idea of flower bed design is the flower pot technique. Though very ancient, this idea is still trendy.

Another idea is this. Using the timeworn vehicle to plant the flowers and decorate your garden.

Such a stylish design to grow the same kind of flowers. Make sure to choose the vibrant colored flowers.


The tires of your bicycles make the border of the flower bed in your yard. How cool is that?

Use of the silver colored round objects to make the edge of the flower bed in your garden.

Now this idea lets us believe that everything in this world is recyclable. The use of balls to make the edges of the flower bed.

Now this idea is something very innovative. Using the same kinds of plates to make the border of the flower bed. A different yet a very contemporary concept.

Again coming back to the same topic of recycling, use of bottles to make the edge of the flower bed is another ingenious idea.


Low edge borders:

The designed curvy low borders separate the green lanes to the flowers. This design is good in terms of flowers protection. Furthermore, the look of the garden boosts.

You can see the techniques below

Use of pipes:

The use of pipes to make the border of the flower beds is another primitive technique to make the edges. The pipes are designed in such a way shown in the picture. However, this type of flower bed edges do not make the garden look very high class. The look could be economic though.

You can go through the pictures for a better idea.

Spontaneous border ideas.

A unique design made for the border of the flower bed. You see, you can let your mind wander.

This design looks very down home. The stones make the feet and they look very significant part of the flower bed edges.

The design is made form the woods and the stones. A triangular shape is made form the wood and a plant is grown inside. The interior soil is covered with thin stones. Any kind of flowers or plants can be grown, however make sure to choose such plant which lets the bed edge show.

Use of similar sized stones to make the edge. This particular border idea is what i personally love because this looks very natural and classy. If we are only going for the looks then this very idea is an amazing choice to go for. However, in terms of security this choice could be a little doubtful. Thus, make sure to choose the correct kind of plant if you are opting for this design.

This is a two layered, somewhat kind of terrace stone technique. The lower level consists of small stones, however, the upper layer consists of larger stones. No any plant is grown on the lower level. This flower bed edge is better than the previous one in terms of security of the plants with some disadvantageous ground insects.

This idea is similar to the one mentioned above, however, the only difference is that the plant is grown in the lower ground in this idea.

Classy Gardening Ideas

This is one of the most enticing designs for your yard. On one side the green lawn is separated by bricks and small pebbles, on the other side, small shrubs are planted. Anything can be planted in this kind of flower bed idea. Plant small shrubs for better presentation. Devour the beauty of your yard by adding a comfortable sofa in it. The walls are also covered by plants.

This idea is similar to the one mentioned above.

This gardening idea involves more of  the shrubs and very less of the flowers.

Metal Bars

The metal bar technique is a fine concept and looks very dapper. The approach is to make a tunnel like bar of metal and fill in the small stones. This will be the edge of the flower bed. Plant the flowers inside the bar and you are done. This type of technique is mostly seen in the parks and other public places.

Same as above, a little informal look though.

Use of a metal bar to create a border of the flower bed. A one line metal border.

A classy technique of gardening. A shutter is used to make the border of the flower bed. A high flower bed this is.

Brick Edge Flower Bed

A curvy shaped metal border is made in the corner of the garden and the plants are planted in the soil inside.

A very typical flower bed edge is the border made of bricks. Bricks are the rectangular blocks made of sun dried clay. These blocks are placed in the soil in the pattern given in the picture. Most of the people follow this technique because it is very easy and economic to make.

Luminous Edge Flower Bed

A very chic style flower bed this is. The inclusion of small pebbles collaborated with the lights gives a trendy design to the garden. The beauty of this type of garden is especially learned at night.

The use of similar kind of baskets to plant the flowers. This could also be taken as an example of recycling in case you have plenty of unused baskets in your house. Collect them, color them if required and use them to decorate your yard.

What a lovely piece of art this is. A flower shaped outline to plant the flowers. Get a flower shaped framework made and plant the same type of flowers accordingly. You can use different flowers also. However, growing same type of flowers will let you the framework distinctly.

Moderate Sized Stone Wall

This type of homes do look very classic and sleek. A medium sized stone wall separates the yard.

Here are a few more pictures of flower bed ideas for your convenience;

They say, the earth laughs in flowers, thus i hope you do have your home filled with lively chuckles and giggles with these lovely flowers.

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