105 Amazing Best Friend Tattoos For You And Your BFF!

Best friend tattoos are the tattoos that are supposed to be a tribute to your best friend or remind you of your best friend. There are a lot of teenagers who are getting best friend tattoos. Having a best friend is precious, and giving tribute in the form of tattoo which lasts forever is even more precious.

So, do you have a best friend? Or do you have best friends? Are you looking up for something as a forever tribute to him or her? Then you have come to the right page. Here you shall find all the amazing ideas along with some crazy ones that you can think of when you actually want to have best friend tattoos.


What does best friend tattoos mean?

Well, best friend tattoos can mean a lot of things. No matter what it is, it has to remind you of your best friend. There are plenty of ideas that are related to best friends and the fun that best friends usually do. Actually, having a best friend is like having a person with who you can share everything. The person is a family outside the family. Best friend is a secret keeper, a soul mate, one who makes you happy, grows up with you, and shares the best part of your life. Either be it from your childhood, or a school best friend, or the one in the office, best friends add value to the life and make the life a little crazier, adding wonderful memories.

With best friends, life becomes simpler. You do not even go to pee without your best friend. All your life decisions are somehow taken by your best friend. You are real when you are with your best friend. Thus, a tattoo can never be a wrong idea to tribute such a friendship.

There are various meaningful ideas when it comes to best friend tattoos. Not just something that reminds you of your best friend but also of all the crazy times you have together. Best friend is like a mirror. You reflect yourself. There might be very little similarities with your best friend, but you are totally the perfect kind for them.

Different Types of Best Friend Tattoos:

There are various kinds of best friend tattoos. They depend on what time you are getting it. It can be in the memory of your best friend, it can be together with your best friend or it can be to remind of the greatest memories you built together. Find the ideas that can go well for you below!


The most common things best friends do when it comes to tattooing is getting the date inked. The date when they first met with each other or the date when they actually became best friends can be inked. In most cases, you do not know when actually you became so close to your best friend. But you can always get the nearest date and ink the same date on both of you on the same spot.


Portrait is a huge step in best friend tattoos. If you really  love your best friend a lot or if she or he means a lot to you, you can make a tattoo of his or her face in your body. The best spot will be the chest or even the arm. This is a huge step because the portraits are usually big and means a lot when it comes to tattooing. But there are lot of people who have done this for their best friends specially in their friend anniversary or birthday. You can at least think about it, as it is the best way to tribute such a lovely friendship!

Similar Tattoos:

You and your best friend can get same tattoo printed on the same spot together on the same day! There are so many ideas to do so. The tattoo does not have to be really big or something dramatic! It can be tiny as a letter or a sign like star or even heart. You can get the initial of the name of your best friend as well. If you both have same favorite character of a series or cartoon, you can get that too. Some animals like elephants represent friendship. You can get that as well. Moreover, you can get half heart which will represent wholeness while in the presence of your best friend. There are enormous ideas when it comes to getting same tattoos together. Even simple smileys will do as well, or simply just a random code symbol that only you both are aware of!

Name or name initials:

There are best friends who become so close to you and who have been there in your every difficulties or failure that you do not want to forget them throughout your life. When you have such an amazing best friend, all you can do it get the tattoo of their name or simply the initial of the name. It does not have to be just you who inks it, if you guys are partners in crime, why not partners in tattooing? You both can ink each other’s name in the same spot. Moreover, you can also add the date of inking or meeting each other for the first time. This makes the tattoo more outstanding. If you have a best friend who has been away already, or who has gone to next country either for education or work, or has died, you can tribute him or her with the tattoo of the name to remind how special it was when the best friend was around you. People often get name tattoos inked for the very reasons.

Code word or art:

When you have spent a lot of time with your best friend, may be entire school, high school, college, or neighborhood, then you have some special memories that you can share with nobody else. Of course there would have been moments that almost got you in trouble, or something really funny that you guys cannot forget ever in your life. In such cases, if you remember that all the time, and want to add that moment as a tattoo you can ink something relating it or simply the code word that you use with each other that defines the moment. This way, you can cherish that memory forever! If there is a nick name that your best friend has given you, you can ink that too.

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Meaning & Ideas for Best Friend Tattoos!

Sometimes you wish to get something meaningful inked along with your best friend as you have stepped ahead of that line and have accepted your friendship as a forever gift. The best way to last that friendship is by getting something meaningful inked. There are plenty of ideas when it comes to getting a tattoo for a best friend. Find the best one for your and your best friend from the choices below:

1. Elephants on Ankles/Wrists

Elephants are cute and are the indication of friendship. You can get elephant on the ankle as it is a best friend’s business. They are simpler to look and draw and have no messing with lines. There are plety of other cute animal options as well, but elephant is the chosen one and loved one.

2. Sunrise

One of the common yet elegant tattoo idea is a sunrise which is a symbol of start of something great. Friendship with your best friend can also be a start of something amazing in your life and you can cherish it by getting a sunrise tattoo specially on your ankle. This tattoo is mainly preferred if you have known each other from your childhood days indicating the longest time spend together.

3. Dead & Smiling

There are plenty of ideas with crosses and smiles as they look amazing and creepy at the same time. They are funny and also thrilling. This one is perfect for a crazy friendship which has only smiles and weird memories. They look cool in the wrist, ankle, arm, and even in the fingers as they can be really tiny!

4. Fancy Initials

As already mentioned above, you can get the tattoo of the name initial of your best friend that shall make the person more closer to you. You can add a lot of stuffs along the name initial. Moreover, adding a fancy letter itself is a beautiful tattoo. But you can always be creative.

5. The sun and the moon

The sun and the moon are the perfect combination which makes a day complete, just like you and your best friend! It might sound like opposites, but don’t you know opposites attract? Well, it shall represent you and your best friend. Or you can only either get sun or moon alone and your best friend can get the other inked. This sounds totally a best friend’s thing.

6. Outlined Hearts

You might call heart tattoos are too old fashioned or boring, but there is nothing in this entire world that can actually replace hearts. They do not have to be totally modified ones, even the simple one with simple outline can bring the elegance. When it is about best friend, it has to be hearts! Well, it does not have to be only the outlines, if you get totally tiny heart, you can fill it, either black, red or any appreciated color!

7. The Friendship Crown

As you all know how popular the tiaras or the crowns are getting everyday. You can always reward your friendship with the almighty friendship crown. This shall solely establish your friendship as the royal relation. Of course, your best friend rules your life, therefore, there has to be a ruling crown for that extreme friendship.

8. Date of Friendship

As already mentioned, date can never be outdated. Getting a date when you met with your best friend, or when you both made the best memories, or some random date that reminds you of your best friend! Be simple, wear classic or vintage styles when it comes to praising the friendship through tattoos!

9. Girls on the phone

You might have plenty of memories that you created just through your phones. There had to be sneak outs or mid night talks about hilarious things or even the sad things of sad times like break ups. There can be phone calls about the minor gossips you guys made. Does it remind you of your high school days? This idea of getting a tattoo of a girl on the phone is becoming popular. There are varieties of ideas if you pick to add phone call memories in tattoo.

10. Below the neck tattoo

This might be weird to specifically ask to get a tattoo below the neck, well, this is normal. But below the neck tats often creates curiosity. You can get something pretty like peacock feather tattoo or may be something weird or crazy, it is up to you! But this spot is perfect if you both are planning to get same tattoo together.

11. Charming Guns

Charming guns represent victory. It is the best way to tribute your friendship because your friendship is not less than a victory. Moreover, you can get the pretty flowers along with that to make it more feminine or prettier.

12. Till the grave

Grave tattoos might be weird but hold  lot of deep meaning. If you ink a grave on your body, and so does your best friend, it means you will carry the friendship till your grave, or till your last breathe, safe and sound. This means care, love, protection, loyalty, and true happiness for your best friend. It is all about being together till the last breath and only death being able to make you apart.

13. Strongest towers

You can think about getting strongest or tallest towers as your tattoo in your body. It does not literally have to be huge, just a tiny one, to represent your strong bond with your best friend. The strong and tall towers of course represent the friendship that is firm, and strong. You can prepare your own creative towers by drawing draft in a note.

14. Hello Kitty

When you talk about getting ‘Hello Kitty’ tattoo, it might sound childish, or getting a brand. But, it is more than that. It is about your childhood, your best friend who you know since childhood, with who you grow up loving the Hello Kitty! This is one of the most popular ideas when it comes to getting a tattoo along with the best friend by girls. There are a lot of ideas and varieties with Hello Kitty. If you are willing to wear it, wear the best version of it.

15. Black star

Getting a simple star is cool. But how about a black star? It is simple, vintage, and yet bold. You can flaunt it on any spot in the body and also mix it along with some other tattoos. Getting a black tattoo with your best friend is really an awesome idea. Moreover, you can modify that star, just simply add the initial of your best friend’s name and make people keep wondering what that letter along with that back heart stands for!

16. Giraffe and elephant

It is not just about Giraffe or elephant. It can also be some animals that show totally different characters just like these two. The meaning behind this weird pair shows how opposite attracts. It shall explain your friendship, how you both are different from one another yet in a deep friendship! Just pick two animals that match your personality and just get the inking done together at the same spot on same time! Create some memories.

17. The Arrows

The arrows are always there. No matter how oldschool or boring people call it, but arrows shall always be one of the choices when it comes to inking something along with your best friend. When there is friendship, there has to be arrows. Either be it showing that you have found your right direction, or pointing out the best person of your life, or anything that can be meaningful with arrows!

18. Mandala

Mandala is a symbol of peace and it holds the greatest story behind. You can find out several stories associated with Mandala. Getting one inked just not makes the skin look beautiful but shall also provide ultimate peace and good vibes only. Plus, Mandalas are so pretty anyone would fall in love with one, and getting them inked along with best friend is icing on cake!

19. Yin Yang

Yin and Yang are the symbol of friendship. Thus, they are meant to be the tattoos perfect for the people who want to celebrate friendship. They have amazing meaning and looks pretty in the skin. The friendship that is most subtle requires Yin & Yang tattoos!

20. Heart on the fingers

Well, a heart is cute. A heart that has either just black outline or filled body, still looks cute. But what looks cuter? Getting the tiny heart tattoo in the fingers! Perfect, hidden, tiny, and connects you and your best friend just like how your actual hearts are connected. Even getting them on your pinky finger can be a pledge to be forever together no matter what!

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