115 Colorful Dragonfly Tattoos To Have Anywhere On The Body!


The dragonfly tattoos are in trend nowadays. If you’re trying to find a long-term design that offers you new hit to best style after that considering the dragonfly tattoos will assist you to improve your look. Beyond any kind of tattoo, the dragonfly tattoos’ particular looks tend to be slipping into the most popular and hottest trends for all those who are looking to create a different sort of statement.

The dragonfly tattoo isn’t only getting a simple pattern that’s surrounded all around looks of the particular animal. The artists who are fascinated in this picture are also incorporating various colors and patterns that are just redefining the elegance of this specific artwork.

From the combination of shades to blending the dragonfly along with other alternate images are precise looks which are helping the dragonfly tattoos to become one that provides you a “stamp” of artwork.

However, this picture is one which is especially appealing to females who want sexy or delicate look, and also those who would like to participate in “symbolic meaning” of this particular animal.

With these designs, here you do not only get option of exactly how to design the sleeve, yet also can alter the specific width and length and colors of patterns thus it fits the style best.

Based on tattoo designer and the concept that you’ve in your mind for specific tattoo, here you will get the ability of obtaining the most from your looks simply by defining specifics which are part of the new look.

Usually, for anyone who desires to wear one of most refined and latest trends has the capability to take pleasure in the most just by considering sleeve tattoos. It offers a particular definition and look that assist you to create a statement when enjoying new tone of the skin. Here’s a video for you!

What Does The Dragonfly Tattoo Mean?

The best thing about dragonfly tattoos is that it’s about change as well as perspective of the self realization. It is the resource of emotional and mental maturity for realizing what life actually means.

It suggests depth, embodiment of self-understanding and change, and relationship with true “nature” of what this means to lead life as human being. This takes an individual from the superficial life’s aspects into its deeper meanings and depths.

By having the dragonfly tattoo, you’re generally ascribing to “living” now. It indicates that you’re excited about living your life in this moment, making smart choices like a glorious and great dragonfly.

Dragonflies tattoo model additionally speaks to its vision and becoming able to notice beyond the limitations of human body as well as self and also to see in the universe. This also means looking at beyond the limitations of our minds. Meaning of this tattoo is impressive and has psychic enhancing aspect to it along with the capacity to see deeper by our mind’s eye.

Dragonfly Tattoos Types!

Here are several types of the dragonfly tattoos which can combine meaning to symbol of the simple dragonfly. Well, some types are as follows:

  • Dragonfly Tribal Tattoos:

The dragonfly tribal tattoo is the one among hottest dragonfly tattoos that hold cultural and spiritual meaning simultaneously. In the Asian tradition, dragonfly symbolizes an embracing change.

Well, in a few Tribes of Native American dragonfly represents overcoming obstacles by moving forward. In Japanese tradition, dragonfly tattoo symbolizes agility, speed and power and also victory to Samurai.

  • Dragonfly Celtic Tattoo:

Dragonfly is additionally known as mystical creature. It’s an icon of prosperity and luck. It’s often related to god.

The dragonfly is queen of the swarms in forest and even amalgamation of the dragonfly with Celtic symbol tends to make a solid combination. These kinds of tattoo design will be sported by somebody who is believer of “God” and has triumph over great hurdles in life where he believes “God” to be a catalyst.

  • Dragonfly Sequential Tattoo:

This particular tattoo design includes sequential design that depicts dragonflies’ movement. You will find several dragonflies that are sketched on different parts of the body.

Well, the dragonfly sequential tattoo represents transformation, harmony, and freedom with positivity and liveliness.

The butterfly and dragonfly are both lively creatures that are regarded as symbol of change.

This particular tattoo design represents freedom as the both creatures possess wings that are the symbol of independence. The butterfly and dragon tattoo is carried heavily by women.

  • Dragonfly Wing Eye Tattoo:

The eyes on dragonfly wings symbolize the ever “watching eye” or it’s the sign of self-protection.

However, this kind of tattoo design brings meaning to normal tattoo and is often placed in all body parts as it doesn’t require much space to get inked thus there is flexibility in placement of the tattoo.

  • Flower And Dragonfly Tattoo:

Dragonfly symbolizes freedom and the flowers are symbols of nature’s pure beauty. The dragonfly suggests youth and femininity where the blend with flowers brings more beauty towards this tattoo design as well as adds a lot meaning. This kind of tattoo pattern is carried heavily by women.

  • Fairy Dragonfly Tattoo:

It’s in imagination where the fairies live and similar to dragonflies they symbolize freedom as the both creatures possess wings by which they can flutter.

Combination of the two creatures represents connection with nature and luck. The dragonfly furthermore symbolizes the latent emotions that we hide below the surface.

  • Dragonfly Evil Tattoo:

Well, dragonfly is related to the evil and devil in several European Nations. The dragonfly tattoo might represent the loving secret in an entirely different way. The tattoo highlights “evil ends” of character.

115 Popular Dragonfly Tattoos!

  1. Dragonfly Watercolor Tattoo On The Foot:

Check out this amazing design of dragonfly tattoo made on foot of the lady with the gorgeous watercolor which appears to be very simple, sweet and cute.

  1. Dragonfly Black Tattoos On Backside:

A very innovatively and artistically made design of dragonfly tattoo on back of the lady with black color is looking quite elegant.

  1. Flying Dragonfly Tats:

This brownish shade design of dragonfly tattoo made on leg is just looking like this fly is strolling towards something.

  1. Innovative Arms Dragonfly Tattoos:

This is an innovative design of dragonfly tattoo made on arms of the lady with brownish and black color tone is looking as if she made alphabet.

  1. Flowers With Dragonfly Tattoos:

This is the one among innovative designs of dragonfly tattoo whereby it displays that this fly is on its way for sitting on flower which appears very lovely.

  1. Dragonfly Flowers Tattoos On The Foot:

Check out this amazing and creative dragonfly tattoo that is made on foot of the lady with the collaboration of flowers, two dragonflies and a few Chinese symbols.

  1. Dragonfly Faded Tats:

This is a unique design of dragonfly tattoo made on backside of a woman with combination of grayish, blue and green color looks extremely artistic.

  1. Unusual Dragonfly Tats Design:

Think of this unusual tattoo design that has become very popular today due to the crappy look.

  1. Popular Dragonfly Tats Design:

This is the one among popular design dragonfly tattoo made with brownish and black lines looks highly creative.

  1. Dragonfly Yellowish Tattoos On Backside:

Take a look at the sweet and simple design of dragonfly tattoo on backside of a woman with yellowish and black shade.

11. Basic Dragonfly Tattoo Design:

This one is the design that is accomplished in “black ink” and you may easily wear a similar color tattoo like this.

  1. Dragonfly Evil Tattoo For Females:

The “evil dragonfly” may represent lovable secret by a fully different fashion showing evil sides of character. This might be the rough edge and something as strange as the bat wings. You can find collection of the dead tattoo pictures where you might get the ideal dragon tattoo which looks very horrible imparting fear.

  1. Tribal Dragonfly Tattoo:

This one is a tribal pattern of dragonfly and a frog. Well, if you desire something tribal that is in trend nowadays, and you likewise want to get something like colorful frog along with a fly, after that you can check these out.

  1. Floral Prints With Dragonfly Tattoo:

However, this is designer dragonfly plus you can simply sport this one with the floral prints.

  1. Behind Ear Dragonfly Tattoo:

All these are 3 dragonflies are done just behind ears. It is one among the tiny dragonfly tattoos intended for women.

  1. Flower Dragonfly Tattoo:


Well, you can have dragonfly tats on ankles. It is common position in which many individuals get the designs accomplished. These are simpler to sport also you could sport small tattoo design in this position along with colors then also you are able to hide easily.

  1. Left Collarbone Dragonfly Tattoo:

This is one common multi-colored dragonfly tattoo which has been performed as the branch of design on shoulder. All these are pretty colorful and even you can accomplish customized or similar formats with other colors and 3D effects.

  1. Dragonfly Realistic Tattoo Design:

This is the shaded fly design having tribal flowers. Actually, these tend to be easier to have and you are able to do these within any shade that you need.

  1. Dragonfly And Fairy Tattoo:

If perhaps you want any fairy design completed on the body and even you want large scale design, after that you may do a few dragonflies with this. These are rather girl type, you can quickly sport these. It is one among the perfect designs of dragonfly tattoo for girls.

  1. Dragonfly Sequential Hand Tattoo:

Being Ancient insect which was existed on our earth for millions of years, people mainly women want to get dragonfly tattoos just on the back as this means good luck and also rich symbolic connotations. Getting this kind of tattoo can make you having change in perception of the self-realization.

  1. Under Boob Dragonfly Tats:

This is “color-splash” design of the dragonflies. Okay, you can comfortably get these tats done on the body if perhaps you desire something that’s colorful and large scale.

  1. Arm Dragonfly Tattoos:

The dragonfly tattoo is often incorporated with additional elements like flowers, feathers, arrow, anchors, dream catcher and others that give an exceptional look while using proper choice of the colors including another impact.

Obviously, correct arrangement of colors can make the tats really a spectacular visual impact which will be fascinating to watch. You can have enjoyed hundreds of the designs which are accessible online and even pretend to pick right one having aid from the tattoo artist.

  1. Dragonfly Tribal Design:

Overall, women and men of all ages from worldwide were having craze to have tattooed with dragonfly tattoos as they include positive symbolism as well as keep reminding individuals that they are able to fight against the difficulties.

One such design is dragonfly tribal tattoo designs that will be accomplished in the solid colors such as gray and black that’s mostly chosen by men in lieu of women.

  1. Quoted Winged And Photographic Dragonfly Tattoo Design:

However, you can find plenty of the designs available, quoted winged and Photographic dragonfly tats are something unique and to be loved this tattoo possessing fly wings holding some texts like name of loved ones or a gorgeous quote or even some poems.

To match the bearer demand, a photograph or a picture can be included. It’s one of best designs of dragonfly tattoo for women.

  1. Geometric Dragonfly Tattoo:

The dragonfly tattoo can be done in colorful and vibrant fashion that will make tattoo design extremely eye-catching and attractive. The most crucial aspect of having tattooed the design can be its correct location and then placement.

While it involves placement the tattoos will provide great versatility just as they aren’t larger in size. Besides these, the dragonfly tattoo can portray some features like change, agility, individual freedom, heart purity, bravery, happiness, strength, fertility and a lot of such things.

Choose and then go on along with unique designs for standing out of crowd.

  1. Dragonfly Ancient Tattoo Design:

This is an aesthetic dragonfly tattoo and is made on foot along with bluish shade and color is looking quite fantastic and perfect.

  1. Dragonfly Henna Tattoo:

This is an extremely imaginative design of dragonfly tattoo created with henna just on leg is appearing wonderful and very beautiful.


  1. Geometric Dragonfly Tats:

Think of this traditional design created using black shades and lines on leg and these are looking quite original and inventive.

  1. Dragonfly Love Tattoo:

This design is most innovative and creative in which this seems like a “storm” is coming plus blowing flies along with flowers.

  1. Dragonfly Semi-Faded Tattoo Design:

Check out this 3D effect innovative design of dragonfly tattoo made on hip of the lady is looking pretty beautiful and real.

  1. Dragonfly Spiral Tattoo On Backside:

This particular design of dragonfly tattoo is created in zig-zag approach with perfect mixture of colors and some alphabets.

  1. Dragonfly Tattoo Long Tail:

Evaluate this exceptional dragonfly tattoo that is made on back of a woman with black color drawn in the imaginative way.

  1. Wordings With Dragonfly Tattoo:

This specific design of the dragonfly tattoo is extremely famous among the couples as this portrays the love for one another in a quite attractive and innovative way.

  1. Dragonfly Small Tattoo On The Wrist:

The design made just on wrist with ideal blue and black color is looking simple and cute.

  1. Innovative Dragonfly Tattoo Design:

This is the one of most creative and beautiful designs of dragonfly tattoo made on back along with amazing color combination and design looks ideal on her.

  1. Dragonfly Puzzled Tattoo Design:

This is an exceptionally puzzled and inventive tattoo design having some feathers plus a single key on back of the lady appears very creative.


If perhaps you want to get dragonfly tattoo just on the body then remember that you’re making this “commitment” that will continue for lifetime. Therefore, it should be ensured that you’ve chosen right designs of dragonfly tattoo to begin.

This will surely lead you to long way permitting having the actual dragonfly tattoo in which you’re more interested. When it involves dragonfly tats, you have numerous designs and colors and you do not should be limited to colors which are found throughout nature.

May the dragonfly be quite a lot and even more fanciful; you must ensure that you choose the preferred colors of choice with the tattoo artist taking ample time to have best one which suits your own skin.




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