39 Promising Emo Hairstyles To Get Amazing Attention!


If boring, frumpy styles are initial thing that concerns your mind while you consider “emo”, we are about to present to you the brand new globe of emo hairdos. Emo might yet be on edge of the fashion, yet contemporary emo looks tend to be embraced simply by lots of edgy celebrities, and include bright colors, large bangs, and almost every hair length you can possibly imagine.

Mixing daring makeup choices such as dark lips plus winged liner along with platinum, neon, pastel hair these emo hairdos may play up anybody’s natural complexion as well as distinctive feeling of style.

Well, if you have been trying to find something edgy and new to try then check out our favorite emo hairdos to fit your bill. Here’s a video for you!

39 Best Emo Hairstyles For Girls!

  1. Free And Wild:

Using various razor line and layers cuts you would be capable to make the hair look like wind is just blowing it, on both the sides together!

Add a line of colors to longer piece of locks at the backside and even permit it to lay across inside of the neck. Put on typical heavy mascara and be astonished at how spectacular you look!

  1. Grunge Style:

In a strange twist for Emo cut here you must have nearly all the haircut just too similar length, only lower levels must be layered.

Well, sweep all the hair onto head, creating a nearly ball like appearance; then use the hairspray for securing the spikes simply in hair. Here a minor color on tips can increase the effect.

  1. Picture Perfect Style:

Your traditional Emo cut might be improved with addition of a few bright colors all around the face.

Use a number of different colors but ensure they match each other together with darkest colors merging into rest of head. Just keep the hair around instead of over the face for creating an ideal picture.

  1. Vamp Up It:

Make a proper layer of the hair that finishes in various lengths and also allow it falling along one of the eyes. The rest hair must be layered along with uneven cut plus kept to fall down to shoulders. This look is deadly and elegant!

  1. Textured Bob Cut:

Add texture and layers to the razor line hair then back comb this on the top head. Permit the sides fall as always for creating a textured, lifting effect. Here you can streak slightly brown through the black hair for finishing the look.

  1. Golden Black Style:

Add some sophistication to the standard Emo haircut by including several golden colors, golden blonde, honey or even chocolate may be streaked via your hair for creating a sophisticated, quirky Emo look.

  1. Dead Or Red:

Red isn’t usual shade for Emo hairstyle yet it is usually combined with the blond hair to create an amazing statement. Making use of traditional layers as well as adding bright red just to front portion of hair can create an excellent look.

  1. The Higher Top Design:

Back comb nearly any hairdo slowly; use the brush and also do it slightly each time. Hairspray will be ideal to assist it keeping in position.

However, you can make a huge number of styles in this way yet heaping it just on top at time can keep the traditional Emo look while adding your cool stamp.

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  1. Damaged Look Design:

Have the haircut in uneven layers, having sudden modifications in the depths. Include a few shades to maximize feeling to be different then let this all fall.

Here the top ought to be somewhat spiky and even the sides can run into the uneven edges, possibly even a bit wispy.

The style here claims that you do not care what the others thing; well, it takes some confidence.

  1. Neck Embrace Design:

This style can be good for them with a bit longer hair yet want the shorter hair glimpse of Emo. Here your hair ought to be taken overhead to make a traditional side-swept mess.

Longer hair in the backside requires to be covered around side of neck and even shoulders if required. This will shape the neck plus add some glamour.

11. The Mess Design:

Free soul will be confident and comfortable in any hairdo. Just keep this easy by allowing the layered hair being swept to a single side, just not brushed.

Different layers can create side-swept mess that is usually complemented by some strands of locks every side of face up to reaching sharp point.

  1. The Vampire Design:

Frame the face along with the wavy long locks using standard Emo cut. Just keep the “razor-line-cut” and layers to make sure the hair isn’t too sleek; this needs to get ruffled look. Well, the curls include touch of enchantment and are often accentuated with some lighter color in tips of hair.

  1. Rock Emo Cut:

Emo’s may carry off rock chick appearance better than real rock chick. However, secret is inside staggered layers and razor cut, creating the style which dominates on a single side.

It must be spiked along top of head and also small spikes from side of the head. Include some lines of dark color for really finishing the look.

  1. The Queen Cut:

Let everybody recognize who is truly in charge, including a tiara towards a tousled cut and also create a memorable, unique image.

Ensure the hair stays layered with some volume on the long and top pointy sides. You will look like queen with sensitive soul!

  1. Razor Layers Line:

Add a fanciful look to the Emo style through having the layers of razor line put into the hair and permitting it falling every side to the sharp point. Ensure a few of the ends are slightly wispy and the hair remains to be jet black. It’s an emo style with Model looks!

  1. The Punk Cut:

You might not desire to resemble the punk rocker yet this traditional look can simply be taken for Emo cause. A single side of hair will require uneven layers while other is actually shaven.

Ideally, include enough streaks of shade into hair before arbitrarily spiking it plus securing with the hairspray. It’s fantastic and classic!

  1. Colorful Meerkat Design:

A traditional Emo cut may, at times, require a little brightening and lifting. One of best approaches of doing it is to include alternate colors towards the base half of hair.

Red or pink run through base half of the head will make a completely new look plus can be accomplished at home!

  1. Blonde And Brown:

This is one more style that drifts from classic Emo black. Just color the hair blonde then ensure the cut highlights angled look.

The hair across the forehead ought to be swept just to a single side achieving a point while a pony side tail that also closes in the point, it will add right effect. Complete the look through adding some brown streaks; you look unique and stunning!

  1. Mix This Up:

Bring some serious shade to hair, try mauve and black. One color ought to fade into one more whilst the hair should get an edged sharp cut. Keep your hair straight plus swept off the face for creating a funky and stylish look.

  1. Emo Tail Cut:

Just because you’re an Emo doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the modern fashion. Hold your hair longer and sweep this to a single side, permitting it to be a bit messy. Just finish your look through fishtailing ends to provide a trendy but troubled look.

  1. Go Blonde Cut:

In sharp comparison to most Emo styles here, you can try dying the hair blond. Ensure your front hair features the blunt ends, as well as the sides, include harp points that adhere to lines of neck. Include the rinsed look along with purple or light blue and find an innovative you!

  1. Volume Lift:

Just backcomb the hair while leaving sides flat and lean. Add some color to style simply by putting lines in; ideally in 2 different colors. Length of hair does not matter; here you will make a great looking hairstyle!

  1. Streaked Cut:

Have the haircut along with large longer layers, keeping a lot at sides for emphasizing this look. Bring an added touch by backside combing ends and even create pointed hairdo which conveys you inner mental sensitivity while looking funky.

  1. The Queen Cut:

Sometimes the hairdo can be achieved through accessorizing just what you get. Using a classic, simple Emo cut include a bow and something comparable in a shade which fits your outfit. It’s a simple approach to increasing the existing style plus creating a professional, sharp look.

  1. Headband Cut:

If you currently have Emo style haircut then headband can make different styles for brightening any day! Just Place this far enough backside to leave your hair over the forehead, it ought to push rest of hair up marginally and make a funky, stylish look.

  1. Angular Emo Cut:

Layer those sides of hair and ensure they tend to be pointed over ears; preferably ends of the hair must be choppy and thick, not too processed. Your hair must frame the face and also fill the forehead with merely a bit over one eye. This is warranted to get a few admiring glances.

  1. Highlights Cut:

Keep the hair shorter and use some hairspray for ensuring it includes ruffled look. Quite a few pieces of hair ought to be allowed for sticking out, though only a bit; you do not want spikes! Include some highlights in the crown as well as a little round the sides face for funky, glamorous look. It will work best if the hair is currently black.

  1. Long Layers Straight:

Keep your hair on the top relatively shorter with many layers to make some volume. After that add to the several longer layers down sides, and then angle the side layers to the bottom part of face to make a feminine but practical haircut. Simply don’t attempt to add much bounce towards the look!

  1. Blue Long Tailed:

For further feminine look include some curls to the traditionally layered hairdo. Ideally, the hair ought to frame the face and curls ought to move gently away.

Create this cut further funky by just adding 2 tone colors; dark and light blue are particular favorites.

  1. Black Emo Teaser Cut:

This is perfectly suited to shorter hair and also is easily accomplished by drying the hair with blow dryer while back combing along with round brush.

Smooth manipulating the hair can create bounce and volume to give more vampires, sophisticated type look. Styling gel or hairspray can be utilized to hold this in position.

  1. Pile On Style:

Have the haircut in as a lot of layers as feasible around crown area for creating a huge level of volume. The hair will look like stacked on the top of head. Hold bottom portion of style simple for avoiding overdoing the impact. For further attention add bright colors.

  1. Go Green Style:

Green is special color and even not one which you want to utilize lightly! Any kind of hairdo can be utilized although it will work best with wavier, longer hair as it breaks up the color.

Either color the whole hair or even just top half, departing the base part in dark shade for optimum effect.

  1. Angled Bob Colored:

This is the angled bob hairstyle that a lot of women pick to wear. Nevertheless, by adding color, here you can easily turn the traditional style into the awesome Emo look. The slate blue can be a popular option although all pale colors can be utilized to excellent result. Matching the eye color will add an extremely cool touch just to this particular style.

  1. The Hawk Cut:

A distinctive, smart look will be created within moments. The hair will have to be just cut short in sides and even left slightly longer on the top.

Sweep your hair on the top of head into large curling spike as well as secure with styling gel, wax or hairspray. It’s best to maintain the hair in a single color but that color should be of your choice!

  1. Pigtails Cut:

This classic hairdo might be given the Emo twist style. Your hair needs to get cut into different sized layers at every side to make a pigtail. Well, it creates rock chick, funky type of appearance and permits you to say to the whole world that you’re ready for everything.

  1. Jagged Ears Cut:

The look here is quite feminine and even can be utilized to make lasting impression through adding some streaks of shade. Your hair requires to get cut into many layers, yet each layer is in different lengths.

The tip, longest layers are over the ear and also some wisps ought to be over or near the eye. It’s an additional cut ideal for the straight hair; having professional shine. This creates the sassy look indeed.

  1. Stacked Bob Cut:

This particular look is elegant, smart, contemporary and yet a bit scruffy. It’s the idea hairdo for them having straight hair and who are trying to create a look of someone just who likes their appearance yet wants to accomplish it their own way.

If perhaps you have some straight parts of hair along your forehead then you can perfect this look.

  1. Shaggy Chic Cut:

Choose a real cool look and even create statement that here you don’t comply with preconceived ideas of normality!

Through using the pointed layers in the backside of head and then cutting the “front” in off center, V shape you will make a hairstyle which retains the femininity devoid of looking too feminine. You can also add a bit favorite color for finishing the effect!

  1. Multicolored & Short:

Show your funky, cheerful nature by holding your hair shorter and adding several colors. There exists no limitation to the choice or number of colors; simply let your own personality assist you!

Remember that the hairstyle must attract attention. Including some bangles and clips in the same colors will complete the look.


I think you have had enough tips for considering just which design to choose. Here we have provided the best preferred emo hairstyles. You can easily go for one of the above mentioned styles to attract the people around you. If this post satisfies you then ensure to share with your friends on the social media. Let us know your opinion as well in the comment box below.

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