145 Tremendous Dove Tattoos In The World!


The “Dove tattoo” is one among top kinds of the tattoo designs which people have today. Unlike different tattoo designs, it is slowly getting much more compared to the fashion statement, despite being used just as the body art. Individuals who own the tattoos will constantly have a few backstories behind its design that all of them have chosen as their unique tattoo. Usually, the particular tattoo is a person’s individual viewpoint, or it might be the sign of their unique characteristics. Regardless of how simple or comprehensive the design might look, its meaning will eventually depend on that individual who wears this.

The Dove tattoos usually are beautiful, undoubtedly. This is the tattoo which suits both women and men since it encourages both femininity and masculinity. It is truly up to individual who views the tattoo for making a meaning of exactly how the particular tattoo is noticed.

Dove tattoo may come in different sizes. You will find people around who prefer to have big dove tattoo just on their backs or shoulders, in order to reveal a more meaningful meaning to them who notice it. At the same time, you will find individuals around who like to have smaller tattoo that fit in perfectly in backside of neck, or even on wrists. Actually you can choose the type and size of tattoo which you want – However, remember that learning just what the tattoo signifies is always essential before booking the appointment. Here’s a short video for you! Readout our another post “47 Fascinating Arm Tattoos For Men That Will Blow Your Mind!

Meaning Of The Dove Tattoos!

  • Love For Christ:

As doves have made an appearance many times in holy bible, a number of Christians associate the doves with Jesus Christ and bible.

Faithful and long-lasting love for another half, and also love for family members, love for Christ, and also peace are usually the powerful, deep symbolic connotations of the dove tattoos. At this point, let’s go have a look at some gorgeous designs of dove tattoo as well as find out if any of the subsequent ideas fits you.

  • Looking After Loved Ones:

Not merely doves are dedicated to their partner. The male and female doves do look after their children mutually. That is the cause why lots of the tattoo lovers apply dove tattoo simply to symbolize their attachment and faithful love to their parents or children.

  • Faithful Love:

The Dove represents faithful love. Well, do you comprehend that the doves are similar to faithful spouse? However, they have only one partner through their whole life.

  • Peace:

Dove has a symbolic significance of peace. That is probably the most popular meaning for dove.

Popular Designs Of Dove Tattoo!

Many dove tattoos available could incorporate singular dove when others can incorporate dove with the accompanying statement, and also other symbolic animals and objects, or even a quote that is important to wearer.

The dove tattoo is gaining much popularity these days. The more the symbols, the greater the meaning can be for its wearer. That is because every object carries their unique meaning here.

  • Cross And Dove Tattoo:

Due to the white color, dove is connected with love and peace, innocence and serenity. The dove additionally serves as the symbol for Holy Spirit, amongst Catholics and Christians.

While John Baptist had baptized Jesus, then Holy Spirit just manifested upon him in form of dove. It is the cause why dove generally has lots of religious symbolism behind it. Individuals who choose to get the dove tattoos done only because it has much symbolism behind the name.

  • Angel Dove Wings Tattoo Design:

The Doves are an acknowledged symbol of purity and peace – Like angel. Therefore when you put these 2 symbols together, afterward this indicates you are the peace advocate and even a peaceful individual in general.

It is a regular design since many nations are striving to get peace nowadays. It is a design which can assist you spread consciousness regarding it.

  • Ascending Dove And Clouds Tattoo:

Well, this is the tattoo design which could contain deeper meaning for a few people. In the Catholicism, rising dove signifies a spirit that is going towards heaven. Dove is furthermore a sign of Holy Spirit.

However just about anybody can get the tattoo design while not merely the religious individuals. Through including some clouds, the tattoo design might represent an individual who has decided to follow his dreams.

Whenever you have any dream, you normally would like to make this come true, and then work towards specific goals to attain that.

  • Dove With Key And Lock Design:

This is still another popular design of dove tattoo. Couples often make use of this design for showcasing their loyalty and love towards one another. It is the tattoo which best represents them who else is in successful romantic relationship or in deep love.

The design includes pair of the doves; one among them holds a lock whereas its partner is holding a key. The 2 birds are additionally seen flying to one another, to symbolize getting together.

  • Ribbon With Flying Dove Tattoo Design:

Individuals who desire to showcase clearer message together with the tattoo designs – If people are not able to discover hidden meaning associated with every symbol located in their own tattoo – will frequently use this kind of tat design.

In the flying dove tat, here dove is just holding a tape of ribbon within its beak. Usually, the ribbon normally contains a unique date, a life motto, a name, or even a quote that is important to its wearer. As this part includes text, then it is not difficult to figure out exactly what it means.

Top 64 Dove Tattoo Ideas!

  1. Two Doves Tattoo:

This tattoo has two different color doves one holding the locket while another has a key.

  1. Geometric Dove Tattoo:

An excellent example of the way geometric shapes could be applied to create a good design within another design. Surely, I love the tattoos since they constantly turn out looking very cool.

  1. Multiple Messages Tattoo:

The Tattoos do not have to tell one thing; usually, they might have several meanings. So, you will find lots of different components that will tell you their own tale.

  1. All The Seeing Eye Tattoo:

The following tattoo style is original and detailed. I love “All-Seeing-Eye” design dove just as one among the elements. Basically, there is a lot of detail to the design and that’s why the eye appears very realistic.

  1. Around The World Tattoo:

The following design features a dove that is flying all around the earth together with sleeve design also.

  1. No Detail Tattoo:

It’s a big tattoo with dove in clouds. You can find no details just on this specific design, but it is still one powerful message.

  1. Leg Tattoo Design:

It’s a dove on leg taking off in the air.

  1. Rosary Love Tattoo:

It’s one more great illustration of the tattoo with rosary and dove. All these tats have lots of religious aspects to them.

  1. Wing Tattoo Design:

The following dove has a few intricate and detailed designs in wings. This particular tattoo is the one which probably took a long time to create. Here, the wings on their own look like artwork. This one is a spectacular design which you are guaranteed to love once and for all.

  1. White And Black Tattoo:

It’s a portrait which takes over entire sleeve. It is so beautiful that it just looks like painting. If you seem to be looking for large design after that try the following one.

11. Skull Tattoo:

When you are seeking badass design afterward add skull to this. It is unusual to notice the holy dove with a few skulls but this still appears pretty cool.

  1. Helping Hands Design:

The helping hands present you with a big tattoo design. You will find roses to side and also some gorgeous doves. In case you are seeking chest tattoo having a few religious elements, after that this is an excellent design.

  1. White Doves Tattoo:

These types of detailed doves usually are beautiful on account of the included white ink. This makes doves feathers truly be noticeable. If you desire a big tattoo then try this awesome design.

  1. Doves And Hearts Tattoo:

It’s the cartoon dove that’s holding sash with name over the heart. It is a conventional tattoo style if that is what you are looking for.

  1. Head Tattoo:

It is an extremely detailed design dove which fits properly on the backside of head.

  1. Praying Hands Tattoo:

The praying hands include the dove and the rosary. If you wish symbolic design, then you are going to love this.

  1. Watercolor Design:

This stunning design with dove is so lovely with bright art shades. These designs usually are so amazing; they do not need an outline, it is just bursting shades everywhere. Also, I love the way the actual paint drips in the base of design.

  1. Wooden Cross Tattoo:

It’s an exceptionally detailed image of praying hands and wooden cross. The flying dove finishes the look along with a few rosaries.

  1. Religious Design:

It’s another illustration of the religious design having a dove and a rosary.

  1. Dove And Cross Tattoo:

It’s the detailed designs which combine a dove and a cross together.

  1. Family Symbolism Tattoo:

Doves having family names tend to be superb tattoos.

  1. Mysterious Dove Tattoo:

The following tat design is dark and mysterious. I really love it.

  1. For Love Of The Music Tattoo:

The following tat design is simply symbolizing love for music by utilizing the dove. Once again it is a conventional dove with the branch which had been brought to the ark of Noah but all design is concerning love for music.

  1. Creative Design:

All these are actually my preferred styles, the ones just where you need to think beyond the box. Well, this specific dove is actually being written in the face to ensure the 2 are one. It is a beautiful design with lots of creativity.

  1. Following Arrow Tattoo:

Here the dove is calmly sitting on the arrow and also it might be just in flight. It is hard to say if this dove is holding it or even not but it is the fun design.

  1. Spreading The Wings Tattoo:

Surely, this is one more example of the geometric design in which each part of tattoo is lined up with another piece. It is a dazzling design which you are guaranteed to love.

  1. Rosary Love Tattoo:

The back tat is almost all about religious beliefs. Actually, there are lots of connotations to it just as you notice with the dove and rosary beads.

  1. Blue And Grey Tattoo:

The particular dove design that is elegant and pretty.

  1. Blue Cross Tattoo:

The following design looks totally holy due to sun shining just behind dove. This makes this dove appear powerful. Surely, I love awesome blue cross that is added to this tattoo.

  1. Sun Shining Tattoo:

It includes an awesome detailed image of dove with sun shining from it.

  1. Cartoon Design:

It is the dove design which features floral components to it. Well, if you like cartoon like tattoo after that this specific design is only for you.

  1. Dove Halo Tattoo:


The following dove is merely ahead, however, there appears to be much wisdom inside dove’s eye. The setting sun behind this gives the visual appeal that this includes a halo.

  1. Pink Design:

An additional example of key holding dove.

  1. Religious Symbolism Tattoo:

There is quite a lot happening with this particular tattoo to indicate there is lots of religious interpretation behind it. Usually, there is beauty of dove mixed with the reality that there usually are the crucified heads below comprising Jesus’ sacrifice just for us.

  1. Popular Design:

This small design of dove is definitely a popular option; it is seen in lots of different pictures and photos.

  1. Detailed Doves Tattoo:

The following sleeve style is a gorgeous portrait which has “dove-flying” overhead.

  1. Purple Doves Tattoo:

A wonderfully bright shaded dove is simply sitting on mirror. Certainly, there must be some connotation behind this mirror.

  1. Dark Doves Tattoo:

This tattoo is of two dark-colored doves flying alongside the arm. It is a different style with a few dark coloring.

  1. Geometric Design:

It is an awesome example of gorgeous geometric design which has the components perfectly lined up to one another. I think it is gorgeous together.

  1. Flying Dove Tattoo:

The Dove looks wonderful while they fly around; this dove is merely taking off just for flight.

  1. Dove Sleeves Tattoo:

It’s an additional example of sleeve design having dove on this.

  1. Dove Design:

You frequently see dove in images whereby they are holding something. This dove does not have lots of detail yet it is an excellent design and also the sash which it is carrying includes a name.

  1. Fluttering Wings Tattoo:

A basic dove design having wings looking like they usually are fluttering while she flies. It is not a big tattoo, and also it does not must be to attain the look that you desire.

  1. Ornate Dove Tattoo:

The following “ornate-dove” is special and small. If you desire something that is different after that this artistic dove might be exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Holy Style Tattoo:

The back tattoo features sun shining via the dove just as it is flying offering it a symbolic and holy look. If you need something which is stunning then try this one.

  1. Dove Love Tattoo:

One other example of dove on neck, this specific one is away to side on this occasion. If perhaps you are trying to find something wonderful for placing on the neck, then you cannot go wrong if you try this.

  1. Powerful Tattoo Design:

It’s a terrific design which looks superb on arm. If you would like something awesome after that try this particular.

  1. Bringing The Key Tattoo:

This symbolic design with dove has a big dove flying along with a tuft of keys within its mouth. Here, the concern is just where is the dove going and also what are these keys for? It is a wonderful and creative design.

  1. Matching Design:

If you try to find a design option for sharing with your friend after that you cannot go wrong along with these tiny dove designs. Usually, they are very simple and properly placed.

  1. Family Members Passing Tattoo:

Many individuals will use dove for depicting the feel of a beloved one passing. It is a symbolic and beautiful touch for one which you love.

  1. Foot Tattoo:

The following sweet tattoo includes some doves dispersed on top of foot. It is a superb place to include small design.

  1. Love And Peace:

Doves and peace have constantly been excellent design options to get together. Surely, the dove represents love and peace and so it is perfect to get it with peace sign also. I love scratchy style look of tattoo.

  1. Back Tattoo:

These big doves are actually flying her back. Usually, they are in various positions almost like they are just flying haphazardly. It is a great inspiring design for somebody looking for back design.

  1. Add A Few Colors Tattoo:

The dove does not must be plain, include a few colors into this for a totally different look. The following dove is spectacular due to all different shades.

  1. Basic Dove Tattoo:

This dove tat is an ideal example of the way you can pick a basic design which is subtle yet gorgeous.

  1. Bright Colors Tattoo:

This gorgeous dove design includes bright shades to it. It is definitely not a conventional design yet if you desire something different then it may be ideal for you. Personally, I love exactly how bright yellows and oranges are.

  1. An Outline Tattoo:

You do not need a big detailed picture for symbolizing love for dove. Here in this easy outline, you are able to see how the elegant design could have an effect just like a bigger one.

  1. Big Dove Tattoo Design:

This amazing picture is a single large dove. It is a beautiful style of the dove taking off just for flight.

  1. Making This Personal Tattoo:

An additional example of sleeve tattoo which has dove incorporated into it. There are additionally some names, flowers, and a watch. Those names can be representing kids he has got in his living.

  1. Chest Tattoo Design:

Yet another detailed style of 2 doves flying via the air having berry branches. It has got a color yet nothing which is very overwhelming.

  1. Sleeve Design:

The beautiful doves usually are part of design sleeve having other elements. This looks as though there is additionally the cross in tattoo along with a rose.

  1. Hand Tattoo:

The following dove is just spreading the wings on backside of hand. It is a detailed and creative design which you are guaranteed to love.

  1. Virgin Mary Tattoo:

A gorgeous depiction of Virgin Mary and I love realistic details to this tat. It is amazing in white and black and also there lies dove on the chest. In case you desire something to signify your beliefs then this may be the perfect tat for you.

  1. Neck Tattoo:

All these wonderful neck designs permit a bit extra room whenever you prefer a large design. In cases, like this dove is focal point, as well as the remaining, has other components to it. It is very beautiful and detailed.


You will find many approaches to have this particular dove tattoos as well as one best approach is to study online sites. However, while you are searching through online sites; take care to choose dove tattoo styles as you will find some designs which are accessible for cost. Dove tattoo styles with pictures could use in a lot of ways and also in numerous styles have wide range of meanings. A very important factor they all include in common is actually very personal and strong meaning to person getting the actual tattoo.

I think this post has blown your mind if so then use the comment box below and let us know your opinions. Well, don’t forget to share it with your friends.





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