135 Unbelievable Drawing Ideas | Beginners and Intermediates

What is a drawing?

Drawing is a process of expressing some ideas in the form of the image by utilizing the talent of collecting some raw lines together in a piece of paper. In other words, drawing is the visualization of something that is going on in your mind. Like words, express your ideas, drawings reveal your imagination.

In a broader meaning, drawing is an excellent combination of two-dimensional artwork expressed with the help of dry medium and strictly doesn’t include paint. The wet medium can sometimes be ink to prepare the drawing.

Drawing can be a medium of communication sometimes. It can be the tool to express imagination to other people and make them understand your views and plans. Everything that exists in the world as a result of human beings was a draft in a piece of paper first.

There are various things under a simple drawing. It shouldn’t always be exact or something matching another person’s thoughts. A picture is something that you prepare as per your imagination. Everyone can’t be good at that. And again, there is no scale to judge how good a drawing is.

When a person draws an abstract thing, there is no comparison or judgment to how good the outcome is. But when it comes to bringing something that already exists, like a sketch of a person or animal, an structural drawing, etc. then it can be judged.

There are various procedures to draw. The drawing tools also form an extensive list. Similarly, the types of drawings are also of several types.

History or Origin of Drawing!

It has been an old thing. People started drawing before they had a communication language. One can see in the ancient caves where the stones have beautifully carved drawings. It has been used by our ancestors to express their imagination.

Just like craving in stones or walls, people also used to decorate their houses with abstract drawings. The first drawing tool in human history is a burnt matchstick. It was the part of the primitive paintings in caves. It shows the urge of human beings to express what was in their mind through a visual art form.

Even though the history of drawing seems rough, but we can find so many fantastic historian portraits in the museums. There are plenty of good artworks of our ancestors that are worth praising. So basically, despite having proper tools and elements, a dedication, willing to draw, patience, and hard work are required. But the most important one is always the wish of the heart.

These fantastic historical drawings have been our source of inspiration. Even our kids should be taught about them, which will guide innovative drawings and art forms. Therefore, most of the drawing ideas are the result of our old pictures.

When a kid holds a drawing tool in its hand, it draws some meaningless sketches, which is also a drawing. Similarly, when an engineer holds a pencil and draws its architectural plan, it is also called as drawing. Therefore, the range of pictures is vast. From the ancient times, when making a drawing was too tricky, to the present time, when you don’t even have to hold a pencil and paper, instead draw on a screen with a digital pen, the definition of drawing remains the same.

Drawing as a Hobby!

Some people love to draw while there are some people whose profession demands them to bring. When you draw it for yourself, or because of your interest, in your free time, for your happiness, the drawing becomes part of your hobby. It can be for your satisfaction or to have some quality time.

As we know, hobby is something that is done for personal pleasure as a part of every day like a habit, in free time. When we take drawing as one of our hobbies, we do it without any pressure or deadlines. Because of it, we also do not wish to have any improvement.

But once our drawing hobby converts slowly into official things, we will begin to add the progress in it. There can also be a time when our drawing hobby can vanish because of other hobbies.

While we have a habit of drawing, we become more clear of our thoughts and ideas. Some people are born with perfect drawing talent. But, it is more of a practice and taking things seriously. Anyone can be a pro in drawing. The only difference is some might take a very long time while some can learn that in a short time.

Keeping this drawing habit, one has a uniqueness. Therefore, it is always a plus point to have drawn as a hobby.

Drawing as a Profession!

Various professions require drawing. Artist is someone who brings professionally. An artist is free to draw anything. That is also a profession. It can be the patterns, swirls, abstract sketch, etc. But some other business require a systematic drawing.

Engineers and Architects also draw things. They prepare a draft of buildings, structures, foundations, machines, etc. before finalizing it. It is how they keep their ideas into paper. Hence, drawing needs to be proper for these professions.

Similarly, even a simple plan, flow charts, design charts, etc. are essential for any project or program. They also fall under the category of drawing.

When there is a profession mixed up, it has more responsibility. It is better when the drawing is a hobby and as well as a job. But everyone, no matter have any business, requires the necessary skills of drawing. Just like being able to write for communication, you also need to draw for various purposes.

It is better to draw rather than write. A picture speaks thousand of words is evident with this concept.

Materials for Drawing!

A basic drawing requires just a paper, a drawing board, and a pencil. But various other tools are essential for proper illustration. We need to express our plans and ideas on something, and it shouldn’t always be a paper or a pencil. Various tools can replace pencil.

Moreover, this generation has more enormous technology benefits. It is necessary for more varieties of drawings. In the time with robots to draw plans and designs, people need to be more focused on naturalism & originality.

Here is the list of the drawing tools required or can require to prepare a drawing:

Drawing sheet:

A drawing sheet is the essential thing to have something drawn. A layer doesn’t always have to be a piece of paper. Although drawing notebooks and journals are mandatory or the most basic drawing tool, there are other options. It can be a piece of cloth for designing purposes. A drawing sheet can also be a bowl or anything for carving meaning.

These days, screens are replacing the drawing sheets. As we know, the popularity of applications and software that have made our work more comfortable, they provide us withdrawal sheet as a soft copy inside of a computer screen, thus eliminating the problem of a hard copy sheet, erasing it, etc.

Therefore, the definition of the drawing sheet is different. We need to have an update on the latest technology. But, at the same time, nothing can beat the beauty of a drawing notebook!

Drawing Pens:

We require something to draw on the paper. It can be either ink, charcoal, graphite, etc. As we know, there should not be wet paint, preferably only a dry one, so we can use any of it to create a drawing. There are various options. The most preferred one is pencil and chalk because it can erase it. Crayons, oil pastels, etc. are also convenient as an alternative.

Our ancestors used burnt match sticks, raw graphite, charcoal, etc. for the drawings. We have plenty of natural and varieties of options today. If we prefer digital drawing, forget this tool.


It is the most preferred drawing tool. The graphite has the fantastic quality of being erased with the help of a rubber. It doesn’t create much mess. It also provides to correct the artists once drawn sketches. It can be of various sizes. The lead can be fragile, as well as thick. When it comes to engineering drawing, the dimensions of lead are also critical. They are categorized based on how black it is and how hard it is.


You can use it if you prefer to use the board as your drawing sheet. Boards are necessary for markers or chalks. When it comes to using chalk, it can be a little messy. You might not enjoy using it, but it is about habit as well. Therefore these can be the cheapest drawing material. With chalk, there can also have variations in drawings.


Pen refers to ink-pens. These might be wet, but the drawing result is dry. There are varieties of pens in the market that are common for writing and drawings. Some are prepared solely for drawing also. These pens can either be board markers to draw on board or paper, ink pens with manual ink filling, etc. The lead size can also vary.


Crayon is a colorful wax, which is also one of the conventional drawing tools. With wax comes a lot of advantages. Wax makes the drawing waterproof. Therefore, spilling something over the final draft is not a problem with crayons. With crayons, you can also prepare different drawings that might not be possible with a regular pencil or ink pen.

Oil Pastel

Oil pastel is also somewhat similar to crayons. It does not just have wax but oil as well. With this combination comes a great texture in the sketch. The drawing not only becomes water protected but also will have a brilliant oily reflection. Many artists seem to be using only these for all their drawings. There are different ways within it to prepare drawing.

Drawing Board:

Drawing board is of two types as mentioned below.

  1. Something that we put below the drawing sheet to give it a firmness while drawing. It is required while trying to draw in a single sheet of rather thin paper.
  2. Something that we use to draw in using the marker pens. It is popular among schools, where there are whiteboards for marker pens and blackboards for chalks.

Digital Drawing:

By digital drawing, it solely means the use of technology. You can draw on the screen and get better results. Artists have been utilizing the digital drawing for long already, which has enhanced their performance and made some non-artists also draw things with more ease.

Digital drawing is especially required in cases when the dimensions are fixed. The exact lines, scaling, curves, etc. cannot be prepared with manual drawing. It might be, but not always.


Drawing Applications:

There are various software and application in the computer that allow us to draw. Ms Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, etc. are the most common software. While coming to professional drawing, apps like Sketch-up, AutoCAD, GIS, Revit, etc. are popular among Architects & Engineers. It is another level of drawing.

Types of Drawing!

There are numerous types of drawings. It depends on what basis you design it. But mostly, it can be categorized into three types as briefly described below:


The sketch is a drawing that is often incomplete and rough. It is the initial drawing of something. There can be after drawing to the sketch. Still not the finished thing. The sketch can be a stage of drawing. If we divide it into steps, this has to be the primary or first stage.


Delineation is a reflection of something, more like a portrait drawing. It is a pictorial representation, either be of a person, or something of geometry or maps. It has nothing to do with abstract drawing. We can rank the result of delineation, compare it, and also judge it because it is a copy of something that already exists. Therefore, the comparison comes when there are delineation drawings.


The draft is something similar to the sketch. If we compare it with stages again, this becomes the middle or second stage. The draft is also a complete drawing if no changes are necessary. A complete drawing needs revision, and if we need to make some changes, we prepare a draft. A draft is popular among illustration, as it is essential. Especially, technical drawings require a draft.


Cartoon is the type of drawing that involves abstract thing. It is the result of imagination. Cartoon can sometimes called as sketch or rough figures too. But in the higher sense, the animation is a form of drawing that is popular in comics, series, and movies.

drawing ideas

Drawing Ideas | Step By Step

Some of us are good at drawing. It is not that we are born with that. Some of us learn it with a lot of practice, while others grab the excellent techniques. It is all about doing things right. You might practice for several years, but if you are doing it wrong, you will never learn.

Therefore, one also needs to know the correct ways to avoid more practice. Some great artists have shared their experience of how they became the greatest artists. With their failure experience, one can learn what not to do! Here are some essential guides to how to be an artist on your own. Follow these procedures and give it a try!

For Beginners:

Try to use pencil:

It is better to use a pencil if you are not sure what you are about to do. That is because you can always rub out. When you are using a pen, you still have a back up to get things fixed when gone wrong. So, it would be best to make the use of a properly sharped pencil instead of using colored pens or crayons.

Clear and thick drawing sheet:

When you are drawing in a transparent or thin drawing sheet, you might not be able to erase it. There are chances of tearing it off. In this case, you can end up losing a good piece of artwork. So, your drawing sheet should be thick and clear.

Prepare a draft:

You need to prepare a rough draft first. That means before starting your drawing, and you can roughly draw the same thing in the next paper or bottom of the same paper. It will help you to stick with your plan and not bring modifications during the drawing. In this way, the final drawing is somehow better than the one without any rough draft.

Do not over press the pencil -keep the drawing light-

When you over press the pencil, the errors are hard to erase, leaving ugly marks behind. So, you need to make as light as possible, allowing you to rub the unnecessary lines without leaving any marks.

For Intermediates:

Analyze what you are about to draw

When you analyze what you are about to draw, your confidence rises, and you become more sure of what you want to draw. You can compare your idea with existing images and find the best one for drawing. When one has confusion, the outcome is incomplete or unsatisfactory. Therefore, play with the photos, make the comparison, and then only start.

Make structural shapes for everything

You can make anything if you find a shape near to it. For example, draw ovals for eyes, cylindrical for nose, circle for cheeks, etc. If you do this, you will get a perfect sketch, then all it requires is extra effort and some rubbing. It is how artists do their thing.

What is popular among drawing ideas?

The drawing was initially solely for a hobby. But now every field has drawing ideas in it. The most popular forms of drawings are cartoons, anime, comic characters, etc. With getting people’s imagination on paper, there have been so many inventions on comics, anime, and cartoons.

They also differ a lot from each other. We can learn about them in details:


Comics include simple characters, just like one in anime or cartoon. But the demonstration is unique and powerful. With simple drawings, you should be able to express emotions, reactions, happiness, sadness, everything that a reader would wish to receive. It might seem easy, but it is rather harsh.


Cartoon characters are somehow abstract. If there is a cartoon drawing of a boy, you do not bother to give five fingers to it, and you do not bother to make the nose right. It doesn’t have to look like a boy. It can be something similar to the boy, but still funny or cartoonist. That is the magic of a cartoon drawing. Feel free to modify and get your ideas into paper.



Anime is also a type of cartoon. It is a Japanese creation. The difference is, instead of funny characters, it has rather attractive characteristics. They depict humans with extraordinary looks. The eyes are more significant, the hair flaunts, the dresses are cute, etc. This way, the anime characters are loved and enjoyed by the fans.

Image Gallery for Drawing Ideas:

Here feel free to find a proper drawing idea for yourself. There are plenty of images that range from too easy to draw for beginners to too harsh to draw for professionals. You print one of these out and copy it. There are various fields of drawings from comics, cartoons, manga, etc. to animals, human beings, structures, etc.

Just go through each of the images and try with one of these.

Everyone is not born an artist, but everyone can be it. Do you love any of the cartoons and want to draw it down? You can learn it. Sometimes we feel like expressing our love towards someone as a friend, teacher, family member, etc. The best way to do that is by drawing their portrait. I know this might sound a tough thing to bring into practice.

But when you try to draw someone’s portrait, you dedicate a lot of time for that. It requires a lot of hard work, patience, and some quality time. Therefore drawing a picture has to be the most fabulous way to express love or respect for someone.

With digital drawing, portrait drawings have become fashionable. People are drawing their favorite celebrities, modifying real portraits, and making it even better than real. They seem to add wings, thrones, vampire teeth, etc. to the regular picture of someone. It seems a fun thing to do. Because once you are drawing something, you become the master of your creativity.

You can step out of the regularity and be creative. Also, the industry of drawing is leaping already. With advancement, there are opportunities. The industry is too big that the comic or cartoon artist demands are increasing.

Even the Architects and Engineers are doing their designs through drawings. Every other field is also directly or indirectly dependent on drawing. Drawing ideas are spreading so quickly. Artists and other drawing specialists share their straightforward way of doing it on the Internet, which has helped the commoner set their bars higher.


Did you like the kinds of stuff collected here? There’s plenty of choices to choose from. With learning an ability to draw, you become more independent. You do not have to seek for help with anyone. Because drawing is something, you will require to know. You might not find it necessary now, but in your days to come, you will realize its importance.

When words cannot complete the communication, drawings can. It is the strength that will never let you out of ideas sharing medium. You will always be able to keep your imagination in the paper correctly. Therefore, one has to be somehow aware of drawing plans. If not for you, for sharing it with other people, like your siblings or kids.

If you take it as a challenging task despite all these instructions, my dear friend, you need to go through the entire thing again. Because, you will not just learn about what drawing is, what is the history behind it, why does one has to learn to draw, where can it be utilized, but also determine what the tools required for drawing are, where do you start, what are the rules to the proper picture, etc.

You can make this page as a source of guidance. It might not be the ultimate help, because after all, practice is essential. Once you begin to know the basics, you will start to guide yourself. It shows the connection. You begin to find the dots and boom, you learn it. Then, you have your techniques, which again might not be similar for everyone. But this is how it works.

You can share your experience and drawing ideas with us too. After you have conquered the best of it, don’t forget to guide others.

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