36 Outstanding Auburn Hair Colors To Get Tested!


Auburn hair shade is always stunning, but choosing the right style and shade of Auburn will be rather tricky. You will find some unique auburn hair to pick. From the striking cherry red to the subtle auburn ideas, the options tend to be endless! Make sure to consider your complexion while choosing the new “auburn hair” color. However, you can simply find the shades that suit you best.

Darker colors of red cannot flatter all those with the paler complexion, therefore choose the hair color properly. You will find tons of auburn hues and shades available – do not despair!

Bear in mind, if you’re going from dark shade to softer shade, here you must bleach the hair just before coloring. Additionally, you ought to be careful to protect the hair when exposed or swimming to UV light. At the same time, ensure to use the only products which are created for just “color-treated” hair for protecting your auburn tone.

With auburn colors, you can furthermore experiment with ombre tones and balayage and also highlights and streaks. Honestly embrace the “redhead goddess” within and then go wild! Here’s a video for you!

36 Unbelievable Auburn Hair Ideas To Transform Your Look!

  1. Fun And Tousled Dark Brown Haircolor:

Wild and cheerful this fun look is amazing for dark to medium skin tones. Here, reddish tips reveal a strawberry spunky pink contrasted by dark brown.

Usually, the cascade of shades that looks gorgeous in any specific hair. It is a fascinating style for them who are interested in unique sprinkle of auburn hair color.

  1. Dark Russet Highlight With Alluring Brunette:

This deliciously vibrant color blend assumes a feathered like appearance with the natural looking dark russet streaks. A rather low-maintenance shade choice, here the blend will appear polished over a few weeks to a few months.

Whether curled, straightened, or everywhere between the “highlights” shimmer in light. It comes up with an elegant look that’s an outstanding choice for both long to medium hair lengths.

  1. Caramel Blonde And Natural Chestnut Blend:

A romantic “updo” in the natural-looking mixture of caramel and chestnut blonde looks extremely classy and modern.

The sweeping, large swaths of shade provide an elegance that can leave others speculating if the hair is all natural or even not. An incredible choice for the fair skin, this shade is just overfilled with the lightness like a near “sun-kissed” appearance.


  1. Golden Nut Shades With Natural And Short Brown:

This adorable and short lob in dark natural walnut brown has been increased with nut and golden copper shades. Quick styling and low- maintenance application are perfect combinations for the hair.

It provides an easy look which works socially and professionally. This cute style and color are simply best for them who are looking for an easy way of coloring.

  1. A Silky And Long Blend Of Fiery Henna:

Bring this on with the cool fiery henna jewel-toned blend. This exceptional color mixture is the attention grabber particularly showcased in silky long perfection.

Moreover, rose tones that are blended with copper brown almost brings “candy-like” impact to its look. Make a bold statement next time when you enter into a room along with this nice hair shade blend.

  1. Dark Brunette Tousled Hair Dipped In The Wine:

This flirty and futuristic look is bold statement just with copper and violet tips cascading right from the brunette dark crown.

This “tousled” look is funky and fresh and an excellent option for those having a daring side for any color. An adorable hairstyle for the girls, this color will pair nicely with a “light-medium” skin tone.

  1. Caramel Fade With Natural Chestnut:

This dark look boasts many styles with the caramel fade sweeping. This dark wavy caramel is fun and subtle.

This layered look provides sufficient depth for shining in light. It’s a terrific choice for the brunettes who desire to just dabble in including some spectacular change with no effort.

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  1. Natural Copper Shades With Deep Chocolate:

In this entire dark look, here the texture and color are enhanced with the inclusion of natural hues. An exceptional pattern displaying clear definition, however, this contemporary hairstyle is ideal approach to showcase 2 unique color schemes.

Well, its coppery effect gives a smooth shimmer to the dark chocolate shade bringing natural and rich looking glow.

  1. Radiant Shimmering Shades With Natural And Long Brunette:

A soft “nut-color” highlighted look offers this all natural brunette an enhancement. Thinly combined streaks of copper and caramel enhance the look along with refined sophistication and detail.

Several colors emerge while hitting within the sunlight. A great option for “medium-long” lengths that’s beautiful and simple.

10. Copper Rusted Thick Streaks And Dark Chestnut:

Thick copper ribbons get noticed in this rich and dark blend. It’s an excellent choice for dark to medium skin tones. Elongated, thin strands of the copper glow showcase its natural brown shade.

Healthy long hair will be glamorous in this casual but sensual look-making this an ideal color throughout the year.

  1. Dark Long Silky Apricot Titian Locks:

Smoking hot shade matched with the romantic softness, here this dark apricot “auburn hair” color holds that natural feeling. Sexy, flirty, fiery-this look features everything. A distinct red tone shines out directly from this “naturalistic” look.

It’s an ideal color choice only for those having coarse or thick hair and also wishing softer look.

  1. Soft Sunlit And Natural Waves Of Medium Chestnut:

Warm chestnut and brown look bright and soft with this particular medium length style and look. This look feels casual and natural-a simple choice for no-fuss shade. Notes of the golden copper shades in this blend lend shine and luster and thus creating it a more professional look.

  1. Deep Natural Caramel Highlights With Glowing Copper:

Take a look at this impressive transformation of mild auburn hair shade to dark. Well, the volume and dimension increase tremendously in this mixture of deep coppery and caramel rusted glow.

This winning blend is ideal for the medium skin tone. Pair this with a maroon or green top and also the colors can actually make your skin look healthy.

  1. Honey Radiant Blonde With Dark Ombre:

This blended ombre naturally embraces the streams of blended chestnut in brunette dark roots and also extends into shining ribbons of the honey blonde.

This makes for an attractive hairstyle with daily functionality by maintaining the stability between light and dark which can result in the skin’s appearance and tone to be washed out. This is the best hair shade for girls or women with lush, long hair for making them feel good and look nice.

  1. Caramel Undertones With Rich And Thick Waves:

Lovely and long these wealthy auburn shades blended equally with the caramel undertones appear magnificent-and even accentuates an all natural redhead along with a bit hint of the brunette.

Well, light plays “tricks” on colors as this moves from “dark to light” and again back in this attractive hairstyle. Here, thick mane can really be enhanced with this tempting coloring.

  1. Sultry Dark And Long Brunette Ombre To Fiery Ember Color:

This vibrant ombre blending ember and dark brunette assumes look of “fire-swirling” with intensive hints and shade of the dark orange. Usually, this young-looking style is totally alluring and bold.

The distinctive cut combines clean and traditional cut bangs along with the dark roots then turns it “upside down” with an edgy and hot look.

  1. Cinnamon Striking Highlights With Angled Tousled Bob:

Sophisticated and sassy, this tawny jewel-toned bob looks wonderful with a rough toss and slight angle. This kind of hair shade in shortcut can often be overwhelming. Actually, this particular look harks to punk age with a unique look that showcases individuality. The shades shimmer and stand out with a subtle softness in the basic style.

18. Brown Coppery Undertones With Natural Titian:

The “natural titian” enhanced with light brown and copper give it sun-lit feel as well as plenty of warmth. It’s an awesome color option to brighten the skin tones having nice glow. It’s a particular hair shade idea that’s excellent to reveal in fall while the “summer-tan” is starting to fade.

  1. Amber And Copper Waves With Dark Brunette:

These rolling jumbo waves are lively in colors of copper and dark brunette. The effect assumes mahogany look along with the grains of shade blending dark and light.

This specific tousled-look is fun and fresh for dark skin tones and long hairstyles. The color provides greater depth in layers to this style.

  1. Hazel Curls With Long Luscious Brunette:

Natural brunettes will capitalize on subdued shades of this exceptional color blend-showing a lot multi-tonal volume and dimension.

These delicate and lengthy curls look just infused with silky and warmth hydration. It’s an excellent option for darker skin tones and longer hairstyles.

  1. Russet Ombre And Natural Wavy Brown:

Natural waves combined with blonde lush highlights showcases appearance of the “golden ribbons” in this adorable easy hairstyle. Moreover, darker roots mixing within lightness provides natural sun-lightened effect.

An ideal look throughout the year, all these caramel shades will warm-up more in sunlight.

  1. Copper Tousled Rust Hair-Medium Length:

This medium length tousled blunt cut changes from rust dark roots to delicate copper ombre-just for an extremely cool effect.

However, natural color depth of the ginger shade can be an easy and cute color to accomplish and a fantastic choice for the fairer skin tones.

  1. Cinnamon Rust Hot Full Volume:

This “burning-look” exaggerates rust tones and beautiful orange with deeply intensive cinnamon hue. Actually, notes of the copper shimmer with the hints of “dark violet” this auburn shade is filled with confidence. It’s a reliable match for coarse thick hair and fairer skin tones.

  1. Naturally Highlighting Orange Tawny Hair Color:

Scintillating colors of henna and ginger look genuine with higher red pigment volume. This all-natural look features darker roots combined with vibrant orange tinge boosting the hair’s organic and vibrancy appearance.

An excellent match for fair skin types that’s simple to maintain. It looks pretty all year round.

  1. Spiced Up Dark And Red Brunette Hair Color:

Fiery ribbons properly laced in the dark hazel brings one spicy hairstyle. Embolden interior punk-rocker just with this stylish hair shade idea.

Dark to medium skin tones can benefit from peppy inclusion of red fire-engine streaks blended in black hair to dark brown. It’s the statement style which reveals your personality.

  1. Seductive Sunny Windblown Bronze Hair Blonde:

This tousled look will go from seductive – chaotic actual fast. Well, this light style of auburn hair shade is about showcasing a good blend of smooth supple curls and wavy tangles. It’s a unique choice for the well-hydrated locks.

The sunny windblown chestnut style paired with a superb blonde golden ombre is ideal for almost any season as well as an incredible option for the light – medium skin types.

27. Simple Tousled Tawny Medium Style:

This tousled coveted look allures us for go-to simplicity and ease-but it is downright sensual as well. This “flyaway-free” look includes moody hair that is kissed with the edgy stripes of brown and caramel.

Its medium length look that’s both fun and professional and a fantastic match for only medium skin tone.

  1. Merlot Tint With A-Line Long Bob:

Adding a bit Merlot to the A-line long bob turns up volume in the fresh look. Well, accentuating hair with stunning plum colored shades, warming skin’s radiance and complexion-a dark color choice for simply fairer skin tones.

The smooth curls on a-line longer cut bring natural finish as well as a cute simple hairstyle for all occasions.

  1. Multi-Dimensional And Long Lowlights Of Copper:

We find a good balance of multi-tonal and natural tones glisten here in this particular lengthy style. It’s romantic and silky, focusing on healthier sheen of the locks with beautiful perfection.

The lowlights of copper in this shade blend bring a vibrant sheen. A stylish look with subtle and natural colors of auburn shade this pairs nicely medium – dark skin tones.

  1. Tawny Medium Highlighted Hair With Trendy Curls:

Medium curls usually are something for admiring. A cute and trendy hairstyle for all girls or even a casual and cool style for ladies-this specific look is achievable and practical. On top of that, proving curls are not just for longer hair-now you are able to achieve the nice look with shorter cut.

Some golden highlights together with the normal auburn hair can make the ringlets pop just with finesse and bouncy motion. This color fits well with “light – medium” skin types.

  1. A-Line Bob With Rose And Dark Bronze Hair Color:

A fun and sleek look for 2019, the A-line hair cut here is simply a stunner. “A-line” bobs are packed with energy and bouncy -even more while blended with fierce colors.

This fashionable hairstyle is head-turner by means of its soft pitch, steep angles, and punchy rose shade for an added drama. This one is a further cute hairdo for girls having medium – dark skin.

  1. Swept Away And Long Warm Copper Locks:

A modern hairdo for women having a youthful and vibrant look-the swept away fashion is friendly and fun.

The graduated locks color effect increases natural appearance as well as exhibits sun kissed copper together with brown light undertones. This shade will match superbly with medium – dark skin types.


  1. Seductive Faded And Sultry Beach Waves Burnished:

This simple hairstyle is most effective for everything right from the beach days towards the night on town. A relaxed and rock-out tousled style intended for a unique look which screams determination.

The busy coloring here is superstar-accentuating color and texture in this pale glow. It’s a cute cut and superb color option and also a color for the girls with fairer to lighter skin.

  1. Voluminous And Big Chestnut Loose Hairdo:

This light “auburn hair” shade glimmers in the voluptuous curls. Flawless and bouncy -these long and big curls highlight these notes of dark ginger and golden honey making for heck of bombshell look.

It’s a good color match just for light – medium skin types and medium – longer hair lengths.

  1. Relaxed And Long Hazel Wave:

Magnificent volume and dimension, these relaxed and long waves announce pure auburn hair elegance. Enhance wavy texture along with this simple to attain style that fit for almost all skin color tones and face.

These wonderful waves are perfect regular look and also a fantastic option for the dark hair types just who wish some dramatic color.

  1. Luxuriously Brunette Loose Hairdo:

It’s a stunning hairdo for women which boost up femininity. The delicate look here with soft long curls adds a bit beauty and grace, enhanced simply by shine and stellar health. The hair shimmers along with richness; just accentuating natural highlights of honey-toned in this basic style. It is an amazing color option intended for fair – medium skin types.


To conclude, the auburn hair colors mentioned above are the trend of the day. These are really awesome to get a fresh and new look. I hope you have liked this post. If so then hit the like button and be sure share with your friends on social media.



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