150 Sublime Dragonfly Tattoos Ideas For You!

Dragonfly Tattoo!

Dragonfly tattoo comes to the second place when we talk about getting an insect tattooed. The first one is always a Butterfly. Some other insects like the moth and ladybugs are also popular among inking, but Dragonfly is somewhere at the top.

Because of its appropriate size, beautiful colors, wings, beauty, big eyes, and meaning behind the existence, it is going popular among tattoos.


What is a Dragonfly?

Dragonfly is one of the insects that belong to the group Anisoptera. The word Anisoptera comes from a Greek word, which means unequal. The unequal, in a sense, the wings are unequal.

The hind wing is comparatively broader than the fore wing. The adult dragonflies have large eyes and a reliable pair of wings. The beauty of colored wings is remarkable.

The transparent wing also has enormous strength. Though durable, it is but is light too. These wings allow them to flutter and fly high. The dragonfly is a predator known, especially as naiads. It can fly for so long that it can even cross the ocean. It mostly likes to spend its life above water.

While the Dragonflies mate, they form a heart shape, which also has increased its popularity among lovers. In this century, the life of Dragonfly seems to threaten.

The population of the Dragonflies is decreasing. The reason behind it can be climate change. Some countries like China & Japan kill it for medicine, and in Indonesia, it is a source of food.

Dragonfly represents courage, strength, and symbolize happiness in Japan and some other Asian countries. But in European folklore, they are also seen as sinister. They are most famous in poetry as admiration, beauty, strength, and colors.

Why Dragonfly Tattoo?

Dragonflies can fly at a speed of 97 kilometers in an hour. It can fly in six directions, upward, downward, right, left, forward, and backward. It is the most magnificent feature of dragonflies. Despite being so small, it can go across the sea and can change direction anytime. It fascinates everyone.

Choosing a dragonfly as a tattoo means you are already crossing the phase of innocence. It also indicates that you are more mature now and have all the positive forces. It also means you wish for luck.

The meaning behind inking a dragonfly is also to receive all the luck, the luck that will bring good fortune, positiveness, peace, purity, strength, and harmony.

Because a dragonfly is beautiful, it needs not much modification. One can keep things natural when willing to tattoo dragonflies. The shiny wings can form with some silver or white lines on the border of the wings.

Meaning of Dragonfly Tattoo!

There is a vast meaning behind the dragonfly tattoo. The first and foremost is having independence. Like, a dragonfly is free to fly enormous distance at once with no burden, the one who wants to ink this also feels the same. The independence to fly in any direction and go anywhere, cross the sea and ocean, that is the beauty of a dragonfly.

The other meanings are strength, purity, innocence, maturity, power, happiness, forgiveness, etc. The positive vibes of a dragonfly are for everyone who gets a look at it.

Seeing a dragonfly makes your day brighter. Getting sight of a dragonfly is supposed to heal all the pains. One becomes happier and forgets all the problems when a dragonfly crosses the path. The vibes of doing good multiplies, and everything else is priceless.

The luck that the dragonfly brings is again priceless. Dragonflies bring bad luck in some European folklore, but in general, that is not the case. They only bring smiles and are the reasons for happiness for everyone.

Getting a tattoo of a dragonfly will fill the holes of sadness with all the fortunes and good luck.

Sizes of Dragonfly Tattoo!

The sizes of dragonflies also determine the tattoo type. There are three significant sizes of the tattoo, large, medium, and small. The actual size of the dragonfly is small itself but, they are linked with the largest possible size to fill the space in the body sometimes.

We can learn in detail about the size in the following categories.


Small is the exact or actual size of the dragonfly. Most of the dragonfly tattoos are small in format because they can fit anywhere. The small size of the dragonfly help to seek the fantastic attention of the people. When you ink the tattoo like this, the impact it creates is infinite.

If you are looking for a petite tattoo, ink dragonfly tattoo on your body!


Medium dragonfly tattoos are the dragonflies that are a bit bigger than the actual size. With medium size, you can make it more visible than the petite size. It looks incredible in places like wrists, arms, backs, ankles, etc.

If the dragonfly is colorful with vibrant design, it will look more beautiful.


Though the large or beast size of the dragonfly is imaginary, one can get a massive scale, especially in places like back, thighs, belly, arms, etc. It creates an ample impact of the dragonfly.

In your imagination, it is not just a tiny insect but is as vast as a bird, and you are free to redraw the size according to your choices.

Dragonfly Tattoo in Different Body Parts!

The body parts most suitable for dragonfly tattoos are below the ear, wrist, ankle, back, etc. There are various images of dragonfly tattoos sorted according to the body parts; we can find them below!


When we think of getting a tattoo done in the back, we always assume a giant tattoo. So, even if naturally the dragonfly is tiny, one can modify and increase the scale such that the size becomes one like that of a huge bird. With it inked on back, the back looks sexier and more attractive.

So, if you wish to get a dragonfly tattoo in your back, please don’t make it small, magnify it! Cover your entire back!

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The dragonfly tattoo in waist regions looks attractive. Especially women can get it done here. This spot has some sexiness in it. It automatically makes the tattoo perfect for the place, and once it is over, the attractiveness increases to an extreme level.

For the waist region, colorful dragonfly tattoos would look pretty neat and beautiful.


The arm is the most popular spot for any tattoo literally. When you get a tattoo done in the division, you can view it anytime and admire your work. That’s why this has to be the most common spot for any tattoos.

If you target the upper half of arm, you can get more prominent tattoos, but below the elbow, only small tattoos look good. So, choose wisely.


Wrists are a famous place for getting tattoos inked. For small yet elegant tattoos like dragonflies, wrists are perfect. One should again think or plan of a tiny or medium size tattoo of dragonfly if one targets the wrist. Large size would look dull and bad.


One rarely inks tattoos in the foot. But even the tattoos on foot are distinctive if some special reasons are there along with it. If you plan to get a dragonfly tattoo in your foot, expect a small design.

A giant dragonfly looks good in ample space, but the foot has only a small space.


Toe is the perfect place for the tiniest of the dragonfly tattoos. Though it might not be visible whenever you are barefoot or wearing sandals, this tattoo becomes eye-catching. So, for getting the tiniest ones, one can choose the toe!

3D Design Dragonfly Tattoo!

Three-dimensional tattoos are the latest trends. It includes illusions and pieces of stuff. Especially when it comes to the 3D tattoo of a dragonfly, mostly dragonfly in flight is inked. For that, adding shadows, shades, unique darkness in some regions will have a 3D effect.

With a 3D tattoo of a dragonfly, you will have the never-lasting compliments from your family, friends, colleagues, and everyone.

Abstract Print Ideas of Dragonfly Tattoos!

When we talk about abstractness, it includes incredible print but unusual meaning. Mostly the purpose it unknown though it looks incredible. You can create your abstract design by adding various art forms along with the varieties of dragonflies!

Butterflies & Dragonflies!

Butterflies and dragonflies are a lot similar. The difference is, the fluttery wings of butterfly closes and flaps vertically while that of the dragonflies flutter and always is at a horizontal position. Even during flight or rest, it is flat.

It can be a great combination if one likes to tattoo butterfly along with a dragonfly. You can also try this as it gives terrific combo.

Black Outlined Dragonfly Tattoos!

Does every dragonfly tattoos need to have colors in it? To this question, the answer would be, “Not really!”

Because the beauty of a dragonfly relies on colors, which again shows just the external beauty, when you ink a colorless dragonfly, it resembles only the purity & strength, and all the internal beauty of it.

It has a deeper meaning. It says internal beauty is more important than external beauty. External beauty fades away anyway, but what lasts forever is the internal one.

That’s why many people get the dull colorless dragonfly tattooed, especially men and adults.

Colorful Dragonfly Tattoos!

With color, every annoying thing becomes beautiful! Therefore, adding richness to the dragonfly tattoo will make it look even better. Colors also add sparkles, positive vibes, and add good memories to it.

As a dragonfly already has so many colors, it makes it beautiful, so getting the original tattoo of dragonfly will have colors already!

The exotic, wild, vibrant, and explosive nature comes with the colors. So, use wisely the colors in the dragonfly, which will also somehow reflect your personality!

Therefore, with colorful wings and entire fluttery fly, the tattoo looks more magical and alive. Add some colors, and let the magic begin.

Cool Modifications to Dragonfly!

When you can always modify a dragonfly, why ink an ordinary one? Go creative and add up innovative designs. With some specific details, it doesn’t even have to be a colorful one. It will certainly look superb.

Meaningful Dragonfly Tattoos!

The one who designs the tattoo determines the meaning. Sometimes the simple tattoo also symbolizes so much. You can add up dragonflies to some other tattoos that hold the most magnificent meanings. Even if you do not know what to add, you can get different meanings of small tattoos from the Internet, which will again be your complete guide.

Multiple Dragonflies in Tattoos!

Two is better than one, and multiple is better than two! Why not create a lot of dragonfly tattoos instead of a solo. When you plan to get a huge tattoo, instead of getting a large dragonfly inked, you can draw several dragonflies instead. It looks amazing and gives the best outcome.

Dragonfly Tattoo with Flowers!

The beauty of dragonflies lies along with the flowers. They are hovering over the flowers all the time. Though they don’t much feed themselves with flower juice, they look more beautiful when they are around or over the flowers.

Just like flowers are made for dragonflies, you can add both in your tattoo. It will enhance the regular plane tattoo and increase its beauty with the beauty of flowers.

Dragonfly Tattoo Fails!

The tattoo fails to occur when the outcome or final tattoo doesn’t match the initial design. It also comes under fails when the last tattoo doesn’t suit you. When does this happen in the case of a dragonfly tattoo?

It happens when the tattoo is a hug. Not all the huge dragonfly tats are disgusting. But, some are purely disgusting. Therefore, before jumping into getting it done, first see its cons after you ink it.

Image Gallery of Some Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas!

Here are the best images of the entire Internet that will blow your mind. Go through each of them and find out the best one for you. Just have patience and make it to the end of the page. If you like it, feel free to share it with a friend.

We can see how a dull dragonfly has been modified with varieties of patterns and doodles in the image below. Simple yet elegant is the final design.

In this image, we can see how a tattoo without a border can give such a fantastic look. The adding of flowers has made it more beautiful. A dragonfly in its flight is always attractive to admire and look at.

These tattoo designs modify amazingly. It looks more like a cosmetic or accessories rather than a dragonfly. This kind of design deserves more popularity and fame. For such modifications, a lot of plans are necessary before getting a final draft.

Now here we can see another fantastic modification to a dragonfly. The way it looks classic with the basic black outlines is terrific. The net-like structure below it makes it more elegant. The fluttery wings spread well, and this insect looks more like a classic diva in this tattoo frame.


This individual tattoo of a three-dimensional dragonfly looks cool. Though the size is weirdly huge, it still fits entirely, not giving any complaint about the area it has occupied. Plus, with such a cool dragonfly tattoo, one looks so cool automatically! It has to be the best dragonfly tattoo in the entire page.

In this image, we can see the cartoonish version of a dragonfly. It is not desirable all the time, but if you want something like this, do not hesitate to ink it. It doesn’t have to be someone else’s choice, but solely yours.


Covering the entire back with the dragonflies! It looks like a track for the dragonflies to fly. It creates an amazing look in the back. One can get a dragonfly tattoo like this.

The number of images on this page already gives a lot of variety of dragonfly tattoo ideas. It has plenty of sub-topics with types of categories that can be somehow favorable for everyone.

You can choose any one as per your choice and ink the tattoo. Don’t overthink if you think you have already found one. Though having second thoughts to it is healthy!

If you made it to the end of the page, that means you have already found type for yourself. If not, you can revisit the page and start from the top to find one for you. Also, if not from here solely, you can get a partial idea from here, and some of the self modifications will not matter.

Last, if you get something different from a dragonfly art as a tattoo idea, you can always feel free to share it with us and help others understand the inspiration for themselves.

If you found the content useful and informative, share it with a friend. It would be amazing if you leave a feedback for us! Thank you for reading.

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