38 Stunning Bowl Haircuts To Make You Feel Awesome!


While thinking about bowl haircut, your mind immediately drifts to conservative, drab hairdos popular from mid-80s to late-90s. It had been generally considered old-fashioned, boring look till its new reemergence on heads of a few of biggest icons worldwide.

Now, the hairdo is back along with much more bang compared to ever before. The hairdo has transformed into the uncontainable “fashion statement” characterized by edgy fades, vibrant shades and constantly looks greater with the bold accessories. Here’s a video for you!

Particular Things For Considering Before Having Bowl Haircut!

Apart from ‘bowl’, it is also called the mushroom or helmet cut, yet whatever its name is, all of us remember it just as nightmare that our moms ordered only for us being a child in hair salon till now.

On runways and even off the “red carpets”, A-listers and models have provided us the advantage of doubt. Well, it generally looks good.

  • Do Not If You Own Round Face:

The way the sporting horizontal stripes can only highlight the wide figure, having a bowl cut might simply make your own face appear rounder.

However, if you want to try it, ensure the section in which the bangs slant and dip to the backside is a bit longer.

  • Do Possess Bangs:

Each bowl haircut includes them. Get them very long and nearly covering the eyes, or even super short above the eyebrows; both way, find that one which you are comfortable with.

Getting long bangs can give you a lot options for styling your hair, for instance, combing them just to side for an even more girly look.

  • Don’t Basically Have The Bowl-Sized Bowl Haircut:

While the perception is that this looks like the bowl which was put over the head prior to cutting perimeter, it must not be this way.

Check out pinterest or celebs for some motivation and also bring your favorites to hairstylist. Ask her or him if it can suit the face, or demand another recommendation!

  • Do Remember It May Be High-Maintenance:

Well, if you normally have silky straight hair, then bowl haircut can spell an immediate “wake-up” and “go-style” for you. However, if you do not, it could imply adding an extra bit of time devoted to styling the tresses to both edgy and messy perfections and a neat, chic hairdo at morning routine. Will you be ready to deduct additional 5 minutes just from the beauty sleep?

38 Edgy Bowl Cut!

  1. Chic Bowl Haircut:

The sheer crispness and geometry involved in the tidy look will scream undeniable and sophistication confidence.

The neat edge is shaped utilizing some dipping cuts which keep it dangling above your eye. The “dark blue” streak brings more charm to copper shaded bangs.

  1. Carefree Hairstyle:

Messy hair appears good if its mess is deliberate. Tousled hair looks better simply on younger face along with angelic blonde color only assisting to emphasize carefree attitude that is embodied by your look.

The rugged fringe which curves above your eyes frames your face nicely.

  1. Lilac Passion Cut:

Bad hair times are “non-existent” in bowl cuts’ realm because you go to choose just how finely the fringe cut looks like. The luscious tone of the lilac on bob is highlighted by thick hair before the ears. Well, a twist just on blunt fringe will take the edge away the sharp geometrical cut.

  1. Princess Cut Rose Gold:

Not everybody can be proud of delicate hair and also hair that often looks a bit windswept. A low bob will cover the ears as well as grazes nape of neck ahead of curling over forehead in the sleek blunt fringe.

Usually, half appeal of this hairstyle is obtained from the enticing color of “rose gold” and a bit tussled locks.

  1. Neat Pepper And Salt Look:

Almost nothing looks as superior as a fine combination of blonde, silver, and grey. The fringe holds beautiful dark highlights at the same time it is taken a bit to the side.

The particular length of bob is mild but slight sweep tends to make it appear sexier, fuller and longer.

  1. Innocent Bowl Cut:

Bob cuts normally appear extremely tame therefore they may be utilized to tone bold or piercings tattoos.

Alternatively, you might just choose the “attractive girl” look along with the crisp trim as well as a reasonably high cut-fringe having split ends.

  1. Pink Explosion Cut:

Trying to find a new summer bold look? Try putting some pink in the blend. A blunt fringe that is finely cut creates a good hairstyle that may survive whole day devoid of retouching. Texture and contrast are included by black fuzz from the trimmed sides and back.

  1. Mane-Shaded Bob:

A good thing for styling short locks is that some color can help freshening your look. Mane-colored hair is given some volume and also tapered down to side in such an approach that properly frames your face and even accentuates the natural face attributes.

  1. Sophisticated Hairstyle:

The blunt fringe which firmly hugs frame of face permits you to showcase your womanly facial curves. Well, if you possess short hair, then a minor shave on sides and even an easy yet bold bob provides you classy haircut which you can sport to any event.

  1. Purple Flames Cut:

Boyish looks better yet when it’s given some feminine accents for toning it. The high-cut purple fringe features the curving “blunt-cut” that hugs forehead as well as the temples by accentuating feminine facial shape. The windswept hair takes on darker color towards the backside in such manner which rounds off edginess of look.

11. Simple Bowl Hairdo:

Don’t let the simpleness of this particular look mislead you. It employs a variety of geometric, sharp cuts and also loose fringe along with the split ends for creating the textural difference which makes you be noticeable. The bob’s back is tapered into a smooth shave that finishes just above your nape.

  1. Rocker Haircut Amazon-Green:

Color will constantly be the “spice” needed to convey life to almost any haircut. The green streaks include spunk to your hairstyle and then give your bob more boldness and character. You can in no way go wrong together with a brilliantly colored haircut.

  1. Pixie Cut Spiky Bowl:

Everyone wants “just beyond bed” disheveled glance on the short hair. The on edge pixie cut here combines fancy spiky hair along with tussled appearance which has short fringe plus slight shave beneath the bob for creating the badass look.

  1. Gorgeous Silver Bowl Hairdo:

This tousled mess silver hair framed by sleek undercut can be one awesome look when combined with bold accessories and darker make-up. Your hair might match up trendiness of the inconsistently cut fringes that add contrast to the look.

  1. Blonde Pixie Bowlcut:

Fun, trendy and cute playful, this is the one among best things that you can undertake to the short hair for making it noticeable. The bleached hair end in nice fringe with the loose plaits above your eyes and then continues taper into a “buzz cut” on the back.

  1. Spiky Bowl Hairdo:

Get away from monotony by using this wonderful haircut. Ideal for the short hair and frizzy cut provides your spiky hair clearer outline then makes the golden complexion noticeable increasingly.

  1. Bowl Bob Short Tidy:

Simple will be gorgeous just as shown by the conservative yet on edge version of bowl hairdo. The side fringe length reaches above ear and even is slightly longer around the forehead. This haircut looks tidy and neat because of undercut razor shave and blunt cut.

  1. Jagged Outline With Short Pixie Bowl:

Explore the sexuality with the androgynous haircut which brings out best with the smooth razor shave and lower fringe cut. The simple bob is given some character and swag with the undercut which frames outline using an excellent zigzag pattern.

  1. Retro Bowl Hairstyle:

Class up the look by combining properly textured hair and crisp lines with this beautiful haircut. The normal black hair has been given fine outline making use of high-cut on fringe. Long flowing locks down the backside adds some feminine appeal towards your look.

  1. Fringe Crisply Cut With Futuristic Bob:

Why be happy with normal while you are able to set yourself aside from crowd? This fascinating cut features the geometrical precision within shorter wispy bangs and neat fringe-cut on a single side that assist smooth out your look. Be cool by accentuating stylish highlights together with bold makeup.

  1. Lavender Highlights With Tousled Bowl:

If you’re not keen on neat hairdos, then this hairdo lets you display your messy hair in style. This cute bob cut is highlighted by smartly disheveled hair on top and even lavender wispy bangs draping the sides. Including the cool blunt fringe cut, the different textures create adventurous finish.


  1. Yellow Highlights With Golden Pixie Haircut:

Reveal your summertime look with the sunny and bright bob that makes use of short and long bangs for giving the hair an added textured look. The playful implement of highlights in the stylish gradient which brightens to the front would make it more trendy and noticeable.

  1. Bangs Cheek-Length With Edgy Bowl Hairdo:

Confidence oozes from this sexy hairdo that makes excellent use of a consistent, fine texture and medium length hair. This look is just spiced-up by unequal “dipping cut” on the flashy ear add-ons and cheek-length edge.

  1. Bright Orange Haircut:

Never choose less than gorgeous when it concerns your hair. Take hold of your love to get bright colors along with this vibrantly dyed orange colored bob with blunt, crisp cut and an excellent “framing structure” on fringes. However, razor-shaved undercut will provide you with textures and room to show vibrant ear accessories.

  1. Blunt Fringe With Sleek Cut:

Express your cool character with perfectly symmetrical bob which has a smooth undercut and fine texture on the back and sides. The blunt fringe cut is given the stylish twist which lets it relax above your eyes in such a way that exudes the unbridled sophistication.

  1. Pixie Cut Side Swept:

For adventurous soul, hold the pixie cut trendy and fresh by allowing some more length just in the bangs and having fun with various textures. Usually, the sleek single-sided shave brings some charm to nicely side-swept hair that covers a single side of face in magnificent fashion.

  1. Gothic Bowl Cut:

This particular neo-futuristic hairdo uses both short and long bangs to bring intrigue to original bowl hairdo. While its fringe over forehead is supplied a fine high trim and the sides allow you display your long locks in a nice style.

  1. Fierce Bowl Cut:

It is an ideal example of just how the hair length must not hinder the edgy look. It’s a stylishly “asymmetrical” fringe that covers one eye will be the focal point of this hairdo. The hair has been given much more life along with the exquisite color of brown streaks in the fringe’s edge.

  1. Blunt Cut With Neat Bowl Cut:

This look has come directly from future. Its bangs are given a blunt, neat cut which goes around head and then leaves fringe hanging above eyelashes. The sexy burgundy tone of hair and also understated makeup increases its smooth feminine appeal.

  1. Lengthy Bangs With Bowl Cut:

This punk hairstyle starts above eyes and then continues to prolong towards back of head. Here, the locks are given frizzy and nicely textured look that is simply emphasized by irregularly blonde haircut that covers ears.

  1. Wispy Bangs With Frosty Bob:

Different shades of silver, purple and blue give the locks more depth and character in this particular look. Besides blunt cut down the brow which runs above your ear, 2 silver wispy bangs dangle in the temples only for a smoother finish.

  1. Wavy Locks With Undercut Fringe:

The “sharp razor” fade used under this hairstyle not only provides wavy top the greater definition, it additionally adds androgynous appeal towards the hairstyle. The fairly short locks furthermore feature high fade and blunt cut at the backside that make an edgy finish.

  1. Tousled Fringe With Pixie Cut:

This hairdo is the selection of party girl. Its flashy pink features accentuate bleached tone of hair and then give it some oomph. The fringe here is wispy, loose and tousled stylishly to create windswept look that goes well with short length.

  1. Bold And Short:

If you’re into making the statements and surprising your family and friends, this bowl haircut is certainly for you. It is made by shaving your hair on sides and back and creating top part the same length. Its hairline should begin about 2″ above the ears.

  1. Simple Bob Cut:

A basic bob is likewise the variation of old bowl hairstyle. All the hair is trim to get a similar length. Its bangs are side swept, wispy and short. This haircut does not require any maintenance at the same time it is well liked among the modern women.

  1. Eye-Covering Bangs Cut:

The bangs that cover the eye have usually been considered quite alluring. The bowl hairdo with these kinds of bangs turns through the old school design to a contemporary sexy hairdo. If you pick right shade for the bowl cut, then your image will be truly awesome.

  1. Angled Bowl Cut:

This angled bowl cut asymmetrical is a fantastic way to create a statement. The hairstyle here will be ideal for girls having straight and fine hair. It requires daily maintenance to flaunt its incredible neat asymmetry.

  1. Spiky Pixie Cut:

Spiky pixie cut is an excellent choice for the girls who tend to be tired of the bowl hairdos.

This hairstyle is low in “maintenance” and does not need regular touch ups. Actually, you can go out of your bed along with this hairdo and start your business devoid of any brushing!


We have figured out the most and the best amazing approaches to turn the old bowl hairdo into a contemporary hairstyle. Hardly ever disregard the old-school styles. Often they get new life as time passes. Currently having a bowl haircut is regarded as stylish, not antique. Try it out!




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