145 Remarkable Cornrow Hairstyles For A Better Look!


The cornrow hairstyles are in trend since few years back. These hairdos are essentially quite a conventional way to braid the hair. In such a hairstyle female’s hair is just braided around scalp. These hairdos are such types that it’s even probable to choose and make original hairdos. These types of styles are considered to be the superb selection of the hair with various textures.

Moreover, you may adopt the blend cornrow styles for making similar styles. However, this sort of style might be quite complicated. Additionally, they would have capability to uncover approaches to do it. The hairdos are regarded as perfect for the women. Depending on findings, similar styles are looked as one among trendiest styles.

These hairstyles are widespread for a long time in different part of world. It’s confirmed that they will continue to command as style statement.

Usually, the aspect that makes the Cornrows Hairstyles special is they are really low maintenance. In addition to, they are easy to look. Nevertheless, if you’re making cornrows, then ensure to use good quality “hair-care” products.

It agrees with projection of the hair. It’s found that cornrows appear insanely beautiful and outstanding in the light color. Following this overview, let us discuss a few of its unique hairstyles. Here’s a short video for you.

How To Accomplish Cornrow Braids?

If you’re interested in beginning to create the basic cornrows, listed below are some helpful tips:

  • Start with determining size of section you need. Of course, narrow section can lead to thin cornrows when huge sections imply large cornrows. You will find, cornrows are just woven in scalp. Thus, just like braiding divide the sections in three parts for starting your braiding.
  • Go to braid the sections in size which you want.
  • After that, while braiding your hair add the pieces of the locks into cornrows. Specifically, this binds the braid into scalp. Keep in mind whenever you braid gently part the section and then add into hair.

For achieving consistent look, ensure the locks that you included are in the even size.

  • Continue adding hair to the cornrows while you continue braiding round the end.
  • Remember that if you’re braiding the natural hair then you will have to detangle while you work along with it.

Meanwhile, hair that undergo straightening or relaxing will not require detangling. If you’re having problems detangling, then you can easily spray water having a conditioner or even water with the oil mixture for helping you.

  • For preventing the finishes of the cornrows through fraying, just curl the ends on fingers to get natural hair. Regarding processed hair, you can use barrettes or bands that are usually snap-free.
  • While you’re done with a single section, then repeat the same process around the head equally.

Why To Choose Cornrows?

In general, while all cornrows that we have listed are exclusive, selecting right one will depend on hairdo that will fit your own style. One more aspect you must also think about is the lifestyle. When “cornrow braid” is the protective hairdo and will need low maintenance, choosing either long or short braids is a vital aspect you must likewise consider. Here’s out another post which you may love to read “30 Attractive Sun Tattoos That Will Light Up Your Path!

145 Unique Cornrow Hairstyles!

  1. Side Curls And Cornrows:

If this one is the look you’ve not thought of yet, after that you should. The side cornrows hairdo here is for somebody who will love to test cornrows, but will love to exhibit the natural sexy curls also.

  1. Creative Updo Braided:

Creative braiding lovers – this is a hairstyle you have been awaiting! How about the unique and beautiful “half head” cornrows style which allows you showcasing some of lushness of natural hair? Here you will not definitely see the same hairdo on anybody.

  1. Box Braids With Mohawk:

Yes, the cornrows are extremely versatile – you will definitely style them just in a thousand different approaches! For daring ladies around, how about converting the “box braids” into the mohawk? Use a few of braids to make an impression of hairband. Do not worry – we will not tell anyone!

  1. Beautiful Updo Stitch Braid:

This one is wonderful illustration of the successful “half-head” cornrow style. The updo stitch braid here leaves top of hair unbraided, in this manner achieving a cool lower half and also larger looking top of head. Exactly what we like about it? You got it! The particular ombre curls, obviously!

  1. Stitch Braids Straight Back:

Stitch braids straight back are an easy yet awesome way for braiding your hair – and not put together quirky patterns and creative designs. Neat, elegant and will defend the hair from external damage.

  1. Buns And Braids:

Incorporating some braids into the hair is one wonderful approach to change your hairdo and never having to commit to cornrows for few months.

The buns and braids hairstyle here is ideal for someone trying to add some small details just to the hairdo – when also showing the elegance of thick natural, lush locks.

  1. Ponytail Skinny Braids:

How cute the skinny braids appear?! We absolutely like them – well if you are someone who want to use the braids as base for various hairstyles (two buns, a bun, a ponytail – you designate it!), then you will love the hairstyle.

Very chic and versatile – especially if perhaps you add 1 or 2 pieces of “hair-jewellery”.

  1. Half Cornrows And Box Braids:

For anybody who is eager to give the cornrow hairstyle some edge, then this is perfect approach to do the same. Choose a pattern that is unique and quirky, like this beautiful straight and zigzag line design. Usually, your half cornrows and box braid will surely be noticeable among the crowd!

  1. Jumbo Large Cornrows Style:

If you are looking for the hairstyle that will make you feel and look like princess – then choose these beautiful jumbo large braids, furnished with unique patterns and gold cuffs. Sophistication, elegance and boldness – those are qualities we cannot help but consider while looking at the wonderful hairstyle.

10. Cuffs With Cornrow Ponytail:

Sophisticated and glam, it is a unique look that will undoubtedly get lots of attention. The gold cuffs that are integrated into a gorgeous high ponytail cornrow is a hairdo that will work for the special event – or when you are needing a good number of compliments!

  1. Colour With Cornrows Straight Back:

If you are looking for tips on just how to modify your back straight cornrows, including some colour will definitely work. The easiest approach to achieve this look will probably be including different shade jumbo “braiding hair”.

You can include one shade or even a few – here the more the colours, the far more lively the look!

  1. Ghana Large Braid Buns:

Well, if large cornrows hairdos are what you are looking for, these stunning Ghana braids that are braided in a bun can be the best for you. Absolutely we love how simple it’s to turn the-4 “cornrow braids” into a low, elegant updo – and there is not a better approach to handle loose strands in nape of the neck.

  1. Natural Cornrow Hairdo

It isn’t all about jumbo braids and feed-in, the all natural cornrow hairdos can be likewise creative. This is the edgy yet stylish cornrow updo that you can make using natural hair. Obviously, if you want to add the braiding hair in the work of art to create bigger, fuller look – after that do it!

  1. Basic Ghana Braids Style:

One of most common African hairdos of last couple of years, the Ghana braids tend to be here to take your heart. Additionally it is called the invisible cornrows, and they make an incredibly amazing look and also are low-maintenance.

Usually, summer time is perfect time for trying out this particular sassy hairstyle – particularly for the protective qualities which will keep the hair healthy longer!

  1. Beautiful Ponytail Cornrow:

We’ve constantly had a bit obsession with the ombré – however ombré cornrows are tied into the ponytail? That is almost too decent to be real.

Lighter on edges, thee cute cornrows here will go flawlessly with any outfit of summer – and you will probably shed some tears when time comes to tell goodbye.

  1. Feed-In Large Cornrows:

Probably one of our most liked thick cornrows hairdos – and why would not it be? It is so simple to be in love! These big feed-in cornrows attain quirky, feminine, classy all in just one go.

  1. Large Bun With Cornrows:

For the look that frames ‘cool’ with ‘elegant”, just pop the cornrows in a big bun at top of head. Any hairdo with a bun on the top instantly looks more elegant – while cornrows will provide this style an edge.

Well, wear this for an exclusive occasion or even on daily base – it will flawlessly work for the both! If you are keen to include some chic – merely drop in some cuff beads.

18. Small Simple Cornrows:

There is no requirement for the cornrows being complicated to look totally beautiful. We believe that small, simple cornrows deserve all the praise as the African complex cornrows patterns and designs.

Additionally, the look here is more adaptable, therefore you are able to style it as you like – just pop it in a large ponytail, or even twist it in a few buns – it is your call!

  1. Artistic Halo Braid Style:

If you are a braiding lover looking to get the cornrows to another level, then you have met the hairstyle. The halo braid here is beautiful, unique and sophisticated – although a bit more difficult to achieve. Well, you will not regret a visit to your hairstylist with what you are left.

  1. Cuff Beads With The Feed-In Braid:

There is hardly anything even more sophisticated compared to cuff beads when they are added to gorgeous “feed-in” braids with an excellent pattern, this look scores the top points!

Usually, “Feed-in-braids” are an approach to make an impression of longer cornrow braids, with no requirement for the hair extensions. First of all, you make a beginner braid utilizing the natural hair – after that add artificial braiding hair for creating a longer cornrow that nevertheless looks natural.

  1. Cornrow Hairdo For The Black Hair:

Basically, black haired females try to find the best protective hairdos. For them, the style here is perfectly suited. This style matches flawlessly with black shade of hair. This style is like it causes minimum damage to your hair. Apart from, it rehydrates and moisturizes the hair simultaneously.

  1. Cornrow Hairdos For Longer Locks:

The Cornrow style is ideal for the long hair. With this hairdo, the least hair length should be just 7 to 10cm long. Here, the hair is essentially braided through taking minor parts of hair. From front scalp to back neck, the cornrows are generally extended.

  1. Nigerian Cornrow Hairdo

This style at first originated from the Nigerian ladies as they began using it. Here, an easy cornrow braid gets managed by offering hair towards the backside. It doesn’t involve a number of stylish parts and cuts. Besides, you might even create the ways zigzags.

  1. Black Cornrow Hairdo

Women have an inquiry concerning why not trying out the black Cornrow. It’s essentially the edgy cornrow dependent design, or even it adopts the cornrow bun. Here, you will find many informal styles that are ideal for the beach days.

  1. Golden Updo Cornrows:

Everyone knows concerning the faux locks and dread locks. However, the goddess locks, actually, possess a charm on their own. Well, if you want this style, then you can certainly play around along with a few gold thin accessories. All these accessories operate to boost the locks.

  1. Short Cornrows Hairdo:

It’s now probable to get the Cornrows style all set in the short hair. Nevertheless, it depends on how shorter the hair will be. For this hairdo, in general, the hair ought to be at least 3 inches. It allows getting cornrows accomplished.

Also, you will require an incredibly expert stylist for creating them. If your hair isn’t naturally longer enough, then you can add extensions then cornrowed.

27. Cornrows Circular Braids:

Most impressive things about the racial goddess braid locks are the artwork that applies to various styles. Here in this hairdo, “goddess-themed” type look is utilized.

In this style the hair is just parted within the well-formed design. It would convey a totally newer dimension to the style. This style is basically curved into “u” shape.

  1. Cornrows Blue Accented:

This Cornrow is tried out by a lot of celebrities like Brandy, Jada Pinkett Smith, Beyoncé, Tyra Banks, Alicia Keys etc. Initially, this style rocked throughout the 90’s. Well, here good news is that now it has made a comeback.

However, the particular trend of this style will continue for couple of years. As indicated by the name, here these specific blue colored highlights are used. It makes this style completely distinctive.


  1. Braids Ultra Expression:

It’s usual that females want to look gorgeous for subsequent unique event. Nevertheless, this demands an entirely unique look that makes you look and feel eye catching. Well, you can get everybody surprised through the “Ultra-Expression” braids dependent style. Now you can update your look totally along with different styles by extensions.

Apart from, these extensions come in several shades and different level of fullness. This also includes a lot of textures to match your hair for getting natural look.

Moreover, you can consider this particular braid style to get a simple to manage type style. It’s known that these braids are usually tangle-free, as well as lightweight for brushing. Furthermore, they are risk-free to be utilized in the hot water.

  1. Cornrows Hairdo For Children:

Each young girl notices her mother then wishes being as gorgeous as her mother. That is the cause why beautiful hairdos for children are so important. Currently, braided hairdos for the young girls are quite popular.

The cause is they look chic and simple simultaneously. This hairdo adopts the braids for the girls for making them look lovely. Your kid will feel like princess by using this hairstyle.


To conclude, we have provided different types of Cornrow hairstyles. All these hairdos fit all. If you choose one particular style from above mentioned styles then you are going to enjoy a whole new and somehow a prince like look.

I hope you will worth your money by picking that one which work best for you. If you have liked our selection then hit the like button and also share with your friends on social media.




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