115 Awe-Inspiring Feather Tattoo Ideas For Tattoo Lovers!

A tattoo is one of the best ways to express your emotions or actions without speaking. In other words, it helps you to express your inner voice through the image. Though tattoos are less popular among some people, or it is not considered acceptable in every society, but it is not a problem, life is too short to impress everyone! Only you will decide what you want to do with your one life. How about getting a feather tattoo? Feather tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo ideas that have been a sensation of youths.

One should look at tattoos as art and should be proud to be wearing one. But just deciding to get a symbol doesn’t end there. The most difficult one is to find out what you will ink! There are several ideas on tattooing. The first tattoo is always distinctive and should have a proper study or research before getting it. Feather tattoos can be anyone’s first choice. It is because it has a unique appearance, a lot of varieties varying from different birds, to shapes, then colors. There are plenty of meanings of feather tattoos as well.

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Feather tattoo is one of the various designs of tattoos that holds a cultural symbolism. It comes with a variety of styles and has rich meaning behind it. The purpose is varied depending upon the feather of the bird that comes in use. They are unique unisex tattoo having a vast purpose like ability to fight emotionally or spiritually.

The feather tattoo designs vary according to the type of bird, species, and size. The most popular birds whose feathers are accessible for the tattoo designs are eagle & peacock. Thee birds like ostrich & pigeons are also popular when it comes to tattooing feathers. There are various sacred attributes behind the birds whose feathers are famous. The most common symbol of a feather tattoo is an aspect of freedom, because of the wings, or feathers.

When a pinch of color mixes to a feather tattoo, it looks more stunning. The additional beads or other things make it more significant. The use of feathers in tattoos can also be a tribute to someone you love or adore. There are plenty of ideas. It’s like the creatures in Ocean, infinite. Therefore, you can choose from various options.

Here you will find a lot of ideas on feather tattoos. You will also find its origin, meaning, rich history, prices in the market, precautions to follow after getting one along with a lot of options to choose on for you!

feather tattoo


The feather tattoo has its importance in various cultural backgrounds, which vary from one country to another. It also differs from one religion to another. Feather tattoo gets in touch with the spiritual side. Christians believe it means virtue.

Among the Celtics, feather tattoo protects them from the evil & give them spiritual powers. Egyptians used feather tattoos to appease the Gods. They make dreams beautiful while sleeping. As feathers represent freedom and the ability to float from every obstacle, many people incorporate feathers into their tattoo ideas.

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A feather also has been representing a new beginning for a long time. Even different colors represent different ideas. White means purity, while red means passion, and yellow means smartness. Besides color, the type of bird also signifies differences. From ancient times Eagle, Peacock, Parrot, Egret, Turkey, Pigeon, Dove, etc. are taken in a sacred way. Some provide strength or motivation, while others provided peace and harmony.

In Celtic symbolism, there is a story where Morrigan transformed into a bird by wearing some feathers of a raven. From ancient times, the feathers have been representing truth, quickness, lightness, flying capacity, hope, positiveness, strength, courage, and a lot of others. Feathers are angels and other celestial creatures, as the wings are a collection of the feathers itself.

It has its unique history in Native America. Their Wisdom expresses the feathers as the embodiment of the spirits of the bird. That means wearing a bird feather as a tattoo will allow you to carry the attributes of the bird whose feathers you are wearing. It is how it started in Native America! People worn tattoos of eagles to get the similar strengths of peacock to get the similar beauty & of a dove to get the same peace!

The history of feather tattoo is somehow related to the ancient beliefs of the people. With more profound meaning, the trend of inking feathers of the different birds increased. The trend is still going strong. These days feather has become the first tattoo of many people all over the world. Some add feathers in other tattoos as well, making it look beautiful and hold significant meaning behind.


Feather tattoo might fascinate the eyes, but it has something more than that. It is one of the most popular themes among the tattoos these days. There are many options to choose from, even depending on the meaning behind any of the feather tattoos. Though there are infinite meanings, it depends upon the individual, the actual reason behind getting one. Therefore, the symbolism is unique every time and very personal too.

Moreover, the feathers that come from birds cleanse the energetic environment, having the best power for the one having it. They purify the spiritual atmosphere for the tattooer. There is this sacred belief that if you wave a feather over a fire, your soul is uplifted and gives gentle gratitude to the birds.

The bird feathers can symbolize so many meanings. More definite meanings are depending upon the bird whose feather one is talking about. Of course, the strongest one is of an eagle. The feather of an eagle can represent bravery as well as an honor too. Warriors were handed the feathers of the eagle as appreciation to their courageous deeds. It is the reason why military people are the ones with mostly feather tattoos than anyone else in the world. In some of the cultures, the feather became part of the ceremonies and customs too. Mostly Christians endowed it as having a lot of virtue. It also became the part of the design of the signet ring wit varieties of meanings to every feather associated.

There is another belief that feathers are a source of communication. Feathers carry spiritual messages from the spiritual world. It is the reason why some people ink feather tattoos on them.

However, the meanings depend upon the type of feather, type of bird, color type, and even styling ideas. You can find some common definitions below. There are more than these as well, but below listed are the common ones:

  • Beauty & Elegance: As the peacock is known as one of the most beautiful birds, its feather is unique as compared to other birds’ feathers. Thus, beauty & elegance is a meaning besides a feather tattoo.
  • Justice, Honor & Valor: This one links with the feathers of the eagle. This bird is a universal symbol of virtue.
  • Intelligence: With the feathers of an owl, you are reflecting information as this one bird has immense knowledge.
  • Rebirth: Birds like Phoenix is supposed to reflect the mythological concept of rebirth.
  • Spiritual power, healing power, recovery, etc.

There are undoubtedly other meanings as well to this feather type tattoo. The implications mainly vary from person to person and place to place. But these are the primary meanings to feather tattoo.


The best part of the feather tattoo is it can be as small as possible and can be placed anywhere in the body. Either be the most modest places like, besides an earlobe to the most significant sites like the spinal cord, the feather tattoo fits well. One of the most attractive body parts to get the tattoo inked is hand because you can flaunt your feather tattoo well. It is one spot where both men and women can flaunt feather tattoo. Moreover, you can wear it above the thumb and the index fingers; this is how you flash your tattoo with the least effort.

Another ideal place for the feather tattoo is the back of the neck. This spot is recognized as one of the sexiest spots to get any tiny tattoo inked. With a feather tattoo in your neck, you will get a lot of head turns. It is why finding out the perfect location of your tattoo is essential.

Moreover, the best part of a feather tattoo is, it doesn’t always have to go solo. You can mix it with your other designs. A feather tattoo can fit well with any other tattoos. It is the reason why people wear feathers a lot in the form of tattoos.

Feathery Tattoo | Belly Button

The belly button is another sexy spot in a body. Women especially prefer to ink their belly button. Peacock feather will go quite well here. It will give a feminine look solely to your body.

Feather Tattoo | Breast

The feather tattoo on the breast side gives you a sexy look. It is how you make your breast area look more stunning. You will feel sexy with one feather in that area. If you want to feel hot instantly, wear a feather tattoo.

Feathery Tattoo | Inner Forearm

Inner forearm is the unisex spot where man or woman both can have a feather tattoo. It is mostly viewed place in your body, therefore, best to flaunt a feather tattoo. Why not get the symmetric tattoo on both your inner forearms? You will not regret it a bit.

Feather Tattoo| Arm

When talking about the arm, there are still a lot of spots within. When you pick the arm for inking a feather tattoo, it can include various places. The best one is always below the armpit. It will still leave behind the people to get the full look of the tattoo, and yet failing every time, increasing curiosity.

Feather Tattoo | Along with Pelvis Region

Again talking about one of the sexiest regions on the body for inking feather tattoo, one cannot miss the pelvis region. There can be a feather that goes down tarting from the pelvis line. It can keep everyone under curiosity about not being able to see the entire feather tattoo. How cool is it!

Feathery Tattoo | Fingers

Feather Tattoo on the fingers can be amazing! As the feather is itself mostly linear, matching the linearity of the fingers, both will have a great match.

Feather Tattoo | Anklet

It is a fantastic place to have a cute feather tattoo. Women again can have this spot for themselves, because this spot with a feather tattoo gives somehow a feminine look. But depending upon the kind of design, even men can flaunt one in this spot.

Feather Tattoo | Neck

The neck is one of the most robust regions to have any tattoo. It is painful to ink here. So, inking a feather tattoo of an eagle in this spot will express your strength and power. Most men would look get huge feathers here elongating up to shoulders or back sometimes.


Different bird feather has different meaning and importance. Find out about some of the feather tattoos here:

Eagle Feather Tattoo

Eagle has always been one of the most fearless birds. It is also a national bird in may countries. There are specific characteristics of the eagle that makes it a verified bird. An eagle can represent strength, power, authority, and many more. It is also a symbol of prestige and hard work, along with leadership. US Navy uses an eagle as their symbol to represent bravery and fearlessness. Thus, its feather has been famous worldwide for inking for the same purpose.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

Peacock is popular as one of the most beautiful birds. It is a symbol of beauty, along with elegance and pride. It has incredible feathers with beautiful print and a lot of colors. Because of multi-color feathers, it is unique and beautiful. It doesn’t matter how you wear this tattoo; you will still look flawless. But this feather doesn’t look right without colors, so you better add its original color to the tattoo to make it look more beautiful.


Preparation of getting a feather tattoo includes preparing intellectually that you will have to go through pain to get your favorite thing inked. It requires a lot of planning that provides for finding out the best design of a feather you like to ink. It also includes the body part where you think the tattoo will fit well.

Another important thing is to find out the tattoo artist who is well experienced and will give you ideas on your choice about the feather tattoo. Another important thing is finding out whether the environment of the tattoo studio is clean and tidy or not. It would be best if you also considered checking the ink quality and needle.


The size of the feather tattoos determines its price. They are more straightforward in design as well. The average cost of a feather tattoo can range from $50 to $100. It is common in your neighborhood tattoo shop. If you want to get the same tattoo off-seas, the prices will fluctuate.

Sometimes the tattoo is charged depending upon the hours or minutes it required to get the inking done. Sometimes the price can be $150 per hour. The price also varies depending upon the experience of the tattoo artist to the type of inks used.


The aftercare procedure to inking a feather tattoo is straightforward. You need to keep it away from all kinds of touching. Either be from cloth, shower, or your hand. Cleanliness is the core component. You can also add a bandage around it to be more cautious.

Once you have added a bandage, you can remove it and clean the tattoo with the lukewarm water on the entire area. It will prevent any infection and avoid the pain in the area. Moreover, it is better to avoid soaking the tattoo from public or private swimming pools. The chemicals in the pool can regenerate the wound even after the tattoo healed already for a long time.

You can follow the instructions from the tattoo artist. Also, you can revisit the tattoo artist after particular time of getting the tattoo of a feather inked.


The picture speaks a thousand words! No matter how hard we try to persuade someone, in the end, we tattoo something pleasant to our eyes. Therefore, go through all these images below that has the best of the best feathers designs in the tattoos. These will surely provide you an idea to choose from a lot of the options!

Good luck with inking one! Please show us your feather tattoo once you get it!


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