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How does it sound when we put bible verse and tattoos together? Well, it might sound weird, but inking Bible verse tattoos is the most common thing the Christians are doing lately. Are you somehow interested to ink something similar? Or are you trying to know in detail about them? Ten, you are in the right page! Learn more.

Deep into Bible verse tattoo..

Bible is one of the holy books that a lot of people in the world follow. It does not matter how frequently one visits church or how religious one is, Bible is for everyone. It is not that wearing a Bible verse tattoos is going to make you one of the Christ’s favorite, or wearing it will make you cooler, it is all about perception. If you are looking for a motivational content, Bible is the best resource.

Quotes & Meanings!

There are plenty of quotes inside Bible that people have modified to some extent and give amazing motivation for anyone. The Christian Bible has amazing and poignant inspiring content within that you can hardly find in any other book in the history. Those people who keep religion aside or are really not into religious stuffs are also fascinated by these Bible verses.

When one has a purpose of getting inspired everyday; when one seeks for help, or any kind of motivation, then Bible verse can be useful! If it  comes to getting Bible verse inked, there are several options. There are certain Bible passages which are long yet people ink the entire thing. Some people choose to add the coordinates of the passage within the Bible as their tattoo which reminds them of the phrase with just the coordinates. People also add Bible phrases along with the memorial as tattoos. Some people expresses their love for their better half or children by writing their names along with the Biblical tattoo. There are also certain images that fit well with the Bible verse tattoos. It can either be cross, or angel, or even the book itself.

Indication of Bible verses…

A Bible verse tattoo will indicate your faith and inspiration in your life. Some people are also inking the verses without the idea that the quote or verse is from Bible. So basically, it is not just a Christian thing. There are many popular verses in Bible when it comes to tattooing. Though the choices are infinite, but mostly some are used in tattoos more often than others.

You can get any verse on your skin in the form of tattoo that will last forever and will remind you of greatness of god. It’ll show your love towards religion and that you believe in him. It is how you take the tattoo yourself. People will judge you on their basis. Some might respect that while some might take it as a showoff. There are different views of people who ink the verses too.

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More about Bible-Verses

Bible is a book with multiple books inside. It has a lot of shorter books which are written by different writers or authors which are then assembled together into canon. There are multiple verses and chapters inside. Generally a sentence lengths more than a verse in Ephesians 2:8-9 and sometimes there is more than a sentence in one verse in the case of Genesis 1:2.

The Bible itself varies from Hebrew to Jewish. The divisions of the verses are independent making more verses in Jewish tradition. Similarly, Hebrew Bible has 1 Chronicles 5:27 to 41 while the Christian translation has 1 Chronicles 6:1 to 15!

Should only Christians get the bible verses inked?

Well, wearing Bible verse tattoos have been somehow religion biased. Obviously, Bible is a holy book of Christians. Since the world is already divided into parts in terms of religion, there are plenty of people who are against Christianity as well. But there are so many people besides Christians who are interested by this holy book Bible.

There are a lot of people outside Christianity who are supporting the verses inside Bible. Moreover, they are also those people who support truth and rather not simply in the name of religion. So, basically if you look outside the box, getting Bible verse tattoos is not just a Christian thing. Even if you are a Muslim or a Hindu, wearing a bible verse tattoo is acceptable.

There are no rules…

There are no such rules that only Christians are to read Bible, therefore there cannot be any rules that Christians only get to make the Bible verse tattoos. And, there are people who respect every religion and follow every holy book. But there are also people who are strict with their religion and consider other religions to be against their morals. So, such people do not get the verses inked, and it is completely fine to have personal opinions.

But, over all, it is not just a Christian thing. Bible is one of the most popular holy books in the world. There are plenty of followers who are even from different religions. Thus, there is no such criteria to get one.

How do people judge to Bible verses as their tattoos?

People all over the world have this negative idea towards tattooing. Most of the people are against the idea of body modification. There are several people specially the old generations who are constantly bringing down to the people who are wearing tattoos. But getting some religious tattoo is again a different story.

Religious tattoos are way beyond simple body modifications. There are people who will see the verse and forget that is still a tattoo. They will respect your love towards god. Getting a simple tattoo and getting a Bible verse tattoo can be parallel when it comes to people’s perception.

Some people will judge you as if you are showing off your religious belief. They will not like your idea about inking Bible verse in your skin. As they believe it is just like polluting the holy Bible by inking the verses in the skin. There is this concept that people who ink Bible verses will carry it along with them to every places either acceptable or unacceptable places which will make the Bible verses impure.

Don’t listen to the criticisms..

But again, the criticism lasts forever. It is your body and you know why exactly you have inked the Bible verses. There are plenty of reasons which only you know and not the people, therefore, you should avoid their criticism towards you. You need not give explanation to anyone who tries to put you down with that tattoo. When it comes to religious tattoos, people don’t really criticize you, but be prepared for all kind of things.

You might also be bullied by people who are against Christianity. This world is full of people who are just there to criticize people. Please do not listen to them and follow your dreams.

Is it a sin to get Bible verse tattoo?

It is totally a different answer from different personalities or people from different religions. If you are  asking a non-Christian then the person will barely even now the verse is from Bible. If you are inking just the title of the verse people will be confused and will have no slight idea what the tattoo is about.

But there are also Christians who believe it is a sin. This is because there is a verse in the Bible Leviticus 19:28 which has clearly mentioned how one should not make any kind of cuts in their flesh either be it tattoos or any kind of marks too. This statement clearly explains how god is against any kind of religious practice you follow by harming yourself. Even Christ is not in the favor of you to cut your skin in the name of god.


God himself wants his followers to be away from the religious practices which involves cutting and harming own-self. But is this verse really relevant for us even today? But anyone who wants to ink Bible verses has to ask yourself why are you getting the tattoo of a Bible verse in your skin? If the tattoo is a symbol of pagan symbolism or idolatry or ven witchcraft, there could be a reconsideration.

But in churches we can often see even the priests are inking cross symbol, a tattoo of Bible itself or sometimes the title of their favorite verses. So, basically, it depends on what kind of mentality you have. There is no forbidding of such tattoos by the law or order. If doctors, mothers, sailors, pilots, and even players can have other tattoos, then a Bible verse tattoo can never be wrong. It is all about how you see it and value it.

Advantages of Bible Verse Tattoos:

  • Forever the togetherness with god
  • Loved by people of same religious beliefs
  • Shows you personality as a follower of Christ
  • Personal satisfaction and strength growth
  • Accepted in the religious society

Disadvantages of Bible Verse Tattoos:

  • Difficult to cope with people from other religions
  • Is against the verse Leviticus 19:28 which make many people criticize you for wearing Bible verse tattoos
  • Different inking related problems
  • Costs money, time, energy

Photo Gallery | Bible Verses in Tattoos

Here you will find so many pictures with Bible verse tattoos. Picture is always a better option than words, so basically you can choose from pictures below. Go through each of them!

Picture below depicts a verse about love. It has been inked in a really elegant manner. The entire quote has been inked in the form of statement. The used font is amazing and goes well with the meaning it has.

Adding a title of a verse is a cool thing about the verses. There are certain titles which will take you to the verses in Bible. The picture below shows a Bible tattoo with the verse title amazingly inked above the chest which explains the connection of the man with the verse as it is near the heart.

Size of the verse:

It depends on how big is the verse, how many words it has. For a verse with single statement like on in the picture below, it is always a good idea to ink the entire verse. But for the verse with multiple and long statements one can simply add the title of the verse which will mean the same thing but just less clarifying.

Even if the verse is too long but you are so well attached to it, you can ink it anyway. There are several options to make it more specific. Just like in the picture below, you can find how well the verse has been fitted to a cross symbol. Even if you look at it from a far distance, you can easily guess the statements are from the Bible as it is occupied inside the cross symbol.

As said already, if you are really attached to any kind of verse from a Bible but if that is too big, it is fine either you just ink the title of the verse or get the entire verse inked. The bigger tattoos are trending. The bigger is the tattoo, the beautiful it looks. So, do not hesitate and get the inks just like in the picture below.

Motivational verses:

Many verses in the Bible are really motivational. There are certain verses which are related to personal life or love. But there are certain verses just like in the picture below, which will be a source of inspiration or motivation to everyone who reads it. If you want to be a source of motivation, you can ink something like this!

It also matters what kind of font you are using to ink it. You can make it really personal with your favorite font or go with the theme. If it is relating love, you can add cursive or any other gentle curls in the  fonts. Even the fonts represent the feeling of the verses you ink on your skin.

Sometimes adding little pictures along with the verses which go along with the theme cannot be a wrong idea. This enhances the verses and give more meaning to the verses. Moreover, you can mix two tattoos if they match each other’s theme. Just like one in the picture below, be creative!

Keep it personal:

Have you ever noticed some tattoos are so unclear? Basically that is also an art. You can always show a tattoo that has been inked on your skin, but it does not mean it has to be clear enough to reflect some meaning. You can always show and hide tattoo at the same time. This is usually done when you ink the tattoo solely for yourself and want to avoid several unnecessary interaction with strangers who are popping questions about your tattoos.

Arms are the perfect places in your body when it comes to tattooing a Bible verse. Sometime you have to think being really practical. Are you planning to get the Bible verse tattoo in your feet, legs or  anywhere below the waistline? If yes, you might have to think again. The area below your waist might not be a good place for Bible as it is a piece of religious belief. It is always better to choose your chest, shoulder, or mainly arms.

Chest is another best spot for the Bible verse tattoo as it represents being near to the heart. It shows your connection with the Christ and the words in the Bible. Therefore, getting a tattoo of Bible verse in the chest will make you secure and people will also not criticize much. It is mostly hidden which again is a plus point if you want your tattoo to be covered entire time.

Flaunt it:

If you are a great follower of Christ or follow the Bible very deeply, you need not hide the tattoo you have inked about that. Instead, you can openly flaunt it to everyone. You can get the biggest fonts possible and let everyone understand the tattoo. This can be explained well in the picture below. Below you can how well the tattoo has been inked with the huge fonts and easy to understand words.

Some More Ideas!

There are plenty of choices with the verses of Bible. You can read the entire Bible and pick the best one for you to ink it. There is no such limit that you need to ink just a single statement while you can ink several verses in your body. As long as you fee you want a lot of tattoos about verses on you, feel free to do it. But you should not do it in the name of religion but simply for your own happiness and satisfaction.

Get more ideas about the Bible verse tattoos from the pictures below. You never know how new ideas generate from just looking at the pictures sometimes. So, patiently go through each of them. You can always add stuffs like cross, moon, stars, smileys, clock, arrows, flowers, etc. along with the verses to add more meaning and charm. The verse itself is super meaningful, but with these you will have more elegance added.

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