50 Dapper Conch Piercing Ideas That Will Entice You To Get One

What is a conch piercing?

Piercing the cartilage (middle portion of the ear) is the conch piercing. Cartilage is an elastic tissue which is very flexible. This part of the ear does not contain blood vessels and nerves. Which means that, this area is less prone to infections. This is one of the reasons why conch piercing is so popular.


Today is the world of fashion. One person gets an idea of something, he applies onto himself/herself or someone else and the series follows. However, fashion is a trend that affects a limited group of people. This means that not everyone can follow up with the latest in-thing due to various valid reasons. Reasons might be, affordability, likes and dislikes, gender etc.

Conch piercing is also the trends demand. Moreover, it is affordable, liked my most and it is also anyone can have it. No gender specification required. Furthermore, it is very cool to pierce the conch. This looks extremely valiant and also gives a very bold statement.


Firstly, be very sure that you want to pierce your conch. Then, visit a proper parlor. Talk to your piercer about the process of piercing. Learn about the piercing technique, the after effects, and the possible infection that can be prevented. Thereafter, the whole piercing process starts.

The piercer initially cleans your outer ear. He uses a disinfectant for the process. Then, he marks the area or a point where you want to pierce. Further, a sanitized needle is inserted in the marked area. Right after a needle goes through, the piercer inserts a jewelry. This whole piercing process takes less than 2 minutes. Clearly the execution is painful and it will take a substantial amount of time to heal. However, it is all worth it.

Make sure to talk to your piercer about the after care before you leave the parlor.

Does It Hurt?

An object passing through the muscle! Of course it pains. There are no two ways about it. This part is also regraded as one of the most painful areas to pierce. However, the intensity of the pain depends on the size of the cleave. If you want a small point in the conch then use a needle. And if you wish to have a bigger prick, then go for a dermal punch. Moreover, the technique used in the piercing also determines the pain. As an illustration, if a thin pointed needle is used in the piercing process then, a slight pain is felt. Likewise, dermal punch grants a more severe pain, since, the process removes a substantial amount of tissue from the area.

Well they say, “That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.”

Yet another one says, “I admire a person who is born conventionally beautiful but chooses unconventional fashion instead of succumbing to the societal standards of ‘pretty.’ I admire this quote wholehearted.


Usually conch piercing takes a considerable amount of time to heal. This typically takes around six months to one year of time to heal completely. The healing period can extend if you neglect the aftercare routine. Furthermore, if infection pertains then the soothing period increases. So, ultimately the healing session depends on how you take care.


It is very important to follow the aftercare routine for a active healing. Some of the aftercare guide goes as follows;

Ask your piercer to use the needle and not the gun.

Needle has a more controlled accuracy than the gun. Gun forces the cartilage with a lot of pressure causing damage to the tissue. Further, needle is sterilized and gives a small dissection in the tissue, affecting a smaller area. If done properly from an experienced hand, needle piercing is way better than gun.

Do not change the jewelry before the wound heals completely.

As long as the wound does not heal properly, do not change the earrings. Stick to the jewelry inserted during the piercing. You can change the earring after your wound stops paining.

Do not touch the area of piercing frequently.

Make sure you do not touch the area with clothes, dirty hand and phone. The area should heal completely without any agitation. No any infection should transpire.

Be careful while sleeping.

Don’t sleep on the ear piercing until its fully healed. If your left ear is pierced, sleep on the right and vice versa. If both the ears are pierced, do sleep on your back.

Gently pat dry the area after shower.

It is very important to keep the pierced area clean. Just use plain clean water for the cleansing process. Never use medicine containing alcohol to clean the wound. Alcohol dries the wound which might crack and bleed making the situation worse. It is always best to use clean water or even better to use the ice and gently dry the area afterwards.

Right after the pierce, avoid spicy foods for some time because this might burn the wound.

All of us must have noticed that eating spicy food instantly increases the body temperature. Eating spicy food soon after the piercing might pain the wound so make sure to eat soft and cold food for some time.

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What kind of jewelry to wear?

This entirely depends on your choice. Once the wound heals, you’ll have a large choice of jewelries. However, right after the piercing, the most convenient jewelry is a light stud. However, subsequently as the cleave heals, then you can wear your preferred jewelry. Make sure that the metal you use does not pain your ears. Furthermore, before choosing the jewelry, learn if you are allergic to any kind of metal and avoid wearing that.

On the other hand, if you can pull off any type of jewelry, you have plenty of options. Either, opt for rocky look by having a black stud, or , get a cute look by having a barbell or a bead rings. Further, any jewelry that fascinates you, big or small, can totally rock your look.

Few of the metals that are extensively loved for the conch;


A bright white very rare and precious metal is the Platinum. The best feature of the metal is that it is hypoallergenic and very durable. However, this metal is expensive because it is rarer and mined much less.


One of the most affordable metals, silver is widely valued. Since the silver is very soft, it is easy to mold and experiment with, thus giving you a huge variety of jewelries.


A very soft malleable metal, gold is loved by the most. Gold has a lot of design possibilities. Plus, it is very attractive to wear the gold, it adds to the elegance and class to any outfit.

Other metals

You can let your mind wander to decide what you want to wear. As long as you are not allergic to a certain element, you can just freely experiment.

Often you are not sure whether a certain jewelry will look good on you. Sometimes it just looks good on the showcase. Therefore, i have collected a few conch piercing ideas and jewelry designs and how the combination would looks on you.

You definitely want to check these amazing looks.

Conch piercing for men.

Since we have already stated that the piercing idea covers all genders, let us look at the male designs of earrings for the conch piercing.


For men, get a dumbbell earring for the conch. Very basic and good looking.

Conch piercing for women.

The feminine designs of earrings for conch.

A simpler look for the woman who wants a lot of piercing. Get a few small earrings on the lower part of the ear and for the conch, get a slightly big colorful earnings.

This is got to be the experimental look for the girls. look at the amount of colorful and variety of earrings worn. Make sure that the earring on the conch is slightly different than the others.

Multiple earrings conch piercing.

The variance. Just look at the number of earnings. This look gives a rock chic vibe. The inclusion of dark colored bat, snake and plain sign of cross give a bold feeling of freedom and personal choices in life. Moreover, the conch has a different look.

The arrow shaped earring for the conch. Looks simple but very stylish. Seems like an arrow has just crossed the muscle and has won through it.

The white colored top for the conch. The size of the top correspondingly increases in size.

The dark colored earring for the conch. Simple yet attractive. Get a lovely white pearl for the earlobe. It adds to the beauty.

The ring shaped top for the ears. Earrings of the same fashion look damn stylish. These earrings are typically silver in color.

A very feminine look. Different earrings. Use of different kind of earrings give a very fashionable look to the attire and the whole look itself. Additionally, the round earrings for the conch break the monotony.

Single earring conch piercing.

A dapper look for the ears. One stylish top for the conch and you are done. The less is more kind of look.

Another single earring idea is this one. Either get a gold or a gold colored jewelry. One proper gold jewelry is just enough.

Another classy ear rings ideas. A few small eye catching jewelries. However, do get a different shaped earring for the conch.

This is another basic idea of conch piercing. A stone earring for the earlobe and a flower shaped earring for the conch. This look can be put on by both the male and the female.

The cute small earrings used for the upper interior part of the ear and a flower shaped trendy earring for the conch. Super clean and adorable.

Lovely gold earring designs. The whole combination blends really well. Two rings and  a lovely crescent moon jewelry for the conch. Just right style done.

This is another dapper look for the ear. The earlobe ring is slightly bigger than the other. The other part of the ear has small earrings to amplify the look.

This design makes me remember the idea of no make up make up look. This gives the similar kind of vibe. The tiny jewelry for the conch is just right for the look. And that small diamond kind of thing on the top is cute.

The new clean look for the ears. Just see how proper the jewelry looks. So classy.

The Flowery Feels Conch Piercing.

The flower shaped earrings in addition to the butterfly jewelry give an inflorescence feeling. Make sure to choose the colors of the stone of your earrings properly.

Some greenish colored earrings for the earlobe and conch. Similar kind of jewelry make the look very attractive. Moreover, the small sizes of the earrings make the look clean.

The metal dumbbell shaped earrings added with the rings and a flower in the conch. Very prototypical. A silver metal and a gold plated earrings go perfectly  together.

The fine jewelries in your ears. The rings in the earlobe and the clip in conch. Very fascinating. Again a very feminine look for the ears.

Men Style Conch Piercing.

The ring on the conch and the big metal earring on the ear lobe. Debonair look to the face. Moreover, the earrings add to the masculinity.

The ring and heart shaped ring on the conch and the metal earring on the earlobe. Rock chic look for the lady.

The ring and the half moon shaped earring for the conch. And a long shaped earring for the earlobe. So, exclusive.

The rock chic look for the ear. Dark blue ring for the conch and a pearl earring for the earlobe. So uptown.

The metal ring for the outer ear, the auricle and the dumbbell earring for the conch. A monotonous look for the ear.

The star and the moon for the conch. A small diamond earring for the earlobe. Such a sleek look.

The metal earring for the upper and the lower auricle. And the green earring for the conch. A new sassy look.

A big fat earring for the earlobe. A smaller sized ring on the auricle. Such a rock chic look for a valiant lady.

As long as you are happy with the look, you can experiment.

We have learned about the details of the conch piercing. However, i also want you to know that there are some myths people believe to be true. I want you to learn and analyze over these before getting the piercing.

Conch Piercing Myths

Piercing is temporary.

I want you to know that piercing is not temporary. The mark remains forever. Wearing the jewelry just makes it obvious that the piercing is done.

If a previously pierced hole closes, it is easier to pierce it again.

This is not true. Could be that, it works the other way round, which means, the scar tissue is much weaker than the healthy tissue. And re piercing the area could cause infection and severe pain in some cases as well. However, if you wish to re pierce, you should consult an expert.

Ear piercings are uncomplicated.

Not true. They are definitely very popular but not simple at all. The earlobe piercing might be a little less complicated but not the conch and the other part of the ears. Piercing the soft tissue of the ear is definitely not easy, you can imagine.

Ointment helps the healing.

The ointment will not help in the healing. Rather it might hurt the process. Until and unless your piercer requires you to use it, you need not use anything.

Piercing parlors are proper and regulated.

Not true. This entirely depends on the standards of the parlors and the people who regulate it. Moreover, know that not every piercing parlor is hygienic or the needles are sanitized. Therefore, choose a proper parlor.

Piercing guns are safe.

The piercing gun seems so easy, but it is far from the reality. The truth is that, the piercing gun is not sterilized, since the gun is made up of plastic.

Clean your piercing with alcohol and peroxide.

Alcohol and peroxide dry the delicate tissue and the wound might break causing bleeding. This leads to delayed healing.

Making the piercing part numb helps in the piercing process.

The use of the numbing creams will not decrease or eliminate the pain rather the situation might worsen after the cream leaves its effect. Avoid the parlor that suggests you to numb the area first.

Piercing take a less amount of time to heal.

Again, this statement does not hold any truth. The amount of time required to heal depends on the area of piercing. If the pierce is made in the soft tissue, it heals fast. However, if the pierce is made in the muscle, it definitely takes a good amount of time to heal. Moreover, the after care routine affects the healing process. The proper you care, the easier it heals. As simple as that.



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