29 Revolutionary Crown Tattoos That Will Make You Royal!


If you have ever dreamt to be a queen or king, then the crown tattoo can be the ideal choice just for you! All these tattoos are highly symbolic and also have a beautiful visual appearance. The small crown tats are usually placed on finger.

The crowns are the part of tattoo world since many years. Crown is the symbol of ruler, leading her or his empire and also sovereignty. These are extremely emblematic, for this reason, it is not astonishing that all these tattoos are implemented as a kind of art on the body.

The crown is actually used to symbolize royal power. These are the symbol of authority and leadership. However, having crown tattoos doesn’t imply that you possess the right just to command the other individuals. The crown tattoos signify your ability to rule and guide your individual life, for example, your ideas actions and emotions.

This tattoo might also signify self-control at the same time encourages you to make use of your authority smartly and rightfully. Here’s a short video for you! Read this post also “40 Astonishing Ankle Tattoos You Need To Know About!

Symbolism And Meaning Of Crown Tattoos!

Usually, crown tats are evaluated by human beings as the symbol of royal power, supremacy, and valor. These are applied to symbolize different ideas of individuals. The “Crown-tattoos” are versatile at the same time can be utilized by females and males.

Depending on exactly what its bearer desires to convey, one might use either large or small size tattoo.

Quite a few people prefer to put them together with elements like crystals, diamonds, and jewels. Others prefer them while inked alone. Every single design implies something unique. These tattoos might be used on head, wrist, forearm, finger, arm, and ankle and also around biceps etc. Let us check out the symbolism and meaning of the crown tattoos.

  • Tribal Crown Tats:

These are famous traditional tats in the Polynesian culture. These tattoos symbolize power and prestige. They represent personality of that person who is wearing this tattoo. They include thick lines and geometric patterns.

The most typical meanings of crown tattoos are leadership, power, and authority.

  • Crown Tats For Queen And King:

They are usually worn by rulers and kings to represent absolute power. Actually, ancient civilizations utilized crowns to represent their leaders. These were additionally used to indicate their gods.

  • Crowned Lion Tattoo:

It is used as symbol of supremacy, power, and strength. It is also symbolic to “Zodiac-sign” of Leo. The crowned lion tats are famous among men. They are also appreciated for higher aesthetic value.

  • Flower Crown Tattoo:

It signifies adornment in the culture of ancient Roman. It is decorated with vines, flowers, and leaves.

  • Halo Crown Tattoo:

This is the religious crown tattoo and is popular among the believers. It was worn by “Virgin Mary” in heaven additionally is signified just as the halo round the divine. It’s sometimes combined with cross.

  • Thorns Crown Tattoo:

It is one among the well-liked designs of crown tattoo. It is generally utilized to represent “martyrdom” since it had been worn by “Jesus” on his crucification day. It furthermore represents victory and authority. Today, it is used by all Christians for representing salvation. Thorns crown tattoo is the indicator for all those who carry it that all their souls continue to be saved from all sins.

Top 29 Crown Tattoos For You!

  1. Shining Royalty Tattoo:

Let us take a few minutes and also admire how amazing and beautiful the tattoo is. Crown-sporting diamond looks like sprouting from flower in the design which seems super cool and unique. The straight-up diamond shines here, however, can we check out that crown it is sporting? Spectacular! The gold casing, royal purple and also ruby-shaded gems add up to make the crown a single piece being treasured in almost any kingdom. Well, this tattoo really represents beauty, power and wealth; this artist had done a wonderful job.

  1. Back Crown Tattoo:

Well, I truly like this crown. Here, its details are colorful and intricate with a particular banner holding specific name of the individual or even of beloved one. Actually, I love this concept of topping this crown along with something apart from a cross; particularly if you do not see crown as religious symbol. Here, you could include a heart similar to this individual or even something like four clover leaf, a cheeseburger or even paw print! Whatever you like! If this tends to make you happy, that is all what really matters while getting the tattoo.

  1. Bright Crown Tattoo:

If Hawaii had been the separate country, just ruled by king and queen, this’s what I visualize their crowns might look like. It is bold and bright, pleasing to eye and also adorned with jewels and gold, this one is an excellent artwork. I love its diamond accents and larger pink flowers surrounding. I just wish to snatch the crown from the woman’s arm then wear it! It is so pretty!

  1. Symbolic Crown Tattoo:

This specific crown is encircled with banner that holds date that’s clearly significant to this individual. I often relate crowns with the gold hence I like the way in which it is simply accomplished in gold with little shadows of the black ink. This banner adds personalized touch that makes this “royal-crown” a lot more meaningful.

  1. Princess Snookie Tattoo:

You will remember Snookie, alright? It is also known as “Nicole Polizzi” from the reality-show of MTV, Jersey Shore. Yes, that is the one. Alright, this is the crown tattoo – just as colorful and bold as her genuinely exceptional personality. Seemingly this was first “arm-tattoo” for her that she got accomplished in Vegas. The crown symbolizes being the “strong, self-sufficient woman,” when tiny cross atop represents “recalling loved ones who passed away but additionally for being the Catholic.” What about the bow? It is the ode to feminine-girlyness.

  1. Frog Prince Tattoo:

Can I say you something? Actually, I saw the tattoo, and then added this to my record, fell asleep then dreamt that meantime I had the exact tattoo inked on the leg. Really! That is how far I love this. I have always adored the frogs; Also, I believe they are very interesting tiny creatures and also this tattoo is one among my preferred fairytales. This may take a lot of time for finding the prince charming; still, it is so worth when you get him! This one is the fun mixture of a heart, frog, “M,” that is infinity mark and, certainly, a crown. Colorful and whimsical, this particular tattoo is surely conversation piece. I would wear sandals all year round just for showing it off.

  1. Crown For Life:

Usually, I love viewing infinity tattoos having a special spin since they are a well-known tattoo design, particularly for younger crowd. It is nice to imagine that the crown signifies lasting for the infinity, such as justice, love, power and wealth. This tattoo placement is also very cool as it’s drawn downward instead of straight across. It is the infinite gem no doubt.

  1. Queen Mariah Tattoo:

Like the Christmas Queen “Mariah Carey” right? However, the shading within this specific tattoo is just what makes it be prominent for me, giving it dimension invisible in other tattoos. Mariah is crafted in a gorgeous script font, an incredible ode to individual behind the actual name.

  1. Royal Rose Tattoo:

It is the blue rose! Additionally, I love its line work; it is whimsical and also each aspect flows nicely to one another. This crown is very simple, yet large enough for not being missed as this sits upon blue rose (that is completely awesome). Actually, I love the common tats like this one where the colors are usually swapped and also something just as basic as the rose is re-imagined in the way that’s still so lovely and beautiful.

  1. Remarkable Number Tattoo:

This tattoo placement is particularly exclusive and I prefer the numbers below, whatever the value they may have. Clearly, 178 indicate something to the individual and that’s why I really like the tattoos. It is an approach for the folks to express meaningful details and share stories visually in their lives. However, this tattoo is more noticeable with the “bold lines” to be appreciated forever.

11. White-Sport Tattoo:

It’s a crown tattoo design in the simplest form, and you might overlook this tattoo initially as it is sported in white. Just as strange as a few royal families might be, this specific tattoo is special and fun. It is fascinating by look of the white ink.

  1. Sparkling Crown Tattoo:


I love the way in which this tattoo actually seems to twinkle on this lady’s ankle. Feminine and pretty with details of diamond and pink accents, this specific crown certainly represents power and wealth.

  1. Crown Bold Tattoo:

Plainly bold and also perfectly placed, really I love the tattoo very much. It is big enough not being overlooked yet not overbearing at all. It is somewhat whimsical and also definitely unique compared to other crown tats I have come across. Well, any royal ought to be pleased to get this ink.

  1. Pillow With Royal Crown:

The implement of purple, gold and red in this particular tattoo are the colors abundant in royalty. Its designer did justice to make this crown and pillow look as though they are created from velvet, including richness to overall piece. However, the details just down to tassels are superbly done and also are admired forever.

  1. The Royal Pair Tattoo:

Could the tattoos be much more perfect and sweet? Here, the guy contains queen’s type of crown tattooed, when the woman features small depiction of the king’s crown just on the hand. All these crown tats are valuable and I expect this couple will stay together ever and forever. Possibly they still live in the castle having a moat. Well, I wish they do.

  1. Monogrammed Crown Tattoo:

I really love this tattoo. Regardless of the “H” that represents somebody in this individual’s life or even his personal name, it is a classic approach to forever express your loyalty and love to someone very special. This crown, just teetering off top is the well-designed inclusion to initial. I have been informed to never have anybody’s name tattooed just on the body, yet the initial is constantly a good option if you badly need to express love for the person in sport-form. When things do not work out then the initial might always indicate anything else! You thought the “H” was for Harry, my ex-lover. No, it just symbolizes “hamster” or “happiness” or “hope.”

  1. Loyal Dog Tattoo:

Look at the pup! This crown appears to overtake the dog’s head, definitely standing out amid the rest. Having words, it is clear that this crown here symbolizes love and loyalty to this individual. Another example of animal wearing the crown, anyway, you know that I love this!

  1. King Of Death Tattoo:

Another crown having skull, this one tends to make a striking statement.

  1. Simple Crown And Heart:

I love the tattoo especially due to the fact this reminds me of my tattoo! Also, I have an identical looking heart just on the wrist with paw print included in it. Basic tattoos such as this are extremely pretty and charming. I would love to notice this piece just in more visible area like the shoulder or wrist, or as the ankle piece. However, beauty of tats is that these are exclusively personal and also one can opt to get them placed anywhere they please!

  1. Hearts Queen Tattoo:

Usually, this specific piece is surely more colorful compared to almost all other crown tats I have found. I love the addition of hearts within the design and also layers of the color applied on this “foot” tattoo. However, any queen or princess must be happy to ink a gem similar to this; I would hate to cover this in colder months!

  1. Better Than Diamond:

Well, I love how this “crown-tattoo” is used on ring finger. Possibly her prince seems to have the matching tattoo? Delicate and simple, this particular crown is the royal gem plus I desire one immediately.

  1. Mommy’s Princess Tattoo:

Gold, purple and pink, this specific “princess-piece” is a gorgeous piece of artwork.

  1. Crowned Gorilla Tattoo:

This “royal-gorilla” looks upright pissed, possibly the lion over is seen getting close to his own kingdom’s turf? Uncertain, but anyway I love the way in which the gorilla’s attractive blue eyes synchronize with gems on the gold and red crown. Surely a special piece, absolutely no peasant is going to be messing with the royal.

  1. The Prince Tattoo:

Simple, but elegant in its detail, well this one is an “ode” to the prince, whoever that might be.

  1. Ever And Forever:

These tattoos look like matching without visible distinction between queen and king. Its “line-work” is truly detailed and also its font is just awesome. I adore the thought of these couples who are so much in love with one another that they definitely have discovered their own princesses and prince. It is a nice reminder that their love isn’t lost and also the testament to strength of all these relationships just in such a world which might be more volatile.

  1. Queen Mom Tattoo:

Usually, queen is most powerful piece of chess, capable of moving many clear squares in almost any direction alongside diagonal, file or rank on which this stands. Likewise in life, our mom’s are powerful queens just who assist to guide all of us through the crazy life. Absolutely no doubt, this person selected this one to honor his mom with royal “crown-tattoo” just as sophisticated and superbly created as this.

  1. Lion King Crown Tattoo:

This tattoo design is real looking and I am crazy about it. Lion and crown tattoos are generally seen along as this particular design is emblematic to Zodiac sign of Leo. Ruler of wild and king of jungle, this superbly dangerous creature represent fierce loyalty, dominance, and strength to his group. Are you total lion or even just a Leo-lover? Have a look at some more awesome lion tattoos at this point.

  1. Ribbons And Crowns Tattoo:

The crown tattoos might be intricately detailed and feminine; I love pink ribbon which appears to breezily flowing through this crown in the tattoo. Well, this particular piece rules!

  1. Truth And Light Tattoo:

A superbly designed crown just with “Latin banner” Lux et Veritas dangling below. Here the colors make me contemplate holiday season, yet this one is an important gem.


Undoubtedly, there are lots of designs coming from the crown tattoos. Yet, we have presented here the on-trend crown tattoos for you to try. These above mentioned tattoos are most researched ones. At the same time nowadays almost all the people like these designs.

I hope you will check out and take pleasure in these tattoos. Okay, If you like then make sure to share this post with your friends and let us know in the comment box below.





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