155 Mind-Blowing Emo Hairstyle Ideas For Every Emo Fan!

What is Emo Hairstyle?

Emo hairstyle is a kind of hairstyle that involves banged and jagged hair. With this hairstyle, eyes are mostly covered wholly or partially by the hair. The emo music subculture has influenced this hairstyle. It includes large bangs of hair, primarily colored and straight.

emo hairstyles

Emo hairstyle is part of the emo look. Emo look not just involves emo hairstyle but also includes a similar dress, makeup, and accessories that match up the emo look. Any gender does not bound it. Anyone can have this hairstyle. The groups that mostly have this hairstyle are kids and teenagers. This hairstyle has its impact on the people.

Origin of Emo Hairstyle

Emo hairstyle comes from early 2000. It mainly lasted for ten years from then. It links to emocore. Emocore is the original name that later changed into emo, which is still a short form of emotion. Therefore, this hairstyle indicates purely the emotional music that defines the aesthetic of rock music in the guitar. Emo music is all about sensible lyrics and pop music with punk touch.

Fall Out Boy, Paramore, My Chemical Romance, etc. are some of the emo bands that brought the emo music into popularity from the 2000s. With the emo band exposure, the emo look became popular. The emo look included wearing dark clothes, accessories, dark makeup like eyeliner, nail paint, etc. It also included piercings and tattoos.

How to get an Emo Looks?

To have an emo look, first, you need to understand about it. You need to know what does an emo look means. With the common understanding of the emo bands and their music, you need to feel that for yourself. Starting with the accessories, it needs to be mostly black. It can include black pearl bracelets and neckpieces.

Talking about makeup, it includes mostly dark lipstick. It can be the eyeliner, whose length has to be weirdly long. Also, the smoky eyes would look suitable for women. For men, simple eyeliner would do. Getting black or comparatively darker colored lipstick will be the bonus. You can also make your eyebrows thick with the add of eyebrow makers.

We are talking about clothes that mostly include black dresses again. There is no such specification to clothing, but black and baggy tee will do. And with black or white sneakers, the emo look seems coming.

Getting into a hairstyle, pick a parted bangs. The jagged hair that stays only on one side of the head, letting all the hair fall at one side. It can include the covering of one of the eyes of both. The spikes also make it look better sometimes.

Popularity of Emo Hairstyle!

The popularity of emo hairstyles began from the time when the emo bands came into the highlight. Teenagers and youths accepted the music and thought this look is perfect for them. A large mass of teenagers and youth turned themselves into emo. Then the emo hairstyle became the most popular hairstyle, but it was common among the white kids mostly.

The young stars like Justin Bieber and some other famous actors who were in a pop band or emocore band also had emo looks. It also caused the popularity of this hairstyle among a lot of people. While trying to imitate their favorite stars, they ended up with the emo hairstyles.

Emo Hairstyle | Women

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman because the emo hairstyle is not gender-biased. When we talk about women and emo hairstyles, we get a lot of ideas. Because women mostly have long hair, and we know with long hair comes longer bangs, which look quite right for this hairstyle.


Women with an emo look looks unique because most of them are covered in colorful makeup, while the emo look is all about dark powder. Also, it includes a lot of piercings and tattoos. Thus women with emo hairstyles and looks look amazingly unique and attractive too.

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As the emo look also shows the deeper and sensible emotions, women will look more beautiful. It will represent their presence in feelings. Similarly, by accepting the dark makeup and wild piercings and tattoos, the other and actual personality of them will be out.

Emo Hairstyle | Men

As the emo hairstyle doesn’t have to be a single-gender thing, both men and women can slay it with their style modifications. To be precise, young boys wore this hairstyle more than the young girls. There was this craze among men for emo hair. It then fell at the end of 2010.

With young men celebs having such a hairstyle, it became a lot popular.

How to make Emo Hair?

Emo hair looks good with following hair type:

  • Thick hair
  • Straight hair
  • Medium length hair
  • Slick hair

This list is not the most appropriate one. Any hair type can have emo hairstyles without a doubt. But to get the best ones, the hair, as mentioned earlier, looks fabulous. Talking about the thick hair, it gives a large volume. When there is a large volume of hair, the bangs look amazing, and the emo hairstyle seems perfect.

With straight hair, it is easier to keep the hair firmly in place, and it gives a more visible look than with some other hair texture.

When we have medium length hair, the length of the bangs look appropriate, and the face is also mostly covered.

With slick hair, the best emo hairstyles can get prepared. Slickness is the most important thing, which is mostly natural. But even with some hair products, one can get the artificial slickness.

Getting Emo Hairdo!

It requires parting the entire hair into one side and getting the bangs correctly into the same team. Mostly the hair covers the forehead and sometimes eyes. If there are spikes, also, it looks more fabulous. And it is not always about just the hairstyle, and it has to have other things associated along.

There is a positive impact on the right choice of clothing, shoes, the color of clothes, piercings, accessories, tattoos, and everything else.

So once you get a perfect emo hairstyle on you, make sure you also get everything else done. It is not just hair thing, but an entire get up!

Emo Hairstyle Ideas

When we talk about emo hairstyle, we don’t just stick to one style. Various modifications lead to something new and worth it. The ideas vary with length, texture, color, thickness slickness, etc. You can find a perfect category that matches your hair. Find it out.

Colored Hair & Emo Hairstyle!

When the hairstyle has an emo look, most of the people also think of very exotic color. The color doesn’t always have to be fascinating, but it visualizes like that. When one gets a color like brown or gray, people usually do not notice much. But when the color is pink, green, blue, or red, it becomes every person’s second look.

It has to be accepted because with exotic color comes a marvelous look. The choice of color is solely yours. Most of the women prefer the exotic pink while men prefer vulnerable blue. But again, with color choices, gender has nothing to do.

Color expresses one’s emotions and hidden personality. Let your character come out, show it through colors in your emo hair because emo look looks better with colored emo hair.

Short Length Emo Hairstyle!

We all have this curiosity that if short hair can have an emo hairstyle. Without a doubt, yes. Even with short hair, one can quickly get the emo hairstyle. And not just emo hairstyle but also entire emo look. The long length might be a boon, but even short hair is not inevitably a burden

You can see the images below that show how you can slay with short hair too. So it is all about dedication and interest.

Medium Length Emo Hairstyle!

For medium length, the emo hairstyle is just right—no worries about the more tremendous bangs or, the smaller bangs. The bangs with perfect length forms with medium hair. The most critical bangs that cover the eyes are perfect in medium hair.

You can see the images that express the emo look with a medium hair length emo hairstyle.

Long Length Emo Hairstyle

The extended length of hair is boon to the emo hair. With long hair, you do not have to worry about anything. You can always trim it to perfect size if you want to have it a bit less length.

You can see most of the emo looks have more considerable or medium hair length. Even boys or men who like emo hair let their hair grow longer.

We can see the images that already explain what the fuss is about it. It is not compulsory to have long hair, but with long hair, comes various possibilities.

Black Hair Emo Hairstyle!

We already had enough discussions on colored hair for the emo hairstyle. But getting back to standard and basic look, nothing can beat the black hair emo hairstyle. With dull and black hair, you look more exotic and darker. With black hair and black makeup, with strange dark tattoos, piercings, and accessories, you look more emocore.

That means, with no coloring of hair, the emo look looks more elegant and vibrant.

Spikes in Emo Hairstyle!

By spikes, we understand the hair ends that are sharp and pointy and facing upwards. Spikes are the charms in emo hair. Especially, men keep spikes in it. Even women who love short hair also get some peaks while trying to have an emo look.

With spikes, you not just look cool, but your hair also stays firmly in place, keeping you more into other works rather than to frequently care it.

Emo Hairstyle for Straight Hair

As mentioned already, emo hairstyles are best suited for the long, thick, and most importantly, straight hair. When you have straight hair, you can automatically get the emo hair with a bit of hard work. But the finish is splendid. You will be able to maintain it and not worry much about all the routine care required for emo hair.

Emo Hairstyle for Curly Hair

Though emo hairstyle is mostly for straight hair with thick hair, even with curls, one can get the emo look. The bangs might look imperfect, but still, one can manage an emo hairstyle out of it.

Emo Hairstyle with Wavy Hair!

Wavy hair is the hair goals. With straight hair, the bangs might look superb, but even with waves, we can compromise. With waves come natural curves, which sometimes gives a better look with the emo hairstyle.

Emo Hairstyle & Piercings!

Piercings are common among the people who have emo hairstyles. It is because piercings are also part of the emo look. It always doesn’t have to be the piercings along with it, but with piercings, the emo look becomes more amazing. Piercings can be in ear, nose, chin, eyebrows, etc.

With a piercing, the personality also changes. With and without it are completely two different looks. Thus, you can always guess how a piercing can put your emo look with an emo hairstyle.

Some Random Emo Hairstyle Ideas!

Here we will find a heck of images that has different hairstyle ideas under the category of emocore. It includes men styling ideas, women styling ideas, different color choices for hair, piercings ideas that match the hair, the tattoos that look good with it, and everything else.

If you are also looking to get something similar for yourself, why not go through each of the images and find the perfect one for you and your hair. You can imitate any look based on what kind of personality you are looking for!

This one has the best example of short hair and emo hair! It shows how emo look doesn’t always require any long length of hair.

For complete messed up and still on point emo look, you need to choose proper clothing, vibrant color in hair, dark make up, tattoos and piercings.

Piercing also determines how you will end up looking. With correct  piercing, you will have the bomb look. It depends on what kind of look you want. Just make correct use of piercings.

Red hair has the most exotic look when it comes to emo styling. You will receive full attention. Get ready for all the eyes on you.

Snap chat filter and emo hairdo boy!

This hair has a bit of waves and straights, but still it looks on point. This is because the proper amount of bang hiding the forehead and the eyes.

Snap chat filters and emo hairstyle!

She has right amount of piercings done and her hair looks perfect with that color.

We can see the girl enjoying her emo hair with a fake pair of ears. She looks happy and amazing.

Boys who have the natural slick hair and the thick hair are blessed boys. This gives the best emo hairstyle results one can imagine.

Emo doesn’t always have to be the black color. Even with colorful look, one can get the perfect final outcome. Being colorful and sticking to emo hairstyle is also a perfect combination.

Again, in this image as well, we can see the slickness and perfect thickness of hair. This has helped to make it the best emo hairstyle.

Emo look is sometimes incomplete without all the accessories, make up and piercings. With correct choice of these things, there comes the perfect outcome. The make up has to be on point just like in the image. We can find a lot of piercings too. These piercings also create an impact on the final look.


Here we can find another good emo look. This hair has the perfect thickness and slickness. With such hair texture, one gets the best emo look.

It has to be the messed up emo look. You can see the ends are rough and the hair color is also not constant.

We can see a young boy with perfect emo hairstyle. He has amazing thick black hair and spikes at the ends. This kind of hairstyle was more popular at the early 2000.

In this image we can see pure combination of exotic pink emo look with piercings and tattoos. This has everything that is essential for an emo look.
In this way, one can easily have an emo hairstyle despite any hair texture or color, or gender. All it requires is a will to do it. The hairstyle choices, even inside the emo category, is enormous. Thus, get an emo hairstyle today.

You might have already finished your curiosity and searched a better emo hairstyle for you if you made it to the bottom of the page. If not, you can again revisit the top of the page and go every hairstyle back. If you modify your hairstyle with one from our page, please share it with us and help others to imitate you!

Have a happy emo hairstyle time this summer!

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