99 Blessings With Baby Tattoos | Meaningful With Plenty Of Ideas!

Are you looking for some fantastic ideas on baby tattoos? This page has it all. Whether you can be an expecting mother, a loving parent, one who wants to cherish your childbirth, or even want to show your love towards your baby, you can do that with a sweet tattoo. But it is always a difficult thing to choose among multiple ideas. You might be looking for the perfect one and are confused among some ideas. Getting a tattoo is a lifetime thing, and nobody gets a tattoo to erase it later on; therefore, pick a perfect one at the beginning.

Tattoos are of various styles and designs. The baby tattoo is one of the ideas among the millions of views of symbols out there. Parents love their kids, especially when they become a parent for the first time in their life. The first child is always unique, and you want to make it a memorable moment with baby tattoos. Getting one tattoo will make you be together with your baby virtually, even if you are apart in real. It shall remind you of all the good memories while your child was still a baby, even after the child has grown.

After being grown, even a child will be fascinated to find out the pure love of its parent towards it. It is always a bundle of joy to get a tattoo in the name of your baby. It does not always have to be a portrait of your baby; there are many ideas. Why not a footprint? Because the best part of babies is their little feet and hands. Merely getting the name of your baby as a tattoo is also an elegant choice. You can have the date of birth as the tattoo, which is also a mind-blowing idea! So you see, there are great choices one can get with a sense of getting baby tattoos. So stay tuned to be more fascinated with the ideas that will surely help you pick the best one for you.

Why to get Baby Tattoos?

If you are not a parent, it might be okay to have such a question like why would someone get a baby tattoo. But if you are a parent already, especially at the birth of your first child, there are plenty of mixed emotions you have. You are so attached to that little human being, who has made you officially a parent, wither mother or father, that you ultimately wish to tribute the birth somehow.

There are plenty of ways to keep the memory fresh; one of the best ideas is getting baby tattoos. If you already have tattoos, then it is exceptional, you will not hesitate to get something relating to baby tattoos. But if it is your first tattoo, and if it is your first baby, you will think hard. But, you need not worry and get the tattoo inked.

If you are a parent who was unable to bear the baby after a lot of tries and medication, and finally, when you have one, you would like to cherish such a moment very much. Therefore, as tattoos are permanent, parents get one to show their love towards their baby.

What is the fascinating thing about Baby Tattoos?

The fascinating thing about baby tattoos is you can go back to that precious moment through the symbols. There are infinite options to choose from. And even a simple baby tattoo can have a lot of hidden meaning behind that shall fascinate anyone. It is not just the greatness of a fantastic design you pick, but also the purpose that it holds.

People say that welcoming a little human being related to you such that you become their parents, is the most fantastic feeling in the world. This feeling is also something that makes you believe your life is about to change. You will not be the same person you were until yesterday. Now you have the most responsible title ‘mother’ or ‘father’ from now onward. With that said, still, no one who is not in their position can explain the feeling.

You certainly have so many responsibilities in your shoulders and enormous love for that little human being. You want to get something in memory of that very moment, something like a tattoo. Thus, this is why baby tattoos are unique, fascinates every individual. From baby names to their date of birth, too little footprints, portrait, and everything can be a tattoo idea while picking a tattoo for your baby. Everything fascinates a newly became mother or father out there!


What are the types of Baby Tattoos?

There are varieties of types when it comes to picking a baby tattoo to express the most significant love by a parent. One can choose the idea of a symbol depending on what theme he or she wants to pick. It can either be a humorous one, a special one, something you don’t want to forget, a cheerful one, a funny one, something that reminds you of any incidents, etc. There are many ways to express these emotions. When it comes to choices, the sky has to be the limit. Because that tattoo is doing to stay there forever, be wise when choosing. Be whatever, and the symbol should make you happy every time you look at it.

You shall find a lot of ideas and types of baby tattoos in this section. As getting a tattoo is an exciting thing, there should be exciting choices to pick from. Something that would represent pure love and something for a child to appreciate later on.

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1. The Footprints

The most common tattoo idea when it comes to baby tattoos is footprints. The size of a baby foot is already small such that you need not compress the size. You can get the real footprint rather than some fake from the imagination. Moreover, a footprint in pair looks more beautiful instead of a solo footprint. Adding the date of birth, or merely the name of the baby, can make the tattoo more pretty. But just a pair of footprints can also bring the maximum charm to your skin. Later, when the baby is grown, it shall fascinate on finding how tiny its feet were while it was a baby. So, give such chances to captivate your baby by adding footprints as tattoos. The following are some ideas one can combine with footprints.

a. A pair of footprints with the name:

Getting footprints as tattoos is impressive, but adding a little name to can be mind-blowing. You might also give birth to other babies later on. To avoid confusion, add a name. Adding a name makes the footprints more meaningful and beautiful. Use creative fonts to make it more attractive.

b. Single footprint:

If your baby has grown already and you still want to get the tattoo of its footprint, you can get a single print along with the name or even date of birth. When a baby is a grown-up, the size of a foot is more significant and might not be a good idea to get the prints in a pair. So, even a single footprint can be an excellent idea. You can get the copy in either belly representing its first home or even shoulders, back, or chest. It is one of the sweetest ideas to do.

c. Footprint over your foot:

How about getting a footprint of your baby over your foot? Sounds impressive, right? This idea lets you compare how tiny the foot of your child is or how monstrous yours are. Moreover, this shall remind you that your child shall follow your footsteps. Adding the date of birth or the name of your child will be a good idea.

d. All the fancy things along the footprints:

You can be creative and add several other kinds of stuff along with the footprints like a flower, pretty font name, beads, pigeon, dove, feather, stars, sun or moon, or anything. It is just another idea to make the tattoo more meaningful and beautiful at the same time! Be creative.

e. Footprints and wings:

People believe, for human beings, their footprints are the wings they don’t have. Therefore, keeping this on the mind, adding little wings near the footprints can be the best way to make it look most adorable. It is one of the cutest ideas to decorate your baby’s footprints. Adding little wings not just makes it better but also adds happiness. As your baby is not less than an angel, adding wings to the footprints is the best idea also to remind you about your angelic baby!

2. The Portrait

Getting a portrait of your baby is a tough decision. When you think about inking, portraits are rare. But it does not mean it is not preferred. The face of a baby is so varying. Therefore, parents are usually not suggested to get such a tattoo. Moreover, when you plan to get a portrait tattooed, it has to look perfect, else the game is over. In this case, you will require to find out the most experienced hands too. Else, there can be a twist in the story. But getting a portrait that exactly matches your baby’s face, is a milestone. You can get the tattoo in the chest near the heart, which means how connected you are with your baby!

3. Holding Hands

If footprints are the first most popular baby tattoos, then holding hands tattoo has to be the second most popular idea. It mainly shows your connection with the baby. It also lets you compare the size of your baby’s hand in front of you. It makes you realize how tiny your baby is. Later on, it can again have a comparison. Your child is going to fascinate it and treasure it more than you do. The hidden meaning behind a baby grasping finger tightly with its entire hand also shows how much care and guidance the baby is seeking from you along with your love. Thus, this reminds you of your responsibilities you should not forget.

4. Unusual Decisions

Sometimes a mamma has to be a weird one when it comes to raising a baby girl! A parent can always break the stereotype and be creative with the tattoos. After all, it is your skin. You are getting the tattoo inked, and it is your baby as well! The tattoo below gives the perfect example of breaking the stereotype. Here, the mamma and baby girl shares the same body below the waist with the same piece of cloth! How weird is it? Yet adorable!

5. Prints

Sometimes a handprint is as pretty as a footprint. In most cases, their combination is better. Why not add both the prints and make it look even better instead of just one? Adding the name of the child and sometimes also the date of birth can make it look more amazing with more profound meaning to the tattoo!

6. Creepy Designs

Sometimes parents like to have creepy designs in their tattoos. If you are one of them, this tattoo below is a perfect example for you. In the picture below, the woman has half her body formed of metal. It might be meaningful in such a way that after the birth of a baby, a mother feels like a strong iron lady? There can be personal opinions. One can understand in such a way that the woman depicts herself as a kind of a superhero after giving birth to her baby. You can as well put your opinions. Well, a creepy design will blow your mind.

7. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one of the most precious things a mother can do to her child. It is again one of the purest ideals of tattooing when it comes to baby tattoos. It does not have to be a tattoo for mothers only. Even a father can tattoo it to represent the love he has for her baby and the mother feeding his baby to keep it alive and healthy. Moreover, it is worn by the children or youths to tribute their mother for breastfeeding them while they were young. So, you see, this tattoo idea occupies a more substantial mass and is deep, meaningful, and full of love.

8. Holding Your Child

Another beautiful idea on baby tattoos is holding your child tattoo. It is similar to a tattoo of breast-feeding. This tattoo shows the nourishment, constant care that the mother or a parent has to provide to a baby. In the picture below, the tattoo is not whole, yet understood well. It can be a fantastic way to make somehow people wonder about the entire image, creating that curiosity. But, this is a mind-blowing idea if you are thinking of getting something similar, get this!

Photo Gallery | Baby Tattoo Ideas

It is said ‘pictures speak a thousand words.’ So, instead of explaining the possibilities of getting a baby tattoo, why not look into the pictures below. With plenty of images, you get to pick from the plenty of choices. There are choices for both father and mother.

You can look into the choices and modify them as per your requirement and come up with a new idea! Yes, it works! For that, you need first patiently to go through all of these, and whichever makes you stop for a while can be the one you are looking for!

Moreover, with the pictures below, you can be mixing up more than one choice to form something even more beautiful. Like adding prints as well as letters or name initials or adding portrait along with some other tattoos that you have in your mind or already in your body, you can be creative.

Summary | Baby Tattoos

Your baby can be a moody one, a silent one, a cute one, a weird one, a lovable, or even a naughty one. But you shall always love it like nobody else in the world. When the child is a grown-up, you remember all the moods it had while young. Adding a tattoo of your baby is the best way to go back to those memories. It acts as a getaway. If you have more than one child, and want to cherish everyone, get their date of births printed.

Making small gestures like this remind your children how fortunate they are to be your children, and to you, it makes you remember of all the beautiful memories you have while your children were just infants. There are plenty of ideas you can adopt from this article, which helps you to pick not only the prettiest one but also something with the highest meaning that resembles your life.

Children are always individuals no matter what, and they are the only reasons you become a mother or father. Therefore, be more responsible, remember your responsibilities through precious baby tattoos. Do not rush into things. Have patience and make a wise decision. Happy tattooing!

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