115 Amazing Cartilage Piercing Images | Pain, Healing Time & Facts

Cartilage piercing is one of the most common mods of piercing besides the basic ear lobe piercings. There are wide ranges of body modifications and piercings, where in many variations, cartilage piercing is leading. Having a general ear lobe piercing is totally basic while a cartilage piercing gives you a life time memory as it has the most unique experience in comparison to any other piercings.

Even if you have several piercings in your ear or other regions, but not in the upper ear regions or cartilage, this is going to be a whole new experience. If you are a newcomer to piercing or if you have not tackled upper ear region, you might be wondering what expectation you need to have.  Well, taking about getting a new piercing is always exciting as well as you have some curiosity about it. Therefore, we are here to clear your questions or doubts about the cartilage piercing.


Finding about everything of any body modification is some strong research required. In the initial stage you simply investigate whether you  admire the cartilage piercing on others or really keen to get one on yourself. It has been a lot of years that cartilage piercing has existed but yet it has not been done properly everywhere. This is best for the newcomers to learn more about different kinds of piercings. If you are looking forward to getting one in the nearest futures, this post is the best thing happened to you!

This article consists of every FAQ and curiosity one generally have about the cartilage piercing. Feel free to skip the topics and get into your desired question if you are in hurry. If not, make time for everyone of it, and be fascinated with the answers!


cartilage piercing is defined as a puncture or piercing in any region of the cartilage where perforation is done with the help of a jewelry. The most common cartilage piercing takes place in either ear or nose. Some people believe cartilage piercing to be the helix piercing solely. Well, helix piercing is one of the cartilage piercings, but not entirely it. If you are one from the body modification community, you know well about the cartilage piercing. The cartilage piercing in the region of ear is more sore than in the lobe as there is less blood making the healing take longer time.

People take tattoos and piercings differently and become itch to them that have to be scratched or taken off. Personally, talking about cartilage piercing, it can be your getaway as cartilage piercing is bigger than simple ear lobe piercing. This is a bold step. It is above or beyond the usual piercing. If you have that courage to cross the line, the leap to the piercings become less daunting. After having frequent or few piercings, the tattoo pain will not seem as half as bad!

As we know, two people shall never experience the same feeling of getting similar tattoo, so it the case with the cartilage piercing too. There are certain processes which will give the nearest experience but not the whole. Basically, getting a piercing at your cartilage requires a lot of guts. As it is a painful one and has many side effects in comparison with other piercings, you will be considered brave if you are having some piercings in your cartilage.



If you want to figure our what is the hottest thing going on among the youth in the present scenario, you will realize cartilage piercing making its spot at the top. As we all know Blondie bringing the ear piercings and punk into trend in the 80s, we have rarely found out who got cartilage piercing into frame. It is fact that we have been jabbing at the ears without proper guidance with unusual safety pins or apple cores and being obsessed over perfect constellation in the ear.

But that is past, and things have changed now. With time, we have become wiser along with being old. With more sensible way of thinking, we have certain questions which will give answers to right way of puncturing the ears. Even the person who pierced the ears of Beyonce, popular Mr. Brian Keith Thompson, has come valuable comments to make upon the cartilage piercing. The advice or suggestions are really important for anyone who is interested to get the cartilage piercing.

Well, talking about how popular is cartilage piercing, you can find that out yourself. Most of the celebrities specially actresses and singers have some piercings in the ears. Not just them, there are so many popular artists, musicians, sports player and wrestlers who flaunt the cartilage piercing. The popularity is increasing everyday. Specially the people who are into body modifications are making cartilage piercing a real thing. There are several ways to flaunt this piercing. Find out how popular artists wear cartilage piercing in this article.



Well, that is solely your decision to stick to one portion for finding out perfect cartilage spot to wear a jewelry. But if one has to answer this question, it would be daith piercing. Moreover, you can give a try to rook as well because the healing it quick and the result is awesome.

If you already have decided which portion to pierce in your cartilage, that is fine, you can stick to your own decision. The pain is for a while, but the result is forever. So, changing the spot just because the pain will be lesser is just nonsense.

If you wish to get the conch piercing, you will need to find a stud. Just avoid hoops as it can create pressure in the hole when the hoop is new which can create irritation. The post on the earring should be short as the long one can make it heavy and painful. The long post can also attach to stuffs and create more irritation and pain. The quarter one of an inch will be perfect.

But make sure you have had enough research on every type of cartilage piercing before getting one. This will give you enough idea. This way choosing a perfect spot will be worth it. You can also find out the type of jewelry that goes well with one kind of cartilage piercing. There are numerous things you need to keep on mind while trying to fix the spot where you want to have puncturing done. Find out everything and also match it with your own conditions. If you are allergic to metals or puncturing needle, find out beforehand. This is how you choose a perfect cartilage piercing option along with precautions with least damages.


If you are not allergic to anything, you can actually pierce the cartilage with any metals. But this is rarely true. Many people are allergic to different kinds of metals that they end up with infections. Well, if you can afford gold, go with gold! You can pick either platinum or titanium too. This is proven that these titanium and gold are hypoallergenic and are the perfect metals that will go with any kind of piercings.

Gold is the purest piercing metal one can find. It is so antibacterial that putting it into a petri dish along with the bacteria, you will find the bacteria being repelled, or it going away from the gold. Therefore, it is the ideal metal for piercing if you have the most sensitive skin.

Steel is also commonly used despite being not really a preferred metal for piercing. As it contains nickel, it is allergic to so many people. If you have pierced with steel and you feel reactions like flaring up in the pierced region, the chances are high it be because of nickel.

A gold in the piercing jewelry does not just give rich look, but also gives you a comfortable pierced region. Thus, if you can afford gold, pierce with it!


The cartilage piercing requires a lot of care for a long time or time until the healing is complete. There are various precautions and after piercing care that you need to follow to make the region infection free and for quick healing.

Well, there might be questions in your mind about cleaning the cartilage piercing region. That is literally a hole in your skin, that is against the nature, thus, you need to act wisely and well. Be light to your skin and do not  let any kinds of infection to arise.

After getting the cartilage piercing, there are plenty of things you need to consider. Do not touch the region with anything. There is this habit of touching the pierced region with hand. Avoid doing this and you avoid so many unwanted problems. You need to use soap and water to clean the region. It is preferred twice a day. Also, feed yourself with lot of water. This helps to lessen the pain as well.

You are not supposed to apply alcohol or peroxide based products no matter whoever suggests. This makes the situation tougher. Adding any kind of chemicals into the pierced region means letting it flow inside through the hole into your body. This obviously causes unnecessary drama rather than healing.


Moreover, the healing depends solely on the skin type. There can be redness or swelling in some cases, while in other cases it will be easy healing. Your skin can be allergic to certain type of jewelry or even the needle. So, you need to be cautious and take the steps as per the specific requirement.

Let there be good air flow in the pierced region. Do not use dirty or public pools. Avoid contamination as much as possible. Adding a bandage in the first stage can also be helpful. You need to let the region of cartilage piercing free from any kind of touching.

The region can go so itchy sometimes that you want to rub it. But it is better to apply ice or clean cloth to gently rub the region rather than with bare fingers. The flow of liquids in the region can be problematic. This will require good cleaning. Maintain cleanliness in the region at least twice a day.


There are several piercing ideas. Most people go for most common ear lobe piercing. The unique one is cartilage piercing. If you wish to stand out odd and cool, you will prefer the cartilage piercing.

This one is tough one and is perfect for tough people. As there are chances of high bleeding or bump bleeding, people consider cartilage piercing as not everyone’s cup of tea. With cartilage piercing, you will have more jewelry options and you will look flawless.

It is again a choice of an individual on getting certain type of piercing. Someone might feel like getting one simply without much reasons, and that is fine. Some might found it interesting on others and wanted to get one. There are no specific reasons.


The level of pain varies differently from different skin types. It is up to you how you react to one kind of pain. In average, it is painful than earlobe piercing, but in comparison to smiley piercing or dimple piercing, it is nothing. The level of tolerance is again different for every individual.

Generally, in a scale from 1 to 10, if earlobe piercing is 1, then cartilage piercing is 3. This is similar to a hard punch. But well, the extreme pain lasts rarely for three seconds. It is less painful with a piercing gun rather than manual needle.

Some people have this unnecessary fear with the piercing gun shattering the ear. But in comparison with the needle piercing, it is safer and sound. There should be experienced hands behind the piercing else it can be problematic.

If it is not your first piercing, then you might have enough idea or experience in getting another puncture in the cartilage. The pain gradually is the result of fear more than the pain itself. Go to the experienced hands. Find out more about the one who you are getting piercing done with. This will avoid any kind of disaster while getting the piercing.

The pain that is extreme lasts for just a second or two. It might be something similar to sharp bite of an ant. Then you are done. There can be some burning sensation that will last for couple of hours. The healing begins quickly afterward.

You also need to make sure about the jewelry you are getting, else there can be massive pain in case of wrong jewelry selection.


Generally the price of the jewelries vary from place to place. You can get the cheapest stud for $18 to $19. It also depends on what kind of metal you are using. In case of the best one, i.e. gold, the price fluctuates everyday, and still is expensive.

You can find cheaper metals as well in the jewelry shop. There are plenty of varieties of jewelries for the cartilage piercing.


With enough description and answering every FAQ, there still lacks a lot of ideas when you cannot see the choices yourself. Here you will find enormous number of images that shows you different kinds of cartilage piercing and lot of jewelries ideas as well.

Go through each of these and make yourself comfortable on getting one today!

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After going through all of the questions and respective answers, you already might have known a lot about the cartilage piercing. It is just one kind of piercing either in ear upper region or nose. With the information about the jewelries type, cost, level of pain, cleaning methods, definition, origin, and popularity, you might have been satisfied on your queries.

This is quite different as many people are into ear lobe piercing only. So, one has enormous queries about it, and it is fair. With ample number of images in the lower section of the page, you might have gotten a lot of ideas about the types, jewelries, and decorations regarding the cartilage piercing.

People might bring you down with their words when they see cartilage piercings on you. Schools or colleges might restrict you to wear one in the premises. You might be not selected for the job interview if you have on of these. This is the society. You need to accept everything if you wish to get cartilage piercing. There are people who also would praise, would compliment, and ask for guidance about it. More people are getting into cartilage piercing these days, and the society is changing!

Have a happy & infection-free cartilage piercing today!