80 Adorable Dog Memes That’ll Keep You Entertained For Days

Meme is a picture, video or anything that is numerous in nature. Today meme has taken its toll in the world. Its everywhere. Any human, any animal can be a part of the meme world. And i do believe, meme is a fun part of the new generation until and unless it affects you personally and emotionally. Internet is huge and today anyone and everyone can just post anything and get away with it. However, today we are going to show you just the fun part of the show. I have collected a few dog memes for your enjoyment.

Exhilarating Dog Memes.
The dog sits on his balcony and judges people and he is my absolute favorite.


There is a picture of a dog looking from the balcony. The meme says that the dog sits in the balcony and judges everyone who passes by. How cool is that?

Cat and dog Memes.

The cat knows that the dog is behind it. He just wants to confirm. That look on the face of the cat is just too adorable.

The dog loves to walk so he gets his own wagon.

19 years for a dog is a huge part of his life. Well, still at this age, he is so full of his life. He loves to exercise and guess what he does not wait for anyone to take him to walk. He has his own wagon. How independent!

She refuses to destroy the stuffed animal.

The dog has differentiated what to protect. The picture shows that love never dies, it just gets better with age.

Maybe he is borne with it, maybe it’s the maple leaves.

The lovely dog. The meme explains that either the dog is born with such good looks or maybe the picture looks great because of the maple leaves. I do think that beauty can only be added. The maple leaves just adds to the beauty.

Every dog’s main objective in life is to bite his tail.

No matter how good looking a dog is, what he eventually does is bite his tail. But wait, he looks supremely cute so its OK.

It’s my dogs birthday and we took her out for an ice cream.

Look how much the dog is enjoying the ice cream. He seems like he owns it. Well, it is his birthday and he deserves every speck of it.

She has risen.

The tiny pug has risen. God knows from where. From the bed maybe? Anyways she has risen and that is the good part.

When you in between the stage of being buzzed and absolutely shit faced and you feeling just right.

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This picture shows us that what is important is the peace of heart. This dog just seems to be full of himself and how. He does not care what anyone is doing or what is happening with himself, he is just doing what feels right.

So my mom left the step in front of the counter.

So apparently it is the mother’s fault. She should not have left the stool in front of the counter right? The doggy climbed up because he found the way there, very simple!

The perfect pool party doesn’t ex…

The perfect pool party does not exist. Whatever happens is regarded the best. See how everyone seems to be enjoying the bath.

When you get caught doing something stupid and u try to cute your way out of it.

Look at the way the dog is trying to be cute. You found him doing something stupid and he is making such a funny face to divert your attention.

When you find out the ball was in your owners hand the whole time.

You were searching your ball the whole time and suddenly you realize that the ball is in owner’s hand. Just look at that dog’s face. He is upset and shocked at the same time.

Special delivery.

What a special delivery to the little dog. Just see how cheerful he looks. This adorable living being definitely deserves a special delivery.

When you are on that 9-5 grind stuck in traffic but you are just a puppy.

The puppy is so pissed off that he is stuck in the traffic jam of 9-5. I guess he is more pissed of with the working humans. God knows why people even work to cause such stupid traffic jams.

sincerely, the infuriated dog.

Just looking for a barking spot.

The meme says that the dramatic dog is looking for a barking spot. Parking spot maybe? I just guessed it.

Eric, loves to hike and can’t wait to tell us about the flora and fauna.

This little doggy is just too adorable. Look at the way he is dressed up. He says that he loves to hike and that he cannot wait to tell about the plant lives and the animal lives he will be seeing in his trip.

What did we do to deserve dogs?

This is actually a very serious question to ponder over. Dogs are just too adorable. No matter what we do and how we behave, if they know that we love them, they’ll be by our side throughout everything. Look at the picture, the dog is trying to bite the light in the room just because he found the light to be strange. This shows how protective a dog can be. Do we humans really deserve such love from the dogs? Such an enlightening dog memes this is.

Me after a long day of doing the bare minimum. (cute dog memes)

Just like we humans, the tiny pup demands a relaxed time after a long day. And yes, it does not matter what work she has done the whole day, once the day is over, she has to relax. Simple!

When you are having a good time then you start thinking about life.

Happens to everyone i guess. You are having a lot of fun, you forget everything, you are just enjoying the moment. Suddenly, life comes in between and you are stuck! You remember the uncompleted chores, the sad breakups, the Sundays and the poor bank balances. Your faces swiftly loses its charm. Sad!

It started out with a kiss. How did it end up like this?

Whatever you are seeing in the above picture started with a kiss. No comments!

When it’s Monday but you’re not about to complain that it’s Monday because you’re going to make it a great week.

How i wish most of us had this positive attitude. He is not panicked at all that it is Monday. In fact he is very relaxed and calm. THe pup does not believe on complaining. He says that he will make it a great week. He believes in himself. We definitely need to learn a lot from him.

The doggy is in the process of photosynthesis. No disturbances please.

This doggy totally resembles the human. He is so lazy that he does not want to work so he is making all sorts of nonsense dramas. He is pretending that he is asleep in the flower pot and claims that he is a plant and that he is in the process of photosynthesis.

It is Scrappy’s first day in public. He got 11/10.

Awe the eyes! This face is too cute to not give him an eleven on ten. He seems a very decent little pup. I am sure, his first impression to the world was as lovely as he looks on the picture. But i have no idea what the world’s impression on him was!

The dogs have found the way to heaven.

No idea where they are heading to. Heaven, they say. A few kilometers away maybe?

So glad my car came with a pup holder.

So glad i chose a car that has a dog holder in it. Need not exchange it now. Phew!


The doggy’s proud parent.

Sisters meeting for the first time since separation. (emotional dog memes?)

The love between the siblings is just phenomenal. No matter, what breed you belong to or which ever living you are, you simply recognize your possessions.

Amazon Prime has truly stepped their game up. (amazon dog memes)

One of the finest deeds of the Amazon. So now, you can get yourself a puppy via parcel. Thank you Amazon.

Imagine if instead of taxes we got puppies mailed to us once a year. Just imagine!

Life would have been so much easier if we got puppies instead of taxes bills once a year. No dog would be abandoned then.

When the squad is photogenic AF.

How cute is this picture! The photogenic squads.

The doggy waits everyday to say hi. (adorable dog memes)

This is too intense. I have seriously no idea how on earth can a dog be so loving and so full of concern. If this is not pure love, i don’t know what is.

How to be happy? Be a golden.

Do you know the secrets to become happy? Be a golden. If you are a gold by birth, great! If not, paint yourself one.

Sad dog memes.

The dog is upset that he is not getting any attention. And when he gets the attention, he is annoyed! Can you imagine? He is acting just like a girl. Same behavior!

Meet Joe Biden, The golden retriever was named after him.

I cannot decide who got lucky. The Golden retriever or the lovely human Biden. Meant to be perhaps.

When you’re a strong independent puppy who don’t need no owner.

When you are so independent that you chain yourself and lead yourself. No owner required. You are your own keeper.  That’s what freedom is.

Attitude huh?

The dog’s got an attitude. Just look at him.

Current emotion: dogs who are stuck but pretending everything is fine.

Life is all about pretending you see? After a certain age, you learn to hide the discomfort and just keep calm and breathe.

When you hear someone breaking into the house but you always get in trouble for barking.

Look at that face! I just want to say, “dear puppy please do not bark internally, you have every right to speak whatever you wish. Since we have brought you home, there is no way that we will be upset with you.”

Her first day of school.

How cute does that pink bag look on her? Immense. Wish you a happy schooling dear girl.

Eleven on ten for spreading the love dear puppy.

One of the most cheerful and happy dogs i have ever seen. I mean who does this today? A human would be considered insane if he does such act, however, the dog is considered very lovable. Maybe this is the difference between a dog and a human.

The kids blamed the footprints on the dog.

Poor dog. The kids made the mess in the house and blamed the doggy. The home owner can check the foot print for the confirmation.

Dogs will sit anywhere.

This is one of the finest benefits of being a dog. They can sleep anywhere. Just look at the picture.

Fruits Garden.
My children have too many legs. But they are handsome and strong.

The hen is the mother of the cute dogs. Very unnatural!

When your mom isn’t looking so you put an item in the cart.

This sounds so much fun. How i wish we could actually buy a dog in the supermarket though.

Nailed it.

This dog just nailed it. What a cute face.

“I’m this many weeks old!”

The dog is signaling that he is four weeks old. Maybe he thought that if he tries to vocalize it, we wont be able to understand it.

He insists on checking every puddle every time we walk.

Well, you keep a dog, you ought to pamper them. Simple! He is literally checking every puddle. Very determined!

Sweet sleeping baby.

The puppy is sleeping peacefully in his cot. So peacefully, i feel the need to bed down now.

Went to the store for milk came back with puppies.

Mama sent me to the market for milk, but they were selling puppies so i bought two of them.

Manager: You can leave early if you wa-
The puppy put on a burst of speed.

Well the puppy must have been waiting for those lovely words. He just could not help it.

Hello! I see you have a burrito, I also happen to love burritos.

The puppy loves burritos just like the human. Sharing is caring right?

When you don’t need no human to tell you you’re a good boy. (proud dog memes)

You see, i am a very good boy. I have no idea if you know it. I know it and that’s all for now. Bye.

Read me a bed time story, will you?

Read me a bed time story, will you? If you don’t, i will stay like this the whole night.

Bug’s first beach trip. (beach dog memes)

I had no idea that the beach would look like this. I am so excited. From now on, I will always ask my dad to bring me here.


the beach lover

These alligator sightings are getting out of control.

The alligators sightings are not actually getting out of control. What has actually happened is, the dog has taken over their habitat.

I put this donut pillow on my dog 20 minutes ago and he loves it and won’t let me take it off.

He looks very comfortable and elated. So, we could just let him wear it.

The sign translates into ‘angry dog.”

This meme made me remember the saying, “barking dog seldom bites.” The sign and the expression on the dog’s face just does not collaborate.

My dad had the dog sit up front while me and my mom and brother sit in the back.

Priorities, you see?

He is on his way to steal your girl.

Please do not second guess him. He’s got it. You can practice a farewell speech for your girl. She is leaving.

A very proud new father dog. (Adorable dog memes)

A father is a father. Look how happy and proud he is. Such an adorable picture this is.

Two bottles of soda pups please.

Two bottles of soda pups. I bet you, these soda pups are healthier than the regular sodas.

The “oh my God i’m so glad you’re home” starter pack.

“I am so glad you are home. I have been waiting for you the whole day.” shouted the pup in excitement.

Here are some more dog memes that will have you delighted for many a moon.

You see, dogs are a proof that we humans have someone who love us unconditionally. Dogs are one of the most faithful beings on the planet. I am glad we get to live our lives with them. Love them, care for them, pamper them, read them bed time stories, make them your family and always remember, better than dogs are the dog memes.


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