15+ of the Best Bantu Knot Hairstyles and Styling Tips

Bantu Knots originated from South Africa as a form of protective hairstyle. The basic bantu consists of several knots upon the head tied in a neat and tight manner. As simple as it seems, the bantu hairstyle has been tried and experimented by a lot of people over the years and now the varieties are endless to choose from. The hair partition and pattern play a huge role in defining the style of the bantu knot.

For those of you who are confused between the phrase Bantu Knots and Bantu Knot Outs, Bantu Knots are the mini twisted knots in your hair, while the Bantu Knot Outs are the hairstyle curly  that you can get out of using the Bantu Knot procedure. Bantu Knot Outs are popular for its simplicity and all natural process. This is because you don’t have to use a hair roller while curling your hair. Women who are a fan of these bantu knot outs style often form bantu knots and leave them to set overnight. The next morning you can pull out the knots and have tight springy hair. It also tends to give you a natural curl finish, better than a curling iron.

What you should know about Bantu knots

For those of you who are completely new to this style, there are a few things you should know about it. It does look sleek. But, are you ready for the ultimate bantu knot? Or are you still confused if you can pull it off? First of all, it’s just a style. If your hair is temporarily damaged or you don’t want to try it too soon, make sure you do your homework. We here have a variety hand-picked bantu styles for you. But first, let’s look at the possible supplies you would need. Followed by some quick tips about the vital steps you should follow while making this knot.

You Will Need :


  • Wide tooth comb : Wide tooth combs are essential for creating patterns. Since you want the partition to be clear, invest in a wide tooth comb before starting.
  • Denman brush : Denman brush will come in handy when you want to give an all rounder tangle free combing to your hair time and again.
  • Hair ties : Obviously, hair ties are the essential items for this. Make sure you pick the right size to suit with your bantu knots!
  • Bobby pins : Get as much bobby pins as your heart wants to. No style is perfect without the power of the pins!
  • Hair Oil : Consult with your stylist as well as your allergist before you pick the right hair oil to tame your hair.

Basics to Bantu

All of the procedures you see on the internet or your salon may vary from each other. Therefore, just to give you an idea of how it looks like, here are some of the basics :

  1. To start with your should be properly washed and conditioned. Detangle it to the tip. It is recommended that you start not with dry or wet but with damp hair.
  2. Separate your hair into multiple sections to make the knots. Make the sections according to your desire of style.
  3. Take one section and apply the preferred oil, cream or gel. on it  Make sure this product is not heavy. Slowly twist the hair of that section or braid it.
  4. Twist the hair tightly, then wrap it around to form a tiny bun, or a knot.
  5. Tuck the end of the knot inside, securely with a pin. Follow the same procedures with the rest of the section. You’re done!
  6. If you want a Bantu Know Out, wrap your knots with a scarf (preferably silk) and leave it overnight. Unlock the knots the next day and behold… perfect curls!

Bantu Hairstyles to look out for:

  1. Tall Bantu Knots:

Tall Bantu Knots will make sure that you stand out in the crowd. With the right stylist, any kind of tall bantu is possible. But they might take a longer time to come to form. Design the perfect pattern for your tall bantu, and make sure the maintenance is absolutely proper! You don’t have to let your tall bantu knots stand alone. Pair it up with some fav accessories to make it look simply gorgeous! You can also pair it up with a number of braids if you feel a little adventurous about this hairstyle!

2. Colored Bantu :

How cool would it be if you were able to flaunt your hair colors along with your bantu? No matter how you color your hair, styling them into cute bantu knots is very much possible. For example, say you have colored different sections of your hair differently. You can create bantu sections according to the color sections. Therefore, if your hair is colored different on the roots and the tips, make knots and you will see the rainbow-like color transition on your knots!

3. Neat Bantu

You will have a lot of variety to choose from when it comes to bantu knots. But honestly speaking,  try to stick to something minimal and basic. Basic knots are comparatively more durable than others. But that doesn’t mean that it compromises with the ultimate bantu style! Therefore, for starters, neat bantu is recommended. And hey, you may not like it. In that case you can just pull it off to get beautiful springy curls!


4. Mohawk Bantu

This design comes to show that you can go to any extreme when it comes to the bantu knots. You can form mohawk bantu simply by making sure that the knots fall vertically in the middle of your head. If you feel like the sides look a little dull, leave some hair for some fancy braids and accessories. Moreover, if you do like the idea of a mohawk, take the next step and color hair to form a colorful mohawk! Again, make sure you do your research on the internet to see if you can really pull this off.

5. Twists and Braids

Not everyone might be a fan of basic gorgeous knots. For them, we have other ways to spice up your bantu designs. Apart from the beautiful pattern positioning and the accessories, you can decorate your numerous bantu with braids and twists. It can be anywhere : along the hairline, on the back of the neck, or just circling your cute little bantus. Twists and braids can never go wrong when it comes to bantu. Plus, you can undo them time and again if you feel like you need to style your bantus in a different manner.

6. Twist Bantu

The bold and beautiful twist bantus are for those who are feeling particularly experimental today! Simply make smaller sections of your hair and bring several of them together to tie them up in a knot. With twist bantu you end up with very few knots, but that doesn’t mean they are not extravagant! Each of the knots will now have a distinct pattern of shiny twists, or even braids for that matter! Read the article further about how you can accomplish the ultimate beauty of braided bantu knots!

7. Mini Frontal Bantu Knots

It’s not wrong if you want to have just a few bantu knots and leave the rest of the hair down. Creating such a hairstyle lets you maintain a clean and sleek front hair style with enough space to style the back portion of your hair. When you do think of applying mini frontal bantu knots, ask your stylist what portion of your hair should you compromise into bantu and what portion should you leave down. Check out cool ways to style the back portion of your hair as well! Everyday gives you a hairstyle idea with bantu as the cherry on the top!

8. Small Braided Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots and braids can never go wrong anyone. That is why, while thinking of bantu, you might want to think about adding braids and if you want to, why not do it with the touch of beautiful braids? You can style those braids in any way you want? There is a way to flaunt your beautiful braids, while keeping your knots to a humble minimum. The patterns of your braids too can be of a great variety too. Bring your knots to life with a few locks of the beautiful and tight braids!

9. Side Bantu Knots

It’s not necessary that you make your entire set of hair into bantu knots, you can partly leave them. But ever thought about leaving the hair down on one side and tying the other end into a knot? These side bantu knots can rock your entire style and give it a unique and fresh look altogether. These side knots can be more or fewer in number, depending upon your taste. The bigger and better knots tend to become bigger and more defined, while the smaller knots tend to form a kind of a cluster that neatly fold the side of your hair to one side.

10. Glitter and Shine

Your bantu does not need to be left alone with just clips and rubber bands. Brighten the mood up your head with some interesting and shiny accessories. Sure the knots look pretty and stylish in their own, but what if there was a way to fancy things up a bit and put in something extra that doesn’t even cost that much? Try your favorite clips and flowers to tie up with your bantu, and see the real difference of glitter and shine!

11. Halo Braids and Bantu

Keeping your bantu knots aside, let’s talk about those beautiful braids for a while. These braids can turn into the different styles. One of the favorites for many people is the braid halo style. In the case of halo braids, thicks braids are tied around in the form of a halo and there are the sexy bantus to compliment it. These types of hairstyles tend to be less irritating. It also keeps your hair in a neat and tight condition, making it long lasting and very very strong. The halo also ties up your hair in a neat bow!

12. Back to Basics

No matter how many styles there are available, it is always safe to keep the hairstyle simple evey once in a while. That is why, even the very basic bantu is not such a bad idea! Bantu knots are simply a great way to tie sections of your hair into neat knots to make them stronger and keep them neat and tight for a long period of time. Keep it simple, safe to make sure it’s more durable!

12. Mixed Size Bantu

It’s not necessary that all of your bantu knots have to be of the same size. The portions of your hair may not be evenly distributed in all the places, but no worries there! Make bantu knots of different sizes to add extra depth in your hairstyle! The knots can be big and some, in different colours and different accessories. Create patterns and colours, with the new partition designs and what not with the ultimate bantu of your choice.

13. Spiral Bantu Knots

Spiral Bantu bring out the beauty of the scalp patterns in your head. In the case of Spiral Bantu, the knots are magnificent on its own, but what about those spiral patterns? But these patterns can differ from person to person. It’s not only about dividing the section of your hair to make the knots. It is also about giving the pattern that “edge”. Your scalp can come together to make patterns that are clean, tight and very sexy. The spiral patterns are the patterns that can create a beautiful connection between the knots, making it look even more extraordinary.

14. Mini Bantu Knots

For the people who want to keep their bantu excitement to a minimum, mini bantus are the way to go. With mini bantus, you get to create a numerous knots all over your head. And it doesn’t look that thick either. Large bantu knots tend to be smaller in number and can often sprain your neck if not dont right. But when it comes to the mini bantu knots, you wont have to worry about spraining your neck or even having to look after it every once in a while. It might take a longer time to make but it’s definitely worth it!

15. Reverse Bantu Knots

Your bantu knots can be brought together by braids. In the case of reverse bantu, you are basically braiding your knots from the back. This keeps the back of your head absolutely neat and clean, with no excess hair irritating the back of your neck. Your revser bantu might look very much simple from the front. From the back, it really does look pretty creative! Therefore, this technique can be applied to large as well as very small bantu knots. The process of making it can be tricky, and be careful, the tight knots may hurt your hair!

16. Braided Bantu

We know that the beauty of bantu when it is mixed with braids. But how beautiful would it be if your bantu knots were braided all the way through! The braids of your hair form a knot together to give your bantu knots that extra definition. Once the braids are done and for further experiment, how about colouring those beautiful braids with different colours! Braids and bantu go really well. As a result, well done braids can keep your hair strong and healthy whenthey are being twisted into bantu knots. Therefore, they tend to stay in shape for a longer period of time!

17. Flowered Bantu

Your bantus are crafted. What if you want to add in some customization without ruining the beautiful knots? The metal accessories may ruin the shape and can even hurt your hair if put in for a long period of time. If you do want an all-fresh and natural way to decorate your bantu everyday, simply decorate it with flowers! Flowers give your bantu the natural touch. The look can be refreshed every single day! It can make you look classic and stylish in parties, weddings, or just a casual lunch out. In case you don’t find real flowers near you, purchase the cloth or real-looking plastic flowers to complete the look.

18. Bantu Knot-Out

And here is the final style that no one can say no to. Bantu Knots are a great way to make springy and tight curls. That’s where the style of bantu knot out comes in. Sometimes you do not plan to tighten up your knots and keep them that way for a long period of time. In that case, simply make basic bantu knots and keep them for a few hours and release them. When you do so,you will be left with gorgeous and beautiful springy curls that will last you days. The internet is filled with the best kind of bantu ideas, tried and tested by professionals and bantu knots lovers. Check them out for a bigger variety to style and craft beautiful bantu!




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